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  1. Alexander

    Lining the inside of Cornwall IIs

    And if you do not like what you hear you can easily reverse it.
  2. ^^^^^^ like he said, have your originals re-coned
  3. Alexander

    Inductor difference

    That also applies to laminate core.
  4. Alexander

    Emotiva vs. Denon

    Maybe I will also try bi-amping the forte II's, once with all 4400's and 4400's & XPA-1's. Something I was going to do about ten years ago with my Martin Logans and four 4400's..
  5. Alexander

    Emotiva vs. Denon

    I will be pulling out both pairs of POA-4400's to do some fun testing, they haven't seen the light of day for around five years..
  6. Alexander

    Inductor difference

    An air coil will always have a higher DCR than an iron/laminate core coil of the same AWG by way of using more wire to achieve the same mH value. The down side to iron/laminate is they get saturated quickly so they are generally limited to under around 3000Hz. The positive is they have a lower cost for the part. Conversely an air core do not have the saturation issue and cost more so they usually reserved them for HF. The transformer and laminate core are essentially the same thing and iron cores usually do not perform as well. Lower DCR is always better (higher Q) unless a certain DCR value is desired by design.
  7. Alexander

    Emotiva vs. Denon

    First off the Denon AVR-X3200W is great for the $700 I paid new for it. With that said we finally pulled out the Emotiva gear that had been boxed up since the move ~ a year ago and put in a rack. The sig bellow lists all of the equipment going back into service. So we fire up the Emotive and put in the CD Brothers in Arms (one of the standards I use). Holly cow Batman the forte II's came alive! What clarity and detail with the mids & highs and authority with the bottom end. So open an airy when compared to the Denon in direct mode no less. The forte II's were picked up after the Emotive gear was boxed so this was the first time they have been hooked up together. Now don't get me wrong, the Denon has a great sound at it's price point and probably not a fare comparison to a system that a single amp cost more than the AVR receiver itself. Just wanted to share the moment with others that like the same stuff.
  8. Alexander

    Amp/speaker switch selector

    Thank you for the tip, the SPK-1from Niles will be perfect as I can use the 12v trigger off of one of the Emotive devices to switch things over from the Denon AVR-X3200W.
  9. Alexander

    Questions about Chorus II horn and K-61

    You may want to add the k-75-k to your search as they are identical to the k-79-k but without the ferrofluid and you could add if you wish.
  10. Alexander

    Questions about Chorus II horn and K-61

    Sorry but I will plead the 5th if the member(s) want to share their opinion they can post them here. But would love to hear what others have to say about the k61k & family, It has been expressed by some that the Quartet, forte and Chorus family are very low on the proverbial totem pole when compared to the Heresy, Cornwall & above models. I for one like my forte II's very much BTW.
  11. Alexander

    Questions about Chorus II horn and K-61

    I have gotten the impression from some members here that the k55's are far superior to the k61,57,53 group. I have thought about going the other way and put k55's in my forte II's. Will be watching this thread for comments.
  12. Alexander

    Amp/speaker switch selector

    It appears that Niles does not offer a manual version, Might there be another manufacturer that makes such a device as robust as the SPK-1? My other option would be to just buy six pairs of binding posts and build my own using a jumper cable pair between the two amps/systems.
  13. Alexander

    Amp/speaker switch selector

    This is exactly what I am looking for EXCEPT I would want it controlled manually. Any idea off the top of your head of their equivalent counterpart model? Or does the SPK-1 also come with the remote control parts too?
  14. Alexander

    Klipsch Forte I midrange horn buzzing

    If the speaker is still active with the remaining drivers in the same box you may want to pull the questioned driver. Look for possible cracks or loose nuts holding the horn to the driver.