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  1. Cwall4me

    Parasound / Oppo / Klipsch for sale

    Tomball TX
  2. Parasound JC2BP Preamp / remote $2400.00 Parasound A21 Power Amp $1400.00 OPPO BDP103D / remote $200.00 Klipsch Heresy III $1050.00 pair All components are flawless with original boxes All are black finish
  3. Cwall4me

    Road Agents

    I sold Klipsch in New Orleans in the 70's. Back then the factory reps called themselves "Road Agents". One of the reps and I became very close friends for a bit and lost contact. I was online looking at quotes and Klipschisims and noticed a reference to Brownie Petersen. This was my friends wife! Does any one know what became of Don Petersen - "Road Agent"?
  4. Any news on the RF-7 III and the new less expensive Palladium?
  5. Cwall4me

    Heresy III Black for sale "mint"

    Just North of Houston
  6. Mint condition with boxes and packing. In Texas. $1050.00 for the pair.
  7. Cwall4me

    Paul Klipsch Meeting

    Those were the days!!
  8. Cwall4me

    Paul Klipsch Meeting

    Those were the days!! See next post - scan error on this one!
  9. Cwall4me

    Paul Klipsch Meeting

    Anyone know this guy??
  10. Cwall4me

    Sell Heresy III & McIntosh MA7000

    Sold MA7000 Still have the Heresy III's for sale. Boxes / mint condition.
  11. Cwall4me

    Sell Heresy III & McIntosh MA7000

    Forgot that I had not replaced the factory "jumpers" on the McIntosh MA7000 integrated with cables. The difference in output is quite striking! Better image - higher resolution - and more extension in the low end.
  12. Cwall4me

    Paul Klipsch Meeting

    Unfortunately I have none. In my earlier post I forgot to mention ESS AMT 1 and ESS AMT 3 rock monitors, Infinity POS 1, EPI 100, SAE 2500. A local recording studio would come by (still around today) and bring new master tapes to listen to on our reference system for evaluation. Crown CX824 Crown ES224 Crown IC150 Crown DC300A (two amps) Funny how things change!
  13. Cwall4me

    Sell Heresy III & McIntosh MA7000

    How do I upload pictures?
  14. Cwall4me

    Sell Heresy III & McIntosh MA7000

    Heresy III's are about a year old. Have you checked the shipping charges? On the McIntosh 7000 I would allow $100 towards the shipping cost.