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    Simi Valley, California
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    Klipschorns (1980), Cary Audio Rocket 88 tube amp
    RF-7 III home theater (10.2), Naim amps for main speakers, Denon receiver for surrounds
    B&W 805s, McIntosh 2255 amp
    Dalquist DQ-10, Dennis Had Inspire KT-88 SEP tube amp
    Klipsch Heresy, Pioneer receiver (5.1 mini-theatre)

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  1. driverdog


    Going down to $1050
  2. driverdog


    $1250 now. Awesome price for a McIntosh in good shape.
  3. driverdog


    So sorry! Thanks for pointing it out, I thought I had priced it but didn't. I'm looking for $1390 or reasonable offer.
  4. driverdog


    Classic McIntosh 1900 receiver in very good shape. You know McIntosh quality, designed to last for many decades. Was serviced just a few years ago. Works and sounds great. Great match with Klipsch, but I also used it with some Dahlquist DQ-10s. Beautiful sounding. Pickup in Southern California, south Ventura County. $1250 or reasonable offers considered.
  5. Hi All! Severe financial challenges are forcing the sale of my beautiful pair of Klipshorn speakers with the Eliptrac wood horn insert. Walnut. Extremely dynamic and also smooth. Just wonderful sounding speakers (as I'm sure this group knows) with phenomenal range. I'm asking $5000 for the set. Pick up in Southern California, in Simi Valley (Southern Ventura County). George
  6. Schu, sounds really nice. I understand. What do you think you want for those?
  7. Dave, sorry, I don't know. It was in the Alerts section with a link to an Audiogon ad, and now it says "Expired", but no other information. They did look pretty nice, though, and I assume they had no trouble getting the $899 they were asking for it!
  8. Thank you, Randy. That sounds like a great thing. I have to say, all the people i've dealt with in the Klipsch world when selling or buying have been really decent.
  9. Randy, I know, believe me, I thought of driving out to Denver for the ones for sale there now (about 17 hours). In all fairness, when I had to sell my beloved Klipsch speakers a few years ago, people did drive from Northern California (5 hours) and Utah (10+) to pick them up, so maybe I'm being wimpy by not have gotten in my car already! But really am hoping I can find something nearby before I think about planning a long car trip.
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