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  1. I thought the same thing just before I saw your post. Now I worried, could I be getting more like you? 🥵
  2. Need 2 for a new build. Please PM me rather than post. rigma
  3. Here is a pic of MZKITTY's CW IV ME
  4. We use node 2i hardwired mostly with Tidal but also have Amazon HD. We started with Wi Fi but had way too many drop outs, especially with MQA, the hardwired fixed that.
  5. If they did they should probably contact a lawyer.😁
  6. I think it was totally irresponsible for Jeffery to post that while proclaiming to be an EXPERT. This could cause great harm to people who may believe him. pERWT
  7. Damn I am glad I did not SHORT my portfolio or change all my black wire ties to white! 😉
  8. Mikey these would look good with your ME LaScala's. Just saying.
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