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  1. wvu80

    Spikes or no spikes on carpet?

    I put just about every speaker I own on rubber mats. I've given spikes away if a Klipsch Forum member needed some.
  2. wvu80

    First Home Theater

    Sub: The SVS sub is a solid choice. Center: Can you squeeze a horizontal center in that space directly under the TV? That would be ideal. L/R: The pic was very helpful. If your shelving will accommodate it I would go with bookshelf speakers. That will solve the safety issues, fit into your existing space and I don't think sound quality will suffer a bit vs floorstanders. TV: Is that a 65" TV already in that cab? Will the Viz PQ65 fit in there? If the TV, center and L/R bookshelf speakers will fit into that audio cabinet that will make a pretty tidy front end.
  3. wvu80

    CL: Klipsch corner Speakers - $500 (Mendota IL)

    You didn't pay $1200, you just made a thousand! (once you decide to sell them) Seriously, congrats on a great find. Any pictures of the Khorns in their new home?
  4. wvu80

    No Need to Give This Man a Hand.

    That flips me out. 🙈 🙈 🙈
  5. wvu80

    Epic CF3 - $300

    I track prices in a spreadsheet. The actual sales data says for all CF-3's in all conditions the overall average price is $628 before I add this speaker into the average. Afterwards if I add this one to the average it drops to $606. I have very few confirmed sales (ten) so the average sales price might not be as generalizeable as I might like but it should be close to fair market value, that is a price fair to both Buyer and Seller. I show two v1 in Condition A which sold for $800, that is the top price. Low price version 3 Cond Unknown was $400. In my OPINION (not data based) CF-3 version 1 in good condition (A or B ) is worth about $600. When I evaluate price for each lower Condition C or D) subtract $100. Version 2 = $500 Version 3 = $400 In this particular case we have a CF-3 v2 in Condition D. Start with Version 2 worth around $500 in Condition B, subtract $200 to reach an approximate value of $300. I look at it from the perspective of the Buyer, not Seller. And as always, just my humble opinion.
  6. wvu80

    Epic CF3 - $300

    I had to look close, but the left speaker top woof looks a little funky. The entire cone is plastic all the way to the edge where the rubber surround is. I'm not sure how they could be damaged. Dinged maybe, but not damaged. I couldn't tell where they've been stored based on looking at the pics. I doubt that would affect the workings of the drivers. The damage to the left speaker top cabinet looks like the front motor board and not the cherry veneer. That whole front comes off with only six screws, very easy to get off for repair. If you refurb both cabs you are into some light hand-sanding and about a week's worth of work. Those things are dusty but I bet they would clean up very nicely. Check to see if there are grills, I didn't see any in the picture. If you need grills you will have to make some, they are not available on the used market that I've ever seen. +++ Those are from 1995, version 2. IMO the price is about right, the average price for those is close to $650 in good condition. IMO the v1 in good condition are worth about $600, $500 for v2, $400 for v3. Subtract another $100 for the lack of grills. I put those in Condition D (like a report card ABCDF). Agree with @avguytx I'd shoot him a lowball offer as they do need some work. If you need a woofer I doubt you would find one on the used market. You would have to find a non-oem replacement. I think the CF-3's retailed for $2300 new.
  7. wvu80

    First Home Theater

    When building a new HT based system my opinion is to build from the inside out. Get the best center speaker you can afford because Movies/TV are 90% dialog and 90% of the dialog comes out of the center. For HT the next best place to put your money is into a decent sub. Since you have a two year-old you might even want to skip the sub and get a good pair of L/R with some strong bass like the RF-7 III's. It will meet almost all your needs for strong bass. A good 3.0 system might fit your family needs. Oh man, we need to talk. I just installed my Viz PQ65 after my 10 year-old TV died about a month ago. I got mine through Sams Club on a Black Friday deal. The picture quality is outstanding and changing picture modes (dark, calibrated, vivid, etc) is easy and it flat out works. The internet complaints about banding? Not a problem, I've seen banding about 3 seconds worth in 20 hours of TV and movie watching. The narrow viewing angle? Not a problem, it is much less a concern than I was worried about. If you haven't done it yet go to rtings.com and get the calibration settings. Note: The rtings.com settings can't all be used (Extreme Black Engine Pro) because your Viz will update the software which eliminates part of their recommendations. https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/vizio/p-series-quantum/settings Here is the PQ65 and my unusual front sound stage using RF-83's with RS-62 surround speakers on top which are configured as Front Heights giving me an outstanding wide sound stage. For obvious reasons I do NOT recommend that for safety reasons. I am child and pet free right now so I can get away with such an otherwise unstable front setup. There are people who have used dual bookshelf speakers as a center speaker. You hook them up in parallel to turn an 8 Ohm load into a 4 Ohm load. The negative is having two speakers play the exact same content will produce lobing. The people who have done that (not me) all have great things to say about the sound and report that lobing is not an issue. If you are going to go with the RP series get the biggest ones you can afford starting with the center speaker. Get smaller L/R if that is what your budget dictates but don't skimp on the center. Safety Tip: Two year-olds will climb everything. You, your wife, the dog...and your speakers. Get some cables and anchor those floor standers to the wall. You'll have to drill a small hole in your L/R cabs but that is a small trade off for safety and peace of mind. And welcome to the forums! Post a pic of your potential front setup if you get a chance. The following program will allow you to shrink your pics to under the 2 MB limit per post this forum allows. It is a small program and is ad-ware free. http://www.faststone.org/FSResizerDetail.htm
  8. I'm not being facetious but maybe you have more skill than I, or maybe your room is better. In my case with my goofy room and different kinds of speakers I couldn't get the Khorns in particular to sound proper. The problem with them is they are fantastic 2.0 speakers. Anytime I added a center or other speakers to the mix the Khorns got dumbed down. They sounded OK in my 5.1 but they lost their sparkle and performance as Audyssey would always pad them down to about -11 db. I always knew in a 5.1 I was leaving performance on the table. The RF-83's (and some other floorstanders I've used in the past) just seemed to integrate better.
  9. Hello Steven, welcome to the forums. I've never owned or even listened to either of the speakers you're asking about. I'd like to make a general comment about Heritage speakers vs Reference. I have owned La Scalas and Khorns and I found them difficult to integrate into a HT setup. I now use RF-83's and I find they integrate very well into my 5.1 living room setup. I am suggesting the RF-7 III because I think it will integrate easier into your current HT setup.
  10. wvu80

    College football 2018

    Well, this stinks. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/25482960/west-virginia-mountaineers-qb-grier-skip-bowl-game-focus-draft-prep
  11. wvu80

    Wanted RB-75’s. Maybe RB-5’s

    Hey brother, long time no see! Hope things are well with you and yours. +++ I think you are smart to look for them here even though I don't remember offhand anybody who posts here who has them, but you never know. The problem you already know, the RB-75's have legendary status amongst Klipsch owners and are rarely seen on the used market. I doubt that I've seen one pair per year for sale. If you want RB-75's you should hold out for them. Good luck with your search. -Dave
  12. wvu80

    Help with upgrade.

    Grab the RC-64. It will be a massive upgrade to the sound quality especially for TV/movies. I think you'll be surprised how natural and clear the vocals will be.
  13. I've spent a little more time playing with the system. For the R-Series (Reference?) when I was done it showed me a 5.1 price for $1400. For the RP series no price was shown. I also think the Reference Series (RF ?) should be shown on the configurator. +++ I'm not trying to be a jerk but I know the distinctions of the three tiers and I STILL feel pretty confused about what I'm seeing. Somehow I want to know very clearly which is the Entry-level, Mid-level and Top-level system. Listing three tiers with similar sounding names is confusing to me.
  14. The first problem I see is that Klipsch offers choices in terms of what THEY know and not in terms of what the CUSTOMER knows. That is backwards IMO, I'll explain further. The difference is your configuator shows me what KLIPSCH has to SELL, it does not tell me as a consumer what speakers would be best suited for my budget or needs. (big living room, med/small room, dedicated home theater) 1. Confusing naming convention: I started with 5.1. My first choices were Reference Premier, and Reference. All of us regulars know there is Klipsch line for Best Buy, mid-tier RP and top of the line Reference. Someone new to Klipsch would have NO idea of those distinctions and might find the choices confusing. Without price points the new consumer would have no idea of what is better than what. 2. No way to opt out of sub-category choice: My second problem was that there was no way to opt out of a category choice. For instance an experienced speaker owner wanting to upgrade speakers might already have a quality sub. I was only able to pick from the three subs offered in the RP line, 8. 10 and 12. A new-to-Klipsch guy might want to opt out of the choices for a sub. You might want to consider an option for "None." 3. Add more sub choices: My last observation was the limited choices for subs. A 15" sub is a popular choice these days. It should be offered for each model tier. Please understand I'm not being overly negative because there are lots of positives but I focused on my view for some constructive feedback.