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  1. @AKosc when you first mentioned Double Bass Array this is what I thought you had in mind.
  2. Thank you for the link. I found the article most interesting and I enjoyed reading it! I believe I now have a much better idea of what you are trying to accomplish. When I first responded I was completely off base thinking of a similar but very different idea of DBA. My apologies for the confusion. I was able to translate from German into English using Google Translate. The one thing I found confusing was the two DBA types, Mono-DBA and Stereo-DBA. It's probably not important for the sake of what you are trying to do but if you would like to explain further I would be interested to know what DBA you have in mind. I did find the conclusion similar to what I was suggesting which is how to take the more complicated DBA and use fewer subs to achieve most of the advantages of the setup with more subs. This means I was only half wrong, which still means wrong! 😎 7. Fazit 7. Conclusion The first longitudinal and latitudinal modes are completely eliminated from all arrangements. The reduced arrangements 4.2 and 4.4 work almost as well as the full DBA arrangement. This means that very good results can be achieved with just two drivers per grid. For stereophony and a single seat along the longitudinal axis of the room, very good results can be achieved with just 2 drivers. Here, 5.2 seems to produce the smallest deviations outside the longitudinal axis. Furthermore, the rear grid density can be lower than the front. Since the level of the rear grille can be lowered in many real living spaces anyway, the costs of the overall arrangement can be optimized.
  3. I'm not telling you what you need. I am suggesting you don't need 8 subs to accomplish what 2 or 4 will do. I read what you wrote about a problem between speakers and subs and not having enough room for both. I suggested a possible solution based on my knowledge and experience. I have a DBA in my home theater. I also own the RP-600M which I'll get to in a moment. The 600M is a monitor, not a floorstander. The exact answer to your question is "no" the 600M is not an exact replacement for the 8000F in the HF. The 8000F will play louder and with less distortion than the 600M. A single 6.5" woofer is no match for dual 8" woofs. The 600M is a really nice sounding speaker, I have used it as L/R in a 5.1 system and as L/R in a 2.1 setup. It needs some power to get it going, then has a great midrange sound then it falls off at higher SPL. It will play the frequencies you suggest but not a higher SPL. Very simply it will not keep up with 8 subs. You would have to greatly lower the gain on the subs, not getting their fullest potential. You can achieve a DBA as you said with 2 or 4 subs which will reduce standing waves. If that is the goal, and the subs interfere with the placement of your excellent 8000F, then what is the purpose of having 8 subs which take up a LOT of room, when the same goal (flattening the peaks and nulls) can be achieved with 2, 3, or 4 subs? Here is the Youtube vid which influences my thinking on single vs dual subs. Charts and graphs are included and you can see how dual subs flattens the reflections.
  4. The R The RP-8000F is a fine speaker and yes you do need those big towers for a full sound. There's nothing wrong with being a bass head but what you don't need is EIGHT subwoofers. Three to four subs is overkill and will provide 99% of the performance of eight. I suggest you re-think your music needs and be realistic about how many speakers/subs will fit your space.
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  6. We'll always have Frazier. Well, at least you'll always have Frazier. Here's looking at you, kid. 🥂 -Dave
  7. wvu80

    YouTube Spinning

    For those of you who fell in love with the alps horn portion of our program, there's this by Mnozil Brass. Watch the entire video if you get a chance, it's a hoot.
  8. Not a bad idea Jim, this whole thread and a couple of subsequent comments are a little confusing. @Franko was looking for help pricing his Heresy's but he is not looking to sell. His question was in the middle of a FS thread. I'm sure he didn't intend it that way, that's just kinda the way it happened. To be clear, this entire FS thread is also in the wrong place, it's in the Klipsch General Info sub-forum. It will be easier for Jon to get his nice LS's sold if they are in the Klipsch Garage Sale section. @Jon Wood a more descriptive headline would be: FS: 1979 La Scala pair. Syracuse, NY We know they are Klipsch.
  9. I read that in post one, but the way you and @wstrickland1 were glad handing and back slapping slightly upstream ^^^ it looked like you were the Seller and he was the Buyer. That was my first mistake of the year. My bad. 😆
  10. Thank you, added to the spreadsheet. I have a question, @billybob. You weren't the Seller, were you? I don't think so but I thought I would confirm.
  11. I believe those are Heresy oiled oak from 1978. The condition and location has a big impact on the price. @wvu80 has a spreadsheet and keeps track of used Klipsch prices. It looks like you guys solved all the mysteries. H-00 isHeresy Oiled Oak. The s/n is 65 H 034. The H is for 1978. Heresy's in Good condition go for $400 all day long.
  12. wvu80

    College Football 2020

    I like that DeVante Smith. Fantastic talent and well spoken young man. I don't follow Alabama football so I didn't even know until the game was on that he was the Heisman Trophy winner. Fortunately the announcers made sure we knew by telling us every time he touched the ball.
  13. The ad says "1980's" $2900. My Heritage Prices spreadsheet shows 1983-99 LS's AVG $1259. He's going to have those for a while. Not that it matters those are about an hour from me. I don't intend to pursue them.
  14. wvu80

    NFL 2021

    The Steelers set an NFL record for incompetence in the first quarter. Credit to the Browns for managing that first quarter lead into a win. Next up: Chiefs
  15. I have run my speakers with bi-amp and without. I would say there is a slight improvement in mid-range clarity but it's very subtle. If I simply played the speakers I doubt if I could tell if they were bi-amped or not. I have come to like the speakers better without the bi-amping because I think they are more dynamic, more live! sounding. Bi-amping does not double the power to the speakers. Rather it tends to cut the power because there are more drivers which need power. Any excess power is converted to heat by the crossover (XO) and is not used. I see no problem with you bi-amping. My biggest concern on your behalf was that you were having problems with the volume. Eliminating bi-amping would cut down on your variables when trying to troubleshoot. Now that you have the sound problems worked out, go ahead and try it if you're curious. See how it sounds to your ears, in your listening room with your speakers.
  16. Historically LSI's are hard to sell because they have such a small market. By definition they were working speakers for gigs or clubs and not in great shape. The rest of the idea is most people don't want ugly industrial monsters in their living room so the pool of potential buyers is smaller than for home speakers. Finding a buyer for a single LSI is a smaller buyer pool still. You can buy a single if you need a center for L/C/R LS's but if you had to find a second single to match I think that would take a long time. On paper $500 for a single LSI sounds good, but in reality IMO it's worth a lot less because it would take so long to find a buyer.
  17. I'm not sure where to categorize that single LS. LS pair average is $1208, but this is an LSI. LSI pair averages $1000 even. La Scala single averages $472. I'm thinking I will put it in the LSI category and put an "s" in the cell. The s is for "single" and putting a letter in the cell with numbers means it will not be included in the average but you still can see the price, for research purposes. Ideas?
  18. Once you get the picture embedded you can double click on it. A menu box will be at the bottom. Try 400 pixels, that will make it more manageable. Below is 400, then 300, for perspective.
  19. Welcome to the Klipsch Forums. Welcome to the CF-4 club. You have one of the greatest speakers Klipsch ever made, but as a fellow CF-4 owner I'm biased. Let's get to the volume issue later. I just read the thread and I have a couple of comments/observations. Everybody ^^^ has given you excellent advice. Your buddy gave you CF-4 speakers worth about $1000. You have CF-4 version 2, 1995. These are highly sought after in the Klipsch community and sound very similar to v1. The 18 awg wire is adequate. If you upgraded to something larger I doubt you could hear the difference. That being said, the next time you order wire go to 12 AWG, OFC (not CCA). This is overkill. We like overkill. When you upgrade your wire get some banana plugs. They won't make the speakers sound better, they are more convenient. I use Mediabridge locking plugs. The ratings on Amazon is 4.9 stars. Highly recommended. Here is the "everything you ever wanted to know about the CF-4" thread. About that sound: I assume you have the sound now balanced, L to R. I assume you are bi-amping. I suggest you use jumper wires on the binding posts and ditch bi-amping. I can expand on "why" if you want me to. Volume: I assume this is your first new AVR. They work very differently from the amps from the old days. Back in the old days, turning it up a quarter was loud, halfway up on the knob would run you out of the room it was so loud. The newer AVR's don't work that way. Assuming a range of 0-98 what you will find is the AVR is almost dead silent at 40. At 60 you can barely hear it. 70 sounds good and at 80 or above, NOW it sounds loud! This is the new normal. I'll stop here. -Dave
  20. wvu80

    College Football 2020

    It's the greatest weekend +1 of the year. Six NFL playoff games and the collegiate national championship on Monday. Saturday at Morgantown in college basketball WVU #14 plays Texas #4 at 1p. Go Mountaineers, Buckeyes and Steelers!
  21. And you have accomplished both. Confirmed sales are like gold to me. Added to the spreadsheet. 🤜🤛
  22. wvu80

    1957 Khorns for sale

    I record confirmed sales. Nothing in my Heritage Prices spreadsheet is personal. Speaking personally, I don't care what a specific speaker sells for. The price is numbers on a page. I like it when people challenge the numbers on the Heritage Prices spreadsheet. It adds to part of my fun which is to try to value various Heritage models. And you are right that the spreadsheet is of most value to those who are new to Klipsch Heritage. How does a newbie value a Forte vs a Heresy? He looks it up. The spreadsheet is available free to anyone who asks. If there is a better data source for confirmed sales, I say use that as well.
  23. That's not a bad thought. I've been trying to re-think the spreadsheet so it will give a historical average which is usually stable over time, and I'd like an average of the last 5 confirmed sales. Using your idea directly above one might use Average + 10%,or whatever number. Your thoughts for tweaks?
  24. Hi Aaron. Welcome to the forum! If you are going to use Ebay as a price guide I suggest you go to SOLD prices, and not just the posted price. Ebay prices SOLD tend to be about 30% higher than FB Marketplace or Craigslist. Ebay has very high fees for Sellers. Have you used Search Tempest to search for speakers? It's a nice tool. When I post a pricing average it is based on confirmed sales. There are certain areas where prices are HIGHER than my spreadsheet numbers and some places where it is lower. There really is a technique to find deals on-line. Our forum buddy @Youthman offers a course on how to find deals. You might PM him or find him on Facebook under the Youthman name to see what he's got going. Here's my Heritage Prices spreadsheet. It's a good research tool. Klipsch Heritage used prices ver 2020-11.xlsx
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