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  1. IIRC the kv- series were the center channel speaker offered at that time for the cf- line. The kv-4 is the top model, but they seem to be hard to find and as mentioned above a single cf- may be even better and easier to find.
  2. Have not checked recently but Bob Crites offered new mid/high driver diaphragms for the horn in the cf3/4s. As for amps, what kind of budget are planing to work with? https://critesspeakers.com/
  3. Hmm, I was under the impression that the foam sheets were used to reduce standing waves in the cabinets. Maybe someone could clarify which way it is used.
  4. I bought my first Denon receiver in 1991, a DRA-825r and was amazed how it sounded with a pair of Marantz Imperial 7(b?) speakers. A few months later I had a chance to take a new pair of forte IIs home and was blown away how thew combo sounded. I admit I have never had the opportunity to listen the the other receiver but I would not hesitate using a DRA-825r for two channel and forte's
  5. Looks like something OEM would have done. Each Klipsch model I have had had the same type of foam placed in various configurations.
  6. When looking to update my slow(er) cable modem there was much talk of avoiding anything using an Intel Puma 6 chipset. Since one modem I was seriously considering was an Arris sb6190 that had the Puma 6 chipset in it that got me curious as to why all the fuss. There was a good amount of disinformation going about saying there was a design flaw in the chip design that could lead to severe latency issues. This had been passed on well past the time the problem was actually resolved by Intel. It turns out the real story is this: The firmware used to “run” the chip had a security “hole” that could have been exploited. This would allow someone to be able to make the Puma 6 chipset ill manage resources causing it to slow down or even stop data from flowing. Though admittedly it took Intel longer to address this than many may have liked, they have had the security fix in place for well over two years best I can tell as of this writing of 9/2020. Needless to say I did purchase an Arris sb6190 cable modem and very happy with it's performance. It is sad how many people love to pass on bad news more than the good.
  7. Not to challenge your ability but it looks like you could easily repair your passives from the back side with the proper adhesive rather than doing a re cone. JMHO
  8. In 2-channel mode - 2 Emotiva 1st gen xpa-1 mono blocks or 4 Denon poa-4400 mono blocks
  9. These are the ones members have been using as an upgrade or replacement of k-31-k drivers used in klf-30s. They are in perfect condition and will let the set of 4 go for $500 shipped to the lower 48. Please send a PM if interested – I will not be responding to any replies here on the board.
  10. If I were to hazard to guess that would mean 1.25uF, but ultimately measuring is the only sure way of knowing.
  11. Would love to get an honest assessment of the two brands of caps in your Chorus 1s. Hopefully with out any form of bias towards the higher price tag. Also (though very subjective) if the sound justified the increase in cost.
  12. We would need to use Nitrogen instead of the CO2 or the “Green New Deal” would shut the entire operation down.
  13. IMHO - This kind of stuff is for very wealthy people. Ones who have already bought everything money could buy and still wanting something else to add to their system. Then they can convince themselves while bragging how much better they make their system sound. Hey Jeffery, would you factor in the length of these fuses when you use the 57.125" (or what ever it was) wires?
  14. If you look at the k61k squawker in your CH II's you will notice that there is a fair amount of webbing on them. I had planed doing the same on my k61k's in a set of forte II's but after looking them over I decided not to. But if you are so inclined it would not hurt anything.
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