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  1. rigma

    Maybe the 2nd best way to clean vinyl

    Would love to see more of what you built. I have thought often of building one but just have not got around to it. I have never tried cleaning with ultrasonic cleaning so can't add to that. Look forward to hearing what others have done.
  2. rigma

    SOLD: Zu Ibis Cables/Jumpers

    rplace is a great person to deal with. I have had multiple transactions with him a they were great!
  3. rigma

    Zebrawood Jubilee in the Garage

    Nice work as always! You da man.
  4. rigma

    Pair of Cornwall IIs (Atlanta)

    PM sent
  5. rigma

    Used 402/510 w/ drivers value?

    What worked for me on the warp issue was to place them of a flat surface, mouth down, in the direct sun of a hot day for several hours and leave till sun is down and cooled or move to another flat surface out of sun to cool. No external force was applied. It worked for me and another forum member but no way can I guarantee you will have same results.
  6. rigma

    Henry Scott Yocum Memorial Amplifier Build

    I am in.
  7. rigma

    WTB ... K-510 horns w/drivers

    PM Sent I replied with PM sent to the wrong post earlier.
  8. rigma

    WTB ... K-510 horns w/drivers

    PM sent
  9. rigma

    WTB Record Cleaning Machine

    I have a VPI HW-16.5 I have not used in several years since I bought a Kieth Monk. Have not thought about selling but would. I have the original box. I added a reversing platter motor and switch to give better cleaning of the LP, flip switch and it cleans in opposite direction. $600 including shipping in continental USA.
  10. rigma

    AK 5 (?) Crossovers $400.00

    I paid and even used friends and family as a courtesy . After Seller received payment and agreed to ship tomorrow he then, after the fact, asked for me to pay shipping. Oh well at least he sent me a refund.
  11. rigma

    AK 5 (?) Crossovers $400.00

    I will take them. Rigma
  12. rigma


    pm sent