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  1. Sam S.

    Wichita - Heresy

    I thought I might e-mail after the weekend/after the g-sale is over. I'm in Lincoln so it's a 4 hr drive. Maybe they'd meet partway. Bummer because last week I drove right thru Wichita.
  2. Sam S.

    Wichita - Heresy

    No affiliation for me, and a little to far to drive (4 HRS) to check out, but if anyone is in Wichita, might be worth checking out this garage sale. Ad says H700, which I think would be Heresy's. Good luck. LINK
  3. Sam S.

    ID these, if possible

    Thanks! I was actually able to get in touch with the seller this AM, and he verified they are forte ii's, with no crites mods. But...he's asking $800, "firm". That's more than I'd want to spend, and frankly, more than I think they'd be worth ($400-$500 depending on the finish condition). So it's time to keep looking. Seems to me like many asking prices seem fairly high for forte i or ii, since the iii was released, unless you live in Florida. This forum is the best!
  4. Hi: Can anyone help me out identifying these? I noticed them on a local CL, about an hour away (estate sale), and wonder if it's worth the drive. I'm likely interested if Chorus, Forte, or Quartet; likely not interested if they are KG series. Probably difficult to tell, but worth a shot for someone with better knowledge than me. Thanks!