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  1. Hi: First off, thanks to the members who responded to my PM's. I'm doing research to possibly add a tube integrated for 2-channel (vinyl and CD's) to my current set-up (marantz SR6012 + Forte iii). My question here is one integrated I came across that looks interesting is the Black Ice F22 (or F11, or F35 for that matter). I understand that Black Ice is the brand that is formerly known as Jolida. Also as far as I can tell, made in China with US design/specs, then tested or assembled in the US? Not sure about that one -- my major concern is build quality and product support. At any rate, the F22 looks interesting (like the silver), but I can find very very little information online, both about the amp and about the company. While it looks like the old Jolida site is still up, nothing about Black Ice from a manufacturers perspective. Just wonder if anyone has any experience with these, or additional info. that might help. I'd also welcome any tube integrated suggestions if there are any besides this one. My room is approx 12 x 20, sit about 10ft away, listen moderate levels. Carpet + drapes. Home theater bypass or line pass-thru would be a +, as my space is limited and the set-up does double duty as HT. Other thing worth noting is that any additional integrated would need to go on a shelf above the TV, which is approx 30"w x 13.5"h. The F22 is 32 lbs, which sounds good as I worry about overloading the shelf with something 50 or more lbs. Thanks!
  2. Heard -- Forte IV avail in Feb. MSRP 4500/PR. Changes: *Modern Riser *New HF phase plug *K72 Midrange *New "steep slope cross over network"
  3. Also keep in mind the Forte IV will (I think) be released in 2021, so that may mean deals on Forte iii's. Might be something worth waiting for more info. on . Good luck!
  4. Thanks, Randy. That's what I was thinking.
  5. Dave Rimington, Irving Fryar, Roger Craig, Turner Gill, all NU coaching staff, and numerous other NU players from the 1981 squad. I'm thinking there might be pictures of me with the ball when I got it in 1981 as a kid, which should be decent authentication. Haven't looked yet though, and never tried to sell anything like it.
  6. Anyone ever use any company? I have a vintage signed football (NU - 1981) and I'm also trying to downsize my "stuff". I wonder if it would be worthwhile to have it authenticated before trying to sell it. Has anyone ever used a company? Is it really necessary or does it add to the value? I'm not near any of the locations that are mentioned on a quick web search, and am apprehensive of shipping it someplace. Appreciate any suggestions or experiences from others. Thanks!
  7. As an addendum, contacted my cousin last night and they have Heresy IV and Cornwall in for demo. They will be getting LaScala AL5 in in a couple weeks. Might be worth a trip in to listen. Good luck.
  8. Thanks, Dude. Actually, I hadn't noticed until now, but you're right, DTX (Digital Theater Experts) in Lincoln is now a Klipsch dealer. See their website. Small world - two of the three guys who own that store are my cousins (John and Jason). Decent low-pressure guys who have mostly been B&W dealers, but I imagine now are carrying Klipsch because they had been a Denon dealer, and I think the merger likely changed things. Tell them I sent you - the price might double. I'll have to go in there and see what they've got. Haven't been in there for awhile. They usually have decent set-ups for listening. Last time I was in, they had just started carrying McIntosh, and had a lot of that in there.
  9. I'm in Lincoln. Agree with The Dude that the best place is Letgo, CL, FB marketplace, etc., and a lot of it is being in the right place at the right time. A few years ago, I was looking for Forte's, and basically gave up and contacted Cory at @Paducah Home Theater for Forte III. You might try contacting him to see if he has anything available in the Heresy line. The few I've seen around here get swallowed up pretty quick, and prices seem insane. There was pair of Forte II's in Lincoln on CL a few weeks ago, asking $1,000, and ad was gone in a day. In a strange twist, I kept searching online after ordering the Forte III's, and found a pair of Chorus II's just across NE in Iowa. That was a couple of years ago.
  10. Suggest to tread lightly here and ask for side pics and ask about any cabinet damages. Might just be a great deal, but also might be one of the Adorama damaged ones floating around.
  11. ZZ Top, Live from Texas. OR, for the reggae mentioned earlier in the thread, can't beat Downpressor Man:
  12. Great suggestions and info. here in this thread. Really appreciate the detailed descriptions of everyone's experiences. dbomberger: Green Valley is on my list of places to visit. Looks pretty good on paper (climate, affordability, friendliness of community, things to do, etc.). Only drawback I've read about is the occasional rattlesnake getting into one's yard or garage (seems to be alleviated by, well, not leaving garage doors open and putting barrier or hardware cloth around fencing. Great to hear stories, experiences, and what others are looking for.
  13. Interesting responses. Thanks to you all. Srinath: Never thought much about SC, but hear it's "tax friendly" overall for retirees. Interesting that you mention bugs, as I went out to my yard this AM for about 10 minutes and got destroyed by mosquitoes (I have the blood type). For kicks, I checked weather of Columbia compared to Lincoln. Unscientific I know, but today: Lincoln: 88, 60% humidity, heat index 96. Columbia: 92, 40% humidity, heat index 97. I'd like to spend a year or 2 post-retirement traveling and visiting places. Never been to SC, so that can go on the list.
  14. If so, where and why? Currently, I live smack dab in the middle of the country (Nebraska), and am getting tired of high taxes, cold in winter and hot/humid in the summers. Have a few years to go working, but guy can plan and research can't he? Anyway, post your experience or thoughts. Where, and Why. Thanks!
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