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  1. EVERSOLO , Yes quite impressive units for the price $$$$, The A8 has me very interested, however, I’m not trying to give advice to anyone, but I think I would sit this one out for the time being , I seen items such as these come and go,and there sound is fantastic with excellent reviews, only part that really worries me if something breaks down beyond my repair and limited knowledge I think you might be kinda S ——ed, in the foreseeable future, for now I’ll keep using my , wadia transport VRDS and various Dac’s no hurry I can do most of that with my Mac & usb Dac’s I still don’t rip or stream, and what I looked at is I sure don’t need another preamp at this point in time, but I have to admit it does have me thinking whatever you decide. Good luck.
  2. Hey boss there is a pair of 400s on Reverb just happen to see them there. I mean I don’t know how much money you wanna spend but they have a pair of them for sale. Don’t quote me but I think they were around 275 for the pair what are you going to do, if you need them always get bit, it’s just a nature of the beast, I guess
  3. Can’t stand this text talk Apple can stick that where the sun don’t shine you gotta go back over everything you say it’s useless every time it takes an upgrade. It gets worse and I speak perfect English. Maybe that’s the problem.
  4. That’s cool, i’ve owned Clip speakers for over 30 years all classic or heritage models. I didn’t see any replies for a while, but that was nice. Was just thinking all the guys and people on this board and nobody can try to help this guy out so I’m not being facetious towards anyone just made me wonder a little I know things aren’t what they used to be, but that was nice to help that guy out
  5. Sorry to see that, hope it doesn’t rain yeah you got a problem there I’ve been through something like your picture three or four times had a 93 Lincoln car some years back couldn’t keep a windshield in it. All black on black custom long top must’ve been an extra funeral car but what an omen. no more black Lincoln for me. Well good luck with it anyway I just think after you get it fixed you’ll come home and enjoy your stereo 😎
  6. I’m 100% with you buddy,I know I’m only about 15 years to late but so what, never truer in todays world 👍😂🤷‍♀️ thr best of these days are definitely behind us
  7. I’ll be extremely surprised you should not absolutely have any problem selling those two beautiful top hats for that price I would buy them myself, but I have so many similar driver boards as such that I don’t have a place to put them. Good luck. That’s a hell of a deal. You still have me thinking I know I could use them somewhere. 😂😎 as a matter of fact, I’m surprised you still have them, but today is totally different from what it was yesterday the same anymore. especially in the AUDIO hobby
  8. Well, congratulations on your find, i’ve had the big heritage models or classic models for over 30 years not really a lot to look for as long as the cabinets are in halfway decent condition. That’s all I would be worried about all the drivers & CROSSOVERS if need be shoud be replaced for what I would call lunch money at todays cost , very inexpensive however, the case, thats the most important , crossovers,their are almost endless combinations. and if they are 25 or 30 years old, I would definitely without hesitation replace them give or ALK engineering. They’re all good. Depends what you’re trying to accomplish. They’re pretty good guys to deal with. I’ve tried them all what I’m using now would not be everybody’s favorite is an AB – 2 only due to the fact that I’ve been in bi amping them for probably 20 years, including active CROSSOVERS such as the Bryson, but keep in mind that’s after years and years of experimenting around with different combinations and different amplifiers. The speakers do seem to sing their best with tube amplifiers on the top and a good solid-state amplifier on the woofer cabinet, but good luck enjoy, you don’t need to get into all of they sound fine on a single amp try to get your hands on a good SET amp it’s definitely a different experience for me anyway just by humble opinion the better your sources naturally the better the sound enjoy good luck , NOTE the Biampping has to do with the way the speakers sound. I am not bi amping to get them to play louder. That’s not the idea. I like the older models better just my opinion , plus their current price is absolutely utterly ridiculous …..
  9. Oh I know I will be speaking to you I am not too worried about taking them apart we're putting them back together the part that bothers me I don't have the patience what are the time for taking all that old girl cloth off I'm replacing it what is closest original as I can find I have an automotive upholstery shop near me that did some nice work on a few custom motorcycle seats where there is no way add original could be used I know that's the way they made them back then and they did the right thing but they sure weren't thinking about the guy that had to replace them one day thank you for your time and hospitality and offering
  10. Gorgeous looking rig amazing condition, I would have to say congratulations from 1976 wow you’re also implementing some nice electronics there. Congratulations man beautiful best of luck with it in the foreseeable future NICE, I have to get my room looking like yours. Awesome.
  11. Klipsch Belles, Hypothetically speaking I often wonder from time to time if the Belles were still being produced today . What would you think the , MSRP would be , it would have be somewhere in between or in the middle of the K-horn and the Lascala , I was told by A former kilpsch employee that was one of the reasons it was dropped off the line, along with countless other marketing decisions, I also was not aware, they were available for sometime after they were dropped, but had to be a special order only very interesting . Could it be a better seller than some of their current lineup only in the heritage series ? the same former KLIPSCH employee also went on to explain to me, they were the hardest and most time-consuming loudspeaker to produce in some ways .what do you Think ? to me there would have to be a countless changes implemented. A very decisive decision. Where would it come in at? I have my own thoughts on this, perplexing as it seems when you’re talking profit margins, corporations want to see profit margins not complex marketing decisions, that may not materialize, One thought I have and I believe I am 100% positive if you have a pair of bells and enjoy them consider yourself lucky because a new pair of bells today if still available wherever you purchase them you better be able to walk in with an open checkbook …. I miss the old days 🤷 thank to all in advance just something to think about, I remain respectfully, yours, happy listening,
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