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  1. Not a stupid question, that is how we all learn. You will need to measure any component out of circuit.
  2. Are you measuring the caps in circuit?
  3. Thanks djk for the link, picked up a LCR for about $20. Sure it isn't as accurate as the $100+ meters but I think it will do the job.
  4. Yes, thank you for the link
  5. Anyone?
  6. If it isn't too much to ask would you give us a quick primer on level of importance in measuring caps? Or even a link(s) if I am asking too much? The LCR I got did include ESR and if I remember they were rather low but what are good,bad ranges?
  7. sorry jimjimbo, we used an LCR (inductor, capacitor & resister) meter
  8. Sure did and they tested fine though do not know the stainless material they were made of.
  9. Sorry, yes non polarized electrolytic caps. The NPE caps are 18uf 10% @100v. they measured a bit over 20uf, just outside of spec., but my tester could be a little off too as it has 2% variance .
  10. Was testing the new caps and all of the Solen caps have zero leakage but all of the NP caps tested had 1.5%-1.8%. What is considered an acceptable value for NP caps?
  11. Thanks for the tip. Had problems finding brass so I went with stainless steel hardware through out.
  12. Here is the latest x over for the Forte II's. Basically nothing more than a remake of the factory schematic. The Moser solder posts made things a lot easier than expected, please do not look too closely as my soldering skills show up when I didn't have Tracy, my second set of eyes to help guide me.
  13. Thank you djk, all we need now is a chart for all of the T?A autotransformer winding ratios and how to translate the mH values when found
  14. 90 left in stock, good to know. thanks
  15. Hmm was afraid of that, do not have any of that equipment to do that.