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  1. Condolences the the Smith family.
  2. Horn #1 Large crack Horn #2 spider cracking
  3. Update: Sold For Sale : $1,200 1 pair Klipsch KP 456. Included are a pair of Klipsch 402 horns. Cabinets are mounted on 4” swivel & lockable (no mark) casters. Also included are the original factory installed rollers, included passive networks for one stereo amp, and original hardware for unlocking cabs. Intact factory grills with logos. 402’s have cracks but are repairable and do come with horn mounts. The 402’s do not have drivers. With a little effort you could have Klipsch 942’s. Everything is working and in good shape. All was previously purchased from Klipsch forum members. These do not come up often and can create an incredibly big sound stage. Cash or PayPal Local Pick up in Jacksonville, Florida PM me with any questions One of the pictures is a comparison between the 456 and 301-ll
  4. I remember this, 😆 Even then I did not think it was a good idea to drop one album on top of another one.
  5. Funny this was brought up because a picked up one of the last pieces of my audio puzzle today in Savannah, GA. and I’m feeling the same way. Now that I’m happy with the system it is time to sell off some of the pieces that got me to this point. Klipsch KP 301ii klipsch kp115X klipsch KPT 456. I will list them in the Klipsch garage for sale section after I get some pictures, point being that audio satisfaction is a lot of happy with a side of sad. 😉
  6. Jim Gregory


    Is that pine or oak
  7. Jim Gregory


    I was thinking $175 a truckload was a little high, but this guy really gives you your money’s worth
  8. Rescue girl Ruka
  9. Looking to purchase Pass Labs Aleph 2 Monoblock Amplifiers.
  10. I enjoyed reading his posts on this forum. God bless the family and comfort you in this sad and difficult time.
  11. just getting up and need some coffee. That was a really good party last night
  12. Bourbon is a nice gift and receiving it from a friend, well even better. I tell you something that is nice: when I flip on the 845 output tubes on my tube amplifiers they make a echoing sound that sounds just like the sound you heard from the sonar on the submarine on the old tv show Seahunt. I know a vacuum tube is not a person but it is still nice. 😉
  13. Condolences to the family. Thank You Bob Crites for being a foundation of knowledge for the Klipsch community.
  14. Jim Gregory

    Bob Crites RIP

    Condolences to the family. You will be missed Mr Crites.
  15. Buddy you had it right the first time !
  16. Jim Gregory

    What I Got Today!

    Yes Sir, straight from Hope, Arkansas.
  17. Bruce, never say never. I follow a lot more threads than I engage in. When I have asked questions I have received helpful advice from you and others. I have noticed that you are always willing to help others and offer advice based on sound principles. I applaud you and find it only fitting to play it forward. I have a extra pair of 402’s. Long story short they are from the Klipsch 1st production run. I replaced them with a new pair last year. One has a crack and one has a spider fracture. Both very much repairable, especially with the skills I’ve seen you display on this forum. I have the original boxes my new ones came in. I’m still new on learning about the physics behind sound, but I’m a darn good packer and fill confident I can get them to you safely. You now own a pair of 402’s. Send me a personal message and we will get the ball rolling. Happy New Year ! Jim
  18. I made panels using rockwool safe & sound. Did the frame with 1x3x 8 furring strips and used landscape ground cover cloth for fabric. They were easy to fabricate, inexpensive and work great.
  19. I nominate Dave for club President
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