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  1. You also might look on the Decware site for a used one like I did and get it upgraded to current model.
  2. Hey Tomy2, I seen a couple on US Audio Mart a few weeks ago. I got mine from the original owner it was a 2014 model called the CKC model, I sent it in for certification and a lifetime warranty, and while it was there I had Steve upgrade it to the UFO model... It cost a few dollars more but it beats waiting 7 months...
  3. Hey Chris, Thanks for the reply I am gonna check all the connections as you said, hopefully it is nothing.. Jay
  4. Ok guys I need some help on this one, my system is tri amped so each set of drivers has their own amp. The other day I noticed a little hum coming from the left woofer only, I thought it might be the amp so I switch the speaker wire from the A side to the B side bingo no more hum. However that was short lived ten minutes later the woofers on both sides went off, so I swapped out that amp for another and back in business no more hum. Now two days later while warming up I hear that hum again in the left woofer only, after about 20 minutes it is gone. So is that woofer going south? It is the original 15" woofer in my khorns from 1977. Jay
  5. Well I have wanted to try a Decware 2 watt amp for a long time, finally I got one a few weeks ago and I am very impressed with it. First it sounds as good as my Korneff 45 which I thought was the best amp I have heard up to this point. The Zen amp has about 50 hours on it with stock tubes, after some level adjustments to my tri amped system this amp fell right into place. My system is sounding really smooth right now and I can't wait to listen to it more....
  6. So after a modest search I ended up with the Decware SE84UFO amp, I have about 50 hours on it now with the stock tubes and it sounds pretty darn good... I am impressed for sure with this little amp as it sounds as good as my Korneff 45, and i think it can only get better. After making some adjustments to the levels in my tri amped system the sound is much improved and very very smooth!!! I am looking forward to listening more and more....
  7. Interesting, too bad I just received my Decware SE84UFO amp. Otherwise I would be much more interested, another option down the road maybe...
  8. It is a nice sounding deck but, far from the finest sound you can get. There many out there that easily best it in sound quality even without the DBX unit...
  9. Hey Chris, That's ok hopefully someone here will have it a post it. I can find the one for the 8 ohm driver easy but, not the one for the 16 ohm.
  10. Thanks Chris, I was just hoping someone here one somewhere with as many users we have here... Jay
  11. I been using the 16 ohm version for years now and it's time to try a new amp, hence the inquiry about the impedance curve.
  12. Does anyone here have a pic of the impedance curve for this driver? I know it is 16 ohms but, I want to see the curve so I can see where it spends most of its time related to frequency's? Thanks:
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