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  1. I do not think this is a good idea. You'd have to replace almost everything in the speaker cabinet except maybe the Mid-woofers and the cabinet is so cheap it would be best to use them as a surround speaker. They would make a great surround just as they are.
  2. Starting a Home Theatre

    You sure do a lot of thinkin....I would have bought one already.
  3. Thread CRAPPING Honey Pot

  4. WX: We don't do this down here!

  5. Best banana plugs/speaker wire and sub cable?

    I use these --I do not know what the ones you're looking at cost but these are reasonable. They just have to be stable in holding the wire and terminal contact. Function over looks for me--do fancier work better for the average guy ? https://www.parts-express.com/parts-express-gold-plated-screw-type-banana-plugs-18-12-awg-16-pcs--091-352
  6. Best banana plugs/speaker wire and sub cable?

    I just use cheap BP from PartsExpress--they have one screw and a colored jacket. The plug just has to hold the wire and since I'm not moving wires around all the time I really don't need fancy BP's. They sound fine.
  7. Best banana plugs/speaker wire and sub cable?

    That money just burning a Hole in your Pocket?
  8. No RF7-III Atmos?!

    I think the Klipsch ATMOS Speakers are kinda a One Size Fits All. If you want ATMOS--get the ATMOS speaker and use it. It's importance for voice match is kinda like surrounds.
  9. FORTE III as a 2 WAY !!!!

    I can't agree since each environment is different and everyone hears differently. And if the speaker is Not accurate you can always just start disconnecting drivers.
  10. FORTE III as a 2 WAY !!!!

    There are ways to tame speakers without tone controls which I didn't mention. I'd use tone controls before I altered a $1800 speaker. I can change the tone of my system without tone controls.
  11. Not Garrison Keillor too. Fired.

    I wonder if Keillor has Klipsch on the prairie ?
  12. FORTE III as a 2 WAY !!!!

    Anyone can tinker--I have 10 speakers available for my use. 3 Klipsch Towers 3 Polk Towers 4 Polk Bookies Any one of these can sound crappy with the wrong settings. Any system I put together can sound great with attention to setting in the electronics. Most of the time a system sounds bad--if quality products are used. it's operator error and bad settings--not knowing how to use equipment.
  13. FORTE III as a 2 WAY !!!!

    I modded my Synergy because they were entry level and cheaply made with crappy guts. If I had a Brand New Pair of Forte III's--I sure would not try to make them into a 2-way speaker--That's heresy .