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  1. adam2434

    Forte II - trouble taming brightness

    Maybe some relevance...or maybe not... I have a pair of Forte I (original model), and I find that the upper midrange (not treble) can sound a bit hot and sharp on some material when volume is on the higher side. I don't find the treble from the tweeter to be too bright or too hot. The upper range of the Forte midrange driver/horn is where hearing is the most sensitive, so that could be a factor in why the upper midrange sounds hot to me when the volume is pushed. For reference, I replaced the mid and tweeter caps with Dayton Precisions, but left the resistor stock (wish I would have replaced it with a Mills). Also, they are being driven by solid state, a Rotel RB-1582 MkII.
  2. adam2434

    Powergate/RW1 setup

    Yeah, I believe it will be difficult and messy to do what you want to do with the Powergate and RW-1. You would have to use the Klipsch Stream app or Regular Play-Fi app and play both the Powergate (for sub output) and RW-1 simultaneously as a group and try to get a volume balance between the sub and speakers. There might be delay issues also.
  3. adam2434

    Powergate/RW1 setup

    I'm not sure what you want to do is possible. The bigger question for me is why do you wanted to use two RW-1 (powered wi-fi speakers) for a 2.1 system with the Powergate amp? Why not use the Powergate's amp to power standard, passive bookshelf speakers? The subwoofer will need to be connected to the Powergate anyway, so just also connect standard, passive speakers. In this case, you would only need to connect the Powergate to your network/wifi for streaming content. The Aux/Phono/BT inputs can be selected and played directly on the Powergate without the need for any streaming or use of the phone app. Can you return the two RW-1 and get a pair of passive bookshelf speakers? Jamo S 803 or Klipsch RP-150M/160M are a couple options in the "Klipsch family".
  4. adam2434

    Klipsch R-15PM and SONOS

    1. Yes. 2. No. 3. Yes, if you use a Sonos Connect, you will still need to manually power the R-15PM on/off, unless you just leave them on all the time. 4. Since 2. is No, 4. is also No. Bottom line is that the Sonos Connect is what you need for the R-15PM. One thing to note - since the Sonos Connect's digital (optical and coaxial) and analog outputs are all live simultaneously, you could potentially even connect it to a second (and even third) system in a different zone/room, assuming you could make the appropriate cable runs.
  5. adam2434

    PowerGate amp

    After playing with the Powergate on the "system on a board" for a few weeks, I can say that the Powergate sounds good to me as a digital integrated amp, and powers the NHT SB3's to satisfying levels. However, my experience with using DTS Play-Fi and the Media Server input (FLAC files on my PC) has been pretty horrible. It is basically useless because the connection to the server only lasts a few songs before it drops. From what I've read, this is a common problem with Play-Fi. Play-Fi also routes local media server files through your phone, then on to the Play-Fi device. This is not typical DLNA with a server, renderer, and controller. If the Powergate was a typical DLNA renderer, I expect that local files would work better. I use a Sonos Connect and 2 Chromecast Audio's with these same FLAC files (3 separate systems), and the server connection is stable and reliable with these devices. I am ditching Play-Fi on the Powergate for local FLAC files, and will just use a Chromecast Audio connected via toslink. This kills the all-in-one-box factor, but at least local FLAC files will work. Good news is that Spotify Premium does not use the Play-Fi app. It uses the Spotify Connect feature, so streaming is directly from the Spotify servers.
  6. adam2434

    Klipsch rf 7 ii - not so horny

    Won't a typical 6.5" woofer start to beam at about 2.5 kHz and have some serious break-up modes in the 4-5 kHz range? Seems like crossing a 6.5" woofer to a super tweeter at 5 kHz is going to cause some serious issues. Not a speaker designer, so take this for what it's worth.
  7. Yep, I've read the PWK Dope from Hope on this topic. Certainly seems like he was a proponent of extreme toe-in, where the on-axis sound intersects in front of the listening position. However, this is in conjunction with corner placement. I do wonder if he was a proponent of this when speakers are not in corners. Unfortunately, I can't try corner placement in this room, as there is no left corner - it opens to another room.
  8. Funny, sounds very familiar. My wife will say "You turned on the special speakers!" in a slightly sarcastic, excited voice. I think she is making fun of me in a subtle manner. 😁
  9. And I scooched over to the center couch seat last night while we watched the CMA's. Told the wife what I was doing and she said "Aww, you want to sit next to your wife." in a joking way, and grabbed my hand. 😀 Also asked her if she has ever noticed right speaker dominance in her seat. Of course, she said she never noticed anything. 😀 Imaging is just fine in the center seat, as it has always been with every speaker set we've had in this system.
  10. Interesting. Notice anything strange or compromised, like with stereo separation or soundstage width?
  11. Bottom back of the speaker cabinet is at 13.75" and 10.5" with the toe. The front of the speaker is several inches forward of the TV cabinet, so should not be getting reflections from anything between the speakers.
  12. Yep, I thought of that after I did a bunch of shoulder isometrics last Saturday. 😣 Great idea! I work out several times a week, but felt like I did 20 sets of shrugs after moving, adjusting, moving, adjusting them.
  13. I am a little surprised that extreme toe-in per the time-intensity trading principle is not a popular reco here. Perhaps folks have tried it and it didn't work, or they didn't like it for other reasons.
  14. Speakers are about 8 feet apart and distance to couch is 12 feet.
  15. Yeah, they are in phase. Center image is fine in center listening position, and bass is also not lacking.