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  1. I loved my Chorus IIs when I had them. Still regret selling them.
  2. Oh man! Bad timing for me, or I would have jumped on this sale! Best of luck, this should make someone very happy!
  3. I'd really like to come back some time! That would be great.
  4. I've been meaning to chime in since yesterday. I was the lucky buyer of Babadono's KHorns. Sorry it took so long, but I spent all last night, then got up early this morning to listen to music on my new '80 Klipschorns! So I have a good excuse, lol! Listened to Rock, Folk, Pop, Opera, Classical, Gospel, Metal, Standards, Soundtracks, Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues, Techno, Salsa, movie scores, probably even some Polka and Weird Al in there, too and some wild music with a lot of bass and cussing that the young people seem to enjoy! I couldn't stop listening to music! So nice to hear my favorites again. These speakers do everything well. Incredible range. So effortless on the highs, the lows and the midrange. I've had a lot of Klipsch speakers, but to me these are the total package (not that I didn't love almost all the others). It was just sheer joy, lol. I had them connected to a McIntosh MC2255 amp and was listening to streamed music, mostly at 24-bit/192kHz. Smooth, detailed, beautiful. Next weekend, I am looking forward to trying them with a Fisher 400 tube receiver and noting the differences. I had Klipschorns once, and was forced to sell them. So this was a wonderful homecoming for me. The KHorns were in incredible shape! No brown spots from the photos, they were immaculate. One nick which we had talked about, but that should be an easy fix. Frankly, they were 40 years old but looked like new. That's amazing. But I have to say, meeting Babadono and his wife was a real pleasure. They couldn't have been nicer. And Babadono - you're doing an awesome job on the driveway! I was able to drive around the house in a rental van all the way to the basement on the new driveway. Great work there. Much more epic than what I imagined, great driveway and stone work! If I didn't come to pick up the KHorns (and couldn't wait to get them home and hooked up), I would have loved to have spent the day in Babadono's musical basement. It was a thing of dreams. Big beautiful Klipsch speakers in a spacious room. Thank you so much for letting me listen to some music while I was there, it was pretty thrilling to see and hear some Jubilees up close, which almost distracted me from my KHorns, lol. All in all, a great day with some great people and great speakers. I am very grateful! Okay, back to my KHorns. I'm busy folks! Need to go listen to some more music!
  5. I fully agree! And am grateful and looking forward to spending the next 40 years with your speakers!
  6. Babadono, I'm looking forward to picking up the Klipschorns from you when your driveway is clear again. Thank you so much! This page has been amazing, it took less than 10 minutes for me to find some Klipschorns! Thanks to everyone for their help. I'm so happy I'll have KHorns again!
  7. Durian is smelly on an epic level. And that's when it's fresh. I can't even imagine how a rotten one could possibly smell even worse. Yet it's delicious. Go figure. I didn't think that was possible either.
  8. Thank you so much, Babadono, and thank you so much, TasDom and RandyH000! Shiva, you’re right, I’ve gotten a rapid awesome response! Weeks of looking with no luck, then this when I post here!
  9. Looking to buy some used Klipschorns in Southern California (or somewhat further). Had to sell my first ones due to job loss, and am missing them dearly. Am able now to get another set. You think I have a reasonable chance of finding an older pair for no more than $3000? And anybody see any ? thanks
  10. Thank you all for the great advice! I am so glad I checked here first. I had a Klipschorn and Macintosh amp a few years ago that I said I would never sell, but I lost my job and almost lost my house and was forced to let go of both of them. Things are finally a little better, and I was able to purchase the same old model McIntosh amp, and am now just trying to get a used Klipschorn I can afford. I also had to sell off a Belle and a couple of Cornwalls and a couple of old McIntosh tube amps, too. Don't know if I can get those back, but I'd be thrilled just to have the Klipshorns back, they were the best speakers my ears have heard! I was able to keep an RF-7 home theater setup, so I was happy to have a Klipsch fix during the really bad times. But the Klipschorns will be just for listening to stereo music, and I can't wait. I'll keep looking for those. Hopefully a good local deal comes along soon.
  11. Believe me, if they are not actual Klipchorns, but being sold as them, I have no interest. I was trying to get feedback because yesterday I saw a Klipschorn model I had never seen, where the whole front was one piece of wood (with just a cutting for the horn). I thought at first those were fake, but it turned out to be a real model!
  12. $1850 (they were originally asking 2499). I'm asking them to send a photo of the Klipsch tag with the model info. They said it was missing a little of the veneer, but that's the only thing they said was wrong with it. I'm trying to get more info.
  13. Thinking of purchasing these, but wanted to get some feedback. The back end looks a little sparse? Is this normal for some versions?
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