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  1. I purchased this amp from James, who was kind enough to hold amp for me until I was able to secure funds to pay for it. I received amp yesterday and tubes today. I'm extremely pleased with cosmetic condition of amp and am listening to it now. I have it paired with a McIntosh C22 preamp (also purchased from Klipsch Forum) and a pair of Altec Valencia speakers. I believe this combination should sound quite nice. Can't say enough good things regarding buying from James - as my experience has been with every transaction on this forum - it has been extremely positive.
  2. Just a post to update my RF-63 system. I've brought my McIntosh (MC-2105 amp and C-22 preamp) over to drive them. I hooked System up yesterday and initially ran into ground fault issue. After several hours of searching - I discovered an electronic air filter (plugged into a totally different outlet) was source of fault. Once I disconnected air filter - system played fine. I'm extremely happy with how the system sounds.
  3. I have owned several Klipsch models over the past 6-7 years, all of which I enjoyed. Recently, I decided It was time to "downsize" my Cornwalls and replace them with a "slimmer" and "lighter" pair of speakers. Ideally, they would be replaced with another pair of Klipsch, but I knew from experience, the only model I felt would meet my requirements, (size and performance) would be a pair of RF-63 speakers. I had owned a pair of these, in Cherry, several years ago. I enjoyed them, but sold them to buy a pair of RF-7 Series II speakers several years back. As luck would have it, the day after I sold my Cornwalls, a mint pair of Cherry RF-63 speakers was listed on CL about 2 hours from my home. I made offer for them - which was accepted. I just brought them home today. Initially I have them hooked up to my Scott integrated amp. Will drive them with a McIntosh amp/preamp in future. Looking forward to getting reacquainted with these speakers again.
  4. Received the Scott covers this week. Set my LK-48 amp in one of the covers this morning - really like how it looks. I appreciate T2K selling these covers at such a reasonable price and packing them so carefully.
  5. We haven't finalized location. At this point we believe it will either be near Pontre Vedra or near Tampa. My wife has family/friends near Jacksonville - therefore Pontre Vedra would be convenient to see them. However, we have stayed near Tampa/Clearwater Beach several times and really liked the gulf coast. My wife has 3 years until she retires, so we have some time to finalize our decision.
  6. I appreciate the offer of trade, but looking to sell only.
  7. Good advice, I'm sure for my move south. I've enjoyed my time in NC, but am looking forward to our move to Florida.
  8. A few photos taken today. I'm hoping photos are attached successfully.
  9. Having difficult time with downloading photos - but the serial numbers of speakers are: 13R760 and 13R761 The original tags are intact on back of each speaker. I'll add additional photos once I've figured out how to do so.
  10. Very difficult decision to sell my Cornwalls. I have been attempting to downsize my systems for the past 1 and 1/2 years as I expect my living space to become smaller once my wife retires and we relocate to Florida. At this time, don't expect to replace these Cornwalls - in fact - will likely sell my Scott LK-48 integrated amp which I primarily used to drive my Cornwalls. I have several McIntosh Solid State amps and a McIntosh tube preamp and McIntosh solid state preamp which I intend to keep long term. I also have a pair of Quad ESL-2905 speakers which I intend to keep. I'll likely keep an eye out for a smaller pair of speakers which I can use with one of the McIntosh front ends.
  11. Selling my Klipsch Cornwall speakers. I'm second owner of this pair of Cornwalls. Speakers are in very good cosmetic condition, with only a very few minor marks on cabinets. I'll add more photos later today of cabinets, drivers. Speakers include original B-3 crossovers as well as upgraded ALK crossovers. Also have the original K-77 drivers, as well as Crites CT-120 drivers. Speakers have sequential serial numbers (I'll add serial numbers later today - I believe these were produced in 1979) as well as original cartons. I purchased the risers from Crites, so they are not original. Asking $1,350 for everything. Speakers are located in Chapel Hill, NC and for local sale only.
  12. I would say biggest difference between Pass Labs and McIntosh, which I heard, was the Pass Labs was possibly a little more clean and "analytical" sounding. I personally prefer the McIntosh front end with the Klipsch Cornwalls. Relative to tubes, I have a McIntosh C-22 preamp which I'm currently using in another system. I don't intend to sell the C-22 and will likely bring it into this system in place of the C-28 sometime in near future. I also have a refurbished Scott LK-48 integrated amp which I sometimes drive the Cornwalls with. I'm always impressed with the Scott and Cornwalls. At some point (would need to sell something I currently have) I would like to try a Single Ended Tube amp. I've never heard one perform, but there are many posts describing how well they perform with Heritage Klipsch speakers.
  13. I listen to vinyl, at most, 10% of time, the rest of time I stream music. While I enjoyed the Clearaudio turntable, I had owned a Denon previously, and regretted selling it. The vintage look and convenience of "auto stop/lift" make it more desirable for me.
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