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  1. Sam S.

    CL: Klipsch Quartet speakers - $600 (Stuart) FL

    I'm not in FL or anywhere close, but curiously looked at this ad. The pics seem a bit strange, and a reverse image search on Google shows the pic used in the ad in numerous other ads/sites. I'd proceed with caution on this one. Not saying don't look into if you're interested, but if someone doesn't post actual pictures in their ad (especially in this day and age), I'd be suspect.
  2. Sam S.

    FLAC playback / Media Server?

    Thanks. Excuse my technological ignorance, when you say windows 7 server, what specifically am I looking for? Are you talking about an older PC or laptop running windows 7, or something entirely different?
  3. Sam S.

    FLAC playback / Media Server?

    Thanks for the responses. Gives me some things to think about and research more. Follow-up --- after I posted, I was tweaking around with the laptop where the FLAC files are ultimately stored, and via windows media player (win 10) shared the folder on the network. From the HEOS app on my phone, it showed the Toshiba laptop, and I was able to navigate to the FLAC files on the music folder on the laptop, and then play them via the marantz. So essentially what JefDC suggests but without JRiver Media Center. I thought this was a great solution/workaround to the touchiness of the front usb drive, and the sound seemed great, until the laptop went into hibernate. I thought this would be a simple re-start (and changing the laptop settings to never hibernate). When I restarted everything, now the marantz won't find ANY wireless networks. I'm going to try a factory reset tonight and see if that restores the wifi, then go from there. I suppose perhaps I could also try loading the FLAC files on an EHD and plugging that into the USB port in the front. Maybe that might be more stable than the thumbdrives I was using before. Since I'm new to all of this, I appreciate the feedback/suggestions.
  4. I've got a Marantz SR6012. I posted awhile ago about some issues with FLAC file playback via the USB port on the front. The issue seemed resolved via the HEOS app on my phone, but now today, I'm getting no playback from various USB devices, but when I play a few test files from my phone, it works. So I'm thinking the USB drive on the Marantz might be touchy or in need of service. My question, however, is more of the nature of is there a better method to store and playback my FLAC collection, as opposed to the USB method. I'm all for low (or no) cost. Any suggestions appreciated.
  5. Sam S.

    Tube Amp Buying Advice

    Thanks for the additional tips! I emailed (no phone in the ad), and didn't hear back yet. Maybe he already sold it. I appreciate the advice! Thank you!
  6. Sam S.

    Favorite Christmas Tune

    Hands down, Here Comes Fatty Claus. Thanks, Dad (my Dad died last year) for introducing me to this nonsense. Warning: foul language in this link:
  7. Sam S.

    Tube Amp Buying Advice

    Thanks for the tips. I'll see if I can contact the seller and have a listen.
  8. Sam S.

    Tube Amp Buying Advice

    Hey Jimjimbo --- don't know what it is. That was the description above the photo. I'm in Nebraska. Lincoln.
  9. Sam S.

    Tube Amp Buying Advice

    Hi -- plethora of info. here and I admit I'm just getting started. As the other thread starter mentioned, I've also been considering a tube amp, "for the heck of it". Sounds like a build kit might be a rewarding project to try, but like the other poster, I don't want to break the bank and my soldering skills are rudimentary at best. At any rate, I found a tube amp local to me (about 20 minutes away) but don't really know what the specs mean, or if this is a decent deal, or what questions to ask. Can someone offer input? Guy is asking $275. Likely this would be paired with Chorus II's. Thanks! Single Ended Kt88/6550 Stereo Amp. Has Great sound well built with Japanese Transformers. Upgraded Sound Capacitors (jantzen superior) Comes with new style Gold Lion Kt88.
  10. Sam S.

    Forte I - Portland OR area

    No affiliation. Saw this on Goodwill site. Looks like oak, grills look a little rough. Might be worth looking into if you are in the area. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/60735810
  11. Sam S.

    KG4 to Forte III?

    Hey WillyL, and welcome. Slightly different, but I've owned KG2's for 33 years and this summer purchased Forte III's. In my experience, it was #1 for sure. No doubt. My kG2's, however, didn't have any crites mods. Originally, I ran a Yamaha TSR-5810 with the Forte III's, and liked the simplicity of the Yamaha and thought they sounded great. I recently switched to a Marantz 6012, and while I think that was an improvement on the sound --- the Marantz seems to run quite a bit cooler, the Marantz seems to have more features and is a bit more complicated (for me at least) to figure out. Good luck. @MetropolisLakeOutfitters helped me out since I swapped out the lambswool grills with the Cherry finish.
  12. Sam S.

    Musical Fidelity Integrated Amps

    Thanks! Did see that -- I'll take another look.
  13. Anyone using any of these? Experience/recommendations (or non-recommendations)? I'm kinda sorta considering adding an integrated amp to my chorus ii's or forte iii's for dedicated 2-channel. I'm looking at either the MF M2si (76 WPC) or the MF M5si (150 WPC). Looks like with the M2si I'd have to add a phono stage (also recommendations?), but the lower price (compared to the 5si) would likely be worth it with money to spare. Of course, no local dealers to listen to in advance. I think both of these have a home theater bypass, which would be a +. Also taking recommendations for something else I might want to look at if not MF. Thanks in advance!
  14. Sam S.

    Music to Off Yourself With

    Side 4 of the Smiths Louder Than Bombs LP -- or anything by Joy Division. Dead Can Dance -- Host of Seraphim (from Baraka): Krzysztof Penderecki - Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima (Twin Peaks S3):