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  1. both speakers are now re-veneered, the front and back repainted with black matte, and put on risers (also black) for now this project is finished, only thing left to do is change the Monacor caps to a pair of JEM caps.
  2. i measured the speakers, put them on the same spot with the mic at mid-height of the sqauwker. first measurement is with left speaker Aerovox caps, and right already modified Monacor. after that i changed the Aerovox on the left with Monacor and compared (old left) Aerovox with (new left) Monacor finally i measured left and right with new Monacor caps here's the diy test setup
  3. valid point. if i have the time i'll do the test again. distance between speaker and mic is 1mtr. what is the preferable height ? i thought to have it centered on the squawker
  4. no worries, i had no such thoughts on your comment. and i agree, the K77M are a set of very fine tweeters
  5. i did the measurements with the speakers separated (as in the photo a couple of posts above). The centers of the speakers are 2.3 mtr apart from each other. I put the Umik 1 mic on a small stool, 1 mtr distance from the speaker and did the measurements for every single speaker. The bass could also be affected to the riser i put under the speaker with the new caps. I lifts the whole speaker 5cm up. I mainly did the measurements to see if there will be differences between de new caps vs the Aerovox onces. When i have veneered and recapped the speaker that still holds the Aerovox caps, i'll do new measurements and see if there is a difference again. i don't have plans to change the K77M
  6. i have a Umik microphone for some time and never used it before, so this i a good time to put it to use and do some measurements. I have performed a SPL measurement on both speakers, one with the original Aerovox and one with the caps for testing purposes. Green: left speaker with Aerovox caps Red: right speaker with Monacor caps in a couple of weeks i'll do another test when the Monacor caps have had some playing time. i'm no sound engineer, so not sure what to think of these graphs. If anyone has suggestions for other tests, let me know
  7. first speaker is ready. Unfortunately its hard here (the Netherlands) to acquire the correct Klipsch capacitors. I'm in contact with @JEM Performance about the price for shipping a kit over here. Meanwhile for testing purposes i tried some other caps, Monacor MKT. 1+1 uF and 3+1 uF. Since the Aerovox seem to be done, at least changing should do no harm to my opinion. after prepping the speakers, i got to the veneering of it. Because i've build a birch plinth for my modified Lenco L75, i thought it would be nice looking to also have the speakers in the same veneer. The front panel is painted matte black, same with the back panel, and the cabinet is treated with 5 layers of Rustin Danish oil. I also made risers, panted the same black as the front and back panel. About the sound, to me it sounds that the speaker now is more alive, highs get a little crispier and the bass is fuller. Not sure if this is due to the risers or the other capacitors, but at least there is a noticable difference. Next up, the other speaker 😀
  8. some update from the last days. i started to prepare one cabinet for veneering. smoothening cracks and corners, filling holes and painting parts that are not going to be veneered. after the whole capacitor discussing, it had another good look at mine (visual, not measuring) and found that both 2 and 4uF seem not that good as i thought they were. especially the 2uF has some bulging in the can. Together with the comments from previous prosts i have finally descided to replace them. First doing just one speaker so i can do some A/B testing
  9. guys (and girls? ), like i said in my previous post, please drop the subject of the caps. For now i'm good. i like the sound of my speakers at this point, and perhaps in the future i'll decide to change them, and perhaps i don't
  10. Lets all just leave the capacitor discussions behind us, at least in my thread. I've showed measurements, asked for and got the advice i was looking for. For now i'm leaving my caps where they are, and who knows perhaps in the future i'll replace them. thank you @Deang @henry4841 @OO1 for your opinions and insights, these were very instructive! Don't worry though, i have lots of other questions at hand, so time enough to discuss other specifics of these magnificent speakers 😇 next up, veneering!
  11. i can understand when your in the business of capacitors / crossovers building and selling like Dean does, the testing equipment should be as good as possible. I've looked at the b&k Dean mentioned, the retail price of that meter is 500EUR against 90EUR for the Peak Atlas. For home use, and testing my speaker capacitors just once (or perhaps twice) the costs of a professional meter is too much. @Deang in your professional opinion, what is the frequency the capacitors for our speakers should be measured at? In the specs of the b&k 880 the selectable frequencies are 100Hz, 120Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz. assuming that (from the image you posted), 1kHz is for capacitors smaller than 0.01uF and 120Hz for capacitors larger than 10uF.
  12. sure not making this a thread about capacitors, just trying to get my speakers in an as good as possible condition again i got the opportunity to test with a better meter today, the Peak ESR (same as @henry4841 mentioned ) together with the DCR of the tweeters (suggestion from @OO1) on the left speaker 2uF cap: 2.19 uF / 0.97 Ohm ESR 4uF cap: 4.18uF / 0.37 Ohm ESR DCR of the tweeter: 6.7Ohm right speaker: 2uF cap: 2.09 uF / 1.02 Ohm ESR 4uF cap: 4.25 uF / 0.36 Ohm ESR DCR of the tweeter: 6.7Ohm this seems to be within specs ? if so i can move on to figuring out how to veneer the cabinets 😀
  13. no, unfortunately not. the meter just has 100KHz (MESR-100) i'll see if i can test with another meter soon what are good specs for the 2 and 4 uF capacitors ?
  14. i'm measuring with 100KHz (says it on the meter ), in-circuit 4uF caps: 0.132 & 0.142 Ohms 2uF caps: 0.301 & 0.282 Ohms you're saying all caps are bad and should be replaced?
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