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  1. Theoretically the reason not to run two centers is because you have two tweeters and two tweeters introduce lobing. I don't know how much this is a problem in real life but I imagine it is because if it wasn't there would be more dual center speakers. http://audiojudgement.com/speaker-lobing-polar-response/
  2. AVR could be bad but I doubt it. I would suspect a setting being out of whack as a more likely suspect. Do you have a computer connected? Can you do a frequency sweep?
  3. Yep, that goes down in my book as "expensive but worth it." Factory African Rosewood in excellent shape and it is fully upgraded. I have very few samples of Chorus for sale, many more examples of ChII's so this is rare among rare. The basic avg selling price of the Chorus is $700 but you can throw that number out when trying to evaluate such a one-off upgraded speaker. I have no affil.
  4. @Cirdecus you said you set speakers to Large in your Pio AVR. I would recommend you rerun your MCACC room correction software. In other words, don't use the settings from your previous setup. Go ahead and recheck all your previous settings, including whether or not your previous speakers were bi-amped. Properly set up you should be getting some decent bass out of those RF-7's.
  5. I mean this very sincerely when I say "thank you" for posting them here first. You are right about Klipsch enthusiasts posting here and I can say without hesitation they will be appreciated by whoever gets them. They do look a bit rough but you've been very honest about how they were used and their condition. That will help your sale. The real advantage to selling them here is you don't have to deal with Craigslist. There are really good people here who I would not hesitate to do business with. I'm in West Virginia so I will not be a buyer, but I wish you GLWYS.
  6. You know you're an audiophile when your "other" speakers make your La Scala look like a toy. GLWYS
  7. How do you read that s/n for date of birth? And what's up with that ugly streak in the inside of the LS bin? Is that normal?
  8. I found these at Lowes. They look expensive. I bet there is something cheaper on Ebay. https://www.lowes.com/search?searchTerm=ring+connectors
  9. So if you only had time to save just one speaker or piece of equipment from the hurricane, which one would it be?
  10. @Schu what is the story behind them? Do you have a plan to use them with a project?
  11. I agree with @Arrow#422 and @USNRET there is no need to apologize. I have a lot of respect for your honest assessment of what you are listening to and how it is affecting your listening experience. So the Forte was a no go, likewise the Heresy. A major confounding variable is your tinnitus. Thinking out loud, I'm not sure what kind of speaker in general would be best for you, because I don't know what a tinnitus friendly speaker would sound like. It's a topic I've never heard discussed and something I've never thought about. When I had Magnapan Magnaplaners they were the most listenable speakers I ever heard. They were super accurate and I could listen to them all day with no ear fatigue. The drawback was they were so particular to needing an absolute perfect setup, 2 feet from an unobstructed back wall, toed in, and the MLP was very narrow. I don't know what Klipsch speakers would be the most smooth, the most listenable over time that wouldn't poke you in the ear with that tinnitus. Maybe someone else could suggest something. I just don't have any answers.
  12. It more than annoys me that I ordered a simple cell phone for my son through Straight Talk with guaranteed over night delivery. OVER NIGHT. GUAR-AN-TEED. You ordered your La Scalas AFTER I did a week ago and you have them already. My son's cell phone is due to be delivered two days from now. Grrr. It speaks volumes of the great job @MetropolisLakeOutfitters did for you.
  13. Congrats on getting a Deal right out of the chute! Twenty-five bucks per speaker! I love the alum trim and that particular Klipsch badge. That trim should buff out and look really nice if you want to refresh them a little. And Welcome to the Klipsch Forum, and the Klipsch club.
  14. The same seller in Florida has a single 1997 La Scala Raw Birch, for $500. I track single LS's too and the average price is $438 by my numbers. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-La-Scala-Single-Speaker/172732795307?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D44732%26meid%3D3ab35b55fc3d4bc9aac038845b9c67c5%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D172732826703&rt=nc
  15. Minor point, the $1095 is for the Cornwall II. I have $895 as the average for the CWII. The highest actual selling price I recorded for a CW I was $1066 by a Forum Member in Florida. Those had high-end BV-3 ALK XO's and Crites CT-125.