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  1. The speakers have probably seems some stuff, but man is that a good deal for someone in Maryland! https://www.ebay.com/itm/296271676024?mkevt=1&mkpid=0&emsid=e11021.m43.l3160&mkcid=7&ch=osgood&euid=de38d84f7cd04717845aa25e3bd7412a&bu=43126147563&ut=RU&osub=-1~1&crd=20240306013359&segname=11021
  2. Found these horizonal Cornwall cabinets this morning on OfferUp. Could be the start of a good project. https://offerup.co/b8cDoAN4YFb
  3. @merkinI'm in the Denver area and have an Academy I'm not using. You can PM me if you're interested in it.
  4. I have decided to start letting some speakers go as I do not have room for them all. I am selling my pair of rare shorthorns. They are really cool, but I don't really have a dedicated space for them. I'd like to get what I paid for them, so I'm asking $1500 for the pair. I am located in the Denver area, but I will also be traveling to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving and could bring them with if that is closer to you. I also have a matching University 4401 horn and driver that was pulled from another shorthorn. I was going to install it on the raw birch shorthorn and I will be including it in the sale. Additional pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/9h0gQm1 They are the ones here:
  5. If that falls through, I've been looking for a pair for a couple years
  6. It's a bedroom setup so no possibility of getting the speakers behind the bed/listening area. Definitely not ideal for speaker placement, but the cozy factor has made it the default watching area despite having a dedicated home theater and heritage 5.0 in the living room. I was just going to put the rears on night stands facing inward toward the listening position. The RS62s would be easy since mounting it on the back wall points half of the drivers in the general correct direction and doesn't take up any table space.
  7. RS62s should would be easy. I could just mount them to the back wall basically with one side pointing right next to the listening position and the other off towards the wall. What is the optimal positioning for those things anyway?
  8. Yeah, I'm mostly looking for what would match the sound closest to the Cornwalls. They will only be a couple feet from the listening position so I'm not super concerned with their horsepower.
  9. Heresy speakers are not really an option as described earlier, so I'm looking for the next best option in something smaller
  10. I'm needing some advice for what to use for my rears to pair with my front Cornwall 1s and Chorus II center. I was intending on putting my Heresy IIs as the rears, but whoever built my house decided to put the door to the room on one side and a window on the other in the only good spots for them. Anyway, I need something smaller I can place right next to the seating area. There is a set of KG 1.2s for sale locally I could get in a local auction that's ending tonight. I already have the following I could just drop in now, but I'm not sure how well they would match. RB61-IIs RB41-IIs RS62-IIs RS42-IIs RX5 1 academy (would need to get a 2nd and probably wouldn't be ideal but could be convinced)
  11. Actually, I did check with Crites. He said that they eventually plan on producing extreme slope networks, but there are no plans on the works as of yet. My guess is it's years before they do.
  12. Unfortunately, he's not selling es5800s on their own, otherwise I'd have already bought a pair.
  13. I have a set in Colorado that I've been thinking of letting go. I also have a matching RC 64-II. I'm the original owner and they were B stock for having a non standard veneer (though they still look gorgeous). I still have the boxes as well. One does have a small chip in the veneer due to a moving accident, but it's not major. I also have a non matching black and a walnut RF7-II as well that have a few dents but work fine.
  14. I ended up getting them for asking price. Overall they weren't in too bad of shape, way better than my previous pair that came from a high school in the middle of nowhere. The seller didn't bring the "stands" but says they were the same size as the LaScalas. I'm not sure what those could be and we'll see if he ends up sending any pictures of them. Perhaps they're full bass bins or maybe they really are just a custom stand? I'm not really sure what the provenance of these LaScala's are. All we know is that he couldn't store them anymore and he had to get rid of them.
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