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    Klipsch Epic CF-4, Version 1 1994
    Klipsch RF-83, RC-64 III, RS-62
    Amps: Marantz 6011 AVR, Onkyo TX NR717, Emotiva XPA-5

    Mancave: Onkyo TX NR-717 2014 - Used as pre/pro w/Emotiva XPA-5 for CF-4. Pair of Umax 15 and pair of Inuke 3000dsp, DIY Reference 15 sealed sub
    Living Room: Marantz SR6011 RF-83 and RC-64

    DIY: Overnight Sensations, Fusion 10 Pure, Dayton Audio Reference 15 sub w/Yung 500 watt plate amp

    Former: Klipschorn 1979 (sold 2017), La Scala 1978 (sold 2016) RW-12d (given to son 2018) Traded RC-64 for RC-64 III 2018

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  1. wvu80

    PA speakers, amps near me (not Klipsch)

    Things are moving fast for those items. The 15" Peavey's and the three QSC amps are gone. The ad now says any remaining item $180 or $1200 for everything. I can't see well enough to even identify the Yamaha amps. Someone on another site said the three Yamaha P-series were worth some money but I can't read the model numbers. Maybe P-5000S? The black Yamaha looks like CP2000 but I can't read the writing on the others.
  2. wvu80

    PA speakers, amps near me (not Klipsch)

    Are any of those amps a notch above my Inuke 3000dsp?
  3. wvu80

    What I Got Today!

    I'm not sure what the red line is above the yellow. I sure can see the rolloff though. Are you sure the source material is playing content above 10K?
  4. This equipment is located near me. Is there anything worth having? I'd like to know what those QSC and Yamaha sub amps are and some idea of what they are worth in the condition shown. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/557598531399590/
  5. wvu80

    What I Got Today!

    In which speakers was the sound opened up? That's interesting to me that you could just listen and have a feeling or idea that there was something missing in the sound.
  6. wvu80

    What I Got Today!

    If you think of it, maybe start a thread on what you did how the sound changed. @teaman made an interesting post on the Klipsch Owners FB page regarding the use of DIY cables using 999 silver wire.
  7. wvu80

    What I Got Today!

    I'm always interested in opinions on cables to see if they change the sound from the old ones. If there is no difference then that tells us something too.
  8. wvu80

    Gun safe failure - need help (resolved)

    This Canon safe was purchased second hand via Craigslist but still the company advertises a "lifetime warranty." My son was disgusted with the Customer No-Service. They offered little advice and told him that to get the safe open he was on his own. The best they offered him was a new keypad, which we now know was not problem as advised by Canon. He wants nothing further to do with that company.
  9. wvu80

    My First ever Home theater 5.1.2 setup

    Do you have a picture of your living room? It would help to better visualize how the speakers would be placed. I'm questioning the use of RP-502s as REAR surrounds. Those are Wide Dispersion Surround Technology which means dual side-firing woofers/tweeters. This style of speaker is typically a SIDE surround. https://www.klipsch.com/products/rp-502s-surround-sound-speaker A direct reflecting surround speaker in the BACK would typically be a bookshelf type speaker, or the wall mounted RP-500sa. https://www.klipsch.com/products/rp-500sa-dolby-atmos-elevation-surround-speaker
  10. wvu80

    Klipsch Heresy II-BR for sale $400 plus shipping

    LOL! (to above post/pic with peanuts all over the floor!) I've been to Uhaul as well looking for shipping boxes. It looks like the one in the pic was just right for shipping those H2's. The whole picture ^^^ with peanuts scattered just looks joyous.
  11. wvu80

    Mixing RP-504c with RP-160m

    Welcome to the forum with your Post #1. Your 504c and the RP-160's should be very close in sound. I think together they will produce a front sound stage you'll be pleased with. If you get a chance to pick up a sub this will enhance the lower end of both speakers.
  12. wvu80

    Gun safe failure - need help (resolved)

    Yeah, I know what you mean. This was a 400 pound safe, 11 ga steel and at least 6 of those 1" round thick bolts. We were thinking it would take a specialized high powered carbide tipped circular saw and hours of working on it to get it opened. He did take several hours to open it but he said now that he knows what he's doing he could open the next one in a half-hour using a drill with regular bits and a simple reciprocating blade Sawzall. I guess a good safe doesn't keep the bad guys out, it just keeps your friends honest.
  13. wvu80

    College Basketball 2018-2019

    Is this the JV edition of @Tarheel‘s team? Dave, remember to remove mittens prior to posting. 😉 LOL! I would never have caught that! You write like you talk. It's an understandable mistake if you knew the dialect in some parts of West Virginia. Washington is "Worsh-ington", a creek is a "crick" and the town of Oak Hill is "Oak Heeel" (draw out that single syllable).
  14. wvu80

    College Basketball 2018-2019

    After beating #1 Virginia last weekend, Duke jumped into the #1 spot to take on #8 North Carolina tonight. The Tar Hills ran them out of their own gym at one time having a 20+ point lead. Duke lost the best player in the country Zion Williamson 33 seconds into the game when he slipped and completely blew out his shoe. It came completely apart and Zion hurt the opposite knee in the process.
  15. wvu80

    Gun safe failure - need help (resolved)

    A new keypad was purchased and installed. Apparently it had the same problem as the original, the 1 and the 4 would not beep! After all the talks with my son, this recent revelation was the first I had heard of this! He is going to send the new keypad back to the company that made it, which they said in advance he could do if it didn't work. He finally drilled out the old lock mechanism and used a sawzall to cut the metal away. He said it was not a tough as it appeared. The bottom line is he has his duty weapon back. The safe is now trashed and unusable. Many thanks to all who helped with suggestions. I really appreciate it. -Dave