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  1. Comparing NYC today against the "Son Of Sam", Times Square Deuce days is really laughable on its face. As one who has visited NYC across four decades it's not even close today to all those years ago. Lots of America can be shown in decay; a recent drive to College Station TX had me looking at stuff that was truly third world/jarring to see. What a difference an hour can make..... True fact: Law And Order (made by people who actually live in New York City) depicted more murders on the island of Manhattan than actually occurred on the island of Manhattan during the same time frame. Now THAT'S paranoid.
  2. I still have one, and love it. I'd buy another one if they were still around, they just have that magic and life.
  3. This is why I pay other people to rebuild my crossovers. If I did it things would probably only minimally look better, LOL. Are those caps Klipsch approved?🤣
  4. I guess everyone has their preferences. I prefer Amperex (Holland) late 1950's/early 1960's in both the 12AX7 and 12AU7 slots.
  5. This place is gonna LOVE me when I post on my home theater that's in the works..... I learned it all right here. 😇
  6. Corporate world has been pulling back from this stuff big time. I know several who work in related businesses setting up/catering to this kind of stuff (conventions/exhibits/meetings.etc). People are backing out of bookings to the tune of 40% or more over the upcoming fall (this outta Vegas, why they are frantically putting in a vaxpass system because the convention end is bleeding cash). Corporate types don't yet trust these type of public events and are voting with their dollars and feet.
  7. They seem fixated on the "M" word, as well as the topic of sex and body parts in general. Everything old is new again.
  8. Oh, come on. Stop baggin' on Uncle Kevy.....he's as American as hot dogs and apple pie, and dare I say that the Ah! Tjoeb 4000 CD player I got from them is still one of my favorite components ever. So much so I wish I had another one or two 🙂 It's a real trip to see Upscale Audio selling Klipsch, too.
  9. I have a set of these from 1968, the grills are removable and a tannish wicker style. I set one on it's side (lowboy'd) as the center channel in my all-Cornwall theater, this speaker is mahhhhhhhvelous for this purpose. :: currently undergoing renovations :: :: ding :: 🦴 🔔
  10. I am in awe of the woodworking/finish restoration. The only thing I ever succeed in by attempting such is making it worse, save for maybe giving the oiled cabs a BLO treatment. Any resto work I do, I have to hire people to do the work for me - crossovers, grill cloths, and so forth such that I am in the area of "assembly". I would like to do this to my Cornwalls that I am redoing for my theater, but as I say, I'll screw it up. Which is what impresses me the most about these threads - some people seem to do this like breathing, whereas I view it as "Flying Wallendas" sort of stuff.
  11. I've walked the walk with vintage Mac for actual operational purpose, where best sonics are a consideration, and I can tell you without question that these pieces benefit from the rework. Collectors who have these sitting on a shelf might well do just fine leaving them original, because after all they are doing it for the collecting, but for actual operational use - not to mention safety - an electronic restoration by a competent technician well versed in reworking these pieces is highly recommended. In this case, we have one who can do their own work and have gotten the requisite excellent results. There's certainly room for discussion as to exactly what parts should be used to best keep the "signature", but I've found that there's more leeway than you might think, just listening to the different builds that I have, but certainly know that a good build does wonders for the pieces. C22 has a solid state rectifier where the C20 is tube rectified, and that seems to account for the obvious difference in its signature......more authority in the bass response the C20 a bit more "rounded". Both really have a magic about them, though......
  12. 90 to 95 db at the listening position is about right for most live shows (taken from one who has seen over 500), and this includes/included Grateful Dead/related family performances. Heavy metal shows in small halls or larger places with mega systems will skew the sample louder,, most acts I see in arenas, festivals, and "sheds" will put you in the 90-95db "area" at the seats......this typically covers "sweet spot" locations from the 10th to the 30th row inclusive. Most people don't know just how loud 110db really is, that can literally ruin your hearing permanently and is getting into pain threshold.100 is pretty flipping' loud in it's own right. If it's metal bands, yeah, they're louder but most everyone else doesn't hit 100db save for rare instances (and yes, if you're front of house at Bonnaroo or major stadium it will be loud but back off 30 rows and the setup presents itself much differently). 100db is more like the inside of a Las Vegas club, at peak. Smaller room dialed in so that sound is pumpin'..... As for Al's crossovers, yes, they like having some power put into them, and this 90+ db at your listening position is about right. Larger rooms, solid state power, bigger volume would be "the lane" for Al's ES product. I have Cornwalls and Belles in more modest sized rooms and find the simple networks work best for me, because while I will hit that 90-95 db area at the listening position, it's in more modest sized rooms, where a 20 x 30 or larger room would present a different situation/larger room to load.
  13. I have to admit that I had recollections of Gilda Radner sketches on the old SNL when I first saw the thread title.
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