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  1. After watching Tech Videos on Youtube and using advanced settings. this is the best looking TV I've had. It's like watching films at home. I do think I'll buy an extended warranty. Anyone here have experience with that?
  2. It's taken a some adjustment but I think I have it right now. The picture was a little too dark and I used the Black level to brighten it up. It's a great looking TV. I bought from the outlet store at Crutchfield and it looks like Brand New. Saved a few hundred bucks too.
  3. It'll be here Tuesday, is on Sale at Crutchfield
  4. I'm thinking of buying a Sony 48" BRAVIA XR-48A90K Oled. What are you using for TV? Good Choice?
  5. I have a suggestion for you.
  6. I had a Polk Sub and it was built like this. No air noise at all. That's what I thought of when I saw these new subs.
  7. I see so many, they must not be married.
  8. I run my audyssey but when I use it I chose the "Flat" setting. Just for TV and Movies.
  9. The RP's have completely different drivers, construction and Quality. The RP's are superior to the R's in every way. I'm running a pair of the 160's as my center channel. They sound very nice. RP's over the R series everyday.
  10. Heritage Klipsch never have Bent Cones. Look here for new drivers, Speaker Exchange Speaker repair, replacement, recone, refoam (reconingspeakers.com)
  11. The Klipsch Horn Lamp Fails the WAF at my house.
  12. So I bought a pair of RP-160M's, nice bookie. I moved these into the Main Speaker spot and use my Tektons as the Center with the F20's as surrounds. As some of you know, I always advocate for the best speakers as yer center channel. I really like this set up. The sound is Much Cleaner because the "Boom" is gone. The four woofers in the Tekton cover the low end very well and since in HT the mains ans surrounds are basically effect channels the Klipsch do an outstanding job. there is more Tone in the sound than Boom, more realism. I have the 160M's sitting on top of the Pendragons. Everyone in the house agrees that the sound is better.
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