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  1. Sam S.

    Turntable Repair

    Thanks for all the suggestions! Resolved --- I borrowed another turntable, went to plug it in and the spare one didn't spin. The belt was broke on the spare! But when I got the spare turntable, I also found a couple of spare cartridges. I replaced the cartridge on the HK and voila, it works! I bought the HK in 1986, and I've never replaced the belt on it. It was perplexing because I just got a new stylus for the existing cartridge - but didn't spend too much on it so no real loss. Now it's time to align, as @carlthess40 says.
  2. Sam S.

    Turntable Repair

    Thanks - I will.
  3. Sam S.

    Turntable Repair

    Thanks. I also tried an older JVC (Super-A) and I had (same problem), but it's entirely possible that it has issues also. I do have the turntable in the phono input and the ground connected -- looks just like your picture. I'll look for another receiver to try this weekend, and maybe another cartridge. I think I can borrow another turntable -- so I'll try that with the Marantz integrated amp first, to narrow things down, and then go from there. Also entirely possible that the new stylus I got for the existing AT cartridge is bad. Thanks for the suggestions. I hate to pitch the HK.
  4. Sam S.

    Turntable Repair

    Hi Carlthess: I'm pretty certain its MM. My amp (older - Marantz Integrated Amp) doesn't have that option. Here's the cartridge --- I just replaced the white part recently (it just clicks in and out -- and I double checked it) as the old stylus looked worn. When I touch the new stylus, it makes the typical rrrr noise thru the speakers, but when I go to play something, it's like gibberish, distorted -- like a bad cell phone call if that makes sense. I may be able to round up a different cartridge to try. That might narrow things down. Didn't want to waste $$ on a new one if that wasn't the case. Yes, I have the balance and anti-skate set correctly.
  5. Sam S.

    Turntable Repair

    From my original (first) post: It had an AT311 cartridge and the stylus looked shot so I got a new one. Or are you saying an entirely new cartridge?
  6. Sam S.

    Turntable Repair

    Thanks. I don't think it needs to be -- it's currently connected to a Marantz PM700AV (circa 1991), w/phono input, which I'm pretty sure has a built-in phono preamp. The other receiver I tried was an even older JVC Super-A, which I'm also pretty sure has a built-in phono preamp. I think I do have a preamp, though, and could try adding that tonight to see if it makes any difference. Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. Sam S.

    Turntable Repair

    Hi -- finally getting around to make room to set up my old Harmon Kardon T35 turntable. It had an AT311 cartridge and the stylus looked shot so I got a new one. Turntable spins fine, but after installing the stylus, balancing the tonearm, I'm having issues with the sound. The sound is very faint and muddled, almost garbled. Checked all the connections, and different amp, and still have problem. Any suggestions for what I might try? I looked at all the 4 lead wires going into the cartridge, and all is connected. Thanks in advance.
  8. Sam S.

    Better sounding Chorus 11

    Long ol' story, but as I was waiting for my "special order" Forte iii's from @MetropolisLakeOutfitters, I found a local (well, 2.5 hr drive which was close enough to not pass up) pair of Chorus ii's, and couldn't resist them for $600 for my basement. I'm smack dab in the middle of pulling the crossovers to send to Crites. I'll attach a pic of the Ch2 inside, and can verify that there are in fact acoustical panels on both sides of the inside. My F3's arrived yesterday --- and thanks to Cory @MetropolisLakeOutfitters they not only sound but look supertacular. (he ordered cherry with the lambswool grills --- PM me if you want to see what those look like). Thanks! Back to the Ch2's --- the seller of the ones I picked up added washers/weights on the passives, to improve the bass. He indicated communicating with Moray James, weighing the washers to be about 2.5 ounces, and said they improved the bass considerably, so if that is an issue it might be worth trying. When I opened up the cabs, one of the weights had fallen off, so I'm intending to epoxy it back on. I'd also be interested in other tweaks on this thread, but haven't done the Crites crossover rebuild/titanium tweeter replacement yet. Maybe I can do an a/b test with F3/modded Ch2's, assuming I can lug the Ch2's back upstairs without injury. I've already had hernia surgery on both sides, so I'm covered.
  9. Also sorry, but new in box unopened doesn't necessarily mean they are in pristine shape. My F3's arrived with significant damage, multiple flaws, and were returned. Listing pictures of the box without taking 5 minutes to open them up is akin to going with what's under door #2. It might be a dream....or a dud. No offense meant to the OP.
  10. If possible and the carpet hasn't been installed yet, after you pull the old carpet run you cable under the baseboards, or between the baseboard and the tack strip. You will likely have to remove the baseboard, but if you're careful you should be able to take it off without damaging your wall paint. Once the baseboard is off, you should be able to see the studs, or might have to cut a bit of the drywall at the bottom. Then you can drill/cut an opening to run your wire up the wall if necessary. I just had new carpet installed, and also had a run across a section of doorway opening where the floor transitioned to wood. the installer tucked that part of the cable along the edge of the pad. Good luck! p.s. it would pay to put in a wall plate like this (they come in single, double, etc.) in the general area where you want to place the surrounds/sub. Then you can make a small run from the plate after your carpet is installed.
  11. Sam S.

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    Sorry to hear, Kyle and I empathize. Had the same problem with my Forte iii's I ordered from them. Couldn't tell when the damage occurred, but the return went relatively smoothly, sans the hassle of hauling them off to be shipped back, and waiting for the return/refund processing. I'll never even consider ordering from them again, ever. Not worth it, and my time is better spent hustling for odd jobs and paying a bit extra. It's worth it for better service. On the forte at least, I'm convinced they got a large batch of b-stocks, or other damaged items - maybe as a part of a special deal, and instead of opening them and disclosing the damage, they tried to pass them off as new. Some got lucky; others didn't. Maybe this was the case with yours also. I have a replacement pr on order from @MetropolisLakeOutfitters - who has been good to deal with thus far. Good luck with your return.
  12. Sam S.

    Found: Bocce Ball Set

    Next, you will have to build a proper Bocce court. Hell, now I'm thinking I need to build myself one. Thanks! The prices for materials listed on the link seem high though --- I'd think a lot less -- Treated 4x4's around the perimeter, crushed concrete is pretty cheap here (Nebraska), as is Oyster shells (what they say is the best surface). I've seen oyster shells from feed stores, co-op, or tractors supply, sold as chicken feed -- should be easily obtainable in WI. Good luck!
  13. Sam S.

    Forte III arrived damaged, WWYD

    Peter --- you hit the nail on the head. Yes, they were factory sealed. Indeed, if they knew they were damaged, they should have opened them up upon their own receipt of them and disclosed the damage(s). They didn't -- and yes likely gambled on people complaining or not complaining, or taking or not taking the time and effort to return them. Pretty low business practice IMHO.
  14. Yep, that was how they came -- and you've articulated the problem and solution quite well. Thanks for your input.
  15. Man, sorry to see that. I did return mine today with prepaid label to go back --- but consider that I had to burn a day off work on the day they were delivered, and I happened to be off today anyway, but I had to lug them over to UPS. I've thought about how long it would take me to drive to Cory (yes I did PM him), or even to Hope to pick up in person. It's a shame that that would even be necessary. Good luck with your return, Ironman. I was going to drop an e-mail to Klipsch today, but when I went to their contact page, I got a 3rd party site that looked unaffiliated, so I didn't. Maybe the mods on this board can pass info. like this on --- and maybe some policies might change. Or bubble wrap around the speaker might also help in shipment.