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  1. I have always tried to have the same 3 Speakers for the Front Sound Stage. When I bought the RF82 II's I was using the Synergy F20 because it's large and it did sound ok but I wasn't real Happy. Crutchfield had One RF 82II left and I Grabbed it. Now using it as My Center with my New Marantz. Made a Big Difference as I like 4 & 5 Channel Music. For 5 Channel Music a Big Center makes all the difference because a lot of music come through the Center. I also like the sound of this Marantz over the Denon. I'm not using any Sound processing but I do like the sound better. Get a Big Center, it's worth it.
  2. I'm glad you got your wife's Permission.
  3. I use that mail to help me catch Bugs
  4. Very little wattage is usually required to drive speakers to Normal Listening Levels. Higher power levels are required for loud sounds. More important is The Quality of the Amp over The Power Numbers. Most AVR's are not Massive Beast that deliver 150 watts or more. Many people use AVR's in the 75 to 100 watt range and do just fine.
  5. Hang those from the ceiling for a Retro Look. That center ain't cutting it either.
  6. I would check and make sure Every Driver is working. I would Not set These to the Small settings since you're running a Sub, I would turn off the sub until you straighten things out. Set these to Large speakers.
  7. Any Marantz or Denon will be Great for Your System. They both have high Quality Sound. If you don't need Pre Outs for an Amp later, look at lower priced Denons. Ones with 80 watts will drive those speakers very well. Welcome to The Forum
  8. What do you have these hooked into?
  9. It's 3 O'Clock, Time to shut down those Wasteful Amplifiers. You could play all your music in Eco Mode.
  10. I watch many videos of Danny and he does a lot of good work. I would be cautious about lining my whole cabinet with "HI Res" I had a Pair of Polks "S60 Signatures" that had dead *** cabinets. They didn't deliver the low end goods with the acoustic sounds I like like a Klipsch does. It was Too Dead. Sold em. Glad I was able to get rid of them. You could ruin the sound of your speakers by Overdamping. That stuff is probably hard to remove if you make a mistake by using it. Better think it over.
  11. rebuy

    What I Got Today!

    I just got a Very Nice AC Infinity Component Cooling System and it looks nice on my Marantz. Running Cool Now.
  12. You're OVER THINKING this thing. Tell us what audio equipment you have. Buy yourself a Denon if you need one at Accessories 4 less. You only need to run two cables from your CD Player and the denon will do the sound processing. So quit being so vague about what you have.
  13. Do What you think is best. I like the way my speakers sound. My cabinets are damped good enough to present bass notes and sounds in a Klipsch Sound. If I didn't like The Klipsch Sound I would have bought different speakers. I agree ALL Speakers Companies could use better crossovers. I'm not touching mine until the warranty expires.
  14. We're watching a 4K movie, "The House with A Clock in it's Walls" with Jack Black, No Sound Processing. It sounds awesome. I'm gonna keep it this way.
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