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  1. There are work arounds for banned words but that is equally against the rules here. For the sake of discussion you could say "beitches" spell or b*i*t*c..." but you are not supposed to be doing that. You get the idea. The best way to refer to that particular album is to link to it, explaining that it contains a banned word that is prohibited by forum rules. We would all understand that. There are very few instances where banned words are the title of an album, but the example you give is certainly of of them. I can't think of anybody I've seen post here who would faint if they saw the banned words as we are all adults. However many of those same members might object to posting those same words because we don't want to violate the forum rules and lose our privilege of posting here. Your common sense should tell you what words to avoid. Keep it clean as if your ten year-old child were reading it. If a forum member were to start a word with F and end it with uck they better be talking about a firetruck or they are likely to get banned.
  2. @MeloManiacThe Forum has always had a software filter which will ***** out a standard set of words and notify the admins. I don't use those words or I've learned to use other words the filter does like. Usually all it takes is a word to the wise and the person who makes the post takes it down himself. When I was new to the forum I made posting mistakes and others more experienced helped me with their guidance. It's easy to use the Edit feature to take out the offending words or pictures. There are no words that I type which are so important to the world that I can't delete of redact my own post. It's not personal. In terms of art, the middle picture you've posted showing a woman's private parts is certainly not acceptable on this forum. There is no filter which will remove it that I know of. We are left to self-police ourselves so the Admins don't have to inspect every post. They have enough other stuff to do so we respect that. The typical response of the poster is "thanks for the heads up, I'll take the picture down." Posters who don't get it eventually get the thread or post flagged and the Admins delete it and the offender can be banned. Banning a forum member is a very rare occurrence as most people "get it" but it does happen. I hope that helps clarify things. -Dave
  3. Read the first few posts in this thread. I summarized various articles on the CF-3/4 and there are links. In particular look at @AlexG posts.
  4. I thought my CF-4 v1 was nasal. They weren't accurate, the pitch was about 1/3 too high. I fixed mine and now they are very accurate. I'm off to the gym in a few minutes but when I get back in the early afternoon I'll give you some info which will fix that. If you don't want to wait I've already detailed that earlier in the thread. I just don't have time at the moment to find it, but it's there.
  5. I think the Epic Owners Group has some more detailed pictures. There were two OEM braces and I added one more to the sides in the middle which was the shelf, then a long one with a rubber biscuit top and bottom. The vertical brace had to be off-center because the CD takes up the middle space.
  6. They aren't plug and play. The K-63 uses a neo magnet and weighs 4 pounds. The DH1506 are 11 pounds each. They will crack that horn lens unless you build a shelf for them to sit on. All this is detailed in the thread referenced above "Epic Owners Group." Highly recommended reading. While I had the box apart I built a shelf for the 1506. I damped the horns with pure Silicon caulk, an 11oz tube per horn lens. Cost around $6 I braced the enclosure I added about 2 pounds of Fiberfil to the bottom where the ports are. I took out the two 1.5" foam sheets from the bottom only. When I added a 15" sub the CF-4's had a sound with more accuracy and more dynamics than my La Scalas, more than my Khorns. The little improvements added up into a big overall improvement.
  7. I bought it to swap into a center speaker which would timbre match my CF-4's. Having acquired an RC-64 III pretty much put an end to my need for a better center!
  8. That didn't show up on my Ebay search, I wonder why? Either way, $110 shipped is not a crazy price and that 1506 works great in the CF-4.
  9. I don't have to sell my DH1506 so it doesn't affect me one way or the other, but...if it's substantially more, just contact the Seller and cancel the sale. The Seller doesn't really care. I did see one 1506 for $400 with $95 shipping on Ebay. Is that the one? Edit: I saw the one for $85 and $15 shipping Sold today. If you got that one, it's a good deal. They usually go for about $125 each and you can put two into a $15 flat rate Medium USPS box.
  10. I've got your DH 1506. You'll get the Forum Member's discount. 🤜🤛 $75 plus shipping. $15.50 USPS Medium flat rate box. Make it $90 shipped.
  11. Your original question was "what happens to unwanted frequencies?" The crossover converts the unwanted signal into heat where it's dissipated. +++ I have the RP-600M. They work very well in 2.0 as-is with a nice full range sound. The crossover is designed to prevent the speakers playing so low that the signal could damage the woofers. Play them loud and proud, I think you'll like what you hear. If you really want a nice sound for your EDM and other LF music pick up a subwoofer. I run mine in a 2.1 with an inexpensive Paradigm 10" sub, 250 watts. It's tremendous. You don't hear the sound from the sub but from the speakers. I use a simple 100 wpc mini-amp through my computer setup. If you want more then get a 12" or 15" sub. For your EDM type music, a bigger sub is better but don't be fooled, a ten inch sub sounds great with plenty of chest thump. That's the 100 wpc mini amp/DAC on the far right of the first picture, displaying OPE, the SPDIF connection. Computer SPDIF -> mini-amp -> sub via high level inputs -> RP-600M via high level inputs
  12. Always happy to share, Danny. Unfortunately I only track Heritage prices and a few others I own like the CF-4 and RF-83's. I don't have your set on my list. I'm having some problems with my OneDrive so I can't grab the latest version right now but this older version might be helpful for later sales. Klipsch Heritage used prices ver 2020-11.xlsx
  13. Happy Birthday America! How many of you out there knew this was the National March? Post your own favorite patriotic tune or Independence Day song, not necessarily the same thing. A Russian song is typically paired with July 4th fireworks celebrations.
  14. I'm still updating the spreadsheet with new sales weekly. I think I've figured out how to get a historic average and a current year average. I'll get the latest update out there ASAP. -Dave
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