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  1. Suggest to tread lightly here and ask for side pics and ask about any cabinet damages. Might just be a great deal, but also might be one of the Adorama damaged ones floating around.
  2. ZZ Top, Live from Texas. OR, for the reggae mentioned earlier in the thread, can't beat Downpressor Man:
  3. Great suggestions and info. here in this thread. Really appreciate the detailed descriptions of everyone's experiences. dbomberger: Green Valley is on my list of places to visit. Looks pretty good on paper (climate, affordability, friendliness of community, things to do, etc.). Only drawback I've read about is the occasional rattlesnake getting into one's yard or garage (seems to be alleviated by, well, not leaving garage doors open and putting barrier or hardware cloth around fencing. Great to hear stories, experiences, and what others are looking for.
  4. Interesting responses. Thanks to you all. Srinath: Never thought much about SC, but hear it's "tax friendly" overall for retirees. Interesting that you mention bugs, as I went out to my yard this AM for about 10 minutes and got destroyed by mosquitoes (I have the blood type). For kicks, I checked weather of Columbia compared to Lincoln. Unscientific I know, but today: Lincoln: 88, 60% humidity, heat index 96. Columbia: 92, 40% humidity, heat index 97. I'd like to spend a year or 2 post-retirement traveling and visiting places. Never been to SC, so that can go on the list.
  5. If so, where and why? Currently, I live smack dab in the middle of the country (Nebraska), and am getting tired of high taxes, cold in winter and hot/humid in the summers. Have a few years to go working, but guy can plan and research can't he? Anyway, post your experience or thoughts. Where, and Why. Thanks!
  6. If you don't have CD source material, than I wouldn't recommend getting a CD player. If, however, that changes and you want to explore other sources (e.g. CD's or LP's), then by all means have at it. FLAC files (someone will correct me if I'm wrong), as source files aren't going to be inferior to a CD. Personally, I'd recommend a speaker upgrade, which should be a relatively big difference or ROI. Forte III would be a great choice, or if you are concerned about budget, you could look at the used lines --- e.g. read the forum about the food chain. I have Forte III and Chorus. Really hard to listen to Forte III ahead of time in some locations - I bought without listening to, and I couldn't be happier with the purchase. Finally, retail prices aren't necessarily what you always pay. Check around, get quotes, look at B-stock as an option. Good luck!
  7. A huge part of it is being in the right place at the right time. About 2 years ago, I had been looking quite religiously, and found a local pair of Forte II's, about an hour away. I made a deal on the phone for $500, and couldn't make it to pick them up until the next day. I got a call from the seller the next morning saying he sold them from underneath me. A few weeks later, I found a pair of Chorus II's about 3 hours away. Made another deal on the phone, drove up the next day and got them for $600. This seller said he had about 4 people that were lined up if I hadn't have showed. So in answer to your original question -- yes those are overpriced, but as others have mentioned prices are pretty high now. Don't let anxiety associated with "getting something right now" get in the way of a bad deal.
  8. Sam S.

    Covid19 redux

    Golf courses open here and booming. New rules: pay online or over the phone, only 2 allowed in clubhouse at one time. Hand sanitizer in clubhouse after you pay (if you pay inside). Social distance on the course. Only 1 in each cart. Carts sprayed/sanitized after each use. Don't touch anyone else's balls (a given). Flagstick stays in. They put a foam core into the cup, so if you "sink" a putt, the ball stays on the top of the foam. Rakes removed from sand traps. Ball washers removed.
  9. On of the reasons eventually I'd like to move someplace else in retirement is high taxes (and weather). My property taxes (2400 sq ft house in city) are $6,000/yr. Sales taxes here 7%, state income taxes around 7%. Plus, Nebraska has an inheritance tax of 1% (with minor exemptions), and taxes social security income at the same rate of income (7%). HDBRBuilder: Heard good things about NW Arkansas -- on my list to visit, but not so much sold on rural areas. I'm thinking maybe Fayetteville or Bella Vista area.
  10. Thanks for all the input. I was thinking merely of another company to invest on my own instead of Vanguard, and hadn't thought of an in-person advisor or individual rep. I've been leery of that in the past, but perhaps its something worth considering. Especially as I get older, I find it very hard to trust anyone.
  11. I have a number of retirement accounts with Vanguard. Historically, I've liked the returns and lower fees. However, I recently had an awful customer service experience with them, and am looking elsewhere to invest. I'll likely leave the accounts I have there, just not contribute more to them. I wonder if anyone has suggestions for similar companies with better customer service? Any specific fund recommendations are also welcome. I'm leaning towards more conservative funds as i get older (50 now), and concerned about risks, market crashes, etc.
  12. You might contact Cory @MetropolisLakeOutfitters. He is an authorized dealer, and can offer input and pricing not only re: Forte 3, but also amp suggestions. I think he recommends the Parasound you mention. While not an integrated amp, I have F3 that are pulling home theater + 2 channel, with a Marantz SR6012 AVR. I have no complaints. I've run a mix of vinyl, CD's, and sometimes digital music, in addition to movies/TV. The digital music is either ran through the USB port on the front (FLAC files) with flash drives, or from FLAC files on my phone over Wi-Fi. It works pretty well. I think one of the Rotel's has a USB port in the front. Not sure about Bluetooth, but I'm fairly certain Rotel is now owned by B&W, hence the push for matching those 2 together. Good luck.
  13. Sam S.

    Moai Finished

    dtel -- something like this would be great around your Tiki bar and native MS plants. I have some bananas I luckily was able to grow from seed from the Seedman (in MS), but they are now inside over the winter as they don't survive outside here. Here's the basic plan I followed --- I found Davy's templates and drawings a bit difficult to decipher. I did take photos of my process throughout and will post below. I can also share my template later on if anyone wants it. I basically followed the template from this link, although the dimensions were a bit difficult to follow in certain areas. My mix was equal parts (eyeballed) of portland cement, peat moss, and perlite. I added a bit of sand to it, and mixed with water to a consistency of a mud pie. The pictures don't show it, but I wrapped the whole thing in chicken wire, then filled in some of the gaps with expandable foam. After layering, I was able to carve and shape it -- mostly I used an angle grinder - sometimes with a diamond wheel (more aggressive) and sometimes a grinding or flap disk (less aggressive). It's very dusty. Hard part for me was the bottom -- when I went to move it. In retrospect, it might have been better to cut a board around the size of the shoulders, then fill in the bottom with a layer of hypertufa so that the dolly had a better point of contact. It's a fun project -- no need for intimidation. EDIT: Tried re-sizing photos and won't let me upload. I'll have to look into to post...
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