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    Klipsch Cornwall (1981), Bob Latino's VTA ST120 amp, VTA SP12/Phono pre-amp, Denon AVR 2809 & Marantz 6003 CD player.

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  1. I was looking for a 5.1 system for my HT in 2008 and the shop I bought from has a complete Klipsch Reference 62 which I decided to get. Got my first 1981 Cornwall 1. I’m still having all my Klipsch till now.
  2. Well done, you did a great job. I bought my ST120 fully assembled in 2013 and it's still up running my 1980 Conrwall. cheers..
  3. Congrats... I too purchased from Roy the SP/PH 12R (with remote control) for my Cornwall and very happy with the result. cheers, Jimmy
  4. Nice pair of K-horns...congrats
  5. Just to share my experience. I just replaced my K-77M driver-to-horn gasket with the "Garlock Style 3000 Blue-gard compressed non-asbestos" sheet gasketing (1/32 inch thickness). I could hear the improvement especially (at least to my hearing) it eliminates the high-end distortion that usually heard whenever I maximised the treble gain on my pre-amp (I'm using VTA-12 tubes pre amp). Does anybody has the same experience by replacing their K-77 driver-to-horn gaskets especially when there are NO aftermarket gaskets for K-77M driver-to-horn? My Cornwalll is the 1981 version with all original stocks and Bob Crites' B2 crossovers inside. Cheers, Jimmy
  6. My first Klipsch experience was in 2008 when I decided to get a 5-channels surround on Klipsch Ref. Series. I'm more to music than movies. Few years ago, I went for 2-channels 1981' Cornwall. Upgraded the crossover, and have it hooked on tubes amp/pre-amp.I love the sound of my Cornwall. Cheers, Jimmy
  7. Congrats on your CW, nice pair... I got mine two years ago and love it especially after I upgraded the B2 crossover from Bob Crites. Cheers, Jimmy
  8. I got my 1981 Cornwall exactly 2 years ago. The pair had travelled across more than 6000 miles from Philadelphia to Abu Dhabi. Love the sound out of it. Good luck on your pursue... Cheers,
  9. Oh good...i thought I missed on something here... Cheers,
  10. Is Belle still in production lines?
  11. @NowBlasting, Welcome. The foum and congrats to you Forte II... Cheers, Jimmy
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