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  1. Thanks for positive comment - I appreciate it. My Cornwalls have upgraded ALK crossovers and I put the CT120 drivers in after I bought them from original owner. With the Scott LK-48 integrated they sound wonderful to me. I'm pleasantly surprised how now they sound with the Pioneer receiver.
  2. Just hooked my Pioneer SX-1980 up to my Cornwalls and pleasantly surprised how well the combination sounds.
  3. Thanks for comments. I've been sufficiently impressed with the Cornwall speakers with ALK X-overs performance - I put the Pass Labs equipment in place of McIntosh front end. Also added turntable to hear how vinyl sounded. I'm extremely pleased with how this system sounds. It images extremely well and the soundstage is both wide and deep. I intend to listen to this system as is for several weeks and then put the B3 X-overs in to hear difference which the X-overs make.
  4. Getting ready to simplify my systems over the next several years as I get ready to retire and relocate. I have some nice McIntosh pieces, which I intend to keep given how they perform - plus I'm a fan of the older McIntosh pieces. I decided to find a pair of Cornwall speakers (I've owned several pair in past and like their performance and their flexibility with matching up to low power amps) to use with the McIntosh pieces. Picked this pair of Cornwall I speakers up Saturday in Rochester NY. Single owner speakers, wth original cartons and a set of ALK crossovers in addition to original B3 crossovers. Hooked them up this morning and happy with how the system sounds. Only pending change, as I sell other systems, is replacing the MC2105 amp with a McIntosh tube amp. Very glad to own a pair of Heritage Klipsch again.
  5. Couldn't agree more with these sentiments. I have owned most Klipsch Heritage speakers (Belles, Cornwall, Chorus I, Forte II, Forte I, as well as RF-63, and RF-7 Series II) and enjoyed them all. If I had room, I'd have the K-Horns listed in Raleigh currently. I'm a big fan of Klipsch speakers. I have multiple 2 channel systems and just put a pair of Bose 901 Series VI speakers with a Pioneer SX-1250 receiver. Part of reason for putting this system together is memory of visiting a stereo shop in Elmira, NY in late 70's and hearing same system - best sound I had ever heard to that point (clearly, there were likely better systems available at the time). I've been listening to the Pioneer/Bose system since last night. To say "no lows and no highs" would not be how I would describe their sound. In listening position, sound level is 65 Db and is very satisfactory.
  6. *SOLD* - Nice meeting you Denny... It as a pleasure meeting you and your father today Bob. Best of luck with your move.
  7. PM Sent with Interest
  8. As I don't use my Home Theatre much - I have a pair of Forte II speakers I'm using for my front speakers. I use a KLF C7 for my center speaker. The RF 7II are better for home theatre than my Forte speakers - just don't use them enough to justify the higher cost.
  9. Below is thread from which I purchased speakers - indicating speakers are A Stock https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/151595-klipsch-rf7iis-sold/
  10. My understanding, when I purchased them, is A Stock - not certain if Serial Number would indicate also?
  11. Selling my Cherry RF-7 II speakers purchased earlier this year from forum member. Speakers look and perform terrific (I have grills also), just don't use my home theatre system enough to justify keeping them. I'm asking $1,650 on local CL (Chapel Hill, NC) but would sell for same price I paid ($1,500) if sold to Klipsch Forum Member. I'll be happy to send more photos if anyone is interested.
  12. Bump - very nice pair of Chorus I speakers still available
  13. Congrats on both your sale and your new speakers. The 7iis are really nice speakers. I really enjoyed my time with them. Are they going to be 2ch only or are you on the look out for a 64ii? Ultimately, I believe they will be for Home theatre only. I'm currently listening to them in a 2 channel system - have to say they perform quite well. I have several other speakers which I will use in 2 channel systems on a permanent basis. I currently have a very nice KLF-C7 center speaker, which I like very much. I've had an Academy and RC-7 center also - ultimately preferred the C7. I may at sometime look at getting a 64 or 64II, as I'm sure they would be a better match for my RF-7II speakers.
  14. Sold