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  1. They are gorgeous! And they will arrive at my home next week!
  2. This is how you raise a sub!
  3. We made them! K-700 horns from heresey’s Found the shades at Walmart. Did a reverse print PWK logo on clear sticky contact paper. Bottom is walnut we made. Saw similar ones at PWK’s home years ago and wanted to duplicate.
  4. The first time I heard Klipsch was the fall of 1971, I was 16 and went to my boyfriends house. His Dad has Klipschorns and I was literally blown away! We put on Led Zeppelin’s LP and played Stairway to Heaven. My prior listening experience had been a transistor radio, so you can imagine the Jolt my ears heard! I wound up marrying my boyfriend and the first year we were married, we built our own set of speakers with the help of my Dad. They were built from the Speakerlab Klipschorns plans, man they sounded great. In 1987, we were finally able to afford the real deal, Klipschorns!! We even contacted Klipsch engineer Gary Gillum to help us design the perfect room. We closed in part of our 3 car garage and built our music room. It sounded fantastic! Fast forward to 2001. We decided to move to the Nashville area and began looking at houses. We literally looked at dozens of houses, (always tape measure in hand)! One Sunday afternoon we were out looking at homes and passed by a brand new subdivision and decided to check it out. There were only about half a dozen homes in it ,but the views were gorgeous. We topped this hill and there was this home, not finished yet, but a big sign in the yard that said, come on in and see the difference. We went in and every turn we took made us love this home even more. When we climbed the steps to the room over the garage, our jaws dropped. There it was, the room that our Klipschorns would fit in! Out comes the tape measure and YES, they would work perfect! Fast forward almost 20 years later and we still have the Klipschorns (and a second pair) and basically a whole home filled with Klipsch LOVE! I personally have no clue why so many ladies out there don’t like music, but dang, I’m sure not one of them! I will post pics soon! Happy listening friends!
  5. Let me tell you about this rug! A neighbor was moving to Florida and decided to sell it. Her husband was in the oil business and they had lived all over the world. When they were living in Las Vegas, she had this guy that would come in and bring rugs for her to switch out though out the year. This one she kept when they moved to Tennessee. She said she didn’t want it in Florida. So I got a great deal/steal on it!
  6. No comparison! We have 2 pair of the Cornwall 1 and 1 pair of the Cornwall II. When I heard these at Hope, I knew I had to have the IV’s
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