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  1. When we spun off the mid horn of klf-30s to swap out to the a55g drivers it was noticed that the OEM gaskets had a larger opening than the ones from Crites. It was decided to just reuse the OEM gaskets. Moving forward the a55g's are now off so to give them a go on the LS. So has anyone else noticed that the OEM gasket horn to driver having a larger opening compared to the ones Crites offers? Or is it just that the klf-20/30s got these gaskets?
  2. With those beautiful forte IIIs slammed back against the wall like that the rear passives are doing little if anything. Pull them out say 12”-18” away from the wall and see if you like it. If you do find it to your liking them experiment a bit with them to find the best sound.
  3. Go here and you could learn all kinds of info on your CW Is.
  4. you may want to try https://www.klipsch.com/contact-us
  5. For that matter you could just make a filler papel for the larger klf-c7 horn opening and add the required smaller cutout for the LMAHL
  6. You may want to consider looking at an Academy center since they use the same “k75/79” horn. Then you could add another one of Dave A's tweeters. The timber between the two centers has been suggested to be very similar. You could go as far as move the xover & 8” drivers from the klf-c7 into the other box and be even closer to the klf-20/c7.
  7. Same deal here, wasn't as difficult to clean out the old goo as has been described by some. The kit that was used from Parts Express had some blotting paper and also used folded sticky side out post-it notes.
  8. As most may already know the schematics are already posted inside of this category https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/113804-klipsch-crossovers/ Somewhat of a long shot but..... Maybe you could try and take the mid /high section of the klf-30 schematic and the woofer section of the klf-c7 schematic and put them together. I doubt it would actually be that simple though as for one thing the output if the 8” drivers will not match that of the 12” units. But not to say you couldn't add L-pads to tone down the mid/highs. Just a thought. This may be the only option to try as it is very unlikely that you will get anyone to design an xover from scratch short of paying an engineer.
  9. Here is the xover I built for the klf-c7 using the OEM schematic and it too was a major change for the better.
  10. Yes Crites does, it is the same one that is used in k75, k76, 79s and others. I installed one in my klf-c7 and it was a major improvement. Some will poo poo on this but I replaced the ferrofluid with new on all three tweeters (klf-30s - k79s & klf-c7 - k90) when I installed the new Crites Ti diaphragms.
  11. You be the judge of condition but the typical price for Heresy I & II are ~$400-$500 in decent shape. But with you being way up there in Alaska I bet your choices are fairly slim.
  12. No, I always wanted to but the money just wasn't available and now I will be focusing on the LaScalas with any free money I may have.
  13. After a few hours I could not stand it anymore and dragged out my forte IIs. Looking back I had remembered that I was blaming a piece of gear for a really crappy sound I was hearing. I had just finished building the new xovers and put them in at the same time I changed out the piece in question. Looks like the untouched OEM xover was the problem and not the other part. Looks like the built xovers will go back in and maybe the OEM units will be recapped at some point.
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