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  1. Motoguy, you're very welcome to come see it live and decide for yourself. I believe it is sun bleaching on the walnut as Woofers and Tweeters said. It's so much more noticeable in photos than live. You might see them and be surprised. I believe that these are really competitively priced, I have't seen a lower price. But like I said, if you'd like to check them out in person, you're very welcome to decide then. Whatever is best for you.
  2. So sorry!!! I usually get a message when someone posts here, but I didn't see one. So sorry for the super delayed response! Yes, I still have them right now!
  3. Hi All! These are still available. Severe financial challenges are forcing the sale of my beautiful pair of Klipshorn speakers with the Eliptrac wood horn insert. Walnut. Extremely dynamic and also smooth. Just wonderful sounding speakers (as I'm sure this group knows) with phenomenal range. I'm asking $4250 for the set. I can also sell the original setup without the upgrades for $3600 Pick up in Southern California, in Simi Valley (Southern Ventura County). George
  4. driverdog


    Going down to $1050
  5. driverdog


    Thank you, Godataloss.
  6. driverdog


    Lowered price to $4500 with the Eliptracs.
  7. driverdog


    $1250 now. Awesome price for a McIntosh in good shape.
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