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  1. He’s already there with heresies, he might as well go for the atmos....😜
  2. Got it a Epic, thanks for the info I guess I could’ve looked it up myself I appreciate it... However I have not seen very many if any used SB 2000s in the 400 range...
  3. How does this compare to the SB 2000?
  4. Just a quick shout out to DC...Spikes were sent out to me within an hour of me paying for them... Also were as exactly as described... Would not hesitate to do business with him again. Thanks again DC
  5. Yeah Melbourne is a nice area, by the way what are you running for mains now?
  6. No I think you may have chimed in about the RSX seriesAt one point... I’m over in Melbourne
  7. If I’m mistaken aren’t you here in Florida also Titusville area?
  8. Sorry to drag you in lol
  9. Actually their so decent that I’m thinking about parting ways with my 280s, I’m not sure that they’re any better than the KG’s that I’ve had for almost 30 years, Not that the 280s are bad in their own right it’s just that I still love the full robust sound of the KG’s...
  10. Thanks Billy Bob I’m actually just kind of joking around in regards to not getting a response, I get plenty of good responses and information around the site as is... However people would also say the heresy is good as it is yet there is a super...
  11. Well based on the overwhelming response I’m going to guess the super KG is a No go... lol
  12. Thanks Moray, Do you recommend changing the caps or should I try the to diaphragms first and wait on that...? If so what caps do you recommend, the ones from crrites or some other aftermarket product? Which upgrade in your opinion is going to be the most noticeable?
  13. Thanks to both of you guys for the input... In my case it was easiest to go with the original parts as i was able to get them through this post...
  14. Where do I go to find these on the website? thanks
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