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  1. I think I paid eight something US dollar but I do realize everything has went up
  2. I understand I actually bought mine open box or was refurbished can’t remember but it was from safe and sound I’ve had no problems with it whatsoever
  3. In a word yes!!! Nad t758 v3 has pre outs…
  4. I would like to in the future but won’t be till after the new year, I have a NAD with DIrac which is excellent in it’s own right but I’ve heard unit is the way to go when it comes to measuring… Nice of you to offer…. How’s it going with the all heresy setup?
  5. Boom, could not agree more, as I’m sure you can tell from my earlier post..
  6. I agree Billy and As a a whole I really enjoy this group, Don’t want to see it turn inTo Facebook lol… I just want to see us treating each other better unless someone needs to be called out For something legitimately shady…
  7. And even at that it is still his right to either say yes or no to whatever your offer might be..
  8. To be honest all this thread crapping is absolute garbage… No one is making us buy this item we can simply Peru’s the thread and either buy if you would like or simply be quiet…. But pointing out what is wrong with the item and questioning the guys pricing on his thread simply wrong…. It would make more sense to simply pm the guy and make an offer based on what you deem to be a reason for de valuation of the item offered….
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