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  1. wvu80

    NFL - 2018

    Congrats on the great effort by the Pittsburgh Steelers who stayed at home on Sunday and in their division went from 3rd to first. http://www.espn.com/nfl/standings
  2. I do. I track Khorn prices. There was an identical pair of Brazilian Rosewood Khorns 1977 listed in Phoenix Feb 2017 for $2999. Didn't sell. There was a pair of Persian Nut Lacquer on Ebay in Little Rock for $5000 in June 2017. They were relisted twice. No bids. I have other examples of high dollar Khorns with exotic finishes that didn't sell, but you get the idea.
  3. I agree with Gorm and his $3-4K assessment. The Brazilian veneer is rare and and it is value added, but it doesn't double the value of the speaker IMHO. Mr. Gorm didn't claim to know anything, he was just expressing an opinion based on his knowledge and experience. I do the same kind of thing because it's part of the way I enjoy the audio hobby. It's fun to guess. I can also agree with part of what you said Mr. Bullwinkle. All it takes to get those speakers to $6K is a willing Seller and the right Buyer, a willing Buyer. And whatever the rest of us think, doesn't matter.
  4. wvu80


    You haven't started a thread lately. That has the sound of something we would all like! Maybe list some caps in rank order from best to worst, or assign a relative value. For instance a Mundorf at 8.5 might be above a Dayton Audio at 8.2, but only a little bit. That would help those of us without your experience to figure out our cost to performance value. And what are those resistors you like?
  5. wvu80


    Hey, you got those today! Congratulations! FYI you beat the $914 average price for those Cornwall II's and $1000-1200 is not unusual. My advice? Plug them in and enjoy them for at least a month. Then get back to the forums, tell us how they sound and then you'll have a better idea if they need upgraded. I have a feeling you're going to be posting with a smile on your face.
  6. wvu80

    Remote control maintenance(?)

    I've had remote controllers crap out on me as well. I have not had any luck in fixing/cleaning. I replaced my Onkyo 717 remote with one from China for $7 shipped. It works with most of the features but several of the buttons were simply left off! What I'm saying is if you find a cheap Chinese replacement, look very carefully to make sure it is exactly the same. The universal remotes like the Logitech 650 for $38 is a pretty good replacement. https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Harmony-Infrared-Universal-Programmable/dp/B004OVECU0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1540233844&sr=8-2&keywords=logitech+remote+650
  7. LOL! Judging by your current avatar title, I'd say you figured it out!
  8. After Edit Profile I think you change "Forum Title." I was thinking you Mods had some special way of embedding Moderator into your avatar field that the rest of us can't do, but I'm going back a couple of years. The forum software might have changed since then.
  9. Viewing it on my tablet and phone doesn't show the Moderator designation @CECAA850 added to his profile, which I guess is why I didn't catch that. I do see "Moderator" near the avatar and I think it is a good idea for those belonging to the Mod Squad.
  10. wvu80


    Generally I think of modern caps as having at least a 20 year life. Your AK-4's are a good XO from everything I've read. I just checked Crites' site and he doesn't even offer a kit for the AK-4. The rebuild kit for the AK-3 is $123. https://critesspeakers.com/prices-crossover_repair_kit.html If you need more information than my superficial knowledge, check with @BEC As you know, he's The Man when it comes to XO rebuilds.
  11. wvu80


    That would make them 1996, so they are 22 years old. I think a rule of thumb would be replace caps after 20 years but your mylar caps don't deteriorate like the old Paper in Oil (PIO) caps. I have the CF-4 v1 (1994) and mine sound fine, I haven't replaced anything in the XO and have no plans to in the near future.
  12. It looks like you've done some good research. The info on the Ch1 indicates the mid goes down to about 600 Hz, the Ch2 should be fairly close. It also looks like you are trying to do a non-standard enclosure for the front. That puts you closer to DIY than to Klipsch. I wonder if you could find a couple of smaller mid-woofers that might go from 35 Hz to at least 600 Hz? A pair of 7" drivers ought to get you a lower profile and still push as much air as a 15" woofer. You would need some more detailed information, Thiel Small parameters and such to figure out what pair of mid-drivers might substitute for a single 15. Then you would have to account for the passive radiator, maybe with some port tubes. I wouldn't think the Ch2 XO would be plug and play, but I'm out of my element here. If you want to pursue your ideas in further depth you might post a thread on AVSforums.com DIY Speakers and Subs. I don't know if anyone over there would have any experience with the kind of project you are doing but there are people there who might have some other ideas. https://www.avsforum.com/forum/155-diy-speakers-subs/
  13. Welcome to the forums. You have asked an unusual question. In my mind the center speaker is the most important one in a multi-channel setup. That's because for movies/TV 90% of the content is dialog, and 90% of the dialog comes out of the center speaker. If you have a center channel without a mid-driver or woofer you would not be able to get a voice to sound normal. Male vocals can go down to 90 Hz and your mid-horn is likely not going to go below 500 Hz. I would go without a center channel before I would run one without the ability to accurately reproduce vocals and dialog, its primary function.
  14. wvu80


    Some of the older crossovers from the pre-1980's in speakers like the La Scala and Khorn had capacitors in them which need to be replaced because the sound gets a little dull compared to when they were new. Most newer speakers have more modern components and do not need to have their XO's rebuilt.