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  1. Cool beans! My first thought was to change the tap on the 3636 from -6db to something less, like maybe -3-4db. That is what launched the start of trying to model autotransformers and any collateral changes one may have been needed. Doing the math a 47ohm nets 14.9ohms and 56ohms nets 15.8ohms, I tend to be on the conservative side so we would start with the 56ohm. But first we will have to put the k52h back in and get a baseline when we have a microphone. I would like to thank everyone for all of your time taken with your posts trying to help me understand.
  2. It is different, here you go: KLF-C7.pdf
  3. Wow, this is basically the same thing. Can not believe I did not make the connection between the two back then as I did read that thread. This is exactly what we were wanting to look at and basically try and tweak the xo. Looking at the Chorus II & klf-30 schematics there are virtually identical with the excretion of the LF side due to the different woofer arrangement. The only change is the klf-30 used a 22ohm and not a 20ohm resister. Curios though how much change there might be with the different horns being used. The plan now will be when we order/receive a miniDSP microphone in about a month we will be taking our own measurements so we can compare graphs. I need to get some 82,68 & 47ohm resistors and also have a slew of Solen/Dayton .47-2uF caps to test with and when (if) we settle on a value we can get some matching Audyn plus caps. note: Yikes! Looks like a few posts showed up bettwen jjptkd and this one
  4. I will tell you when I changed out the k52h to the a55g's it was immediately apparent of the change for the better. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any klf-20/30 owners if they could afford them. I am 62 so I am sure I have lost some hearing too. I use to hear the 17.5Hz from the tripler on CRT TV's, that would drive me nuts.
  5. The plan is to do actual measurements with a to-be-ordered calibrated mic via REW and then we will see if there is any need to consider changing anything. As I understand it the a55g was made as an optional k55 replacement and the impedance is similar, also the k52h is also, we will measure both drivers so we can compare but we do not have any k55 sames on hand.
  6. Thanks foe the link, I d/l'd the images to give them a look see.
  7. OK, figured out how to create a transformer in LT Splice and I think we would need to look at it as a step down since we are cutting voltage to the driver. Here is the YouTube video I followed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzwuJ0y8vuw&t=253s So if I am correct then we need to place values in henrys (mH in our case) and the primary (mH) to secondary windening ratio is squared and that value will be used on the secondary side of the model. If I am right then where can we find the induction values of the primary side? Would we actually measure that? I have measured an unmarked auto transformer that I was told was a t7a (-10db) and here is what I got. 0-5 (primary yes?) is 105.3mH/2.2ohm & 2-5 (secondary yes?) is 49.5mH/.89ohm. I did a third measurement of 0-2 @ 8.2mH/.22ohm but did not think that info is used. Pure DC resistance values were 131.3, 61.4 & 10.6ohms. All measurements were done using DATS v3.
  8. Yes, that is were I am headed. On the chance that you have read the recent past of posts I have made about modeling autotransformers, changing taps, asking for .xma and .frd files & calibrated microphones recommendations. And lets not forget the measuring .xma mass method on closed back drivers At this point in time I have not figured out how to (properly & accurately) have an auto transformer in either LT Spice or x Sim. circuits I am sure there will be a way I just haven't found out how yet but admittedly I have barely used x Sim. BTW can x Sim change the backgrounds to black? It is very hard for me to see things on a white background.
  9. CECAA850 when the OEM xo got re capped with Solen & new NPE's it was like most, it sounded like a blanket was removed. Then when the scratch built xo went in it was like listening through a doorway and then actual walking into the room. And thanks for the kind words.
  10. Looks to be the ones.... here is thier web site https://www.techsoundsystem.com/t_it/
  11. Up to now I have stayed with the oem tweeter diaphragm but now thinking about swapping it out with Crites TI version. The klf-30 mains have them so it got me think about the center channel. Has anyone done this having a negative out come?
  12. Yes their web site says so but have you actually given them a call by chance?
  13. I like what I am hearing at this point, but that makes total sense to do the comparison.
  14. Will be looking to get a calibrated microphone and am looking for models that you all have tried. Cost is a factor of course but if there is one better than another for maybe $20-30 one would only buy one once and not have to replace it later.
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