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  1. If you have the original crossover's T2A, it would be interesting to replace the 3654 with it. I don't have a 3654, but it's supposed to be the same as the 3636 that I do have, less the extra taps. Here are plots of the 3636 (orange) and T2A (blue). I used a 13uf capacitor and tap 4 is connected to the K-55-M in my Khorn. Even though tap 4 of the T2A is -3.35db vs the 3636's -3db, the voltage across the K-55-M is actually a little higher in the 400-600hz range. This is due to the difference in inductance between the two autoformers. Not sure I would hear the difference, but interesting nonetheless. Mike
  2. Again I ask...how does one know if a capacitor is out of spec when we don't know the factory specs to begin with? It would be interesting if you could measure the capacitance of the old caps vs new ones. It would very interesting if you could measure the ESR of the old vs new caps, at various frequencies.
  3. Selling a pair of ALK ES5800's. Includes 3-Wire cable to connect to ES400 thru ES700. $375 shipped (ConUS) includes PP fees. Mike
  4. This would seem to been a good example of whether capacitor ESR really matters. In the Chorus I circuit, the 15 ohm resistor is in series with the capacitor's ESR. If the capacitor's tolorance is 5%, it would be anywhere from 14.25 to 15.75 ohms. Couldn't the value of the resistor have a greater impact on the total impedance than the ESR of the capacitor?
  5. I find myself fortunate to have joined this forum years ago. The Klipsch crossovers fascinated me, and I really wanted to learn what the capacitors, inductors, and autoformers did in a circuit. It was through modifying, measuring, and listening that I was able to learn. I will always be grateful for those types of discussions, and to all those that contributed to them.
  6. mfd is the same as µF...microfarad. As I understand it, some companies had trouble printing µF on their capacitors so they went with mfd.
  7. Starting to wonder that myself. This is the voltage across the K-33E installed in my Khorn, connected to various filters. Wouldn't the horn loading also come into play? Am I wrong thinking that the driver is a part of the network? If I were to use a 4 ohm resistor in series with a 2.5mh inductor, the plot would end up with a corner frequency of 255Hz, and then drop by 6db per octave after that. That's not what happens across the woofer terminals when using an A or AA, as the voltage drops less than 3db per octave due to the inductance of the voice coil. For some reason I found this interesting.
  8. I was interested in the voltage transfers of various filters across the K-33E mounted in my Khorn. I was surprised how much the voice coil affected the A and AA transfers. Green A and AA Black AK-2 Red AK-3 Brown AK-4 If anyone knows the difference, if any, between the AK-4 and AK-5 I can measure that as well. Mike
  9. Hey Dean The Mid Range Horn picture shows a T5A autoformer, indicating this is an AK-2 crossover. Will you bother just recapping these or will you upgrade them to AK-3's? Mike
  10. I know nothing about professional recording studios, but do they use cable lifters? Seems to me that if not doing so caused an issue it would end up on the original recording.
  11. I assumed the K-55-M was around 3db hotter that the K-33-E, so I added that to approximate the SPL. Probably not a good idea?
  12. Added a plot of the AK-3 voltage across the K-33-E. I added 3db to the voltage across the K-55-M to simulate it's higher sensitivity.
  13. I can only assume that the high pass to the K-55-M was overdamped (if that's the bark you are referring to) to compensate for the new low pass to the woofer. The AK-3 voltage to the woofer is down 3db around 350hz and drops quickly (12db per octave) after that.
  14. Dean said it well...I'm full of plots 🙂 I didn't have a 3.5mh inductor, but did have a 3.3mh air core. I cheated and used a ferrous screw of just the right length to place in the center of the inductor and raise the inductance to 3.5mh. As I thought, the 3.5mh inductor in parallel with the inductance between taps 0 - 3 of the 3636 got me to my target 3mh. The brown plot is that voltage across my K-55-M. I then replaced the 3.5mh with a 5.2mh (no 5mh per the schematic in my stash), resulting in the blue plot. Tried to get rid of the 60hz spikes and the harmonics, but failed. The path to the -4db point differs, but not sure the difference is audible.
  15. I thought one had to calculate the Impedance |Z| and the Phase φ of each capacitor and then add those two results in parallel. Using a few online calculators I came up with a combined ESR of around .92 ohms doing so.
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