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  1. Hello guf, yes, I need only the pair of K-500 horn enclosures, no drivers or other pieces. Please contact me directly to discuss. Thanks, Phil 501-920-0893
  2. Thanks Budman, that’s good to know.
  3. Hey man. I bought a set of Belles that had the Volti package, which changes out everything up top, including motherboard/top grill. Usually when you do something like this, you keep the original equipment, but this guy gave it away (What??!!). I want them back original and was even able to get new motherboards from Klipsch, which just shows what kind of company they are. Kudos to Klipsch. Now I’m just down to finding the lonesome K-500 horns to complete my mission (even Klipsch was clueless). In the meantime, I have custom fitted the K-600 Cornwall horns in their place and playing on happily, but would like to see 500’s in there eventually. Wish me luck, I might have better odds on a lottery ticket.
  4. If anyone out there has a pair of Klipsch Belle K-500 horns they would like to sell, please let me know. I’ll take care of all shipping expenses and your time and trouble. Thanks, Phil 501-920-0893
  5. Hogfan, if these Forte II's are still available, I would like to look them over and purchase. I live in LR and ready to come see you. Thanks, Phil 501.920.0893
  6. Are the LaScalas still available? I live in LR and might be interested in them. Are you still at $2250? Thanks, Phil
  7. Hello, are the Belles still available?
  8. How far would you deliver back towards Dallas? Very interested.
  9. I need help to repair a Cornwall II speaker that has the back inset panel coming unglued and vibrating. The panel actually appears to be bowing slightly in the middle, causing the separation. Do you just go ahead and force the panel to separate completely and then reglue and clamp securely? Thanks-Phil
  10. I have seen a '73 set of Belles that have a clear pie logo badge and was wondering if that was very unusual or not. All other pie logo badges that I have seen have always been black with gold lettering.
  11. I have a pair of '65 Cornwalls that can either be used in a horizontal or vertical position. In the vertical position, the woofers are offset from center and the mids and tweeters are rotated 90 degrees and offset also. The two speakers are a mirror image of each other, with the woofer mounted on the left side on one speaker and the other woofer is mounted on the right side of the opposite speaker, suggesting there is a left and a right side speaker. I understand how to turn the speakers for the horizontal position by placing the tweeter and mid range as high as possible, but which speaker is the left or right channel in the vertical position? Should the tweeter and mid range be placed towards the outside of each speaker or the inside? Thanks
  12. I recently acquired an 1981 Klipsch Belle that was owned originally by Norman Bradford, one of the first handful of people hired by Paul Klipsch to work at the Hope, AR facility. On the Belle data tag there is the normal signatures for the inspection and the testing, which by the way, Norman tested his own speaker and signed. In addition, there were several other employee signatures scattered around on the tag, including one by Paul W. Klipsch. I sure this was done as a favor to Norman, since he was purchasing the speaker. Here is my question: Is this a rare occurrence to have Paul Klipsch's signature and how does that affect the value of the speaker?
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