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  1. I am willing to pay taxes online, I do anywhere else. I did hear the President talk about Amazon getting a Big Break from the Post Office for shipping. Should Amazon get a shipping break from a PO that can't keep it's head above water? Not trying to hijack this but the subject here brought this to mind.
  2. I would not cross them over too low. The OP stated he crossed them over lower than what they claim they are rated for. Maybe that's why they went Kaput.
  3. I played the aluminum tweeters for quite a while and never found them fatiguing. That was surprising to me.
  4. That chart is a real eye opener. I know the crossover has to be better than the ones in the Synergy. If I built a speaker, I'd be ashamed to sell it with that crossover.
  5. Here is the link for bad news,
  6. OK, if you can afford the RP 280 F's they will be better for you mains--no doubt. As far as a center--get the best center you can. My system does dual duty for TV ans Music. I listen to 5 channel music processed as Dolby Digital, I prefer it over stereo and I can tell you that a lot of music comes through the center channel--so do not skimp here. This will pay off for movies too because a lot more than just talking happens in the center.
  7. Stereo Stores are kinda scarce in my neck of the woods. But the state population is small with only 2 "cities" of 50,000. I'd have to go to Columbus or Ohio to audition something. I know I've said it before--Stereo here, comes from Wally World. But if I buy again, I'll buy used and I know Klipsch sound great so I won't worry.
  8. rebuy

    Home theater design/build thread reboot 2018

    I might still be alive when you finish. Hurry up---I'm Old.
  9. rebuy

    Home theater design/build thread reboot 2018

  10. rebuy

    New caps and break in

    After reading this you forgot "Jocularity". Fun and good times
  11. QUIT thinking about the "specs of the tower"--that has nothing to do with buying a better quality AVR. What you buy depends on your money supply. Any Denon or Marantz will Really Outperform your Yamaha. They sound better. Just get what you can afford and find out for yourself.
  12. rebuy

    wedding, hospital, birthday...

    Sorry for you loss. Nothing hurts more. God bless you and his family.
  13. Never turn any AVR or stereo up to Maximum. The dial is not an indicator of power output.
  14. The Point is--and do not be offended. A small Yamaha like you have is crappy when hooked up to many speakers because it has a very weak power supply. Low power AVR's when you're trying to play them Loud, lose power and introduce "distortion" which is fed to Your new Klipsch, and that distortion is what burns up many speakers.
  15. You see my Denon has actual Eq's built in I gotta have EQ's I can EQ each channel as I like.