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    Klipsch KPT-456 SOLD

    Dave, You are spot on! I’ve had Forte II’s, Cornwall’s and LaScalas......and they all take a back seat to the KP 450’s! If the 456’s are better than the 450’s, I may need to pick these up. Hogfan

    Klipsch KPT-456 SOLD

    Jerry is a great guy! I've bought and sold multiple items from/to him over the past couple of years. I've been downsizing from the pro audio gear, but now giving this some thought. I have the KP-450's.....very sweet speakers! I'm contemplating..... Hogfan

    Wanted RB-75’s. Maybe RB-5’s

    The RB-75's are very sweet speakers, especially for a bookshelf speaker. I have had RF-7's and RB-35's as well. I've never had nor listened to the RB-5's. To my ears, the 75's are one step up from the 35's, and two steps down from the 7's. If you want/need the extra oomph, bypass the 75's and find some 7's. If you are set on a bookshelf, the 75's may be hard to beat. But, they still seem to be drawing anywhere from $500-$700. The 35's can be found for around $200 or so. So, if the 35's will provide 90%+ of what the 75's provide in performance, are the 75's really worth 3X of what the 35's cost? To some, absolutely they are worth the extra $. For me, possibly, but the jury is still out...... Hogfan

    WTB - RF7 II’s

    I’m looking for a good pair of RF7 II’s at a reasonable price, preferably in Arkansas. Please let me know if you have a pair you would like to sell. Thanks! Hogfan

    Epic CF-4s - new listing

    It wasn't me. I could not get away from the office as quick as I wanted to, and by the time I checked in with the seller, they had already sold. I certainly did not need them, but that has not stopped me before. I'm guessing one of our central AR "flippers" picked them up. They'll probably show up soon at a price around $2K. I guess there are way too many uninformed buyers around to cut down on this. Hogfan

    Epic CF-4s - new listing

    I'm heading over shortly to look at them......if I pick them up, I'll certainly report back. Thanks! Hogfan

    Crown or QSC amp.....

    I have no experience with that model Crown, but they make great products. I have both GX-3 and GX-5 from QSC......great amps for the money! My GX-3 is running my KP-450's in my cave. It runs them with authority.....deep and clean! Hogfan
  8. Guys, thank you all for your interest in these speakers. Unfortunately, I will not ship them. Further, at this time they are no longer for sale. Hogfan

    SOLD: Klipsch Lascala’s $900 - Arkansas

    Opus, It was good to meet you today. I’m glad you made it back home and were able to get the LS’s hooked up. This is what I like best about this forum..... getting the oppty to meet good folks like you. Hogfan
  10. HOGFAN

    SOLD: Klipsch Lascala’s $900 - Arkansas

    Yes, a forum member is scheduled to pick them up on Thursday. I will keep you posted. Thank you all again.....What a great forum with some fantastic members! Hogfan
  11. HOGFAN

    SOLD: Klipsch Lascala’s $900 - Arkansas

    Guys, thanks for your interest, but sale is pending for the pair. Hogfan
  12. Come on guys.....somebody out there needs a big boy garage/shop setup! These squash LS's like they don't exist. I also have another pair of the 362's, if you are interested in going all in.......that would be 4 of the 362's and a pair of the 682's. Hogfan
  13. HOGFAN

    SOLD: Klipsch Lascala’s $900 - Arkansas

    Dave, I think you need 4 LS's at THEE OSU.....can never have too many! Hogfan
  14. HOGFAN

    SOLD: Klipsch Lascala’s $900 - Arkansas

    Thanks for the interest thus far and the kind words.....this is such a great forum. Good folks on here! Hogfan