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    DIY: Overnight Sensations, Fusion 10 Pure, Dayton Audio Reference 15 sub w/Yung 500 watt plate amp

    Former: Klipschorn 1979 (sold 2017), La Scala 1978 (sold 2016) RW-12d (given to son 2018) Traded RC-64 for RC-64 III 2018

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  1. CF-3 v1 goes for about $650 in Good condition. These are in Avg/poor condition They are damaged in the front where a rubber cap covers a deep hole leading to the screw holding the front on. It looks like someone removed the cap then tried to pry to front off, not knowing there was a screw there.
  2. I show the III with an average price in Good Condition at $2200. That price has come down since the IV was released.
  3. wvu80

    YouTube Spinning

    I just found these guys. Acapella, the drum tracts and bass are all laid down vocally. Also check their version of Country Roads. This sounds great on my RP-600M w/10" sub. Little mini-amp 100 wpc.
  4. Great suggestions, all ^^^! Add my voice to theirs. I have RF-83's, RS-63's and the RC-64 III. I suggest building a system from the center out as you have already done. I do have one suggestion to add. When you buy consider purchasing from @Paducah Home Theater owned by fellow forum member Cory. He was here as a contributing member long before he was a Klipsch dealer. He offers excellent service, as honest advice that is good for you, not necessarily him although the two paths can benefit both. He also has excellent prices and he ships all over the country. I have bought from him before as have many on this forum. Contract him via PM, ask the same questions and get his take. Welcome to the forums. With the 504C you are off to a great start in your audio journey. -Dave
  5. Yeah I was just throwing that out there just for fun. We all have discovered things, many by accident along our audio journey and we learn by passing our knowledge and experience to others. Everything I know about Klipsch I got from the guys on this forum sharing their knowledge. The SEOS waveguides I like are $23 each, the B&C drivers are a little over a hundred each. I love the sound of the AA XO and I would not hesitate to use it with the SEOS waveguide.
  6. I've got a suggestion Mr. @soundbound. I used to have 1978 LS's and 1979 Khorns with Type AA XO's. The secret to better sound is not in the mid horn, but the tweeter. If you've ever listened to the tweeter content by itself it only plays part of the sound, not a whole instrument. A cymbal might have just the decay and not the attack. The trumpet might have an overtone but not the entire trumpet sound. Frankly I didn't care for this squeak and squawk sound. I added a Crites A/4500 XO to the Khorn which threw more of the content to the tweeter crossing now at 4500 instead of 6000K. I disconnected the K-77 and plugged in a B&C 250 compression driver mounted to a SEOS 12" waveguide. I then placed it on top of the Khorn aligning the throat with the K-55V throat which served to time align them. The sound was a magnitude better then the OEM K-77. There were now whole instruments emanating from the tweeter. The sound was luscious and sounded much better than stock IMO. This tweeter and XO section cost around $450, parts available from Parts-express and the SEOS (highly recommended) from DIYsoundgroup.com. I would suggest using the 10" SEOS waveguide, I used the 12" SEOS because I had one laying around.
  7. As others smarter than me have opined ^^^ "yes" the K-55M is a drop-in replacement for the V. A few years ago my buddy @mustang guy dropped a pair in his La Scala's. We A/B'd them against each other with pink noise. They sounded different as in one was slightly higher pitched than the other one, I can't remember which was higher. Not better or worse, just slightly different. After both M's were installed I couldn't hear any difference in simple listening tests. Both sounded good. There is a dip in the frequency response between 4500 Hz and 6000 Hz on the V. The M eliminates this dip. In real life you can't hear any difference in playing music with the dip but my buddy wanted to plug the hole and that's why he bought the M's. He felt better that he had a mid-driver which was technically better.
  8. wvu80

    College Football 2020

    What do you mean Harb's gone? I just turned on the game for 3q. At 28-3 Mich now has a .3% chance of winning according to ESPN's win tracker.
  9. That was a great thread! Very entertaining.
  10. Those speakers have now dropped to $500, down $700 from when they were first listed. I wonder why?
  11. I have No Afil with this sale and I listed it here because I have questions about the KSP 400. They are rarely discussed here. This is a Synergy series and I read they may have cost $3500 new in the 1990's, FS at $900 now. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/821946921876866/?notif_id=1604684534119120&notif_t=marketplace_price_drop&ref=notif The knock on them seems to be a constant hum probably due to the integrated sub amp. Does anybody know anything about them? I find them good looking, and interesting. Opinions, please.
  12. Agree with everything Peter suggested just upstream ^^^. I have also converted a small bedroom into a mancave, aka the computer room. My favorite setup is with gigantic CF-4 speakers and a 15" DIY powered sub. I do most of my listening through Youtube. I wanted to try a new 100 wpc mini-amp (ahem, 40 or so watts realistically) so I set up the RP-600M and a powered Paradigm 10" sub, 250 wpc. I used the high level inputs to the sub, then out to the 600M, 2.1 setup. The speakers and sub is about six feet from my computer chair. I don't have a picture. This is an OUTSTANDING computer speaker setup. I haven't switched back to the CF-4's yet which I love because I am really enjoying the 600M's. These speakers play everything, in my case female vocals, male vocals, brass, organ, jazz, classical. The sound is crystal clear, very full sound. Questions?
  13. I missed both of the ones you mentioned ^^^. OTOH that search missed the single I noted for $700:
  14. The other best way would be to look in the Heritage Prices spreadsheet. I'm sure I've missed a couple but I include the confirmed Sold prices in the spreadsheet. If I see it I make a note of that type of information. Not arguing, just trying to be helpful. Have you ever tried to use the Klipsch Forums search engine? Gak! 🤓
  15. Of course I take offense! Everybody here knows what a sensitive snowflake I am. 😥 / 😆 +++ You said you would not sell your 50's Khorns for what the spreadheet average was. I think the category of pre-60's Khorns exposes a weakness in that category, very few samples. The AVG price is not very valid IMO, but at least someone reading the confirmed sale prices can see what other people bought or sold their speaker for. You can click on any cell with a red triangle to see my detailed notes. Pricing vintage stuff is an art, not a science. Discussing how to value Heritage speakers is part of how I enjoy our audio hobby and all opinions are respected. My spreadsheet is numbers on a page. People buy and sell, I simply jot down what I see. Nothing is personal. I also don't always agree with what the spreadsheet says, but the numbers are the numbers. Guys are welcome to use or not use the information as they see fit. The bottom line is a used and even a new speaker is worth whatever a willing Buyer and a willing Seller can agree to.
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