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  1. I have one of these pho700 preamps and I like it a lot. Dead quiet going into a 300B tube amp I built from an Elekit TU-8600S. I bought a Telefunken tube for it.
  2. Thank you for the Recipe and TAA articles Diz
  3. The formula -- TAA articles pdf -- doesn't work or come through for me. Does anyone know where to get it that works? Has it been put into one of the posts in this thread? Why is it "unavailable"?
  4. Thank you to all who sent some advice! My only previous tube amp was a Knight 24W mono that I got around 1956. I bought a University model 312 triaxial speaker and built a cabinet based on an electrovoice corner model that had a horn-like opening in the back coming from down low. To test it out, I carried the speaker out into the back yard, ran wires from the amp, dropped the needle on a 78 rpm Elvis record at high volume, and ran upstairs, got on my bike and rode a couple blocks to see how far away I could hear it. When I got back there was only the thump of the needle at the end of the groove and a bunch of neighbors standing around the speaker cabinet not knowing wha to do. I was like 13 or 14. Rock n Roll needed HiFi !
  5. I decided to build an Elekit 8600S from TubeDepot. It works! I have some cheaper tubes in it now to test it out on some old Advent speakers. Will hook it up to the Klipschorns soon. Any opinions on whether the new Western Electric 300B tubes are worth the money?
  6. Any opinions on JFETs compared to bipolar or MOSFETs?
  7. No budget but I’d rather not put a lot of money into the project. I have 1972 Klipschorns that I bought after exchangeing some letters with PWK. Right now I’m scanning old slides. I bought a Vincent pho 700 a few years ago and I’ve listened to it a bit. Seemed wonderful feeding a Denon solid state amp but I’d like to set up a tube amp for digitizing my records. I bought a dynaco kit from Bob Latigo but it has some problems and I gave up on it around the time Covid started. I’d built numerous Heathkits and never had a problem so I’m disappointed in myself. one comment—PWK had little concern for harmonic distortion because music has natural harmonics. The clarity of Khorns he attributed to the efficiency of horn-loading because it results in linear reproduction which minimizes inter modulation distortion that produces frequencies that are not part of the music. excuse the long post
  8. Looking for adequate performance without going to Western Electric 91E expense of $15,000 plus $1000 for 16 ohm transformer
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