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    Klipsch Epic CF-4, Version 1 1994 w/15" DIY Reference 15 sub

    Klipsch RP-600M w/Paradigm 10" sub

    Home Theater: Marantz SR6011 RF-83 and RC-64 with RS-62 surround speakers
    Amps: Marantz 6011. Emotiva XPA-5 gen 1


    DIY: Overnight Sensations, Fusion 10 Pure, Dayton Audio Reference 15 sub w/Yung 500 watt plate amp

    Former: Klipschorn 1979 (sold 2017), La Scala 1978 (sold 2016) RW-12d (given to son 2018) Traded RC-64 for RC-64 III 2018

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  1. wvu80

    Klipschorns (DFW)

    Edit: There are some deals going on. I edited my opinion OUT so I don't interfere with negotiations. Klipsch Heritage used prices ver 2020-11.xlsx
  2. It will be a hot mess for the tournament committee. I hope they loosen up and expand the field this year. The NCAA just announced that once the tournament starts, if a team drops out then that's it; no substitutions.
  3. I believe that engineer was Trey. He is active over on the FB page Klipsch Owners, run by @Paducah Home Theater, Cory. He said about 15-20 minutes is what they do in the lab. I'm paraphrasing here and if I'm wrong, please correct me. But I'm going to settle this once and for all (sarcasm!) . According to Klipsch, Inc. break-in is about 100 hours. +++ I agree with @Chris A further upstream who said "it depends." I am in this camp. I once bought some 15" pro woofers for a DIY project. I plugged them in free air to listen to them and they were just awful. Being pro woofers they were also extremely stiff. Once I got them into some boxes and played them for about a month they greatly loosened up. OTOH I've had sub drivers which sounded great right out of the box. No break-in needed. My opinion would be to play your brand new speakers normally and in about a month they will sound better. As Chris said, break-in depends on the drivers. Glad I could clear all this up! 👍 🤣
  4. Also put electrical tape around those splices. They are not off-set by a few inches and it looks like they would easily touch the +/- resulting in the AVR going into thermal shutdown.
  5. @Taap bassi see if this video helps.
  6. You can do this. I've not jumped in because you've already got expert guidance from the other guys here. The secret is to go slow and not think about how complicated this is. Just do one wire pair at a time, ie Right OUT on the Yamaha to the right-side speaker, The one thing I might clarify is it looks like your speaker wire is twisted inside the sheath. That is a bit unusual, but perfectly OK. What @billybob wants you to do is to cut the plastic sheath back 2-3 inches AND THEN twist the Red wire so you can wrap it around the binding posts, and then do the same to the other wire. +++ I looked very carefully at the picture of the speaker wires. One wire is going to have a marking on it, probably a light blue stripe. Call this the RED wire. So connect RED on the AVR to the RED on the speaker. The AVR will tell you LEFT and RIGHT speakers.
  7. I HEAR YOU TOO!!! 🤣 I was studying your setup. Really nice! With pro speakers nearfield in a 7.1 you don't just hear the music, you are the music. Sound just comes from everywhere, and nowhere. It's like taking a sonic bath. 👍
  8. They are in the Man Cave. They currently out of the rotation so I can test the RP-600M's with a mini-amp and 10" sub. They aren't the CF-4's but they are sounding real sweet for a near field 2.1 setup. The picture with the DIY speakers is new to me. I moved the TV and RC-64 III from the upstairs living room into the basement because my wife hates big speakers where there should be furniture. Then I kept throwing speakers at the downstairs setup until I got happy. I don't know if I'm totally happy but I'm getting there.
  9. I used to own Khorns. I found a mod that was drop-in and upgraded the sound by a magnitude. I never liked the K-77, all those squeaks and squawks. There is no real audio content (like a trumpet) that came out of the tweeter section. I found a combination of B&C CD $106 and SEOS waveguide $28 that sounds tremendous in the Khorn. I placed the SEOS on top to time align it to the mid-range throat. I also used a Crites A/4500 XO and the B&C 250 which can easily handle the lower XO point, 4500 Hz vs the Type AA 6000.
  10. Bundles are hard to value, at least for me.
  11. I have the 600M and they have never popped. I agree the fridge is the likely problem. It will create a heck of a surge when the compressor cycles on.
  12. Had: 1978 La Scala, 1979 Khorns, RC-64, and my first ever Klipsch, the RW-12d sub Have: RF-83, RC-64 III, RS-62. Want: Any deals that come along Significant Other: Currently have DIYsoundgroup: Umax 15 sub pair w/Inuke 3000dsp, Dayton Audio Reference 15 sub. Overnight Sensations, Cheap Thrill, Fusion 10 Pure. Usher MTM 7" woof dome tweeter center. MBM Mid-bass module pair, Titans 615 XL pair. Magnapan MG-1 (sold). You guys haven't seen this 5.2 Home Theater. I set it up earlier this week. That's a 65" Vizio sitting over top the RC-64 III. It looks like a toy next to all those large speakers. Lto R top to bottom: MBM 15, then the top hat for the Titan 615 LX. Bottom Umax 15 then the 15" woofer module for the Titans. Center is Marantz 6011 beside an Emotiva XPA-5. Not pictured is RS-62.
  13. Great to score some speakers you really wanted! Enjoy.
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