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  1. Sam S.

    Musical Fidelity Integrated Amps

    Thanks! Did see that -- I'll take another look.
  2. Anyone using any of these? Experience/recommendations (or non-recommendations)? I'm kinda sorta considering adding an integrated amp to my chorus ii's or forte iii's for dedicated 2-channel. I'm looking at either the MF M2si (76 WPC) or the MF M5si (150 WPC). Looks like with the M2si I'd have to add a phono stage (also recommendations?), but the lower price (compared to the 5si) would likely be worth it with money to spare. Of course, no local dealers to listen to in advance. I think both of these have a home theater bypass, which would be a +. Also taking recommendations for something else I might want to look at if not MF. Thanks in advance!
  3. Sam S.

    Music to Off Yourself With

    Side 4 of the Smiths Louder Than Bombs LP -- or anything by Joy Division. Dead Can Dance -- Host of Seraphim (from Baraka): Krzysztof Penderecki - Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima (Twin Peaks S3):
  4. My experience - yours may differ of course --- The previous owner of my chorus II's added two washers (guessing pursuant to Moray's instructions) to the passive. When I took possession, maybe with the moving around, the weight/washers had fallen off. I listened to them for a few weeks before opening them up to send the crossovers to Crites for recap. During the quick turnaround time on the crossovers, I re-epoxied the fallen washers back onto the passive. It may be anecdotal, but my experience was an improvement in the bass response when the washers/weights were on, versus when they were off. The previous owner had carefully weighed the washers, to achieve the 2.5 ounce sweet spot. If one wanted to conduct more of an a/b test before permanently epoxying them on, I suppose you could use duct tape or something less permanent to test first.
  5. Sam S.

    FLAC files on Marantz SR6012

    Thanks for all the suggestions. For future reference, when playing back from the USB, there is no on screen display in pure direct mode, so I started using the HEOS app on my phone -- waaaayyyyy easier to navigate the FLAC content of the USB, and no error code. Since even when I was getting the onscreen error code it disappeared and played fine, I'll likely just use the HEOS app from now on, and call it good. Spend more time ripping more FLAC files instead of messing with this.
  6. Hi --- I'm new to FLAC files, but have been using exact audio copy and it seems to be working well. Recently, I got a Marantz SR6012 (refurb). When I play a FLAC file from the USB port in the front, things play OK, and it moves thru the sequence (or random play), but at the start of virtually every song, I get an error message that says "Unable to play media". This comes up while it is playing the media, then goes away. More of an annoyance, but I wonder if anyone else had a similar issue, or can make a recommendation for something to get rid of the error. I've used a Kingston USB, as well as some cheaper USB's I have around and the USB drives don't seem to matter. Thanks.
  7. Sam S.

    Chorus II Advice Needed

    Hi Mr. Wongburger --- A few months ago, I got a pair of Chorus II's for $600. I'm in the midwest. They are black, but in good shape with only minimal light marks that are not noticeable at all after I used rejuvenating oil on them. I sent the crossovers to Bob Crites for recap, and replaced the tweeter diaphragms (so with the mods, I have a bit over $800 in). At first, I wasn't a fan of the black grills and intended to either replace of make my own replacement grills. I think it'd be real easy to do on your own, with a sheet of 1/4" plywood or something else the same thickness, to make the frame, then it's basically just re-upholstering the front. I got some fabric from JoAnn's fabric that I was intending to experiment with, but just haven't had the time yet. You might need someone to provide the grill dimensions off the chorus II's, and pictures of the general layout and location of the magnets. PM me if you want me to measure mine. The new grills wouldn't have badges so if that's an issue, you'd have to look into also. Good luck.
  8. Sam S.


    For some crazy reason, we've come to expect and accept high prices in the U.S., politics aside. Vox summarized these in 15 easy to read charts, showing how insane things are: https://www.vox.com/cards/health-prices
  9. Sam S.

    Center Channel with Forte III

    I have F3's and the RC64iii. It's been working pretty well, but to me it seems very very massive and heavy. Before the RC-64iii, I tried some I had around that yes, are mismatched but to me worked well enough -- maybe not quite as good as the RC-64iii, but the price was right on the others. KV-2 and KG2.2, while not perfect matches seemed pragmatic enough for me (I preferred the KG2.2 over the KV-2), but i do have a smaller room. The RC-64iii pairs well in my experience with the F3 and would be a decent choice. You may want to look at the depth of the RC-64iii also and consider that. It's an extra couple of inches deeper than the F3, and due to the weight, you'd either likely have to get a beefier wall shelf, or more ideally, a stand to put it on due to its weight.
  10. Sam S.

    Propane Tank Drums

    FYI - the body filler isn't used during the tuning -- you have to be careful not to cut too far. The body filler I use is after I cut the tank in half (well, less than half), and weld it back together to make a saucer with a lower profile. Once I grind down the welds, I use bondo to fill the void between the top and bottom halves, and smooth it out. I imagine that if you didn't have a welder, you could use JB weld, epoxy, or something else to hold the two halves together. The tank handles and feet are cut off, ground down smooth, and sanded before welding.
  11. Sam S.

    Propane Tank Drums

    Interesting, dtel. I like the bagpiper with the latex glove and straws. I tune with a free android app - da tuner lite. Usually try for a controlled environment - no windows open, fan, a/c, heat, whatever off. Once the "tongues" (squares in my design) are rough-cut, it's just a matter of using a hand hacksaw to increase the length of the "tongues" or squares, then periodically hitting it with a mallet (I use a pencil with rubber bands - the kind you get around broccoli - wrapped around the tips) while holding all the other tongues down (or taping them off). When you continue to cut the tongue with the hand hacksaw, you see the note start to change. The rough cutting of the tongues is done with a jigsaw and metal blade, after plunging in an access point with a dremel. I've also discovered that the painting changes things slightly, so if for instance I'm tuning to a C, I'll cut it roughly just a bit high, then paint, and then refine it after painting. Thanks for sharing the video - I hadn't seen it before.
  12. Sam S.

    What comes around goes........

    My 11 year old daughter insists on listening to Boston (last year it was Tom Petty). Quote from her this AM in the car on the way to school: "How on earth is Boston not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? And Judas Priest? It's rigged."
  13. Sam S.

    Propane Tank Drums

    So, for awhile I've been messing around with making propane tank drums, aka hank drums aka steel tongue drums. The theory here is that this is the po man's handpan, or hangdrum. If anyone is interested in the process, feel free to PM me. I don't play, but here's a video of a musician friend playing one of my drums, albeit in need of a repaint. For this one, I've taken the unused propane tank, cut in half, welded back together (body filler, sanding, paint) so that it fits neatly on the player's lap. This one is tuned to the same scale as the Pantheon Steel Halo. All in all, minus my time, these can be made for about $50. Thanks to Dennis Havlena for creating the concept, and sharing it with everyone.
  14. Sam S.

    And now for something completely .................... ?

    I'm intrigued: " Mystery horn super tweeter within the Norse sea dragons"
  15. Sam S.

    New member... just joined!

    Campy for sure. Super Record.