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  1. Congratulations on the Belles! When you get them setup let us know how you like them.
  2. Welcome to the Klipsch Forum @JohnThePipe. Your English is terrific, easy to read and understand. I do not own either the Pioneer or the RB-61's that you do so I cannot be of much help. Pioneer is known to sound good with Klipsch and 120 wpc is plenty for the RB-61's. When you hooked up the RB-61's to the Pioneer, did you re-run MCACC? This sounds like a set up problem.
  3. Ah c'mon @Sprogk, make a deal! Those speakers look great and we've seen that center speaker on earlier threads, it is beautiful and tricked out to the max. That is not your average Belle, that is the nicest one I've ever seen. After my 30 hour round trip to pick up speakers last week, I am now firmly convinced there is no such thing as a drive too far.
  4. Here in WV we are expecting the eclipse to run from 1p to 3p, 87% coverage. My eyes will be safe, I will be watching it on TV.
  5. This looks like a great Reference package for $1200. RF-7, RC-7 and RS-7. No affil. https://akroncanton.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch/6270902796.html
  6. The average selling price for Chorus is between $600-700. Ch-I avg $688 and Ch-II avg $629 according to my info. A pair of Chorus was listed in the Tampa CL 8/17/17 for $650 or best offer. Florida is one of those places that seems to have really good deals and good supply of pre-owned Klipsch on a regular basis. Unless Chorus speakers are your life's dream and you only have a year to live, at that $850 price point, pass.
  7. This will be a brief comment and I'll start a thread on its own. I just hooked up the RF-83 package in 3.1 mode, ran Audyssey with the Marantz SR-6011 and wow! These puppies can hold their own against anything. I love the mid-bass slam, excellent accuracy too. More later.
  8. It's incredible how much detailed technical information is available on this site! Good job troubleshooting and solving the problems.
  9. I don't have pics handy but my k-63s had a big K-63 sticker on them. It would be interesting to know the technical differences between the two.
  10. What's funny is I was trying to convince K squared to buy them, but I end up convincing myself! I turn this into a long vacation so I'm still in Myrtle Beach with my son. I expect to get home on Friday late and then hook them up and try them by Saturday or Sunday. I'll let you know how it comes out.
  11. When a person uses blood cherry veneer, Satan black would be the correct color! I thought that really was a good read. thanks for the reference.
  12. Nice package, well put together. I refer to those as super K horns. good luck with your sale.
  13. Two subs in your bedroom??? Gak! You're my hero! So how's it feel to be single?
  14. I just grabbed them. It looks like a road trip to Florida is in order.
  15. The overwhelming consensus is that bi-amping does not significantly help the sound. In my personal experimenting with bi-amping with large Klipsch speakers I could not hear any improvement. There is no reason to stay away from it, but in a blind A/B test even with super critical listening, I doubt you would be able to hear a difference.