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    RIP Little Richard

    Little Richard has passed, RIP https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8303373/Little-Richard-dead-87-Rock-music-legend-Good-Golly-Miss-Molly-passes-away.html
  2. Those of us who attended Chief Boneheads class last Oct. listened to a very well done listening comparison between the Heresy III and Heresy IV. The comparison was in the listening room of the lab and was about as controlled as one would ever hope to expect. You will be hard pressed to find an attendee who would say the IV is not a significant improvement over the III. I'll be the first to admit I'm not blessed with the Golden Ears many claim to possess, however, I do trust my ears implicitly. The most significant improvement to me was in the bass response. Simply put, the IV sounds like a MUCH larger speaker than the III. I would suggest you wait on your purchase until you've listened to the IV...and save your penny's in the meantime. The IV's are a little more $.
  3. Crown has a very good service center in Elkhart. https://crownservice.aetechron.com/
  4. Are the bass bin input terminals recessed, in a bit of notch, on the rear of the cabinet? The couple pairs I've owned were. This is a built in handle. One hand here, the other inside the front top edge of the doghouse and away you go.
  5. Reading through these threads and It looks as though Xilica handles the shelf filters differently than the EV processors. With the exception of the Jubilee/K691/Xilica settings, I believe all Roy's settings derived from anechoic chamber measurements (Jubs/402/Tads, MWM/402/k69, Jubs/402/B&C75, etc.) are for use in the EV DX-38. If this is correct, plugging in the settings for the EV processor would not be "right" in the Xilica processors. If one is using a different combo than the Jub/402/K691, is there a simple conversion to correct the dissimilar parameters between the two processors or does one need to measure response, with the Xilica in use, to determine the correct shelf filters?
  6. I get the analogy, I was simply referring to my competency in the two subjects.
  7. The given speaker(s) I was referring to in this case were Jubilees and Jub-Scalas using Roys settings and tweaking those for in room improvement. The point I had difficulty understanding is the paradox of taking measurements in room to determine the speaker/room interaction while trying to minimize the problem influences. I have a better understanding of this now. If only it was as simple for me as environmental influence on internal and external ballistics.....
  8. Thank you for the reply. You seem to be under the impression I have something against measurements and those to take/use them in their systems. This couldn't be further from the truth. Please try to lighten up, I'm simply trying to better understand some fundamental aspects of the process.
  9. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/187347-jubilee-news/&tab=comments#comment-2432626 " One of the things that occurred this past spring is that I found out just how good the Jubilees can perform, contrasted against the prior 11 years of ownership in which I used the provided (canned) DSP crossover settings--and then incremental upgrades over the past 5-7 years in DSP settings, etc. that I found through measurement and iterative improvements. When I stumbled on the first order crossover filter effects on overall sound quality about a year ago, it completely changed my entire outlook of these loudspeakers. When I found how to eliminate the phase growth at the crossover interference band via moving the K-402 listening axis down closer to the bass bin mouths, those two changes together enabled the final game-changing performance. I'm now floored by how well these loudspeakers sound. Their acoustic measurements also indicate why they are sounding so good. It was a nominally 5% increase in overall sound quality--that effectively doubled the subjective engagement and listening pleasure of them. This is why I have been talking about the "fractional order crossovers" (i.e., Danley-style) and shortening down the KPT-402-HF assemblies toward the bass bins. I think that most Jubilee owners are sitting on a gold mine of unrealized sound quality potential that they haven't yet heard. I'm convinced that this is part of that 5% that PWK used to talk about (as Roy reported). It's that last 5% of performance that brings so much subjective sound improvement. Chris " Did I misinterpret? Yes, and I do apologize for the 090 level question. What is it that cannot be proven? I don't follow what you are saying... I will be the first to admit I am very ignorant to the measurement process/interpretations. I appreciate your response but would genuinely value an answer to my question.
  10. If minor changes in mic. locations significantly affect measurements, and measurements taken at the main listening position are inconsistent, how can one say they have improved on settings derived from an anechoic chamber? Unless one plants their ears exactly where the measurements were taken, why bother?
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