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  1. KPT-942-M.....sounds damn fine too.
  2. Only a real jackass tweets...takes a special kind of jackass to pay attention
  3. Klipsch makes Cornscalas?
  4. https://kansascity.craigslist.org/ele/d/shawnee-mission-klipsch-cornwall-ii/6815596471.html
  5. Thank you EmilC for a very fine transaction. Nice work Dean.
  6. Zim.


    https://springfield.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-klf-7/6751469770.html no affiliation
  7. I've owned the Audio Mirror 6AS7 20W SET amps for a couple short months now and have more recently added their linestage to the chain. Both have factory upgrades. Primary source is an Arcam CD192. This frontend is driving Volti Khorns in my 3 channel system ( LaScala derived center). Simply put, they sound like what tubes are supposed to sound like. A.M. is very fine gear and I would certainly encourage one to give them a listen in their system. Should it be needed, Vlad's customer service has proven top flight.
  8. Should be a simple answer from your dealer.
  9. I spoke with FaitalPro (J. Longobardo) yesterday on another matter but this topic was mentioned in passing. The HF20AT is discontinued/out of production. There are a few, perhaps a couple dozen, in Europe (warehouse) that are headed to the US shortly. That's it, no more from FaitalPro.
  10. 1. SOLD. Complete Crites Jubilee networks (LF and HF boards) , HF boards are for the K-402 with Faital HF200 16ohm, or Faital HF20AT 16ohm drivers. shipped/paypal from KC to within the CONUS. 2. SOLD. Faital HF200 (1pair) 16 ohm drivers. Approx. 100hrs of use on K-402 w/passives. shipped/paypal from KC to within the CONUS
  11. You are holding online audio forums to too high a standard,.
  12. Ivan, welcome to the forum. What you are experiencing with the factory passives is not unique. I have a number of factory cinema passives (904, 942, 535) and find the 'behind the screen' passives hot in the mids as well...even when they are placed behind a screen (Seymour Center Stage XD). My 535M LCR and 904 surrounds in the HT are tamed by my pre/pro (Yamaha CX-A5000) which happens to have a very capable manual PEQ. Have you considered a good equalizer? No desire to go active?
  13. Not quite. Bryston products with a date code of 9805 (1/30/1998) thru 0607 (02/21/2006) are grandfathered and still have the remaining 20 yr. warranty fully transferable. From Bryston: 'As of 2006-02-22 Bryston will only warranty Bryston products purchased through authorized Bryston dealers. Bryston products with a date code of 0608 or higher (date code format is “yyww”, where “yy” is the two least significant digits of the year and “ww” is the week of the year) must be accompanied by a copy of the bill-of-sale from a Bryston authorized dealer to qualify for warranty service. The warranty is transferable from the original owner to a subsequent owner as long as a copy of the bill-of-sale from the original authorized Bryston dealer accompanies the re-sale. The copy of the bill of sale to any subsequent owner need ONLY include the Name of the Bryston Authorized Dealer and the Model and Serial number of the Bryston product. The warranty will only be honoured in the country of the original purchase unless otherwise pre-authorized by Bryston. ' The OP's Bryston was likely manufactured in 2011 making the warranty non-transferable.
  14. Yes, this is Tim's warehouse. Don't believe I would ever call it immaculate, doesn't really go with the territory of his business. It would take hundreds/thousands of man-hours just to clean the stuff once, let alone maintain it. I was there picking up a few goodies yesterday as well. The place is jam-packed at the moment. Besides the usual suspects (JBL/EAW), he has a lot of Klipsch. MWM singles/doubles, KPT-456.....
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