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    Tice Power Block Line Conditioner with Titan Power Supply
    Auralic Aries G2 Streamer
    Auralic Vega G2 DAC
    Pass Labs X2.5 Preamplifier
    Marchand XM44-4AA analog passive
    electronic crossovers
    First Watt SIT 3 (HF) Amplifier
    Pass Labs Aleph 2 mono blocks (LF)
    (2) REL Stentor ii Subwoofers
    Crown XTI 6002
    (2) Danley DTS 10 Subwoofers
    Klipsch KPT 904 (2) 15” each side
    K 402 with Radian 760 Br Pb drivers

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  1. Looking for (2) Pass Labs Aleph P Thanks Jim
  2. Thank You for your assistance Christy. It was my mistake, I was trying to use a user name with a space in it and that was causing the problem. I’m signed up and a “Official Klipsch Member” yea ! 😀
  3. Confused I went to link to join membership, filled out information; submitted but goes into endless loop. And just a suggestion: the join membership link should be easier to find (like a tab).
  4. Hello dtel’s wife I am fairly new to the Klipsch community and did not know there was a “Klipsch Membership” but (I hear you now) and I didn’t have to “add any EQing or Time alignment” ( still learning about those things). Please excuse my attempt to add humor to a serious subject. Yes Ma’am, I want to help and I am going to join. And “Thank You” for the wake up call. 😀 Jim Gregory
  5. DMH 3rd option is worth looking into. Would you IM me the contact information for this option.
  6. True, you could try it on one of the fins/brace on the back. Great idea dtel, I will definitely do my trial experiments on one of the fins on the back.
  7. Thank You to everyone for the great advice and pointing me in the right direction. I will report back on my final process with pictures.
  8. Can anyone here help in identifying the composition material of the 1st generation 402 and a compatible resin/glue.
  9. The small cracks, I do not think have enough separation to be able to get adhesive material into, but a patch on the back may serve to keep the cracks from extending further. I have heard in other applications that if you drill a small hole at the end of the crack that it will also stop the crack from extending any further. Any advice is appreciated. I know this horn is old and worn but I think she deserves to continue to sing. 😊
  10. Yes Sir. Thinking it through logically, that was my “inexperienced” thought as well.
  11. Lol. At my age it’s like playing billiards with rope.
  12. Also have cracks lines below the bigger crack.
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