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  1. It was Funny--they had the ML hooked up to a ONKYO AVR ML are supposed to be listened to sitting down because of the dispersion factor. NO chairs provided for listening. I guess it wasn't a serious audition at Crutchfield. When they played the 2000 dollar speakers they set them up in a listening room and sat me 3 feet away from them play through a McIntosh Amp. Them the guy stood there looking at us intently. Not a good experience.
  2. Made my yearly visit to Crutchfield and while they were very nice my sales guy made not so nice remarks about Klipsch. You know the usual, Harsh, Piercing, and La Scala are Old School--if you like that type of sound. So I listened to a couple of speakers including Martin Logan and another brand that cost $1000 each that the sales guy was really bragging on. They also didn't care for my "County-ish Type of Music". Idiots. I hated the Martin Logans and the Fancy Brand he was bragging on Sucked and I told him so. As you know I have El Cheapo Klipsch that have been Modded. They wish their speakers sounded as good as mine. So when I do add speakers to our system, I'll be buying a speaker I know sound Great--Klipsch.
  3. Try NOT to hold a grudge...That's today's problems..Many people are Holding them..Be Different. Hey July 4th is my Cat's Birthday--We named him Rocket. Rocket Man.
  4. Maybe I should get some Better Klipsch also. Were going to be buying a house soon and I'm looking for room enough for a pair or set of La Scala's -- My wife will just have to Get With The Program....😀
  5. The sound processor looks Great. I'm not so sure about the BasX line--You ever heard them. When you load that 7 Channel one up the power drops to 80 watts. Is that normal for a Power Amp? The other one I looked at on the Emotiva site was the A-5175 a 5 channel and it looks bigger. I'm not going to buy a Marantz and a Amp. I'm going to buy a Sound Processor & Amp or a Big A$$ AVR. The Outlaw weighs 14 lbs more than the Emotiva. That's a lot. What do you think? Thanks for responding
  6. OK, Soon I'm gonna upgrade the electronics. I want more Headroom, Dynamics, and life like sound. I'm running my 80 WPC Denon which drops to about 60 to 65 watts in 5 channel. So I need some serious advice. Do I go with a Outlaw 5000 @ 120 WPC or something like a Marantz SR 7012 @ 125 WPC. I want the most Current/ Amperage for 5 Channel. I think when a Lower tier Denon like mine is put in the 5 channel mode for music it loses alot of ----oh it just sucks the life out of music. If I bought the Marantz--I would worry about that too since it's an AVR. Outlaw's next model up is 7 Channels @ 125 Watts so power is minimal. Some good opinions by you Experienced Guys/Gals would really help. I want to make a Quality Purchase and I do have some flexibility in spending but don't want to spend as much as the price of a car. Thanks
  7. Bob Seger is Still the Same.
  8. Hey Sammy, Either one would be fine. Take your pick.
  9. I ❤️ Radio. I can listen to anything from anywhere. If I miss Rush Limbaugh from noon to 3 I tune in my Hawaii Station since they're 6 hours behind us. Music--Talk, Most things for entertainment at home or in the car. At Home though I usually use Apple itunes
  10. About the only time I get ear fatigue is if I'm listening to bad Bob Dylan recordings. If you get it from good recordings your system is set up wrong. I can listen all day and not get "Ear Fatigue", just great sounds.
  11. I've owned a couple of Goldwings Yeah, they're quiet but they can be very fast in the right hands. Almost like riding a rocket. I had a 1200 cc and a 1500cc. I liked the way the 1200cc was geared the best. That bike could take your breath away. I rode "nice" with the wife on the back.
  12. I'd use 16 gauge wire--18 is too small Look at these refurbished receivers--I bought a Denon, works fine and saved me money. Within your budget. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/denavrs930h/denon-avr-s930h-7.2-ch-x-90-watts-a/v-receiver-w/heos/1.html https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/pionvsxlx302/pioneer-elite-vsx-lx302-7.2-ch-x-100-watts-a/v-receiver/1.html Take a Peek
  13. Don't tell the "Other Forum" you own Klipsch. They'll make fun of you and tell you how BAD Klipsch sounds. They're not very nice. GLWS
  14. Personally I can't see spending large amounts of money on cooling fans when they can be had pretty cheap. With a USB port, I'd consider a Laptop Cooling Pad. They're inexpensive and QUIET. They come in various configurations from 1 fan on a chassis to 4 or 5 fans. All you want to do is draw heat away from the AVR. Amazon has a Boatload of them. Some even have pretty red and blue lights--Hahahaha. You can get a pretty nice one for 30 bucks
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