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  1. Sam S.

    Found: Bocce Ball Set

    Next, you will have to build a proper Bocce court. Hell, now I'm thinking I need to build myself one. Thanks! The prices for materials listed on the link seem high though --- I'd think a lot less -- Treated 4x4's around the perimeter, crushed concrete is pretty cheap here (Nebraska), as is Oyster shells (what they say is the best surface). I've seen oyster shells from feed stores, co-op, or tractors supply, sold as chicken feed -- should be easily obtainable in WI. Good luck!
  2. Sam S.

    Forte III arrived damaged, WWYD

    Peter --- you hit the nail on the head. Yes, they were factory sealed. Indeed, if they knew they were damaged, they should have opened them up upon their own receipt of them and disclosed the damage(s). They didn't -- and yes likely gambled on people complaining or not complaining, or taking or not taking the time and effort to return them. Pretty low business practice IMHO.
  3. Yep, that was how they came -- and you've articulated the problem and solution quite well. Thanks for your input.
  4. Man, sorry to see that. I did return mine today with prepaid label to go back --- but consider that I had to burn a day off work on the day they were delivered, and I happened to be off today anyway, but I had to lug them over to UPS. I've thought about how long it would take me to drive to Cory (yes I did PM him), or even to Hope to pick up in person. It's a shame that that would even be necessary. Good luck with your return, Ironman. I was going to drop an e-mail to Klipsch today, but when I went to their contact page, I got a 3rd party site that looked unaffiliated, so I didn't. Maybe the mods on this board can pass info. like this on --- and maybe some policies might change. Or bubble wrap around the speaker might also help in shipment.
  5. Sam S.

    Forte III arrived damaged, WWYD

    Yes - thanks Deano. Got a prepaid return label and dropped them off at UPS this AM. Yes, agreed about being bad for the company. I may write them a line about my experience.
  6. Sam S.

    Forte III arrived damaged, WWYD

    Thanks, Shu --- I don't see this on the site, other than discounted special edition Ebony for $1,899 ea. Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong spot? Thanks to forum members who offered input and suggestion to contact Cory. I will do that soon. My theory here is that Adorama got a deal with Klipsch to buy a batch of B-stock, blems, or otherwise "un-sellable as new" Forte's. The problem is that they didn't open them up when they received them, to inspect, and they didn't disclose any damage or defects in advance to potential buyers. I inspected the boxes mine came in, and they had the original tape on them - so they weren't opened up before sending to me. No damage to the box makes me think they might've left the factory that way. That's hard to believe, I dunno. Some may have gotten lucky with slight blems, others much worse like mine. At any rate, they are going back tomorrow. Here's the labels --- and I'm not sure why they didn't take the time to pull consecutive serial #'s --- it says right there on the label (another issue). Maybe this indicates some info., maybe not. Just wanted to post a follow up in the event it might help someone else in the future. THX. p.s. My 11 year old daughter, who is into ELO, Styx, and Tom Petty, begged me to keep these. She loves them, but I said -- you'll get these someday when I'm gone, so we want them to be "mint". I reassured her we would be ordering replacements --- it just may cost a little more and take more time to save up.
  7. Sam S.

    Forte III arrived damaged, WWYD

    Thanks for all the help/advice! Update: I was offered $50 to keep these, and I declined. They will be going back. Hassle yes, but I will start saving for another pair. Shakey: Yes, that makes sense but I'll note that blemished was not disclosed by the seller -- and certainly not dented up like it was. A member of another forum received a pair with similar damage to mine. I'd like to think they didn't leave the factory - or wouldn't have allowed them to leave the factory that way. Who knows for sure when they were damaged. At any rate, I wanted to post in case anyone else had a similar experience. I hope the return goes OK, and thanks for the advice about alternative dealers. I could have dealt with some slight blemishes in the veneer -- e.g. slight discolorations, had that been disclosed for the price. But these were pretty beat up.
  8. Sam S.

    Forte III arrived damaged, WWYD

    Yes, I have the boxes, but no photos at the moment. I inspected them, and I did not see any damage, other than maybe a slight scratch or two in the cardboard in a few places, but not all the way thru.
  9. Sam S.

    Forte III arrived damaged, WWYD

    Shakey---I read on the forum from other members that they are an authorized dealer. Teaman in a recent thread -- I didn't investigate further. I've so far had one conversation with them, and e-mailed the pictures. I haven't heard back yet, but wanted advice on the damage from other forum members in the meantime. Yes, I agree, it seems pretty simple to ship replacements, but the person I talked to on the phone said they were no longer available from them. Maybe because of the price. I dunno. I wonder if others that got in on this deal have had any problems with damage, or if any have arrived yet.
  10. Sam S.

    Forte III arrived damaged, WWYD

    Thanks for all the replies and second opinions. All the input is highly valued and I'm glad I posted to ask for feedback! Yes, authorized dealer as far as I know (as others have posted here). I've wanted Forte iii's since they first came out, but couldn't afford the price tag, so I got in on the recent Adorama $900 each deal. I did contact them, sent pictures, and they've been helpful so far, but apparently don't have Cherry in stock to send as a replacement. I'll see what happens in the next few days. Thanks for all the suggestions. And yes, I would be obsessed with the imperfections.
  11. Ok - so I was able to get in on a recent sale on the forte iii's. Received them today, boxes looked just fine but when I opened em up, one was roughed up pretty good. The other thing is that I noticed some discoloration in the stain that looks to me like it would have had to have left the factory that way -- doesn't look like shipping dent, or ding. Maybe not. At any rate, contacted the retailer, and they say they no longer have Forte iii in Cherry, so I can either return both, or they will contact me after review of the pics for a discount if I keep both. Here's the two part question --- (1) Has anyone ever had shipping damage like this, and should I even consider keeping them, even with a discount. If so, what would be reasonable? I realize that's a difficult question. Worried of course about something else being outta whack, but they sound great. (2) I've done quite a bit of woodworking, but my guess is trying to fill or sand out, then stain these dents and dings would likely make them look even worse. (assuming the discount was substantial) Anyone tried any such repairs, or should I just do a straight return of both of them and start over. I can't afford these at the normal retail price - so it'd likely be wait and watch again. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I listened to these briefly tonight, and I have to say I'd definitely like to keep a set of these --- just worried about the damage.
  12. Sam S.

    Single Heresy - Orange CO CA

    Another goodwill auction, ending tomorrow. Pics don't show cabinets real well, but looks to be in average shape. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/54400341
  13. Sam S.

    A Score

    Yeah, but in the ad "she" says to text "him" (her soon to be ex) -- and not her, and lists "his" number. Also according to the ad, she also says that he thinks they are worth $2,000 each, so it's unlikely if someone in the area called or texted they'd be able to snag them for a bargain. She likely posted the ad just to get a bunch of potential buyers to bombard his phone with texts or calls -- or maybe as a threat to him.
  14. Sam S.

    Best female vocals, looking for suggestions

    Sarah McLachlan Norah Jones (recommend Day Breaks)
  15. Sam S.

    KLF-20 - Colo Springs Area

    Saw these on Goodwill auctions. I bit far for me to drive (16 hrs round trip), not to mention I'd have to find a place for them. Looks like a potential good deal for someone close/local to watch, and they look in OK shape. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/54184554