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  1. amheck


    isn't that what the Internet is for?
  2. Seems like a pretty nice discount for someone in the market https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649866985-klipsch-75th-anniversary-klipschorns-1010-condition-17500-for-the-pair/
  3. Any notes or thoughts on the Decware vs the horn monos? I'm interested in both. I was also looking at the Decware integrated amp which ups it to 6w for a couple hundred more
  4. I made an offer on a pair of 600m in plant city from Facebook... Listed at 459, she said she had an offer for 400 already. Oh well... For that, I'll just buy new. Don't have any input for you on the other speakers. I've never even heard the 600m but want to try them for rear surrounds.
  5. Maybe you have to use the link from slickdeals. I just added to cart at 350
  6. These are still 350 new at Adorama, plus tax, I guess. I would like a black pair.
  7. looks like Zebrawood. I did a table out of that many years ago.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/411588293879429
  9. From Facebook. funny
  10. Need to be cleaned up, but I think these are the cheapest FII's I've seen posted. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1054803768719802/
  11. Listing says price is per speaker. And only 1 available. But also mentions "speakers" plural.
  12. Not a lot but would like to start to more. Alot of the klipsch demos I've seen on YT use Niles Lofgren "Keith Dont Go" or something like that. I've listened to parts of that album and I enjoyed it. I need to check out more artists like that.
  13. There was one of these on Craigslist maybe a month or two ago. It had been refurbished by Audio Classics a few years ago but had a front cracked faceplate. I think it was listed for 1500 and seller dropped the price another 100. I still wonder if I should have picked that up.
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