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  1. Bill I know you have the 83’s and the 75s, What do you say one is better than the other? Only asking since I have the 280s and I would think they would be comparable to your 83’s...?
  2. No problem guys, I was fully aware that the shipping wouldn’t be cheap but certainly appreciate the upfront honesty in regards to that.. Still mulling this one over, Currently have the RP280f’s and I am trying to decide if this is more of a lateral move or an upgrade in comparison...
  3. I’m assuming only thing wrong with them is that little bit of cosmetic damage, otherwise they sound great ?
  4. Thanks for the updated pictures are you willing to ship?
  5. I looked at your ad on OfferUp are those pictures of the ones with the damage?? Only asking because I didn’t see any damage on either of the speakers unless it’s very minor...
  6. Could not agree more, I had a denon X 1000 was extremely disappointed with the power output, The Denon AVR 2800 that it replaced had a lot more power and a lot more headroom, The main reason I replaced it was due to the need of HDMI and wanting to be a little more current... Long story short I ended up with a NADT758 which has been by far the best sounding receiver I’ve ever owned... However I do understand the need to stay within a budget, But if possible I would strongly consider upgrading the receiver... In comparison both of my denons ran very hot,however the NAD barely breaks a sweat...
  7. Are you going to be running Atmos in the future? If so I would go with the 500s, As Direct radiating speakers are recommended when running atmos.. If you’re going to stick with 5.1 I would go with the 502s As why dispersion is recommended for regular 5.1 usage...
  8. What is the low price you’re starting it with?
  9. Sorry Kris, I hastily posted that and should not have... What I saw in Best Buy was not the lower end but I’m thinking It may have been the 140s that I saw, Either way you’re right...! I do agree with them being an afterthought though, I have the 280s as well, but I am using klipsch satellite speakers for my atmos...
  10. However it could have been the 140s that I saw on top of them and not the 150s, I will take a look next time in there as well as a picture...
  11. I think this video was bogus, they fit perfectly on the 600s in Best Buy....
  12. OK I know it’s been a while but I finally pulled the trigger. I ended up going with the NAD. And talk about going from a broken hyperdrive to lightspeed, what a improvement. I haven’t completely ran Dirac yet, But to this point I am thoroughly impressed with the receivers quality and sound. It is a marked improvement over the Denon X 1000 that it replaced... So far well worth the money... I will give more feedback after I run the room correction.. One thing I noticed immediately is that the unit does not run hot Compared to my two previous denons.. More to come down the road I’ll keep you guys posted.
  13. Check out the rp600m’s, They are getting outstanding reviews no matter where you look and they are not oversized, However you may need to put them on stands
  14. Just a thought but I was wondering if Atmos is for real or simply just adding height speakers and being marketed as Atmos instead of simply Height channels? If so what is the difference in simply adding Heights speakers and Atmos sound wise? I’m thinking about getting a receiver that does Atmos but I wanna make sure it’s not just a bunch of snake oil... Explanations as to the difference and opinions will be well received..
  15. Hey boilermaker nice set up you have... Was wondering how you’re liking that unit so far..? I’m seriously thinking about pulling the trigger on the 758... So I was wondering how you were liking yours? Right now I’m between that or a Marantz sr70$$ unit...
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