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  1. He wasn't Murdered. He was responsible for His Own Life.
  2. I haven't tried disconnecting the Coax Cable, only the HDMI and that stops the buzz. I do not get a popping sound when I switch to HT on the PL. I use High Quality 4K Cables. I'm getting some New Speakers and would like to fix this before they get here. It's a Brain Drain.....
  3. I have the EVO 300 and a Low Level Buzz when trying to use HT with my Marantz. The Buzz goes away when I unplug my HDMI Cable from the Cable Box. That leaves me without Cable. So my Buzz is with the cable system and I have The best TIVO Box. I have the TIVO Edge. I'm going to recable and move the Tivo Box from the rack and away from the other equipment to see if that works.
  4. The Denon has a Great Menu Choice for The Dialogue Channel. You just have to learn how to use it.
  5. rebuy

    Tube Rolling?

    When you Tube Roll, I guess you have to have Burn in Time for the tubes? Kinda like starting over again? My EVO 300 only has about 20 Hours or so and I'm gonna leave it on for a few days for that reason. Thoughts about this?
  6. It's not the same cone material used in RP lines so it might not be exactly the same. It's a copper colored colored Look on injected cones.
  7. It looks like the finish is pealing off the cone
  8. I Listen when I'm Naked and in Front of The Camera.
  9. I prefer the grills on & so do My Cats. If I leave them Off the cats ignore the speakers. Grills off for me.
  10. What difference did those make to your sound? I'm using Stock. If I change anything It probably would be the 2 small tubes in the middle. Is that small box a Schitt EQ and if so do you like it?
  11. rebuy

    Bob Crites RIP

    A Sad Day for the Crites Family & The Audio Community. RIP Mr. Crites
  12. I bought the PL EVO 300 Integrated--it has not been shipped yet. I can use it with the pre out on my Marantz. I can also use it as a Pure tube amp for streaming or anything else. It has all the features of the 400 with less power. When using the HT inputs the PL becomes a Power Amp. Plus it plays in Ultra Linear or Triode Mode. You can do it all.
  13. rebuy

    2020 Out With The Old

    We bought a House 3 miles out of Point Pleasant. It was the house we really wanted, The wife is Happy Happy Happy. You couldn't pay me to move into town---You know. Happy New Year to You.
  14. rebuy

    2020 Out With The Old

    Thanks, And Happy New Year to You
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