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  1. Alexander

    CL greenville H1's? $75.00 posted 13 hr as of this post

    No not the seller. I would expect them to be gone by now wouldn't you think? If the pics are the actual speakers for sale they are a killer deal. If I even had a chance to get them to fit in my room I would had gone for them.
  2. Alexander

    CL greenville H1's? $75.00 posted 13 hr as of this post

    someone needs to jump on this if it is the real deal
  3. Just saw this! CL greenville H1's? $75.00 posted 13 hr ago as of this post. Look more like CW's but the size listed would make them too small ttps://greenville.craigslist.org/ele/d/vintage-klipsch-speakers/6705760066.html
  4. Alexander

    klf-10 lens the same as klf-20/30 mids?

    Thanks gents, figured they were different drivers used. Just trying to open up options. Considering building a set of klf-30's to avoid/correct the known cabinet quality issues.
  5. As stated above, is the klf-10 high/mid lens the same as what is used in its bigger brothers klf20 or 30 mids?
  6. Nice, very nice! What fabric was used?
  7. Alexander

    KLF-20/30 or Chorus II ?

    Been through that with the Tangent 5000's If we go with any KLF's that was expecting and to go in and re glue. Any other choice's other than the three listed here? It is a bummer that we can not go with one of their bigger brothers. KG 5.5? Never though of them.
  8. Alexander

    KLF-20/30 or Chorus II ?

    OK, I have two systems with one set of speakers. The AVR-X3200W has the sub connected. The Emotiva rack system does not have the sub. A Niles SWK-1 is used to switch from one sysem to the othere sharing the forte II's. The Denon is used for home theater and Emotiva is music only.
  9. Alexander

    KLF-20/30 or Chorus II ?

    Depends on how you look at it, I don't see it as a problem but rather a preference. I have my reasons
  10. Alexander

    KLF-20/30 or Chorus II ?

    When the sub is used it is great, mostly used for theater. For music I'd rather not run it as it would be on for many hours at a time.
  11. Love my forte II's but want a bit more kick down low, already have a sub so won't need that. So I was considering going to the KLF-20 or 30 even Chorus II's. Has anyone of you had the chance to listen to the above speakers? I would value any and all feedback. The footprint available is limited to ~20" wide & ~18" deep so any of the big guns is not an option..
  12. Alexander


  13. Soooo tempting. Just can not come up with ~$400 anytime soon. Hope these are a success so they will be around for a while. BTW, the Forte I & II use K75K's , the K76K was used in the Quartet.
  14. Alexander


    As most probably already know that it has been suggested that anything over say 3000Hz to go with aircore inductors only. Just in case we have some newbes out there.
  15. Alexander

    Chorus II Cap Update

    250v or better and if you stay with PE a 2.7 & 3.3uf would give you more to choose from. At 5% of 6.2uf would be 5.89-6.51uf. Some may argue that a 6.2uf is just fine, I tend to be a bit more picky even if there isn't any measurable difference.