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  1. Harder to put this on in yur Pocket and Jump in the Pool.
  2. You do not have you speaker levels set correctly. They will not all be set to the same loudness with this speaker set up. Either turn up the center or dial down the mains until you get the right balance between dialog and action.
  3. Why are you Struggling to find the right settings? Did you run the Audyssey and let the AVR set the sound for TV/Movies? That's what I did with my Denon. I don't use audyssey for music most of the time but that's me.
  4. We Moved from Washington DC/ Northern VA to West Virginia. While there are some things I miss, traffic isn't one of them. Miss do miss my Greek Salads at The Montclaire Family Restaurant. I Love living on WV. No other place I'd rather be out side of The Smokies. No Traffic, No Riots, Lots of Wildlife. Much Lower Cost of Living and I have Lots of Guns and Ammo.
  5. Paper is a good, natural sounding material for Bass and Mid Drivers. In Klipsch towers of course is the Copper Cerametallic Woofers. This is also used in Subs. I understand about The Heritage Line but couldn't a Copper Cerametallic Woofer be used in those Speakers as Well? The cones are Stiffer and Less prone to Flexing than paper. Material advances in horns are being used in Mids & Tweeters, Why not Dedicated Woofers in the Heritage line? I remember reading where Infinity claimed their Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm had a Much Faster response and that sound actually travelled faster off the cone than with other material they tested. So I would just assume that those principals might apply to the Klipsch Cerametallic Woofers since both are made of metals. Does sound travel faster from a Cerametallic Cone than paper or a substance like polypropylene? With all these metals being used in Squawkers & Tweeters that respond very fast, I would think a different material for woofers, that was Faster would be better.
  6. This Denon has so many ways to set sound. I can do almost anything with it. Generally, I don't turn it up too loud because my wife has has a stroke and real loud music can affect her brain in a bad way. So I generally listen at a Moderate Level to keep peace in the house. So, at a moderate volume, my goal is Maximum Dynamics & Clarity.
  7. I really like these. The Bass Clear and Distinct. Compared to the Synergy line, The Cabinet's are Higher Quality and that eliminates the Bass Boom. The Titanium Horn is Very Clear and doesn't have the Harsher sound that the Aluminum Driver has. In my system the top end is Much Clearer than with The Synergy. The speaker is Attractive without The Grills and The Copper Colored Drivers are Bright & Shiny. I love the Magnetic Grills, The magnets are strong also. I'm not real crazy about the Denon unit I'm using except for Movies. I will be switching to a Marantz with Pre-outs so I can use a more musical amp at a later date--if I live that long. Using audyssey in the "Reference" mode is not good for Music. To me it just does not sound good. I Use it but for music I change it from Reference to "Flat" and the Music Sounds Mo Better. So if you're using Audyssey for music try the Flat Setting instead of the reference setting. The speakers are very stable and won't tip over. I use a little pledge on a micro fiber towel and they shine up real nice. Don't use too much. One thing I like about a Klipsch Speaker is How it throws sound into the room. Unlike other speakers I have owned Klipsch Speakers deliver sound unlike other speakers. Voices and instruments Float into the space and it's not Boxy. These are Keepers.
  8. Just my 2 cents since I had Klipsch Aluminum Tweeters in my speakers. I hated them, they were Screechy. They seemed to be OK for normal Listening but turned up to much and trying to get more fidelity was a ear killer.
  9. Wiring is Everything. If Wiring wasn't an Important Change, they wouldn't have done it.
  10. I just bought RF82's II an Old but New in Box Model at Crutchfield for 349 each. Too Good to pass up.
  11. When to UPS and Picked up my RF-82's before they destroyed the Boxes. Only been using about an hour. They look Nice and the wife is Happy Happy Happy. My Modded Synergy Blends in Very Well as a Center. Very Pleased the way this all turned out
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