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    Mancave: Onkyo TX NR-717 2014 - Used as pre/pro w/Emotiva XPA-5 for CF-4. Pair of Umax 15 and pair of Inuke 3000dsp, DIY Reference 15 sealed sub
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    DIY: Overnight Sensations, Fusion 10 Pure, Dayton Audio Reference 15 sub w/Yung 500 watt plate amp

    Former: Klipschorn 1979 (sold 2017), La Scala 1978 (sold 2016) RW-12d (given to son 2018) Traded RC-64 for RC-64 III 2018

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  1. The RF-83's, no doubt. They have a wonderful full sound and the sound is more balanced at both low and high SPL. Your guess that the 83's have a bigger sound is spot on. I thought the highs on both were about equal, at least to these aged ears which don't hear HF like they used to.
  2. wvu80

    On line dating

    Interesting topic.
  3. wvu80

    5.1 set up

    Excellent post ^^^. Once those questions are answered by the OP specific advice can be given.
  4. I have the RC-64 III. When set up with Audyssey it is subdued IMO. I run a Marantz 6011, with 125 wpc, 5.1. Your Denon is comparable. Yes the center could benefit from more power but before you go to that expense here's what I suggest: Go into your menu and find Dialog Adjust. Boost your center 3db, it makes a noticeable improvement. A 2db boost will work also, see which you like best. I like the 3 db boost but don't go above that because you will put a strain on your amp and introduce distortion. I couldn't hear any difference with 1db boost.
  5. wvu80


    I'm not familiar with your equipment. Are you trying to passively bi-amp by hooking two AVR's together? I strongly recommend against that. Simply put neither AVR was designed to work that way. There are a lot of things which could blow up including your speakers.
  6. Here is my latest Heritage Prices spreadsheet. It's a general guide and good for research. Klipsch Heritage used prices ver 2019-10.xlsx
  7. I've been meaning to try that. I'm always looking for something better.
  8. This is what I use. 400 pixels seems to be a decent size. https://www.faststone.org/FSResizerDetail.htm
  9. wvu80

    NFL 2019

    My Steelers won MNF tonight vs the hapless Bungles. Even though they are 1-3 they are only one game out of first in the division. Weird. For the record they are MY Steelers because West Virginia doesn't have any pro teams. We have to rent ours from other states.
  10. Here's my suggestion: You're nuts! 🤓 For instance: You have the RP-600M wanting to trade down to the RP-400M. The price to ship the smaller boxes cannot be that much less than the price to ship the 600M's. Keep the larger speakers. It might cost a little more to ship in a couple of years but what you have is substantially better than what you want to trade for. If you think the RP-280F's will cost too much to ship, sell those when the time comes and pick up another pair of RP-600M's and stands to take with you. Don't throw away two years of listening pleasure to save shipping costs two years from now. Live for the present and enjoy what you have. Disclaimer: I am not a potential buyer/seller/trader for your stuff.
  11. I did a closer look. That single is Birch Raw and looks to have been refinished in a darker stain and now that stain is coming off. Lots of dings in the front of the doghouse. If we start with my average for a Single at $472 I would put this single in Average/Poor condition assuming all the drivers work. It would take a LOT of time and effort to make this one look presentable. If I wanted this particular single I would share my concerns with the Seller and offer between $300-$350 due to the need to refinish it. My top offer would be $375 and I would not be hesitant to walk away, unless the Buyer has been looking for a single for a long time.
  12. @ILI I personally like black speakers, but I don't think the color is your issue. You're concerned they don't have the factory finish. I would suggest you buy them and enjoy the sound. If the finish bothers you (and that's OK if it does) consider getting a nice veneer of your choice or re-sell them. They will hold their value.
  13. wvu80

    NFL 2019

    What do you think now? Your Browns absolutely went toe-to-toe with the defending Super Bowl finalist and could have and probably should have won that game.
  14. That does help, I missed the update with the diagram initially. Front soundstage: I don't know what mains you have. You've got them in the corners and toed in heavily. I prefer mains equidistant to the center and slightly toed in. A single sub near the middle seems good, if it sounds good to you with no nulls or peaks. Surrounds: I don't know which surround speakers you have. A di-pole would be best so it isn't playing directly into your ear. Is Sofa 2 is your MLP?
  15. I mis-understood. It might help if you post a picture. Speaking for myself, I'm not very good at visualizing.
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