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  1. By chance are you interested in doing any trading or anything like that I have some older camera gear I might be interested in trading I’m located in Melbourne Florida, If not I understand I just thought I would put it out there
  2. Hey Chris sorry about that I could’ve at least said good morning before I started complaining about not having a price listed, that certainly wasn’t the best way to welcome somebody new to the forum…you’re good, you seem like a standup guy appreciate the updated information…
  3. No problem, maybe I’m just being nitpicky I just like to see a price when I’m looking…. Either way good luck with your sale Yashi…!
  4. Got you got but a price here would still be helpful, Don’t form rules state that you’re supposed to list a price when selling?
  5. Somebody might be interested if they knew the price…😉
  6. xo705cf

    WTB Heresy II

    Sorry I missed that you had LaScala’s in the front that may be another story now…
  7. xo705cf

    WTB Heresy II

    I have not heard the chorus I yet but I can guarantee you everybody on here is going to tell you to keep them…. I’m sure the heresy are good, but if I’m not mistaken the courses are on another level…
  8. I texted and called him and left a message with the guy but I haven’t heard anything back
  9. Cold booger on a paper plate to hot sh/t on a silver platter😜
  10. Mine were actually attached to the speakers when I unpackaged them from Crutchfield Brand new in the box, However I’m not sure that they pack them all the same, So I agree with wuzzzer you may have inadvertently found them out If yours weren’t attached as mine were...😳
  11. I definitely agree they should have come with them I think you should go to get them through klipsch customer service...
  12. The 260s Should have definitely come with the plinth.. Although I do agree that the center channels do not have a plinth...
  13. Not sure if you found your chorus 2 yet, but there’s a real nice pair on US Audiomart that look to be in pristine condition as well...
  14. xo705cf

    RSX series

    Hey guys I appreciate all the responses sorry I’m late getting back been In and out of my truck all day long working.... I’m debating going on the magical hunt for RB 75s and then using these as surrounds...
  15. xo705cf

    RSX series

    Were the RSX series designed and timber matched to work with the older reference such as the RB75 RF7?
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