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  1. I’m guilty of this as well more times than not. Recently went from Def Leppard to Art Blakey so I’ve no room to critique!
  2. Porgy and Bess into the Fixx. 👍 I’d of looked for a segue…but I have no idea what that could be! Chaka Khan?
  3. It was in the upper 70s when I went out to smoke a cigar. 30 minutes later it was low 60s, windy, and rainy! Sure, I could’ve put long pants and a jacket on, but it seemed like an excuse to come inside and spin some tunes and refill my whiskey glass.
  4. When I had my speakers apart I tested each one individually (woofer and tweeter) and they both were 4 ohm. I assumed the crossover network along with the load of both speakers is what produced the nominal 8 ohm rating. I thought I looked into it and confirmed, but I’m drawing a mental blank if that was generally accurate or if there was something else involved.
  5. I’m just here to emphasize the Grant Green suggestion. I’ve recently rediscovered this work and really enjoying it. Cheers! ✌️
  6. I have about two crates remaining of 12” albums I couldn’t part with during the last purge. They don’t get much play on the hi-fi since, like you, they were from another life when I was djing. Those tracks made it over to CD and now reside on the network server. I can’t get rid of them though…someday I’ll bust out the 1200s and give ‘em a spin.
  7. Other than nationality, fitness, lifestyle, attractiveness, worldliness, and an ability to have more than two vodka martinis while gambling and not loosing everything, 007 and I are practically the same person. I’ll be over here waiting by the phone.
  8. I had Yellow Brick Road next in my rotation as well! Your later post of Madman reminded me I have, or at least had, that on vinyl. Having trouble locating it though. Might have to do some digging.
  9. Jhakobe

    The Other Discs

    Spring has not yet come to the areas around Lake Michigan - it’s snowing sideways today. Good reason spin some discs!
  10. A few months ago I may have been more skeptical and assumed it was more an issue of someone getting used to the sound rather than speakers breaking in or electronics warming up. That changed when I replaced woofers in some speakers. When I first listened to the speakers with the new woofers the sound was quite bad - no depth, poor imagery, lack of bass. I let them play on with a variety of music at a moderate volume level while I did other things around the house, occasionally going back to the room to see if I was mistaken. For a few hours I was not mistaken, they continued to sound bad. And I almost took them apart thinking I’d wired them out of phase when “Let It Be” came on. It sounded different so I sat down to listen - the sound stage moved back, imagery was better, and there was a notable increase in bass. Your results may vary, of course. When it comes to new speakers, I’m quite sure at least some need a break in period.
  11. It’s an oil base stain - Varathane brand, premium fast dry, in Briarsmoke. I also used two coats of Polycrylic satin water based clear. I wanted to keep a matte finish while offing some protection.
  12. I’m a fan of MCM and tulip bases are cool. I don’t think they’d work with a small box speaker unless they were somewhat taller. Just one guys opinion. That said, I feel like this could be inspiration to look at repurposing retro-mod items as stands.
  13. I email the photos to myself. Before the email is sent it asks how large of file to attach, and I select anything lower than 2mb. Using iPhone. There are other ways too.
  14. Thanks for saying that. Took some work but it was enjoyable. I think I need some complimentary stands for them now.
  15. If I could be a stay-at-home doggie dad and refinish speakers I’d get everyone lined up! Thanks, man.
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