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    Airpod Max

    Hello All, PSA if you have an apple laptop and the airpod max you can crank them up to failure with the equilizer and the pre amp adjustment all the way up. youll have to adjust the setting for each song to get the most out of it but if you have these youll want to know this. Connor
  2. would you recommend the kit from crites? time to learn to solder! thank you so much!!
  3. I took the ohm meter to both speaker terminals and they both read 4 which is strange because they are supposed to be 8? the speakers say they re from 1996 but i thought that the 4.2s were 92-94...Im pretty sure that the amps arent the issue cause its done this with 3 of them. Probably gonna have to pull the crossover which sucks. Im wondering if some of the speaker connections were a tiny bit loose and caused a short which hurt the crossovers. When i hook up only the faulty speaker it sounds like theres a crossover issue.
  4. Thanks guys! the receiver only played one speaker on a different set...is there a chance that my speakers are breaking the amps? this happened with a pioneer 1018 which i bought to power the speakers. two worked then the right channel blew after --->the cones got messed up with heat (in a storage box) im thinking maybe ill have to look into the crossovers!
  5. ive had a couple recievers only play one of my kg4.2 after a certain amount of time. Today i connected them to an old realistic and they sounded great for a couple songs then i literally heard one speaker fade out. after an hour of one speaker the other one made some slight bass tones for about 30 sec. when one speaker is plugged into different sides the working side changes, it just wont play both L and R at the same time. I checked the connections inside the speaker and elsewhere and tighened a couple but that didnt make a difference!
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