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  1. Return to RF-63 Speakers

    Just a post to update my RF-63 system. I've brought my McIntosh (MC-2105 amp and C-22 preamp) over to drive them. I hooked System up yesterday and initially ran into ground fault issue. After several hours of searching - I discovered an electronic air filter (plugged into a totally different outlet) was source of fault. Once I disconnected air filter - system played fine. I'm extremely happy with how the system sounds.
  2. Return to RF-63 Speakers

    I have owned several Klipsch models over the past 6-7 years, all of which I enjoyed. Recently, I decided It was time to "downsize" my Cornwalls and replace them with a "slimmer" and "lighter" pair of speakers. Ideally, they would be replaced with another pair of Klipsch, but I knew from experience, the only model I felt would meet my requirements, (size and performance) would be a pair of RF-63 speakers. I had owned a pair of these, in Cherry, several years ago. I enjoyed them, but sold them to buy a pair of RF-7 Series II speakers several years back. As luck would have it, the day after I sold my Cornwalls, a mint pair of Cherry RF-63 speakers was listed on CL about 2 hours from my home. I made offer for them - which was accepted. I just brought them home today. Initially I have them hooked up to my Scott integrated amp. Will drive them with a McIntosh amp/preamp in future. Looking forward to getting reacquainted with these speakers again.
  3. SOLD - 2 > H H Scott metal cabinets

    Received the Scott covers this week. Set my LK-48 amp in one of the covers this morning - really like how it looks. I appreciate T2K selling these covers at such a reasonable price and packing them so carefully.
  4. FS - Klipsch Cornwall Speakers

    We haven't finalized location. At this point we believe it will either be near Pontre Vedra or near Tampa. My wife has family/friends near Jacksonville - therefore Pontre Vedra would be convenient to see them. However, we have stayed near Tampa/Clearwater Beach several times and really liked the gulf coast. My wife has 3 years until she retires, so we have some time to finalize our decision.
  5. FS - Klipsch Cornwall Speakers

  6. FS - Klipsch Cornwall Speakers

    I appreciate the offer of trade, but looking to sell only.
  7. FS - Klipsch Cornwall Speakers

    Good advice, I'm sure for my move south. I've enjoyed my time in NC, but am looking forward to our move to Florida.
  8. FS - Klipsch Cornwall Speakers

    A few photos taken today. I'm hoping photos are attached successfully.
  9. FS - Klipsch Cornwall Speakers

    Having difficult time with downloading photos - but the serial numbers of speakers are: 13R760 and 13R761 The original tags are intact on back of each speaker. I'll add additional photos once I've figured out how to do so.
  10. FS - Klipsch Cornwall Speakers

    Very difficult decision to sell my Cornwalls. I have been attempting to downsize my systems for the past 1 and 1/2 years as I expect my living space to become smaller once my wife retires and we relocate to Florida. At this time, don't expect to replace these Cornwalls - in fact - will likely sell my Scott LK-48 integrated amp which I primarily used to drive my Cornwalls. I have several McIntosh Solid State amps and a McIntosh tube preamp and McIntosh solid state preamp which I intend to keep long term. I also have a pair of Quad ESL-2905 speakers which I intend to keep. I'll likely keep an eye out for a smaller pair of speakers which I can use with one of the McIntosh front ends.
  11. FS - Klipsch Cornwall Speakers

    Selling my Klipsch Cornwall speakers. I'm second owner of this pair of Cornwalls. Speakers are in very good cosmetic condition, with only a very few minor marks on cabinets. I'll add more photos later today of cabinets, drivers. Speakers include original B-3 crossovers as well as upgraded ALK crossovers. Also have the original K-77 drivers, as well as Crites CT-120 drivers. Speakers have sequential serial numbers (I'll add serial numbers later today - I believe these were produced in 1979) as well as original cartons. I purchased the risers from Crites, so they are not original. Asking $1,350 for everything. Speakers are located in Chapel Hill, NC and for local sale only.
  12. Cornwall return

    I would say biggest difference between Pass Labs and McIntosh, which I heard, was the Pass Labs was possibly a little more clean and "analytical" sounding. I personally prefer the McIntosh front end with the Klipsch Cornwalls. Relative to tubes, I have a McIntosh C-22 preamp which I'm currently using in another system. I don't intend to sell the C-22 and will likely bring it into this system in place of the C-28 sometime in near future. I also have a refurbished Scott LK-48 integrated amp which I sometimes drive the Cornwalls with. I'm always impressed with the Scott and Cornwalls. At some point (would need to sell something I currently have) I would like to try a Single Ended Tube amp. I've never heard one perform, but there are many posts describing how well they perform with Heritage Klipsch speakers.
  13. Cornwall return

    I listen to vinyl, at most, 10% of time, the rest of time I stream music. While I enjoyed the Clearaudio turntable, I had owned a Denon previously, and regretted selling it. The vintage look and convenience of "auto stop/lift" make it more desirable for me.
  14. Cornwall return

    Just an update to my Cornwall system. Sold the Pass Labs amp/preamp and Clearaudio turntable. Now using McIntosh amp/preamp and Denon turntable. I've yet to put original crossovers back in - just enjoy their sound too much as they are.