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  1. wvu80

    YouTube Spinning

    Not really a music vid but play this loud. The LF impacts as the Dark Troopers pound on the metal door are incredible. A note on the video content: This is the Luke Skywalker we've all wanted to see in the last three Star Wars movies but never got to. Disney took the galaxy's greatest hero, greatest optimist and turned him into a sniveling teet sucking green milk drinking "get off my lawn" old geezer. THIS is the Luke Skywalker who is the most powerful Jedi of all time!
  2. @bailecz is using Crites A/4500 XO's,.
  3. @Shanery It could be that it needs to be broken in. I had some pro woofers from Celestion for a DIY project a few years ago. Right out of the box I hooked one up in open air and it just sounded awful. I mean cheap plastic AM radio from the '60's awful. I noticed the suspension was very stiff. I built the enclosure and installed it anyway and I was surprised that about a month later after 100 hours of playing it sounded great. That's when I became convinced that some speakers, maybe not all, need a break-in. I've never heard the 504C. I owned the RC-64 and I own the RC-64 III.
  4. Those are not the speaker S/N's for a Khorn with Type AA XO's. There should be a piece of paper on the back which includes a letter. The letter will identify the year. 1962-1983 Letter format A=62 B=63 C=64 D=65 E=66 F=67 G=68 H=69 I=70 J=71 K=72 L=73 M=74 N=75 O=NONE P=76 Q=NONE R=77 S=78 T=79 U=80 V=NONE W=81 X=82 Y=83
  5. Welcome to the Klipsch forums. Congrats on the Khorns. I see nothing but great advice directly upstream ^^^. In particular I like @PrestonTom's advice except his suggestion that you move to the $30K Jubes! I know Jubes are your solution to most of the problems in the world Tom, but C'mon man, he just got the Khorns! Let him enjoy those first for a while! 😄 Upgrading the Type AA: I love the sound of the AA and updating the XO caps is a fairly typical thing for Khorn users to do. FYI Klipsch, Inc hates when we call "upgrades" as "updates." Woofer: The woofer is likely NOT the problem unless it's blown, an extremely rare event. The Khorn bass is so strong it is probably the only speaker I don't think needs a sub and I think every speaker system needs a sub. In my house it would rattle pictures off the walls. Bass is non-existent: There should be excellent bass coming from Khorns, no mods typically needed. My guess is that it is the room creating big suck-outs leading to weak bass, or it could be the settings of your AVR. Placement makes a huge difference with speakers and especially with Khorns because of the way they are designed. If you work with placement and your settings which includes room correction software such as Audyssey think you will be able to find your lost bass. I added a 12" SEOS waveguide with a very strong compression driver and stuck in on top for a tremendous improvement in sound, by-passing the K-77 tweeter. I used the Crites A/4500 XO as well which had the effect of throwing more content into the HF range. You don't need this mod, it's just what I did just for fun.
  6. I track Heritage prices on a spreadsheet. For Chorus I in Good condition the Avg is $651. Chorus II Avg $777. Notes: Get the Ch2 if you can find one. It has a stellar reputation amongst owners. My spreadsheet reflects historical values, all confirmed sales. Many have noted Heritage prices going up lately from my recorded averages. You live in Texas. It's hard to find deals. A Texas sale can be as much as 20% over the recorded value. You can check out the spreadsheet and do your own research and analyses according to your needs. Klipsch Heritage used prices ver 2020-11.xlsx
  7. Interesting. My JJ shot claims 85% effectiveness. The others claim 95%.
  8. I had the J&J a month ago. I didn't even feel the needle and when the medicine was pushed I could feel it. Pain level was 2 at the injection point, very mild. No side effects in the weeks afterwards.
  9. Good fair market valuation by Jim ^^^. Fair market is a price which is fair to both Buyer and Seller. +++ Because it's 5am and I can't sleep I zipped over to Ebay for a quick look. There was a Cornwall in really nice shape listed for $1300 on April 4, 2021. There were no bids. It was re-listed and sold April 11 for $1025, 2 bids. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324544162785?hash=item4b9056ebe1:g:MYgAAOSwmLNf~1FH
  10. I don't think I've recorded that many sales from the great state of Maryland. You make a great point, albeit humorous but true that regional prices and local prices can vary greatly from national averages. California and Texas come to mind for high prices whereas deals can often be found in Florida. For TX and CA you can just about take the spreadsheet average and add 20%. I guess I have to put Maryland on that list as well! Good luck bargain hunting. I still maintain, deals are out there! -Dave
  11. First of all I found out I did separate Good condition from Avg/poor, I had forgotten. Good Condition = 1089 (I changed a sale category so it would average for a sale that was 2 standard deviations from the mean. It added $89 to the average) Avg/poor Condition = 840 I was right about a couple of things. I only had about 15 confirmed sales. That's not very many. I was also right about the wide variance of sale prices. I have a confirmed price by a forum member for $800 April 2019. I have a sale for 1750 Nov 2020 and it included the travel cases. I have a sale for 2149 in California April 2019 There's more, but nothing recent. Here's the latest version of the Heritage Prices spreadsheet. Feel free to download and research what info is best for you. https://1drv.ms/x/s!Ao9ZM0jKLDUYrD5esamMERy-fu6Z?e=OiVWSy
  12. What's the average for sale date on those? $1000 seems incredibly low. I'll check later, got Pickleball right now. In general your perception is right but remember these are confirmed prices so there is some validity to the average. The problem is I don't have many data points and the LSI's which are junked are averaged in with the ones which are in good condition, making a numerical value not very reliable.
  13. We didn't go into great detail as this is a FS thread but the LSI is a hard beast to value. The biggest problem is many of those have been working man's speakers in harsh environments and as such they have been driven hard are in bad shape. Cab damage, blown drivers, smoke damage. You just never know from a picture. The other problem is the potential Buyers are a small group and are sought out by enthusiasts such as ourselves. The LSI is not a pretty speaker so those wanting a living room speaker may have a WAF problem. The LSI truly goes into the category that they are worth whatever a willing Buyer and a willing Seller can agree to.
  14. Here's my Klipsch Bookshelf CF-4's.
  15. No. There is no such designation from Klipsch. @RandyH000 ^^^ was completely right, of course. The speaker is an LSI, La Scala Industrial. My Heritage Prices spreadsheet shows the average price for a La Scala of that vintage at $1208. The LSI version averages $1000 exactly.
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