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  1. rebuy

    Rf 62 ii distortion

    Since you have a entry level Onkyo, I'd replace it. Also watch the loudness, when it starts to distort, you ran out of power and could burn your speakers up. If you're on the cheap try Accessories4less for a refub unit or buy new for full price. I have a Denon, not a big room, but mine can get very very loud without distortion. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/category/avreceiver/home-audio/receivers-amps/home-theater-receivers/1.html follow this link. Try a different brand.
  2. rebuy

    About to purchase - Atmos

    What AVR are you going to use? Speaker are right.
  3. rebuy

    Klipsch chorus 2

  4. rebuy

    Please Help. Floor speakers laid on side???

    I guess we're supposed to decide for him--he's lost interest in our replies.
  5. rebuy

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    News guys standing on the waters edge. I wonder if they'll be there all night? That guy on Fox news almost fell over and he's right on the water's edge.
  6. rebuy

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    We've had plenty -o-rain
  7. Very nice when it all comes together. Have Fun.
  8. rebuy

    Please Help. Floor speakers laid on side???

    Doesn't make sense to me. You have 2??? Gonna lay one down? Will a bookshelf support the weight of a RF 7 ? They are pretty heavy.
  9. rebuy

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    I'm really expecting some guy from The Weather Channel to be reporting LIVE. Showing us all the rain and wind force. Just like they did last time. Takes real brains to do that.
  10. I'm here listening to the Bruce Hornsby Solo Concerts at a low volume and it's very clear and dynamic. Surprisingly good dynamic range through my little Denon and my cheap towers at such low volumes. Great Piano Sounds.
  11. Have you thought about buying a Refurbished unit ? I did and not one problem. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/denavrx2400h/denon-avr-x2400h-7.2-ch-x-95-watts-networking-a/v-receiver-w/heos/1.html https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/marsr5012/marantz-sr5012-7.2-ch-x-100-watts-networking-a/v-receiver-w/heos/1.html
  12. rebuy

    Can a mismatched new center Klipsch work?

    If you get a decent size center and do any "upgrading" at a later time, you already have the center covered. I personally like a big center. I don't understand why dialogue would be unclear without a center. My system can deliver clear sound without the center. Maybe you also have other issues.
  13. rebuy

    Can a mismatched new center Klipsch work?

    FWIW--I ran a mismatched center and had zero issues. Of course all the speakers were good quality--Take a Shot, Live a Little.