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  1. I also thought "Rudy" from the ND football movie. Not everybody knows who Rudy from the forums is, I didn't.
  2. Are you a Sams Club member? They really are scrubbing down everything in sight. Sams Club has a great phone app I am now using all the time, no more standing in line at the register. Start the app, it remembers who you are. Then use the camera to scan the product bar codes, it's all DIY. You don't even stand in line except while leaving. Swipe the Pay Now feature and then the phone generates a code on the phone. The greeter scans your phone as you are leaving and sends the receipt to your email. Quick and easy. Ain't nobody touching nobody.
  3. These new LS II's weigh 175 pounds each. That's how heavy the old 1980's era Khorns were.
  4. Beach Boys, "I Get Around" About 10 seconds to 15 seconds into the vid. You can actually hear it on the second time through the chorus, you just can't believe what he's singing. Who talks like that? I get around... Town-to-town. I'm ??????????, I'm making real good bread. +++ You can listen to it all you want, but don't Google it. 😎
  5. Given that specific description, I would guess the top glass put a downward pressure or stress on the lower glass. When you lifted the top glass off, the bottom glass tried to rebound into its original shape. There was enough kinetic energy for the lower glass to rebound violently and explode. Or it was the Cornwalls being played too loud.
  6. The Beatles and Beach Boys, on the AM radio, circa 1962. Meet the Beatles album. With the Beach Boys, it was more songs. Little Honda, In My Room, Little Deuce Coup. Bought a lot of 45's. Has everybody heard the acapela vocals?
  7. Cory has several auctions going on Ebay, including some B-stock La Scala's. At a good price, I might add.
  8. I don't need necessities. It's the luxuries I can't live without. +++ I'll send mine to my youngest (adult) son. He's on his own and I'm sure he could use the extra money.
  9. Arash! How are you, my friend? I miss hearing from you. How is business? How are things on your side of planet earth? I depend on you for real news as our media people are not always truthful and put a political bias on what they report. You, I trust. -Dave
  10. Grocery Store Update: I live near a West Virginia city of 40,000. I stopped by the local Walmart which is usually open 24/7 but they closed at 830pm just as I was getting there. I moved on to the local Kroger's an hour before they closed at 10p, usually close at midnight. Even at the end of the evening there was plenty of fresh fruit, plenty of chicken, pork and beef. Most but not all the bread was gone. Plenty of alcohol products, plenty of pop. In fact Coke and Pepsi were on sale for 99 cents, usually about $1.50 or so. I didn't check on TP but I found plenty of OJ. I like Kroger OJ and bought a couple of gallons which is the typical quantity for me. The store seemed like it had the usual amount of customers for that time of night, not really crowded, no long lines at the register. It seemed like there was a lot of employees at the check out (the young kids) and both Walmart and Kroger had signs out that they were hiring. Light traffic on the road, down about 80% by my guess-timate. Here is why I can't play racquetball, as my club is owned by WVU Medicine, Camden Clark Hospital. This is the entrance.
  11. We have a few churches like that close to Chattanooga. There's a lot more to their services than handling snakes, and not often that someone dies. that photo certainly isn't from any time in recently history. I don't know how West Virginia churches are doing in recent times with regards to snake handling but I assure you that back in the 1960's in the backwoods of southern West Virginia that snake handling was a thing.
  12. Problem solved! 👍 How many highly trained nurses do you think it will take to operate those ventilators 24/7? FYI ICU staffing is usually 2:1 as opposed to floor nurses where 20:1 is typical. There is already a nurse shortage. If we started today with a huge influx of new nurses, it would be four years before that class would start to impact hospital staffing. Making more things is the easy part. Making more skilled people is the difficult part.
  13. We're not short. My wife works at a hospital and the problem is that it is already at full capacity. It can and is handling the daily needs. If hospitals routinely ran at 80% capacity they would go out of business. The problem is if we add another ie 20 ICU patients, whether from virus, industrial accident, etc. That is where the hospitals lack resources, ICU nurses are highly trained. You can't just pull a nurse off a med-surg floor and assign her to ICU. They are not trained nor certified to handle the specialized ICU equipment, such as ventilators.
  14. Here in WV I went to a Rural King for a big bag of dog food. Passing by the gun counter they were out of .22, .38 and 9mm. I probably have a typical cache of 500 .22's and 500 9mm. For target practice, of course. 😎
  15. I'm sorry, but that's unbelievable. It's crazy! 😮 So, the mayor orders them to stop shooting each other so there are beds for the Covid-19 virus patients? "Baltimore Mayor Begs Residents To Stop Shooting Each Other So Hospital Beds Can Be Used For Coronavirus Patients..." Then after the virus passes, does the mayor give the go-ahead for its citizens to resume the shootings?
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