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  1. You will not find a good reel to reel deck for $100, now days the best bang for your buck is the Otari MX 5050 BII-2.... It is a record and play 2track machine that also plays 4 track tapes...
  2. I am very much like you in that aspect, I like a lot of different cars but; I had German made cars in the past and knowing how smart the German's are it was an easy choice.
  3. Hey dtel, Yes it is that is the fuel tank lid, you just push it on the corner and it pops open...
  4. Yes it's a MT6 speed, I wouldn't own an automatic.... They do look like a 911 from certain angles, I thought about getting a 911 but, after driving the Cayman there was no going back. The balance the Cayman has is superior to the 911 because it's a mid engine chassis, the 911 has a rear motor quite a bit of difference....
  5. This arrived yesterday finally the hunt is over, this is my new to me 2014 Porsche Cayman S model. I have wanted a Porsche since I was a kid, I had talked myself into buying the new 2020 Corvette but, due to the demand and lack of building per the Corona Virus Chevy stopped production and stopped taking orders. I learned that they will only take orders now for the 2021 models, well I didn't want to wait until this time next year. So I started looking at Porsche's and with all this time on my hands because of the quarantine I found what I wanted, made a deal and had it shipped to my door!!!
  6. At one time I had a Marantz 10B and the Scott 310E should have kept the Scott, anyway as Craig says the Scott 310E properly gone through sounds glorious!!!
  7. Hey Gary, Glad to know all is well, yea that getting old thing I know I turned 62 in January...
  8. Hey Gary, Good to see you here again too! How are things?
  9. Believe it or not you would be surprised at how much money I have in the decks! Only one of them was real expensive the others were just great deals after a lot of looking!!! Now the tapes that I have are another thing all together!!! They are very pricey!!!
  10. LMAO!!! I see you still have a sense of humor!!!
  11. Gary, What's up brother? Nice to see you here again too. Hope you are doing well...
  12. Hey Craig, How are you doing brother? I hope all is well with you and yours?
  13. Wow!!! Allan I haven't seen you on here in a very long time! How are you brother?
  14. Slight correction, the only thing that I might change would be some of the settings on the Xilica just cause I can!!!
  15. Chris, I agree with you on the learning it will never stop especially if you chase it. My learning now is about the tape machines, since they are big and hard to move I needed to learn to do as much as I can for them to avoid having to send them out. This is where my focus is currently and I am good with that.
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