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Jim Gregory

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    Southern Gentleman
  • My System
    Tice Power Block with Titan Power Supply

    Front End :

    Auralic Aries G2 Streamer
    Auralic Vega G2 DAC (with Hoer-Wege PSU )
    Auralic Leo GX Clock
    Marchand XM44-4AA electronic crossover

    High Frequency:

    18x10 horns Radian 760 Br Pb drivers
    DaveA SMAHL tweeters
    Don Sachs D2 preamp
    (1) pair Nelson Pass Aleph 2 amplifiers

    Mid Frequency:

    Klipsch 402 horns Celestion AXi 2050 drivers
    Cary Audio SLP-05 Preamplifier
    Cary Audio 805C Monoblock Amplifiers
    Output tube: Psvane 845 ACME Premium
    Driver Tubes:
    2020 WE 300 B
    Input Tubes:
    NOS RCA/GE 5691 Red Base Gray Plate 8% matched

    Mid Low Frequency:

    Inlow 135hz Horns with B&C 8PE21 drivers
    Parasound Halo P5 preamplifier
    (1) pair Nelson Pass Aleph 2 amplifiers

    Mid Low Frequency:
    Klipsch KPT 415’s
    Pass Labs X0.2 preamp
    (2) pair Nelson Pass Aleph 2’s amplifiers

    Low Frequency:

    (2) Danley DTS 10 Subwoofers
    Crown XTI 6002 amplifier

    AC: PS Audio AC 12
    HF Speaker Cables: Duelund DCA16GA
    LF Speaker Cables: SignalCables Silver Reference
    Cardas Golden Reference
    Belden 8402

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  1. Jim Gregory


    You are safe if you’re wearing shoes with rubber heels…..,, right ?
  2. Hello Bruce, best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery and healthy future.
  3. i suppose your vinyl may be more transparent then my digital streaming
  4. I expected the high bid to be between $1,500 - $2,000. I would think that the high bidder would already have pretty nice tubes and can’t imagine these offering a substantial SQ difference.
  5. My bid of $580 just wasn’t high enough to win these WE 300b’s
  6. I definitely here a dog barking in this one. 😂
  7. Another hard to hear: Glenn Gould hums with his piano playing. Especially difficult to hear in the beginning.
  8. Here’s another myth my system sounds better than yours 🤣
  9. I have to disagree. My Klipsch speakers image beautifully. Wide soundstage with depth and nice focus on placement of individual instruments and vocal. Primarily all the sound is behind the speakers. The funny thing is I used Paul McGowan’s book to set up the speakers for my system.
  10. Welbornes top of the line 45 mono amps. Purchased July 2022 from a well established Klipsch Community member. Plenty of info / reviews online. Reason for selling is I replaced the Welborne’s with amplifiers with a little more wattage. Both amplifiers operate 100%. These amps were professionally built, “not by me”. SS rectified and Auto Bias. The wood has a few minor marks. Photos of amplifiers and included tubes and Endlers.
  11. For your consideration a pair (2)FAITAL HF206 (2" HF DRIVER, NEODYMIUM, PUSH, 8 OHM) Purchased new July 2021. Reason for selling, I replaced the Faital drivers with Celestion AXi 2050. $350 price includes free FedEx shipping in continental USA.
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