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  1. Here is a link (quote page for custom cap cans) of a company I have used and was pleased with. https://hayseedhamfest.com/pages/quote
  2. Have you tried High West Rendezvous Rye($70)? That is all I can find here.
  3. Square rooms can cause serious cancellation & reinforcement issues.
  4. You can always build or buy a passive network.
  5. I bought a matched quad of Tung-Sols from Viva tubes about a year ago for my Fisher KX-200 and have been very pleased.
  6. I will take them. PM me your PayPal address.
  7. You know Haters will Hate is the only explanation. My wife & I took a tape measure to ever home we looked to buy when we were moving to the Nashville area to be sure our Klipschorns would work. We passed on several before finding the right one. My wife is into Klipsch as much as I am! We don't know Jill but would love to meet her.
  8. Would love to see more of what you built. I have thought often of building one but just have not got around to it. I have never tried cleaning with ultrasonic cleaning so can't add to that. Look forward to hearing what others have done.
  9. rplace is a great person to deal with. I have had multiple transactions with him a they were great!
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