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  1. Heresy HWO serial number help

    I'm not sure what you are asking here, "does it change things...?" I owned Bose 301 II's for 20 years, it is one of the best sounding speakers Bose ever made. It is a very nice sounding, nicely balanced speaker for low to mid SPL. It has an 8" woofer and two tweeters which use direct reflecting technology, much like today's Atmos speakers. And sorry to tell you my Klipsch friends, it will dig deeper than the Heresy despite "no highs no lows it must be Bose" mantra. It doesn't POP those lower frequencies hard but it will still get there. The problem with the 301 is when you try to push it to higher SPL the sound becomes compressed and unbalanced, fast! The high does not go any higher, the middle becomes muddy as does the bass. It just sounds awful when pushed. The Heresy can play louder and still keep the low, mid and HF balance together. At mid to high SPL is where the Heresy will walk away from the Bose.
  2. Heresy IIs, $400 Milwaukee

    The grills look nice, it's a shame the Seller didn't take any pics of the sides or tops of the cabs. Even with no other pics it won't affect the sale. With the average price for H2's at $432 by my numbers, as long as the drivers are all good those won't have a problem finding a new home.
  3. slow internet / STREAMING INTERNET TV

    I am at a point with my equipment and newly upgraded internet speed I am ready to go onto the "next big thing" whatever that is. That includes buying a fancy new TV if it will stream the apps I want. If not, there is Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and others. I want to get the right thing at the right price. It more than hacks me off that my TV/internet provider is offering new customers a $59 mo package for the same thing I am paying $130 for. Grr. It sure makes me feel like I am not valued as a customer. I canceled my Sling one week trial. I used it quite a bit and I liked it but I don't think it's for me. +++ I am still having reliability problems with my internet, it sometimes goes out 2-3 times per hour. I called Suddenlink tech support and they said my values were "out of range" without explaining further. To that end they will be sending a tech right away to the house to solve my issues. By "right away" that means in the next 7-10 days.
  4. Kidney Stone Free....again

    Interesting, I had never heard that before. Does that help with the pain, or the spasms? What makes that alternating combo so effective?
  5. Sold:Dayton 1000 Watt Plate Amp ($250)

    Nice pick up! Are you now in search of a project, or do you have something in mind? If you need some help spending more money, just let us know.
  6. AVR uprade help?

    Your link took me to a Parts Express Member Login for returning wholesale customers.
  7. AVR uprade help?

    I was thinking the same thing that you needed to try it out for yourself first, with your stuff in your living room and see how it sounds to your ears. I don't own a Denon but they are known to have a very compatible sound with Klipsch. That 3300 has plenty of power and all the modern features, a good value at its price point. I would say keep it unless there is a feature you can't live without, or unless it produces a fingernails on chalkboard sound that is a deal breaker. I predict you and the 3300 will be happy together for a long time.
  8. slow internet / STREAMING INTERNET TV

    Is this antennae device for real? All channels for free? TVFox sounds too good to be true for 30 bucks. http://thefoxinsider.com/news/tfi_pages/us/us1_ftv_soc/?c=369&key=d2d9d78faf8adba303a0cf1d5c351463&t=e4c51b0cc47eaabbd3c746e2b4effd7d&creative=NEW_set27_ad29_text2
  9. RF-7 in my area, fair price?

    Addiction to audio is the only known obsession which is at the same time both the problem and the cure. Enjoy!
  10. Got my new toy....

    Interesting. I'm not a big Facebook person and I had never heard of it. Is it a Craigslist type of deal, or is it new merchandise? Do you have to sign up for it?
  11. Got my new toy....

    I've never heard of market place. Please explain? Did you get that Panny new or used? Either way, good deal. Lastly, what kind of stand are you using?
  12. Those look rough. I think I see carpet on the back. There are two different compression drivers, a K-55-V and something else, not Klipsch. I think I read Type AA on the crossovers. How the heck do you tear up crossover boards?
  13. Kidney Stone Free....again

    In my case, I was a pop drinker. I probably drank five 2 liter bottles per week for years. Now I drink 99% water and Kool-aid. I'll drink a Pepsi if I'm out but we don't keep pop in the house any more. I went to the ER for my kidney stones in so much pain they gave me morphine. Didn't even slow it down. Then they gave me Dilaudid. The Dilaudid didn't kill the pain, it just made me enjoy it. Back to the Star of Our Show: Sorry to hear of your stones, Michael. I was hoping that had passed you by. Glad you're feeling better, my friend.
  14. AVR uprade help?

    You ask a lot of good questions I don't have many answers for. I think the general consensus is that an inexpensive ~$500 AVR with pre-outs is not a good alternative to separates. IMO an AVR is a convenient all-in-one with good but not great components and sound, and usually comes with a ton of features. I am being descriptive rather than critical as I am a big AVR fan and own a couple. I used to have separates but I found an AVR has 90% of the performance with 10% of the complexity. Nowdays if something doesn't have HDMI I avoid it unless there is no other choice. In that $1000 price range you can get a pretty good AVR, such as the Marantz SR6011 but it comes with all those features you say you don't want and probably don't want to pay for. In my experience it's hard to find a good 5.1 AVR without all those features. I am with you, I don't want Atmos, I don't want 7.1, I only want 5.1. Sometimes you have to get all those "features" because there's just not a lot of other options.
  15. slow internet / STREAMING INTERNET TV

    The speeds for Suddenlink in Parkersburg have changed lately. 200/20 Mbs is the minimum you can get with a 350 GB per month limit, and for $10 more per month I can get 400/40 with no monthly limit. My average use per month is about 50 GB of data. This is plenty of speed and plenty of data for me. As I mentioned just after you posted, I am having troubles with modem reliability right now. If I am going to cut the TV cord the internet connection has got to be more reliable. The only OTA channel I can get is NBC. While playing with Sling I was able to run a live NFL game, a live baseball playoff, watch an on-demand movie and a live TV news show all on my dual monitor setup in their own windows with NO performance issues. My bill for both still comes out to $130 per month. I think changing to internet only and a subscription service I can cut that in half.