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  1. Is this a mis-match

    Nice YouTube page how was wondering what your handle was on there.... I will definitely check out some of your videos... in all seriousness I prefer Youth Man also I know you the story behind that was just kidding about the lascala change
  2. Is this a mis-match

    Lol, maybe we should change your handle to lascala man....
  3. Is this a mis-match

    I agree with you that's more or less what I was trying to say I'm sure once you got the lascalas it was a whole nother level have not heard them personally but I would love to
  4. Is this a mis-match

    Agreed my 280f still impress me... however I'm sure your lascalas are awesome... if we were to run them side-by-side
  5. Is this a mis-match

    Keep in mind youth man has 3 la scalas for his fronts, probably not much in Magnolia that's going to impress him too much... lol, I on the other hand have the 280 and love them, as well as using a 250cc for my center which to my ears sounds fine but my rooms are not as big as yours.... most on here would agree that youth man system is A Cut Above better all comes back to what kind of deals you can find and what kind of budget you are on... as I'm sure youthman will tell you that much of what he's bought is used and got very good deals on....
  6. KG-5.2 speakers

    Touche in regards to to what @jjptkd said in regards to eBay... definitely good advice and something to consider, however I was just quickly trying to give you a price to go off of and as the other member mentioned it's always better to start a little bit higher... glws....
  7. KG-5.2 speakers

    The kg 5.5 G are going for 350 to 400 by themselves on eBay and it looks like the sw10 is going anywhere from 150 to 200.... I would be looking to get 450 to 500 for the package of fall is in working order others here may disagree but just my personal take, with that said keep in mind that most people who deal on here trying to help each other out so price is often or lower than what you'll find on eBay
  8. New “Reference” vs Reference II?

    Yeah what he said....
  9. New “Reference” vs Reference II?

    By the way I'm in the same boat as you as I'm currently using tannoys as my rears, but would like to upgrade to the rp-160m or the RP 240 s, but like you cost justification is an issue for me as well.... let us know what you decide and how whatever you get sounds....
  10. New “Reference” vs Reference II?

    Hey fire sorry I didn't mean to get your throat off topic.... but my educated guess would be that the rb51s be better than a 15s, however I have not heard the RB 51s, but I do know that several on here like that series... hopefully youth will chime in here again as he's owned about every Klipsch known to man except maybe the RP series lol.... if I'm not mistaken I believe he's using 50 ones for his rears.... but it may be the rs he's using...
  11. New “Reference” vs Reference II?

    Gotu youth definitely agree on that, but have to say it and I'm glad they don't look like the rp line... lol
  12. New “Reference” vs Reference II?

    I'm completely with you just saying I didn't expect to see them at all there especially in the Magnolia area so I was definitely shocked however I'm only trying to get in on this because I wanted to make sure I didn't waste my money on my two 80s thinking they were A Cut Above them maybe they weren't but I see what you're saying they're definitely not the reference line at Best Buy not sure what angle youth was coming from his post
  13. New “Reference” vs Reference II?

    They do carry it now at the Best Buy where I'm at in Melbourne Florida, they currently have a 5.1 setup with their rp280f the 440c an Erp 160s for the rear as well as the RS w115, the guy working in Magnolia was under the same impression though he thought they were only going to get in the wireless version of the rps, so we were both surprised to see them in the Magnolia area...
  14. New “Reference” vs Reference II?

    Reference as in the ones they carry at Best Buy with the exception of course of the reference Premiere that they now also carry?
  15. New “Reference” vs Reference II?

    Are u refering to the reference premier line.... as in the rp280f OR rp-160m? If so I certainly don't find them to be the same as the old synergy, woofers are shaped different and look different tweeters are also different.... if what you're saying is true that you certainly let the wind out of my sails.....