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  1. mboxler

    Basic KHorn XO Question

    Since the woofer is getting all frequencies, his crossover looks like a first order band pass to the autoformer/squawker and a third order high pass to the tweeter.
  2. mboxler

    Basic KHorn XO Question

    There should have been a 4mh inductor and two 70uf capacitors in the bass bin. If you removed them, and have only wire between the input and the woofer driver, than yes the woofer is receiving all frequencies.
  3. mboxler

    La Scala crossover

    Not sure if you want to know what the current rating of the stock 2.5mh inductor is, or how much current can pass through the inductor. I don't know the stock inductor rating, but... I believe the K-33 can handle 150 watts. If we assume the lowest impedance is 4 ohms, and use Ohm's Law, that equates to around 24 volts and 6.1 amps. Since the inductor is in series with the K-33, current through both will be the same...6.1 amps. Perhaps over simplified, but I hope that helps. Mike
  4. mboxler

    A DIY Single Ended Class A Kit

    If memory serves, it's 5.5 x 2.5. If you're currently using a laptop PS, the connector size is usually printed on the label. Mike
  5. mboxler

    ALK universal crossover

    Oddly enough, I'm currently "rebuilding" my ALK Universal kits I purchased quite a few years back for my K-horns. It was my first soldering project, and it looked like gray gum wadded around the connections. I'm seriously considering replacing the 1.3mh woofer coil that came with the kit with the 2.5mh value used in the type A and AA. I know Al argued for the 1.3mh, but I find it odd that his Super AA upgrade keeps the stock 2.5mh woofer coil. While testing the rebuilt crossovers, I wanted to find out the frequency where the voltage across the 1.3mh inductor equals the voltage across the K-33 (the -3b voltage point). It turned out to be around 1400 hz! As it turns out, the impedance of a 1.3mh inductor at 1400 hz is 11.4 ohms, which must be the impedance K-33 at 1400 hz??? For fun, I hooked up a 2.5mh inductor between the amp and the K-33, and found the -3db voltage to be closer to 400 hz, or 6.2 ohms. Seems like replacing the ALK Universal woofer coil might be an interesting experiment. Mike
  6. mboxler

    Klipsch Balancing Network Mysteries

    Using this calculator http://www.pronine.ca/capimp.htm Change Capacitance to uF and Frequency to Hz. A first order rolloff (-3 db) occurs when the impedance of the capacitor equals to impedance of the series load. This occurs at a specific frequency. The tweeter capacitor ALWAYS has a 8 ohm load (the K-77). Using the calculator, plug in 2 uF and 8 ohms. When you click Calculate, the Frequency will show 9947.1875 Hz. That's the crossover frequency to the tweeter. Moving the tweeter tap will not change this, because the cap is after the autoformer. The K-55 cap (4 uF) is before the autoformer. Since it is using input 0-5 and output 0-3, the impedance of the K-55 appears 4 times bigger. Assuming the impedance of the K-55 is 15 ohms, the load on the 4 uF capacitor will be 60 ohms. Plug those numbers into the calculator, and you will get a frequency of around 663 Hz. If you change the output tap to 0-2, then the load is 8 times bigger, or 120 ohms. If you want to keep the same 663 Hz crossover frequency, plug in 120 Ohm, 663 Hz Frequency, and the calculator will determine that a 2 uF capacitor is required. Hope that helps! Mike
  7. mboxler

    Bi-Amp question / thought

    Interesting. Are you running a 400 hz low pass signal from the Xilica XP 4080 straight to the K-33, but a delayed full signal from the Xilica XP 4080 to the HP section of the original crossover? The 13 uf capacitor of the HP crossover is still the high pass filter for the K-55? Mike
  8. mboxler

    Bi-Amp question / thought

    What passive are you using for the mid to high crossover?
  9. mboxler

    Bi-Amp question / thought

    Not sure if this helps, but here's a Type-A-BA (bi-amp) crossover I'm working on. SInce the active crossover replaces the 2.5 mh inductor (low pass filter) and the 13 uf capacitor (high pass filter) of the Type-A crossover, all that remains is an autoformer and 2 uf cap. I even went so far as to reverse the function of the autoformer. Instead of attenuating the mid by 3 db, the autoformer passes a 3 db gain to the tweeter. Since I'm using the same amp type for the low and high pass, I run the low pass amp at full volume, and the high pass amp at around 12 o'clock. Mike
  10. mboxler

    Bi-Amp question / thought

    PM sent.
  11. mboxler

    Bi-Amp question / thought

    I've been curious about the Xkitz products too. If you are willing to do some DIY, I'd be happy to send you a pair of Marchand XM1's with 500 hz modules, as well as the power supply for them. They are unbalanced input/output only. Regarding Al's crossover, hopefully someone smarter than me will chime in. It appears that the ends of the 33uf cap are soldered to copper (?) posts. If one were to connect a 14 AWG wire with alligator clips to the two posts, would that not bypass the capacitor completely? Now the crossover will only passively split the high pass signal from the active crossover to the mid and high drivers. Mike
  12. mboxler

    Bi-Amp question / thought

    It shouldn't be that hard to bypass the hi-pass portion of the passive crossover and drive the mid/high drivers using the hi-pass of the active crossover. If you could post a picture/schematic of the passive crossover, we could find out. Mike
  13. mboxler

    PC computer question

    If your motherboard has SPDIF out pins, and you have an open slot, this works great. I have one on my ASUS motherboard. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SPDIF-Optical-and-RCA-Out-Plate-Cable-Bracket-for-ASUS-Gigabyte-MSI-Motherboard/273133351510?epid=1247152598&hash=item3f98043256:g:Lf0AAOSwUIFavPhf
  14. mboxler

    12volt amplifier for la scala vintage

    The TDA7297 is a wonderful chip amp!
  15. mboxler

    SOLD Reckhorn DSP-6 Digital Crossover - SOLD

    Hey Warren Yes, it is still available! Mike