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  1. It would be useful to those that may want to do the same to see a picture of what the final mod looked like from the original a before and after if you will.
  2. Awesome, I think it looks great! You could always get a piece of smoked glass cut to put on the top if the screw holes annoy you.
  3. Ok you talked me out of it lol nevermind I'll pass.
  4. That i7 has the horsepower I would think just make sure ya got plenty of RAM.
  5. No worries Dave I plan to hide them behind grills. As long as they sound the part.
  6. Got it that is what I was curious about if you had HQPlayer running on a separate piece of hardware.
  7. HQ player resides where (hardware)? I'm assuming it's primary benefit is upsampling?
  8. This topic couldn't come at a better time as I'm researching this as well. I may go the budget friendly route first with the Schitt Modi 3 and test out to see if I can tell any difference at all. I do have a Hifi berry dac HAT on my raspberry pi that is a endpoint for Roon. Roon is awesome ,I run Roon off of my MacBook.
  9. So @Deang and other crossover guru's. What are the preferred caps to use in the heritage lines? Budget caps???? Middle Tier caps??? High end caps?? Best bang for the buck?????
  10. Dave I'll take a pair of "sparrows" if you can hold on to them until SWAG in September?
  11. @Rudy81 get well soon bud we are all pulling for a quick recovery!
  12. I always thought the 904 sounded better than the 456’s I had. Neither are slouches and if I ever run across more Ill buy them for sure.
  13. Easier to just move the dates on existing reservation than cancelling and then making a new reservation.
  14. Dave what are these used in I don't have access to my spreadsheet at the moment.
  15. Like anywhere the weather fluctuates here in Arkansas! However it's generally pleasant late Sept.
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