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    Bi-Amp System
    Tice Power Block Line Conditioner with Titan Power Supply
    Auralic Aries G2 Streamer
    Auralic Vega G2 DAC
    Auralic Leo GX Clock
    Cary Audio SLP-05 Preamplifier
    Cary Audio 805C Monoblock Amplifiers (HF)
    Driver Tubes:
    2020 WE 300 B
    Input Tubes:
    NOS RCA/GE 5691 Red Base Gray Plate 8% matched
    Pass Labs X2.5 preamp “used to gain match amplifiers”
    Marchand XM44-4AA analog passive
    electronic crossovers
    Pass Labs Aleph 2 mono blocks (2 Pair) (LF)
    (2) REL Stentor ii Subwoofers
    Crown XTI 6002
    (2) Danley DTS 10 Subwoofers
    Klipsch KPT 904 (2) 15” each side
    K 402 with Radian 760 Br Pb drivers
    AC: PS Audio AC 12
    Cardas Golden Reference

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  1. A different set up using Marchand for crossovers and Auralic Lightning DS for EQing. Hoping future software upgrades will include Frequency response, phase & time alignment. I do like the dbx 360 venu that jwc has used.
  2. I have gone active Dave. What Seti is offering is a wonderful deal for someone.
  3. I am building a similar system and contacted Klipsch theatre representative on 12/9/19. The KPT 415 LF bins are $1,740 ea plus freight. Fantastic price on this setup.
  4. I buy whole bean, put it in the freezer and grind it fresh for each cup.
  5. I need to change out one of my tuning eye (cat’s eye) tubes on my Cary 805 C. Was seeking advice on how to remove the face plate to access the tube. Thanks Jim
  6. Thanks Maynard Read some more and find that the tube is used as a visual voltage indicator.
  7. Since rectifier was brought.... I have Cary 805C monoblocks that have one rectifier in each amp. Cary states as 1629/6U5. Researched and find that the 1629 and 6U5 is the same “if I am understanding it correctly”. One of the amps has the rectifier going out. Should I replace both ? They are both the same age.
  8. In my system as far as sound quality: In my experience interconnects “yes”. Speaker cables “not so much”. Heavier gauge for runs over 12 ft
  9. Hello Bill Just a follow up. Me and “The Big Guy” had a conversation in regards to Albert and this is how it went : I started off saying that I didn’t know Albert or yourself but that didn’t really matter. What did matter was Albert was currently having an issue that I was asking that He look into. I started with asking that He give Albert love & understanding.... He stopped me right there and just smiled, (that Big O’l God Smile) which means “thank you for caring and I hear you, I am very fond of Albert and the family, I’ve got this”
  10. I am considering SVANE WE845 Vacuum Tube (Western Electric Replica as I have read that they match up well with Klipsch horn speakers
  11. Hello Mike, so I have upgraded the 6SL7 and the 300B tubes. Now it’s time to address the 845’s What’s your thoughts ? Thank You in advance Jim
  12. The BigGuy and me have a great conversations, prayer wise, and will talk with Him in regards to Albert tonight.
  13. I have a SET 3 I purchased new from Mark at Reno HiFi February 2019. Love the amp but ended up going to Cary tube preamp and Cary tube mono amps March 2020. Haven’t used the SET 3 since then. Was considering using it on a second system. But maybe it is time to let someone else enjoy. Message me.
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