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  1. Sam S.

    TV Tube Help?

    Thanks, Jeff. Shipped to you today. Should arrive Wednesday. I PM'd you the tracking. Glad someone can use it. --
  2. Sam S.

    The "Russian Guy" is now putting out... (Badges)

    Any potential copyright issues aside, couldn't one just 3D print something like this yourself, assuming you knew the font, and could play around with an STL file to get the dimensions correctly? If your community has a decent makerspace with the 3D printer - I'd imagine the cost would be fairly low. Addendum---took a look at the ebay listing and the guy is using a CNC router and aluminum. 3D printed would be ABS plastic. At either rate, whichever machine you used, I can't imagine the actual cost would be more than $5, assuming you had the STL / computer file.
  3. Sam S.

    Forte III and not exactly a newbie

    I've never heard or owned Cornwalls, but I do have chorus ii and forte iii. My vote is for the forte iii, primarily based on 2 reasons: (1) OP mentioned that used is very hard to find where he is at; and (2) the finish of the F3 being new but retro-looking gives it an edge IMO. Plus, OP didn't mention price being a super concern -- used Chorus ii or Forte ii wouldn't be a bad choice either, and would save some $$$, if he can find them. The finish of the Forte iii, in something light (e.g. Cherry) with the lambswool grill would look great in that room. For more boogie factor, toss on some Oliver Cheatham (Get Down Saturday Night).
  4. Sam S.

    Klipsch Cornwall Speakers

    Caveat emptor. FYI - An image search of the first images posted hits on numerous Russian websites. The serial number listed in the current ad also showed up in this earlier post (likely not one owner).
  5. Sam S.

    TV Tube Help?

    PM Sent.
  6. Sam S.

    TV Tube Help?

    Thanks for the info! Appreciate it.
  7. Sam S.

    TV Tube Help?

    I'm clueless here, so hoping someone might be able to help or maybe provide some more info. My dad passed away last year, and in going thru his stuff, we found this box of mostly GE and RCA tubes, the Conar tester, and other assorted things. The tubes are in a red RCA service kit that has 2 sides that open. I think in the 70's - he used to do TV repair on the side, so I'm guessing this was his repair kit. Any idea if anything here has value, or more info? Thanks in advance.
  8. Sam S.

    Anybody Know What Console This is?

    Man, those are some great looking consoles. Ironic, my sister and I were cleaning up my dad's estate over the weekend, and I don't have a pic but we found an old console - turntable, radio with cool lights, and an 8-track player/recorder. Found a few blank 8-tracks, and maybe 50 or so pre-recorded ones. We tested it, and everything worked. The cabinet was pretty so-so, which was a downer.
  9. Sam S.

    Klipsch Restorations

    Thing that looks off to me is the Forte III badges on what is likely (or is it?) Forte II's. Seems like a bit of false advertising.
  10. Sam S.

    Marantz SR7009 enough for RF7?

    One thing worth consideration if you have the room -- in order to improve the "music side of things", would be to consider something like Forte III up front. Something to think about. I'd venture to say that there likely isn't much that "can't cope" with your Marantz, especially in a room your size and with the efficiency of these speakers. I can relate to the "pretty happy" but "upgrade-itis". Good luck. FWIW - I'm running F3 fronts with an RC64iii center, larger room and lower (than yours) powered Marantz (SR6012).
  11. +1 to what Emile said, but the Yamaha would be a solid choice also. I have KG2's purchased new in 1985. For years, ran them with an HK 25 wpc receiver. Recently, I thought they sounded a bit dull, so replaced the tweeters (left the crossovers original) with the crites Titanium diaphragms. Made a huge difference in the crispness and clarity, IMO. Well worth the $62. Would recommend the mod. Easy to do. Good luck.
  12. Sam S.

    AVR for Chorus II pulling double duty

    Thanks for the replies, but I already have an older Marantz that I'm using for the 2-channel/music that I'm happy with (see first post/question). I want to add an AVR to the mix for the 25% approx. of the time I'm using this system to watch a movie or xbox games. Thanks for the suggestion on the speaker selector, but couldn't I just get an AVR and use the pre-outs to run the older Marantz I'm using for 2-channel?
  13. Sam S.

    AVR for Chorus II pulling double duty

    Thanks. Two reasons, really. 1. Wanting to try something different in the other system. 2. price. I'm looking at refurb, and the T748 can be had for around $420, while another Marantz in the 60xx line runs in the $750 (give or take) range. When I say double duty -- I guess that needs to be clarified a bit because I'm looking to add just an AVR to my already existing 2-channel Marantz PM-700AV. So the Chorus II's are pulling double duty, but I'm looking to add just an AVR to the 2-channel integrated amp I already have. Sorry for the confusion.
  14. Hi---I have a secondary system in my basement with Chorus ii for mains. For the 2-channel part, I have a Marantz PM-700AV (circa 1990) that I bought new in 1991 that I'm pleased with when listening to vinyl and CD's. I'd say this system is 75% 2-channel, and well the question relates to the other 25% movies/video games. Right now, I have a lower end Yamaha (5810 I think) and I'm switching the speaker cables back and forth because it doesn't have any pre-outs. I'm looking to simplify things, but considering the fact that this is maybe 25% HT, I don't want to spend a lot. Budget is likely about $500 max. My thoughts so far --- I have a Marantz SR6012 on my other system I'm pretty happy with (so another Marantz is an option) but maybe trying something new. The NAD T748 looks attractive to me. Any thoughts or other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  15. Sam S.

    CL: Klipsch Quartet speakers - $600 (Stuart) FL

    I'm not in FL or anywhere close, but curiously looked at this ad. The pics seem a bit strange, and a reverse image search on Google shows the pic used in the ad in numerous other ads/sites. I'd proceed with caution on this one. Not saying don't look into if you're interested, but if someone doesn't post actual pictures in their ad (especially in this day and age), I'd be suspect.