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  1. That single Jubilee makes a great center speaker, between a pair of Jubilees, behind a acoustically transparent screen! I have been doing that for years
  2. I use a toilet plunger, the type with the red rubber cup and screw in wooden handle. Un-screw the handle & poke a hole through where the handle was screwed into the center of cup. Place cup over dust cover and apply vacuum just enough to pop it out. I have done several whit no issue, YMMV
  3. This tool works great for deburring these holes. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001O5YSXU/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. Which modern brand do you speak of? I am in the marker for a pair.
  5. I am contemplating building 2 more 300B amps on some very nice copper chassis I have. I also have a pair of Magnaquest FS-30, 80 ma outputs I need to put to good use. If you have a good schematic I am all ears. I am currently looking for a new direct coupled design, something along the line of the Monkey on a stick maybe.
  6. It is my self built amp, somewhat based on the Angela 91 schematic.
  7. There is a new version of the Node2i that just came out, price is same as old one was $549 retail. Supposed to have better DAC. Cory had some of the new ones in stock a couple weeks ago when I bought one from him.
  8. I think I misunderstood what you were asking after re-reading your last post. I did a test on another system using Cornwall IVs with Bluesound connected to McIntosh MC30s direct (no Xilica) to the CW4s. Sent a series of test tone from Node2i measured speaker output with db meter at 4 ft as shown below. I set the Sub ON and crossover at 80 hz. Meter set to 60 db (lowest setting on meter) 1000 hz 77db 20 hz 0 30 hz 0 40 hz 0 50 hz 0 60 hz 58 100 hz 66 125 hz 61 250 hz 64 So it appears the lf is rolled off the Node mains below the crossover point. I used "Audio Line-Up test tones" calibration reference check available on Tidal
  9. I have the Node2i & use Apple iPad to control. The Subwoofer does have variable crossover points from 40-200hz in 10hz steps but I see no way to independently vary the output level of the Sub in relation to the main if that is what you are asking. Note: I do not use the Sub through the Bluesound I run through a xilica & split the sub out there, so I have no experience with it just see it on the settings.
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