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  1. rebuy

    rc-35 match for r-820f

    Glad you like them.
  2. rebuy

    R-820F speakers?

    The RP has a better crossover, better cabinet, different cone drivers and a different tweeter. The Horn Material is also different.
  3. rebuy

    R-820F speakers?

    Even being a lower tier Klipsch, which I have, they will be different from the Infinity. I think they will produce a lot more bass and a more open mid range sound. Buy them, They have a comparable crossover and build quality. I think if you even moved down to the 6&1/2 inch driver towers, you'll like them better too. They'll also be under warranty, I enjoy mine.
  4. rebuy

    Eye Opening Experience

    Well, you'll be like a dog chasing it's tail. Sure, you'll hear different systems that offer different experiences than what you get. You can take that experience and tailor your system to help you replicate the sound that you found pleasing without spending tons of cash for new equipment. Even if you bought the same gear you just listened to, that doesn't mean you can achieve the same sound because you're not in the same acoustic environment. It might even take a little experimenting and Altering Settings and God forbid, Tone Controls and or level settings. You'll go out, spend all that money, then hear something else that makes you drool---then Repeat. You have Klipsch MAN, get with the program. Be Happy.
  5. rebuy

    Need mattress choice help

    Oh heck, get a couple of those cheap air mattresses, throw a foam cover it, and tell the wife it's a Sleep Number Bed--Generic Style. You'll be Happy Happy Happy.
  6. rebuy

    Shingles vaccine...

    I didn't know I had Chicken Pox as a kid. When the Dr. told me I had Shingles, I said "Bullshit". But he was correct and I'm still feeling it. It can give you nerve damage.
  7. rebuy

    Shingles vaccine...

    I got the vaccine After getting the Shingles 2 years ago on Dec 6 2016. I remember because I was laying in bed and it felt like someone stabbed me or a bug bite me in the back. I went to the doctor within 36 hours which is optimal for treating Shingles so I didn't get as bad an outbreak as the guy pictured--but let me tell you--After 2 years I still itch where the pain originated. Shingles was one of the MOST PAINFUL ordeals I've been through. Anyone that has had Chicken Pox can get them at Any Age. I have been told by my doc that I need the New Vaccine and when my insurance kicks in the first of the year--I'm getting on the list. If you have the chance to get the vaccine and refuse and then get this dreaded malady---You'll be more than sorry you didn't get the shot. I was lucky that my "belt", shingles come in a belt was in my mid section. I've known people who had it on their face, neck and head.
  8. rebuy

    Vaping and your optics....

    I have my own testimony and no one can take that from me. Vaping is not smoking regardless of what anyone can say. I use American made products, that are food and pharmaceutical grade quality. I do not use products from foreign countries where quality is questionable. I guess you'd rather have me go back to cigarettes.
  9. rebuy

    Vaping and your optics....

    I've been Vaping for 4 years, gave up cigs on the very first day and never looked back. Vaping does NOT produce SMOKE--it might look like smoke but it is not. My house, car and clothes do not smell from vaping like it did from cigs.. My health is much improved since I quit smoking. People who are against vaping do not understand vaping. I doubt that it affects you electronics or lasers. It doesn't linger in the room because it's NOT SMOKE. There is not a Tar residue that settles on items like with cigs because there is not any tar. A vape is the best way to quit smoking without health risk. Extensive health studies have been done in England where doctors recommend this as a tool to get people to stop smoking. .
  10. rebuy

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Sorry, I guess I'm not PC
  11. rebuy

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Well, I don't think I'd pass for a Lady unless one of us is Smashed.
  12. rebuy

    Help buying new TV, old one died (TV bought!)

    I have a Smart LG TV and I have issues I don't think my TV is very smart I can't update the browser--I don't even know what browser it uses. I can't stream many things and I have high speed internet.
  13. rebuy

    Help buying new TV, old one died (TV bought!)

    You get a fancy TV and I bet you order MORE cable channels.
  14. rebuy

    Help buying new TV, old one died (TV bought!)

    I have a 42 inch. Any bigger and we'd have to do the head movement thing too. I guess it keeps the blood pumping.