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  1. I assume the 20 volt preamp output would be for a current amplifier instead of a voltage amplifier.
  2. The miniDSP 2 X 4 input max is .9 volts or 2 volts, depending on a jumper setting. The output voltage, however, is set at .9 volts. If the input setting is 2 volts, the output has a 7 db insertion loss. Mike
  3. mboxler

    My new LaScala crossovers.

    Interesting! Someday I'll re-install my ALK Universals into my K-horns and experiment. I have a pair of 1.0 mh inductors that I can put in series with the 1.3 mh in the crossover. I assume the yellow graph is the woofer, with the woofer current lagging the mid driver current by 90 degrees? Thanks for the info! Mike
  4. mboxler

    My new LaScala crossovers.

    Not to create more work, but I'm curious what the voltage drop across the 1.3 mh inductor is at 430 hz. Maybe 1.3Vpp??? Mike
  5. mboxler

    SOLD BMS 4592ND-Mid (16 ohm)

    Selling my pair of BMS 4592ND-Mid (16 ohm) drivers. Purchased new from Greg Roberts in 2011. Never abused. Incredible drivers. SOLD includes PayPal fees and shipping to ConUS. Mike
  6. mboxler

    My new LaScala crossovers.

    When you say "measured", are you passing a 430 hz signal to the speaker, checking the voltage across the crossover input, then checking the voltage across the woofer output? The woofer out should be the input times .707. Mike
  7. mboxler

    Class D amplifiers are cool

    I actually have three of these. One for my RF-83's and two for my LXmini's. I think they are great sounding amps, and the variable gain feature comes in handy. Just make sure the power supply is adequate for your needs. Mike
  8. Deleted 'cause I don't know what I'm talking about 😶
  9. mboxler

    1985 Cornwall issue

    It's five o'clock somewhere! This will be fun. Bringing as much stuff as I can, not knowing what the issue(s) are. Even found the old diaphragms from my Heresy's K-52-H mids, just in case his contains the Heppner K-52-H as well and one or both are bad. Also a pair of K-77-M's. Hopefully it's something simple, but we'll see. Mike
  10. mboxler

    1985 Cornwall issue

    Looks to be in the Denver area. If you are reasonably close to the Golden area, I'd also be happy to help. Mike
  11. Thanks, Chris! Still learning, and I could never figure out what .zma files were. Opened it up in notepad and it became clearer. At first I thought the phase column represented the electrical phase shift across the driver. But it now appears that it is acoustical phase shift. Correct??? Again, thanks for the info. Mike
  12. Chris Am I reading the Crites .zma file correctly? Looks like the driver, at 800 hz, is 8.5 ohms and 38 degree phase (inductive). Seems as though a 1.7 mh inductor would be needed, or am I missing something. Mike
  13. You could try these https://www.parts-express.com/speaker-l-pad-attenuator-50w-mono-3-8-shaft-16-ohm--260-254 between the squawker output of the crossover and the BMS driver. You are going to need around 12-14 db attenuation, and they don't specify the maximum attenuation of the l-pad. Are you using the K-77 tweeter? Gorgeous speakers! Mike
  14. mboxler

    All AA's are sold. One pair E2 Crossovers FS

    And which BMS mid driver...8 ohm or 16 ohm?
  15. That is old! If you want to stay at 500hz, 5mh should work. 6.4mh for 400hz. If you get a 5mh, you could wire it in series with the 1.3mh, giving you 6.3mh, and see if you like it.