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  1. Congrats, I had a neighbor that had one with the ottoman. I love the design and super comfortable chair.
  2. For me, depends on the track of music but in general 70-75db. Rock music 85-90db
  3. I think Steve did a great review on the Jubilee’s. He said he loves the Jubilee’s and explained how he came to that conclusion. I’m personally not fond of audio reviewers that over complicate their impressions of audio equipment. Just my opinion ….
  4. I had not heard of crossing the K402’s like you mentioned so I tried it today and I was pleased with the results. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. Need to use rhodium Dave, it will not puddle.
  6. I don’t believe in floor cable lifters. If the lifters touch the floor, regardless of the material the lifters are made from, they will still not inhibit problematic electrical cross contamination. The only way you can lift cables successfully is with cryogenically treated .0003 cm rhodium wire suspended from your ceiling and attached to the cable and lifted off the floor. For this to have a true sonic effectiveness you need need to paint the area under the cables with a magnetic paint.
  7. Jim Gregory


    You are safe if you’re wearing shoes with rubber heels…..,, right ?
  8. Hello Bruce, best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery and healthy future.
  9. i suppose your vinyl may be more transparent then my digital streaming
  10. I expected the high bid to be between $1,500 - $2,000. I would think that the high bidder would already have pretty nice tubes and can’t imagine these offering a substantial SQ difference.
  11. My bid of $580 just wasn’t high enough to win these WE 300b’s
  12. I definitely here a dog barking in this one. 😂
  13. Another hard to hear: Glenn Gould hums with his piano playing. Especially difficult to hear in the beginning.
  14. Here’s another myth my system sounds better than yours 🤣
  15. I have to disagree. My Klipsch speakers image beautifully. Wide soundstage with depth and nice focus on placement of individual instruments and vocal. Primarily all the sound is behind the speakers. The funny thing is I used Paul McGowan’s book to set up the speakers for my system.
  16. Welbornes top of the line 45 mono amps. Purchased July 2022 from a well established Klipsch Community member. Plenty of info / reviews online. Reason for selling is I replaced the Welborne’s with amplifiers with a little more wattage. Both amplifiers operate 100%. These amps were professionally built, “not by me”. SS rectified and Auto Bias. The wood has a few minor marks. Photos of amplifiers and included tubes and Endlers.
  17. For your consideration a pair (2)FAITAL HF206 (2" HF DRIVER, NEODYMIUM, PUSH, 8 OHM) Purchased new July 2021. Reason for selling, I replaced the Faital drivers with Celestion AXi 2050. $350 price includes free FedEx shipping in continental USA.
  18. No man has a complete toy box without a cannon 😀
  19. Grandmothers are very special. Heartfelt condolences in your loss.
  20. I use Psvane 845 in my amps and they do great. I just got the itch to upgrade.
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