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  1. I think you are OK with posting that topic. There are multiple dozens of threads on the same topic in these forums. One of the problems finding the best ones is trying to search on La Scala, uh I mean lascalla, lascala, etc etc. You obviously have strong feelings on the topic, nothing wrong with that either. What makes you and me different is that I read most of those old threads about the AL and at the time I didn't own the LS so I didn't commit all that detailed info to memory. The best I have is a vague recollection so I'm not able to point anybody in the exact direction of what I read. There were people who worked for Klipsch, Inc at the who were authoritative and who knew the backstory on all this. Not every Klipsch speaker was "the best." Like everything else there are top tier products, mid price and yes, lower end Klipsch such as the Synergy speakers sold in Best Buy which did not sound very good. The fact that the AL was quickly replaced by the Type AL-2 should tell you something, as well as the AL-2 which was subsequently replaced by something better. +++ All that extensive discussion on the AL exists somewhere in the archives of this forum. It's hard to find in a search but it's there if anyone has a further interest in that history.
  2. I don't know, not an electronics guy. I've never heard of anyone converting a Type AA to one with a 4500 Hz XO so there must be a reason. Good question though.
  3. Pretty sure the high pass filter to the K-77 was identical on the AL, AL-2, and AL-3 crossovers...around 6000Hz. Thanks for the clarification on the low pass filter, I just couldn't remember. At some point Klipsch, Inc went with the 4500 Hz XO point. I didn't take notes as I should have to document exactly which version that was.
  4. They did make a bad one, in fact, two. Both the AL and the AL-2 were considered the worst sounding Klipsch ever produced for the LS. There are numerous threads on this and more details on the backstory as to how that happened. The AL came out in 1983 and was so bad it was immediately replaced in 1984 with the AL-2. The AL-3 came out in 1989 and was universally acclaimed as a good one. I believe this had the 4500 XO point.
  5. I agree with Jason ^^^ on all counts. I owned Khorns and La Scala both with Type AA crossovers. I added the A/4500 crossover (XO) to the Khorns along with a more robust tweeter section. That was the best sound to my ears. When we say "A/4500" that means the Type AA and the Type AL have a crossover point of 6000 Hz. The A/4500 drops the XO point of the tweeter to 4500 Hz. There was a known hole in the frequency response in that 4500-6000 range, technically. From a human listening point of view you could not hear a "hole" but it was there. If the A/4500 XO is used a more robust tweeter needs to replace the delicate K-77 compression driver which could not handle the lower XO point. +++ To our new Italian friend: Welcome to the Klipsch forums!
  6. You've obviously not been to the AVS forums. 😄 (yes I know you were kidding) 😁
  7. Michigan just jumped into 2nd in the AP poll, 3rd in the Coaches poll. Ohio State dropped 5 places. None of this matters, it's all about what the CFP committee decides Tuesday.
  8. Depending on the trumpet material, some trumpets have a darker or lighter sound. The flugal horn has a darker sound. Chuck Mangione demonstrates. When people talk about the term "timbre" (sounds like tamber, as in tambourine). the difference in sound between the bright sounding trumpet and darker sounding flugal is what we're talking about.
  9. I 100% believe you. When I first started posting here I made mistakes and other forum members were extremely helpful to help me understand the culture and etiquette of the Klipsch forums for which I am eternally grateful. This is a great community with some incredibly smart people. I'm sure you'll fit right in. -Dave
  10. Thanks for the reminder my friend. I've now deleted my comment.
  11. I sanded down my CF-4's (deep gouges) and used a Med Oak stain followed by Satin polyurethane. The Satin looks very close to OEM IMO.
  12. "9. For "Black Lacquer" finishes, the factory used a #40 sheen lacquer primer, then #40 sheen black lacquer, with a clear #40 sheen to protect the black finish. " From the Klipsch Forums, under Tech Mods. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/161759-klipsch-heritage-codes/
  13. 9 OT's is an FBS record. What should be a record is 9 OT's and the winning team only had 20 points!
  14. wvu80


    This is a good research tool but be advised; prices have been escalating lately since Covid and it's hard to say with certainty where the true value lies today. Klipsch Heritage used prices ver 2021-08.xlsx
  15. Austin Brown (left) is one of the singers of my favorite acapella group, Home Free.
  16. Respectful Snip! (just wanted to reference the post) Great story! Being an alumni of the 400 piece WVU Marching Band, I am a huge fan of Ohio State's band. They march all brass (no clarinets, flutes, etc) and as a result they have a tremendous sound played by excellent musicians. Their half-time shows are innovative and are state-of-the-art. A joy to behold and listen to. I am probably one of the very few here who love traditional marches like Sousa and also love the marching band arrangements of contemporary songs. Marching band is living art and the canvas is the football field. It is the only medium I know of which must be recreated live! every time to see it in its fullness. This is the good stuff.
  17. Who knew Wolverine could sing?
  18. I keep coming across deals I can't resist. I think I paid $1000 for the Titan LX-615's and the MBM's combined. That's about $250 per speaker and since I already own some of the DIYSoundgroup.org speakers I know the sound and love their stuff. The guy who sold them them lives 10 minutes from my house. That never happens to me, it's always at least a four-hour round trip. I love my Klipsch but this deal was too good to pass up.
  19. Lots of good advice directly upstream ^^^. My Marantz 6011 has a setting which addresses your exact quandary. It purports to lesson or eliminate the LF going through walls. I've never used that feature so I can't say how well it works. I run an RC-64 III and some large L/R DIY horn loaded speakers, Titan LX-615. An Emotiva XPA-5 (five channels 200 wpc) powers the L/C/R giving them 250 wpc. I don't think it increases the bass but I do think it increases the dynamics, especially at higher SPL. Do you need an external amp? In your current listening environment with neighbors, probably not. Would you enjoy an external amp? Probably yes. Pictured below: 12" Mid-bass Module pair, Umax 15 subs pair, Titan LX-15 speakers, RC-64 III, Marantz SR 6011, Emotiva XPA-5, far right Inuke 3000dsp pair.
  20. wvu80

    La Scalas in SoCal

    As others directly upstream have noted ^^^ the price is way too high. The mighty Khorn can be found used for much less. I bought my 1978 LS's for $600 and sold them for $1400 a few years ago when the top price for LS's was $1500. I took off $100 because the Buyer was driving a long way to pick them up. Here's what LS's with a beautiful patina looks like.
  21. I am a huge fan of used Klipsch. They are a reliable buy on the used market and if a component is out replacements can be found. I owned the mighty Klipschorns at one point. From 1979, paid $900. I owned 1978 La Scala's. $600. Deals are out there.
  22. May I gently take issue here, Claude? Start with the presupposition that I have the highest regard for you personally and your solid opinions. I don't have a dog in this fight so I consider myself neutral. I know the Crites company by its stellar reputation and I don't know the OP at all. What I read in Post 1 was the OP was NOT trying to tear down Crites. He did not mention the company by name and he seem surprised that after he posted a picture everyone knew who the builder was. As you said, all the posters here are knowledgeable and honest. We can have disagreements on various topics but the replies here were honest IMO. My take was that the OP had a legitimate concern over a technical issue based on what he read on Crites website. He posted a topic here looking for feedback. I give the OP as well as the Crites company the benefit of the doubt. Both were acting in good faith and as I read more and saw some of the responses from Crites it seemed to me, as others have suggested, that there was not a meeting of the minds. It further looks like both sides are trying to find a fair resolution that is mutually agreeable. That's what I would expect from a fair customer and a great company. I think the Klipsch forum members in this thread have offered great perspective and advice. I applaud the OP for having an open mind, I equally applaud Crites for offering some fair options. I don't see any ill intent on the part of either party. That's just the view of a neutral third party. Thanks in advance Claude for giving my comments a look. Whether or not we end up agreeing or disagreeing on the intent of the OP I feel sure we'll still be forum friends. -Dave
  23. According to Crites website the price for AA's is $530. https://critesspeakers.com/prices_-_new_crossovers.html
  24. I think the Epic Owners Group thread has details on that, including pictures. I think I used a 1x3, maybe a 1x4 board. I put little rubber pads on the ends, then glued and screwed the board to the support piece. Klipsch OEM had two braces and used a similar support piece. I just copied what Klipsch did. You can see the lighter colored boards, those are mine. I braced one of the Klipsch braces just because I had extra wood. The stock brace is plenty, it's just that I'm into overkill. What you don't see is I had the 1506 not only sitting on the shelf but on a small but dense rubber piece to kill any unwanted vibration. On the other picture you can see the fiberfil I put into the bottom of the box near the XO. It's at the top of the picture.
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