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  1. Lordy, I meant to post this in Garage Sale. . And I'm still on my first drink for the night.
  2. Thinking I'd like to try a Heresy for a center. Rather than hunt around for an older used pair, I might just step it up to the IV. Found a dealer for around $1200 new, and while that's not terrible. I thought I'd check here too, just incase. Tampa/st. Pete area
  3. These are sold. Hate when people can't take down their ad.
  4. amheck

    CL: ...?

    I think I posted them several months ago
  5. Wouldn't mind one of these to try as a center. But I'm getting error when trying to get their contact numbers. Sent an email just incase.
  6. I haven't looked into bi-amping with the tube amp, although its only 8 W and my other amp is a 5x200 monolith, so probably not a good match for bi-amping. But I did come across Home Theater bypass, and maybe a way to hook up the tube amp as a power amp out of the Onkyo. But wondering if that's really complicating the issue way beyond what I should be.
  7. FWIW, I emailed HSU and asked them about their thoughts about using 2 subs, hooked up both to the HT and Music systems at the same time. one issue is that some AVR's sent out impedance on the RCA sub out even when they are off. So if you were using the tube amp in the "music" system via high level inputs on the sub and the volume was low, you'd simple need to disconnect the RCA from the subs and everything should act normal. Also would need to engage the sub crossover when listening via high level music system, but maybe turn off the crossover on the sub when in HT mode and let the AVR do its thing. they also said dual VTF-15H might or might not be enough low end, depending on volume levels you listen to.
  8. yeah, I guess I just need to step back and think what I want. I have so many options spinning around in my head its becoming overwhelming and stressful. It bothers me not having a set plan and definite path forward. You are right, my original "HT" system (Onkyo RZ50, Klipsch RF-7iii, RC-64iii and RP-600m) would probably play 2 channel music just fine. There are pure audio and direct modes you can play around with to take the AVR processing out the mix if you really want. But I had my heart set on tubes for the 2 channel music. Will I hear a difference? Very well I may not but I REALLY wanted to have a 2 channel system with a nice set of tubes to look at. One option, I suppose, I sell the Klipsch reference premiere speakers and just go with Heritage for all of the speakers (LS II for the main and perhaps heresy for center and rears?) and then if I keep the AVR, I can go with a couple nice subs and call it a day with just 1 system. Maybe its the 2nd separate music system that's causing the issue. Maybe its the tube amp with no sub out. Maybe its both, I'm not exactly sure at this point. Meanwhile, the Willsenton R300 int amp was delivered yesterday and is just sitting in the box. Part that surprises me the most is that the tube amp seems to be the issue as many are pointing out. I thought these had been around for so long I figured there was no issue at all buying something without bass management or rca out
  9. I emailed Rythmik and described my room and situation and they didn't think they have anything that will work. I was a little shocked. They have their $1500 15" F15HP that does have a high level input option but the guy that responded to me didn't think 2 of these would be enough in my room. Someone on AVS posted that they use some REL subs with separate music and HT systems. They have RCA and high level inputs hooked up at the same time. I liked that idea and it would really simplify just to have 2 nice subs total, but then someone else chimed in that they thought it'd be a bad idea to do that. It's never simple....I have no idea which way to go.
  10. My room is 21x28 so fairly good size. But I guess it all depends on who you are talking to. There are definitely guys with four 21's in rooms smaller than mine. In fact, GSG just launched some nice looking 24's.
  11. The GSG guys are recommending 21's! But I wanted to do the 18 cubes to keep the height under my screen
  12. I think I was trying to say they only have high level in (and not out). I may have thought that high level and line level were the same interchangeable terms. But yes, high level out would be nice but doesn't seem to be the end of the world. I hope the Willsenton wasn't a mistake not having the rca sub out. The other int amp I was kinda eyeing was the VT70 from LSA and that did have a sub out but I really wanted to try the 300b
  13. I have no idea, just looking to see how others have added subs into their 2 channels setups. This'll be my first tube amp and 2 channel setup. I looked at a few of the minidsp products and didn't see any with speaker line level connections.
  14. I am planning on the MiniDSP for the home theater setup with two 18's but wonder if this is overkill on the 2 channel system. Spend all this money on tubes and then add in DSP? And I'm not even sure if MiniDSP can work via line level inputs and outputs?
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