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  1. Soooooo a few months back I was looking to put a HIP style metal grills on a pair of Heresy Decorator's that I have. Mike was nice enough to contact me and offer to pull apart his HIP to see how the grill was fabricated/attached, in between our PM's I found a pair of HIP's . @finallygotmyheresies contacted me and said that if I needed a single HIP he would hold it for me me until I was in the area. I moved my son out to AZ last week and @finallygotmyheresies was true to his word. He was flexible on when and where to pick them up he even waited for me as I had a brain fart on the time to meet. I just wanted to say THANKS and how much I enjoyed the visit but you can have those 115d temps dry heat and all lol. A real pleasuure which speaks volumes to the folks on this forum. By the way AZ is a beautiful state, great food. hot sauces and craft beer. BY BY BY the way the extra HIP will act as a center channel between the other 2 HIP's I have. Thanks again @finallygotmyheresies
  2. Short answer is YES at least for me. However just remember that your ear is different than mine. I enjoy physical media over streaming media all day everyday.
  3. @Dave A May have a pair left I sold both pairs of mine. In order to fund 904’s.
  4. Great amp I just don’t use this anymore it was replaced with another more powerful crown amp to run my 684 sub. Has a slight “pop” when powering off does not affect amp usability never bothered me. 125.00 plus shipping.
  5. I have a very nice Jolida integrated tube amp for sale that would fit the bill perfectly.
  6. Along with a few more reasons this is why I have not ordered mine yet. In this day and age when you release a product like this the app should be released at the same time. I'm sure they are great but I will wait a few months to see what happens with the app and pairing updates forthcoming.
  7. What size room is this? The epics make great bass you may be able to use something a bit smaller.
  8. rockhound


    Mods move this one over to the garage sale section. I had originally planned to get these but due to personal reasons I had to pass. Joey is top notch so don't hesitate to jump on these.
  9. This is in fact very true. I used a 942 setup in my small 11x12ish room with super results.
  10. Go buy the15"er although the CF3 bass is great. I for one love that lower octave stuff and every Klipsch speaker I have owned has benefited from a sub. heck I have some heresy decorators in that same size room WITH a THTLP.
  11. IF only you were closer! GLWS.
  12. Drool...………………………………...
  13. Curious to know what others like with the Klipsch Pro gear. For me I like the QSC PLX series on the HF side and crowns on the LF side more specifically I like the old Crown K2's on my 904 LF's. Clean and gobs of power. Neither amp seems to break a sweat with such high efficiency speakers, headroom is good!!
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