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  1. I’m right in that same line of thinking. Thanks for helping to confirm. Guess I’ll see how motivated the seller is before making the drive to demo.
  2. Yeah, you’re probably right about just having to demo them, short of any other info and numbers. The asking price is a bit high for my area, so we’ll see if they’re will to negotiate.
  3. I do care about them matching but not nearly as much as I care about the sound between them being consistent. I can’t imagine manufacturing differences day to day or even month to month there would be a noticeable sound difference. Year to year…maybe?
  4. Trying to manage expectations but I may have located a pair of Heresy II within driving distance. Seller couldn’t provide serial numbers due to sticker being removed from at least one unit. Should they also have serial numbers stamped into the back box edge and would that tell me if they are consecutive?
  5. Seems like it was a long week. Slowdive in 4K and at an elevated level ought to help.
  6. I’ve a bit of a solstice tradition of settling in early with some enjoyable vinyl and a special beverage. This year it’s Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense on the refurbed KG1.5s and a new to me SW-450, and some Laphroaig scotch. Cheers!
  7. Really nice, the color and sheen look great. Well done.
  8. Jhakobe

    What I Got Today!

    Was thinking of upgrading from Monoprice wires and reducing my speaker wire run distance. Found a decent deal on Mogami wire and decided to try these Sewell connectors. They felt like they made a solid clamp of the wire. Made them up last evening with a martini…no issues so far.
  9. A buddy is a big Crowes/Robinson brothers fan, suggested Warpaint when I asked for a recommendation. I found a pretty blue pressing at a record show some weeks back and decided to give it a spin tonight. Big sounding recording, really dig it!
  10. I’m guilty of this as well more times than not. Recently went from Def Leppard to Art Blakey so I’ve no room to critique!
  11. Porgy and Bess into the Fixx. 👍 I’d of looked for a segue…but I have no idea what that could be! Chaka Khan?
  12. It was in the upper 70s when I went out to smoke a cigar. 30 minutes later it was low 60s, windy, and rainy! Sure, I could’ve put long pants and a jacket on, but it seemed like an excuse to come inside and spin some tunes and refill my whiskey glass.
  13. When I had my speakers apart I tested each one individually (woofer and tweeter) and they both were 4 ohm. I assumed the crossover network along with the load of both speakers is what produced the nominal 8 ohm rating. I thought I looked into it and confirmed, but I’m drawing a mental blank if that was generally accurate or if there was something else involved.
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