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  1. physical size of caps

    Thanks Deang for sharing some of your methods.
  2. Upgrade path with footprint limitations

    I do like my forte II's very much, just thinking if there might be something better that I could move up to. Aside from the newer lower end the only Klipsch speakers I have ever heard first hand have been the Quartet, forte II & Chorus II family and my KLF-7 center. So I have nothing to judge by what models were better than what I have now. With in the limits imposed on my room that is, would love to get something like Cornwall's or La Scala's but that just ca not happen, at least for now anyway
  3. Since I am limited to a max of about 18" wide it rules out say Cornwall's or larger speakers what might be my options for a upgrade path from the forte II's/Tangent 5000's? Money is very much a factor so say forte III's would be out of the question even if they are way better than the II's I currently have. Any ideas? I do like the forte II's very much but am I at the end of my choices with this footprint limit? Are any of the KLF-20/30 or other series in the same pall park as the forte II's?
  4. Is the lens/horn used in the KLF-20 & 30's the same with any other Klipsch model and if so which one(s)?
  5. Wire upgrde

    I have a printed table, will have to find where I got it and will post the link - Found it: https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/wire-gauges-d_419.html
  6. Wire upgrde

    IIRC a solid 16 awg will handle more current than a stranded (greater than 7 strands, again IIRC) of 10 or 12 awg. So that would also apply to the smaller wire sizes in a network component. None the less I still only use tined copper 16 awg to connect all of my drivers to the network. *will update info when ever I find my table update: 16 awg solid/single strand will handle 15a and 7 to 24 strands 12 awg can handle 14a
  7. Wire upgrde

    Sorry about that Thank you for posting that company early in your post, I will be using that type of wire for my external runs from amp to speaker.
  8. Wire upgrde

    Another source for a decent wire that is 16 awg and tined twisted pair for 45 cents a foot: https://meniscusaudio.com/product-category/wire/
  9. K52k, k57k & k61k

    Came across this here on the board
  10. K52k, k57k & k61k

    As I understand it the k76k tweeter has a smaller magnet and the k75k & k79k are the same driver other than the k79k has ferrofluid added to the k79k. So with the mid squawker are the k52k, k57k and k61k share the same driver with the lens being the only difference?
  11. ALK forte II x over v2.0 remake

    Another observation: The forte II's seem to match the KLF-C7 (re caped) center even more closely than before. It is one of those things I would not expected though.
  12. Need a bit of help please

    I want to thank TFR1 for his help and everyone else for replying. Jerry cut me some Baltic Birch and that stuff looks beautiful. Thank you all once again.
  13. Forte I Repair near NYC

    Are you referring to the speaker as a whole or an individual driver? The tweeter & midrange can be repaired by yourself if you are so incline.
  14. How not to foil your foil coil

    I understood what you meant, I guess the price reflects on not tinning the leads - you get what you pay for so they say
  15. How not to foil your foil coil

    Ok thanks, and yes you are right ERSE did not tin the leads and did not think of there still being a coating on the leads.