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  1. If they did they should probably contact a lawyer.😁
  2. I think it was totally irresponsible for Jeffery to post that while proclaiming to be an EXPERT. This could cause great harm to people who may believe him. pERWT
  3. Damn I am glad I did not SHORT my portfolio or change all my black wire ties to white! 😉
  4. Mikey these would look good with your ME LaScala's. Just saying.
  5. Here is a link (quote page for custom cap cans) of a company I have used and was pleased with. https://hayseedhamfest.com/pages/quote
  6. Have you tried High West Rendezvous Rye($70)? That is all I can find here.
  7. Square rooms can cause serious cancellation & reinforcement issues.
  8. You can always build or buy a passive network.
  9. I bought a matched quad of Tung-Sols from Viva tubes about a year ago for my Fisher KX-200 and have been very pleased.
  10. I will take them. PM me your PayPal address.
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