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  1. Iowa d, Michigan 90-83 C'mon Michigan, you're killing me! Wolverines fought back to take the lead midway through the second half after being behind all game, but then Iowa fought back to regain the lead late and kept it for the win. Michigan couldn't buy a bucket, couldn't get a stop. I jumped on the bandwagon early on for Michigan, but now I think I may be jumping back off.
  2. Dang...they killed off Lagertha. S606 Last year for Vikings.
  3. I was trying to give the Seller the benefit of the doubt Peter, but I think you make good points that are not refutable. I think you've convinced me.
  4. I will take gentle disagreements with the other posts here, as Mr. @Chiliarches opinion most closely matches mine. I'm looking at those speakers as a DIY project trying to gain some selling traction off the reflected glory by comparing them to Khorns. Nobody knows what those things sound like so you have to sell the sizzle, not the steak. Most of us DIY'ers know that if we have $500 in parts then when trying to re-sell them they are worth AT MOST the cost of the drivers. The Seller is trying recoup his money for drivers and time. That's really hard to do for a $1500 one-off DIY project.
  5. wvu80

    What I Got Today!

    In your honor, a new Paul Harrell video:
  6. wvu80

    NFL 2019

    KC leads at halftime. This game has gone just the way everybody said it would.
  7. wvu80

    NFL 2019

    Nice runback, Texans. THAT wasn't helpful.
  8. Congrats on the LS's! Now the work begins to restore them starting with that pair of K-77's from @DizRotus. You can always sell your single Alinco CD to recoup some money. That XO also needs some rehab, but the Type AA is highly desirable and parts are easily available. @Trey Cannon has offered to rebuild XO's to Klipsch specs as long as you pay for parts and shipping. If you don't mind, what was your final accepted offer? And what location? I have all the other info for my spreadsheet.
  9. I like that Wolverine Zavier Simpson. He may be one of the best point guards I've seen, and he defends like a jail cell awaits him if he fails. +++ Mich State is going to burn this game tape. A 29 point loss to Purdue is not something you want to re-live.
  10. wvu80

    What I Got Today!

    Nice! That looks like a relaxing project for a Saturday evening. +++ I have an M&P Shield 9 gen1. I can field strip it for cleaning in about 5 seconds. I use mine for CCW.
  11. wvu80

    NFL 2019

    Ravens don't look like a juggernaut this evening. The Balt defense looks sloppy, too many drops by the Ravens receivers. Everything is falling apart and the Titans have played solidly in all aspects of the game.
  12. Adding to the info @dtel posted directly upstream ^^^ the Type AL crossovers were introduced in 1983. Given your label with the 1980 printed on it (I had wrong info) and your Type AA's which were discontinued 1982 that means your LSI (La Scala Industrial) was born between 1980 and 1982. Those should be really nice speakers to listen to.
  13. @Goodguy911419 Those look great! Wow! Not everybody likes that industrial look, but I do and I'm sure @jimjimbo does. I love the aluminum trim. The traditional problem with industrial LS is they are usually well used and well worn. Yours look to be in great shape. You also lucked out with the highly desirable Type AA crossover. What's not to like? 😎 Welcome to the Klipsch forums.
  14. C'mon man, I was trying to be polite. 😎
  15. Absolutely spot on reasoning. And remember that $500 is at the top of the selling range but that's exactly the point. When you find a nice pair of speakers they usually are for sale on the top end of the scale, not the middle. I think you did good with your buy. I'm looking forward to your pics.
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