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  1. I'm liking the sound more and more and my initial complaints are slowly vanishing... But I think my final verdict I will deliver only after I have both the Cornwalls and La Scalas set up in different rooms. I'll be playing with them on a daily basis so really can compare much better! Right now there is no way to do an A/B test
  2. Hi! So I'm actually in India and my only choice seems to be primaluna... So I really wanted advice specifically on 200 vs 300 and whether it's worth the price difference. I have practically zero technically knowledge on amps...
  3. Hi guys, I really don't know much about amps, but I'm looking for some advice in selecting an amp to pair up with my brand new Klipsch La Scalas. I'm trying to decide between the Evo 200 and Evo 300: https://www.primaluna.nl/tube/integrated/ In terms of price the Evo 300 is 60% more expensive. Is it worth it? Can I expect a significant improvement in sound quality by shelling out the extra bucks?
  4. Hi guys thanks so much for the response! I guess there are ways to connect a subwoofer without having a separate output... And yes most definitely will wait for the hornloaded subs! Also please advise on the different models of Primaluna! 100, 200, 300 - is there much to gain by spending more? And how does Decware compare to Primaluna? Any other brands you'd suggest?
  5. So I am considering getting a Prima Luna: https://www.primaluna-usa.com/integrated-amplifiers I was thinking of the Evo 200, but a bit tempted to stretch a bit for the Evo 300 mainly because it has an output for a subwoofer. I feel down the line I would love to add one, but really not sure right now. Now my main questions are: 1 - There's no good way to connect a subwoofer to the Evo 200 right since it doesn't have an out? 2 - Do you get the bang for your buck in moving from 200 to 300 in general? I have very little technical knowledge. But I feel since I've spent so much on the La Scalas, I don't want to 'cheap out' on the amp. So what's your take? Does the 300 take the experience truly to another level compared to the 200? 3 - Please suggest other brands to consider! I'm out here in India so brands like Decware etc are simply not available, but I could easily import it myself. Very eager to get your insights!
  6. Hahaha love this thread and all the enthusiasm! Yes I'm just going to give it a lot more time. Lots of amazing useful tips and thoughts here. I think the clean bass is actually what threw me off before - as someone said, I maybe got used to the muddy bass from a direct radiating speaker like the Cornwall. I think the real insights will come when I get a new amp so I can power both my cornwalls and my la scalas which are in different rooms! I will most definitely report back once I do that. Thank you again everyone for being amazingly helpful!
  7. I have the Cornwall III and the La Scala AL5 (brand new)! Haha already feeling quite relieved... I totally agree about the super clean bass... And honestly I do struggle many times after spending big money - usually starts out with deep regrets and ultimately settles in pure joy 🤣 So yeah could totally be my mind... What do you guys think about the amp? Is the one I have okay or should I get a better one? Should I try to get one with an output for a subwoofer?
  8. Hey guys! So I bought the La Scalas, but there's something not so great about the sound and I'm trying to figure out whats happening. I'm using the PrimaLuna Prologue Premium as my integrated amp. I've had a Cornwall that I've enjoyed for almost 4 years now. But when I compare the sound of the La Scalas the magic just seems to be missing. The vocals are not forward and magical as they used to be. The sound stage is great. But it almost feels a bit too clinical and lacks some warmth. And yes the low end of the bass also is bothering me I guess, but that was expected given the La Scalas don't go below 50Hz whereas the Cornwall goes down to 34Hz. I am struggling so badly for words when it comes to what I'm experiencing! But it's not just me, my wife also feels that the Cornwalls were better! Which is crazy so I'm trying to figure what happened. Here's a couple of theories I have: Amp pairing: Could it be that I just need a much better amp? That maybe the one I have is not doing the speakers justice? Low end: Or maybe I'm just reacting very badly to the low end being capped at 50Hz instead of 34Hz? Many of the people who recommended the La Scalas also recommended getting a sub. But looks like getting a tube amp which has a separate out for the subs is going to be quite an investment. Also it could just be my mind playing tricks on me. I've moved the Cornwalls to another room so will be a real pain to try and do an A/B test just to see if I'm tripping or what. Maybe my expectations were too high.. Or more likely maybe I'm just going through a rough patch in my relationship to music and sound. Please do share your wisdom, it always helps!
  9. I'm located in India. My dealer talks to this guy called Chuck Chen who is a Klipsch employee in charge of Asia I think... I've been following up a lot with my dealer so I think he's doing all he can, perhaps it's stuck with Chuck? I guess the factory is more than happy to do these custom veneer jobs?
  10. For the last 4 months I'm trying to get a quote for a pair of La Scalas with a specific veneer... I was told over chat that I can request any of the veneers from this website : https://glveneer.com But for some reason I'm simply unable to get a quote. I don't know if it's stuck at the dealers end or the factory's end. And there seems to be no way to contact the factory.. If there's anyone from Klipsch or anyone who's successfully gotten a custom veneer recently, please please help with whatever knowledge you have on this
  11. Party was so much fun guys! I don't know why I had so many doubts before 😂 Yeah imaging was out of the question.. But just the beauty of the sound and the ability to play loud changed the whole game.. Big success!
  12. I've had Cornwall IIIs with a Prima Luna integrated amp for 3 years now. I've now experienced them in two different rooms, and I've realised that proper imaging is possible from very specific listening positions. You HAVE to be pretty much dead center. Also the listening height has to be in line with the high and mid horns. I have experienced some flexibility by how forward or back you can be, but thats the only dimension where there is some play. First of all - do other Cornwall, Forte users agree with this assessment? Are you able to get good imaging from a wider range of locations? And also - does this improve with the more higher end speakers like La Scalas, K-horns and maybe the Jubilee? Somewhere I read that the Jubilee allows for good imaging from multiple positions, but would love to understand more.. I'm mostly going to go for the La Scalas as my second purchase, and hope to bag the Jubilee a few years down the line!
  13. Hahaha I seem to have panicked a lot of Heritage owners 😂 This 'party' I'm talking about is usually with very close friends / family - smaller gatherings of say 8-10 people. There is drinking and dancing involved but I am not at all worried about my speaker getting destroyed haha, they all know how much I value them! In the past I have used some basic portable speakers for such events. This time I have moved my Cornwalls out into the living room for a NYE party. I was just testing them and imaging how they would sound in the party from different spots in the room, when I realised how quickly the imaging goes to hell.. I'm able to achieve proper imagine literally just in the seating position, it disappears even if I stand up it seems.. Is this just how it is? Are you guys able to achieve good imaging in a wider range of locations? I might start another thread for diving deeper into this. Anyway - I guess you guys are right, who cares about imaging in a party... I have a feeling the party will be much more fun this time because of the speakers, but will let you guys know how it goes! 😁
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