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  1. Sir Ringo

    SPEAKING OF RINGO, He has a brand new version of the famous hit from his first album. He is Older after all...
  2. RIP Stephen Hawking

    I watched Quantum of Solace. Lots of hi-tek stuff there....
  3. Music CD's

    Why do Music CD's cost more than Movies on DVD and Many Blu Rays ? It makes me feel buying music is a rip off.
  4. March Madness NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    The WVU--Marshall Game is suckin' for Marshall fans.
  5. Need a small (tiny) center for my RB-61 ii

    Either get a good center or go without one. Do like the rest of us do here, we lay down the law to our wives. We're the Boss. Tell her that. Say "Honey, I'm the Boss and I'm gonna get a Big *** center channel. You'll thank me later." See how simple that was. If you're scared to do that, try it a few times in front of a mirror. Good Luck.
  6. Different Region = Different Market?

    All the lyrics from your music are sung in Japanese.
  7. What's an audiophile?

    I don't like the word. Maybe Stereo Geek would be better. I have cheap, run of the mill gear with the know how to customize it for my area so I can make it sound pretty darn good. Even though I am on the lower end of the food chain my friends think I do too much for music playback. I have 3 AVR's 10 Speakers and good wire along with other stuff. Audiophile? Naw----- Stereo Geek I guess.
  8. March Madness NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    Can't we All just get along ? There is a lot of Muscle Flexing going on here...
  9. March Madness NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    Shuffleboard, Soccer, Chess and BOSE.
  10. imaging ?

    Good luck--Keep Thinkin'--You'll figure it out.
  11. imaging ?

    You r speakers are very efficient so they take very little power to reach high sound levels and for you this could be just a part of the issue. How can you set your equipment up to change the sound to make it sound "bigger"? With an AVR you can set the speakers into the negative numbers i.e. -4 or -5 and them that would probably reduce some midrange and treble and allow you to turn up the volume and make the speakers "sound bigger". You can make adjustments from there.
  12. imaging ?

    You have amp or AVR?
  13. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Well, if you wern't Pickled.....