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  1. The Denon will be plenty of power. Don't get Hung Up on the Numbers. Once you get this gear and put it together you'll probably find it's enough. if it's not, get 1 Million Watts.
  2. I don't use No Stinkin' Subs and I'm Good
  3. I was never Banned but thanks. Who wants to sit in a Movie Theater with people who might have this virus while they're wearing a Non Medical mask? Most people wearing a mask is wearing a Non Medical piece of paper that does nothing to stop the transmission of anything.
  4. My statement was Not Political or ridiculous.
  5. There is Zero Proof that mask stops the Spread of The Chinese Virus. It's Not a Healthy Practice for a person to wear a Mask All Day.
  6. This Album has a WARNING as noted in the Yellow Bubble for Digital Sound Effects and Speaker Damage
  7. I went Out & Bought Cat Litter. You can't have too much cat litter.
  8. Plenty of YouTube videos about how to reduce this
  9. Having fun Throwing Stones?
  10. rebuy

    LCR help

    Due to space restrictions, I have my Towers, rear ported, right up against the wall. They sound pretty darn good. People get "hung up" about speaker placement. Nothing is perfect. Do what you think best.
  11. On mine they use Real Vinyl Veneer, It's a thin layer too.....😁
  12. I have a AC Infinity AIRCOM S6, Quiet Cooling Blower Fan System 12" Rear-Exhaust for Receivers, Amps, DVR, AV Cabinet Components. 50 or 60 Dollars on Amazon. This one blows the hot out to the back, Keeps things COOL. Worth getting
  13. I have a Marantz and have plenty of power for music & movies. I guess it depends on how big your room is.
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