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  1. I’m down in Melbourne Florida probably wouldn’t be a realistic transaction lol... Good luck with your search whatever you decide...
  2. Awesome they looked super clean in the pictures, I’m assuming you live in Florida as well I’m over here in Melbourne...
  3. I agree I like being able to use my phone as well... Did you bother running dirac or are you just using the default setting on the 777? Also by chance did you find those 83’s on Facebook marketplace somewhere in Florida? I saw some on there but now they’re gone I’m wondering if you were the one who picked them up?
  4. Got ya... Are you still liking your 777 just curious, I ended up buying a 758 and like it overall so far...
  5. OK the question begs to be answered which ones do you think sound better ? Are you keeping both pairs or do you plan to move to one or the other? Either way nice gear and set up!!!
  6. Where are you located I might be selling some 280s...
  7. They’re going for 600 to 800 on eBay I think that’s a good price....
  8. xo705cf


    What did you end up using for a center channel or are you running phantom?
  9. xo705cf


    Hey wuzzzer, Out of all the Heresys weren’t you saying you like the 1 the best? Just curious as I’m thinking about selling my RP280s and Moving over to heresy or something else in the heritage line...
  10. xo705cf


    All right guys, thank you for educating me...😜 lol
  11. xo705cf


    The forte 3’s are not rear ported, but they do have a passive radiator on the back...
  12. Bill I know you have the 83’s and the 75s, What do you say one is better than the other? Only asking since I have the 280s and I would think they would be comparable to your 83’s...?
  13. No problem guys, I was fully aware that the shipping wouldn’t be cheap but certainly appreciate the upfront honesty in regards to that.. Still mulling this one over, Currently have the RP280f’s and I am trying to decide if this is more of a lateral move or an upgrade in comparison...
  14. I’m assuming only thing wrong with them is that little bit of cosmetic damage, otherwise they sound great ?
  15. Thanks for the updated pictures are you willing to ship?
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