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  1. Ok great I am curious where do you buy your 6j5 tubes from? I use an adapter with my 6j5 tubes in my pre amp and also with the 6F8G tubes in my amp, works and sounds fantastic!!!
  2. Hey Seti, Glad to see someone running the 6J5GT tubes. I been running them for a couple years now as a replacement for the 6SN7 tubes in my pre amp. I also run the 6F8G tubes in my amp as drivers for the 45 tubes in my Korneff amp. I would love to talk with you more about the 6J5 tubes...
  3. Yes the treatment will do wonders for the sound in a small room, as for the difference between closed in backs and false corners I can not speak. I have never had the false corners...
  4. I have had a 300B amp and a 2A3 amp and both were really nice sounding amps, when I got my 45 amp everything changed the amp journey was over and still is. My Korneff 45 amp sounds better than any other amp I have ever heard in my system and that's why it stays!!!
  5. Well my 45 amp with EML ST tubes sounds absolutely fantastic, most linear sounding? according to whom? One person I kind of doubt it.... To each his own....
  6. My advice is to completely enclose the backs of khorns, then you will be able to adjust them toe in/out as you like. My khorns are in a small room almost the same size as yours and with room treatment and some EQ and closed backs they sound fantastic!!!
  7. My system is all active and using one amp that produces 1 wpc, another amp is at 2 wpc, and the speakers are 118db padded down to about 108 db.... The sound quality is excellent!!!
  8. I have in the past owned one of his creations really nice sounding.. I think you can find him on the Audiogon forum under the name of autospec or something like that...
  9. Thanks Tarheel TJ, Yes treating your room and using a DSP will bring your system to a whole different level.. There is no going back, as for the analog sources all you need is one good tape deck. Then I can help you with getting copies of Master tapes like the ones I have. You have never heard anything like a master tape until you hear one, soo much more info in the music it's insane!!!
  10. You will not find a good reel to reel deck for $100, now days the best bang for your buck is the Otari MX 5050 BII-2.... It is a record and play 2track machine that also plays 4 track tapes...
  11. I am very much like you in that aspect, I like a lot of different cars but; I had German made cars in the past and knowing how smart the German's are it was an easy choice.
  12. Hey dtel, Yes it is that is the fuel tank lid, you just push it on the corner and it pops open...
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