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  1. JJ, your 301 boxes remind me of mine when I first got em. Duratex works great! Hogfan
  2. Mike Leach to Starkville......SEC about to get very interesting!! 29906170001_4390591843001_Leach-Dating-Advice_jpg.mht
  3. Rockhound is a very solid guy.....straight shooter...no BS.....you can deal with confidence! I'm not sure if there's anything else in the Klipsch line that would give you the shear output and solid performance, for the money! I have the KP-450's, which are very similar (the 510 horns here are superior), and they rock! For the money, you could buy some Chorus's or LS's, which in my opinion don't come close to my 450's or Rockhounds 904 setup. Get 'em while you can! Hogfan
  4. I've had two pairs of Quartet's over the years......paid around $350 - $400 for each pair.....both pair I would grade around an 7.5-8.0 out of 10. Quartet's are very good speakers.....the little brother to the Forte II. To my ears, there is only a small step down from FII's to the Q's. If they are in good condition, they are worth $400 plus easily. Given that FII's seem to be selling for well north of $500 these days...upwards of $700 or so, the Q's for $400-$500 (if in good shape) are a good buy. I think there is a much bigger jump from Heresy's to Q's, than from Q's to FII's......performance wise. Just my opinion. Hogfan
  5. Dave, You are spot on! I’ve had Forte II’s, Cornwall’s and LaScalas......and they all take a back seat to the KP 450’s! If the 456’s are better than the 450’s, I may need to pick these up. Hogfan
  6. Jerry is a great guy! I've bought and sold multiple items from/to him over the past couple of years. I've been downsizing from the pro audio gear, but now giving this some thought. I have the KP-450's.....very sweet speakers! I'm contemplating..... Hogfan
  7. The RB-75's are very sweet speakers, especially for a bookshelf speaker. I have had RF-7's and RB-35's as well. I've never had nor listened to the RB-5's. To my ears, the 75's are one step up from the 35's, and two steps down from the 7's. If you want/need the extra oomph, bypass the 75's and find some 7's. If you are set on a bookshelf, the 75's may be hard to beat. But, they still seem to be drawing anywhere from $500-$700. The 35's can be found for around $200 or so. So, if the 35's will provide 90%+ of what the 75's provide in performance, are the 75's really worth 3X of what the 35's cost? To some, absolutely they are worth the extra $. For me, possibly, but the jury is still out...... Hogfan
  8. I’m looking for a good pair of RF7 II’s at a reasonable price, preferably in Arkansas. Please let me know if you have a pair you would like to sell. Thanks! Hogfan
  9. It wasn't me. I could not get away from the office as quick as I wanted to, and by the time I checked in with the seller, they had already sold. I certainly did not need them, but that has not stopped me before. I'm guessing one of our central AR "flippers" picked them up. They'll probably show up soon at a price around $2K. I guess there are way too many uninformed buyers around to cut down on this. Hogfan
  10. I'm heading over shortly to look at them......if I pick them up, I'll certainly report back. Thanks! Hogfan
  11. I have no experience with that model Crown, but they make great products. I have both GX-3 and GX-5 from QSC......great amps for the money! My GX-3 is running my KP-450's in my cave. It runs them with authority.....deep and clean! Hogfan
  12. Guys, thank you all for your interest in these speakers. Unfortunately, I will not ship them. Further, at this time they are no longer for sale. Hogfan
  13. Opus, It was good to meet you today. I’m glad you made it back home and were able to get the LS’s hooked up. This is what I like best about this forum..... getting the oppty to meet good folks like you. Hogfan
  14. Yes, a forum member is scheduled to pick them up on Thursday. I will keep you posted. Thank you all again.....What a great forum with some fantastic members! Hogfan
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