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  1. I purchased the ST-120 kit without the tubes from Bob Latino, shipping was fast and everything was very well packed and organized into neat sections. Instructions are very clear and concise. the entire kit went together in about 10 hours just like estimated. Anyone with decent soldering skills and some patience can do this kit. I enjoyed the whole assembly process, very satisfying to get to fire it up when finished and hear just how the work paid off. I was having a problem getting any kind of voltage readin from the bias pins and sent Bob a email he was able to quickly help me check some connections and voltages. He identified the issue very quickly, I had placed a connection in the wrong place. I got very lucky it didn't cause any major issues. Very good customer service though he really knows his amps! The sound of this amp is just beautiful, crips highs and nice deep lows. Now I have it connected to the pair of stock 1982 Klipschorns I recently acquired, they make quite the match made in heaven. Way more than enough power for me, I was worried I would be pushing the 60 watts per channel to the limit. Boy was I wrong, I haven't moved it much past one o'clock (half volume) for my daily listening. If I wanted to shake the paintings off the walls this amp could probably do it. I got the 21 step attenuator and it's just perfect for playing straight from a DAC without a preamp. I can't get over how this amp sounds every instrument sounds very real, like the artists are standing in the room playing in front of me. Truly a wonderful amp and experience. Someday if I decide to upgrade to the monoblocks I know I will go right back to Bob at www.tubes4hifi.com for them.
  2. You sir are awesome. Thank you everybody for the clarification and insite.
  3. Got it, I will just replace them. Thanks for the solid answer. I am going to rebuild the crossovers myself after just assembling the Latino amp kit I am pretty sure of my soldering skills. Would you guys recommend buying the kit from crites or can I comfortably source the caps myself if I can find the schematic?
  4. That clover plug looks to be slightly more detailed than the cut out on the back of my speaker. Maybe that's from a more modern edition when the clover plug cutting technology had improved some. Still what's your asking price for such a rare item?
  5. What about two thin pieces of overlay 1/4-1/8" thickness, cut to rectangles to fit over the entire inside of the back panel toward the sub compartment on both top and bottom. I would like to avoid cutting more away from the original frame if possible.
  6. That makes sense about the heritage tweeters, I was using slightly newer studio monitors and no noise at all with my ear against the speaker. This is my first pair of heritages so it's all pretty new. The strange thing is the clover hole is cut in both of them but you can see from the marks around it something was rubbing there. DizRotus is probably correct about the obstruction. Any insite as to what I should use to patch/cover them?
  7. I recently acquired a pair of 1980 KCBR Khorns. After some reading I am planning on leaving them totally original and having the crossovers rebuilt to factory. They make a very faint hiss when powered and no source playing, my Latino ST-120 is dead silent on its own so am I correct to assume the crossover caps are going bad? I am planning on using pipe foam to seal the corners against the wall to improve the bass. Only problem is both of these have a clover shaped cut out on the rear panel I have not seen on any other pics and I can only imagine that the hole is allowing the bass pressure to pass through and is killing the sound. I have seen other Khorns with what looks like black plastic over the backs. Does anyone have any experience with said clover shaped hole or is this likely something the first owner cut in himself? I can take a few pics if that would help. Thanks in advance for the help. -Ben
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