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  1. I will take these. PM me your PayPal address to pay.
  2. Yes, we are using 45 SET on Jubilee 402 horns and we love it. Plenty of power in a large room. For the bass bins we have McIntosh MC30's.
  3. Fuel for thought which may help us all understand! https://www.helpguide.org/articles/mental-disorders/narcissistic-personality-disorder.htm
  4. The unit with the 5 Multi Meters was my build. It has a 10 amp isolation trans supplying the top outlet with the variac. The 5 meters are because I am scared of high voltage! ⚠️ It is designed so I can connect to 5 voltage points under test with power off, switch on and see results without getting hands near danger while probing around. It is designed to where it only needs 1 ground connection, (to help prevent a rats nest) to DUT or more if needed, switch selective. Mike Beasley helped me simplify this concept.
  5. That MC30 was not one of them but I had already gone through them about a year ago. The green thing is a vintage AC&DC power supply with 3 Variac's, ma. amp, mv & AC/DC volt meters. I bought it from a old TV shop they went out of business for $50. I asked about it's history & he said it was built as a school project in the 1960's, back when they used to teach practical things. Oh it did have one broke DC meter which took me a year to find a replacement, but all is working now.
  6. I thought the same thing just before I saw your post. Now I worried, could I be getting more like you? 🥵
  7. Need 2 for a new build. Please PM me rather than post. rigma
  8. We use node 2i hardwired mostly with Tidal but also have Amazon HD. We started with Wi Fi but had way too many drop outs, especially with MQA, the hardwired fixed that.
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