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  1. It does not make sense. If you have stock of old crossovers it will take 2x faster to get rid of them in pairs then to mix them with new. Maybe they already started to factor Forte II in parallel and someone put wrong gone. Any way capacitance values can help to resolve that.
  2. jajaja Maybe you could post capacitance settings from yellow and blue caps. Other way we are walking blind.
  3. Yes it costs nothing and turn it as last item in chain after amps or what ever you have more (connected computer ex.)
  4. Probably it's not factory stamp. Unfortunately I cannot find my old Fortes XO pics to check
  5. What kind of electronic crossover do you use? Yesterday noticed same for tweeter while measuring and setting. Looked like something hanged on XO, restarted it and it was fine.
  6. If second is from forte 2 then values will be different. Easiest to check are capacitor values.
  7. I run La Scalas in similar room and I want to go bigger.
  8. Too big it's relative Stick wit CW and for a long time you will not be tempted to switch to something else.
  9. Later one is probably Forte II corssover not I.
  10. Anyone tried HF201? Looks flattest from HF20x bunch.
  11. Except of the split and look they are the same, just some minor updates, concept is the same. With new Jubilee we have definitively major update/change in bass bin. Of course those are Klipsch prodcuts, if they called them Jubilee then that is the name. Old Pro looks more like home model compared to new one. Actually for me if it's sound's good than look does not matter, but have own opinion on look too. That is the case with any design. Some love it some hate it and for some does not matter. Definitively I would like to have opportunity to listen to them, but it Poland it will not happen any time soon or ever. Maybe on some trip to US.
  12. I would say that in lower part it's no longer Jubilee but something that looks similar to it. If it sounds fine then OK. Esthetics is controversial for me. Form new ideas I have loved The Fifteens (RIP) look but this one is on opposite side. For me veneered Pro Jubilee version is nicer then this one.
  13. I don't care about MQA, it's not lossless format anyway. It's disputable if its better than CD (16/44). So I'm using only CD quality from TIDAL. https://www.hifiplus.com/articles/highresaudio-to-stop-offering-mqa/
  14. If you already have them you can measure T&S with ARTA/LIMP.
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