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  1. PWK put the issue of intermodulation distortion in writing to me back in the early 70s as I was preparing to buy Klipschorns. Attached are two of his letters.Klipschletter1.pdfKlipschletter2.pdf I have a third letter with advise on maintaining the oiled finish on the speakers.
  2. I got into music around 6th or 7th grade in the mid-50s. Our record player couldn't do justice to rock n roll. I started out buying 78s, thinking 45s were just a fad. At the record store I saw speakers like Jensen and ElectroVoice. With the Allied Radio catalog I bought a University 312 tri-ax speaker and build a knockoff cabinet like the Airstocrat (I think Klipsch had a hand in that model). That and a 24W Allied tube amp using 5881 output tubes. A mono system. That did the job until the early 70s when the amplifier's transformer died and I couldn't find a replacement. So I began auditioning speakers while in Graduate School in Syracuse NY. In the first two or three stores I heard nothing that was as good as my single Airstocrat knockoff. Finally, a store in North Syracuse had some Klipschorns. By this time I was bringing my own records to the store for auditions--Rolling Stones and some classical music. The Klipshorns satisfied and I exchanged several letters with Paul Klipsch about the speakers and why the are so good. As a research assistant I could only afford one at time--they were $884 each! Took me a few months to go from mono to stereo. I built a Heathkit AR-15 receiver and was set then for maybe 20 years. Later I got Sony and then Denton receivers, but a could years ago I went back to tubes with the Elekit 8600S and Western Electric tubes. Life is good. Klipschletter2.pdf Klipschletter1.pdf
  3. How do you adjust the volume with three amplifiers to get the right balance from the three separate drivers? Will I be able to upgrade a pair of 1972 Khorns? Three amps -- plus maybe a subwoofer amp. I don't suppose high quality tube amps and expensive tubes would be cheaper if they only had to cover the narrower spectral range of each driver. I suppose there's no end in sight--I ducked going from mono to stereo until 1972. Maybe in my 90s I'll go the triple-amp route.
  4. If the crossovers still work I wouldn't do anything until you fix the tweeter and spend some time listening to them. Those capacitor cans are pretty reliable and unless they are leaking are probably just fine. If you have a multimeter that can read capacitance you can unsolder them and check the value, but listen first. The serial numbers should tell you when they were built if you check against the listing in the history section: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/206376-want-to-know-when-your-klipsch-speakers-were-made-click-here/ Good luck with the restoration and enjoy.
  5. Be cautious, I tried to buy a pair of Heresys in San Francisco but the seller would not give me an email address or phone number to contact him directly. He gave me an address -- I think it was on Pine Street, but no way to arrange a time for pick up.
  6. Aren't the connections through RCA coaxial connectors? Why bother going through the wall for a week? Connecting speaker wires to RCA receptacles, especially if the wire gauge is large--like 16 or 14 or 12. Let us know how this works out.
  7. I don't get any noticeable hum with Khorns and an 8600S Elekit 300B amp. LED lights can be a problem. If you have them, turn all of them off just to check. I'm puzzled how "sonic signature" would be enhanced by keeping some hum. Actually not sure what sonic signature is.
  8. Relevant discussion at https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/record-breaker-raphaelite-cs30-mkii-tube-amplifier-review-and-measurements.44020/ discussions of the 300b Venus tube. Comment the Western Electric product has low distortion. I think probably because of high cathode efficiency analogue to Klipsch speakers.
  9. rather than tapping amp output, consider tapping the crossover's bass output.
  10. If you can solder and assemble, also take a look at Elekit amps 8600S and 8900. both are 300B. Reviews in Stereophile--search for Elekit.
  11. Not Heritage, but I don't recognize the model link. https://santabarbara.craigslist.org/ele/d/santa-barbara-klipsch-speakers/7698553699.html
  12. Gentle suggestion to use an ohm meter (voltmeter set to ohms) to check the speaker resistance while disconnected from the amp.
  13. So are these the speakers that just needed breaking in, or are there two LaScala posts and I'm confused. Nice to see a favorable mention of Crites.
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