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  1. rockhound

    Geezer’s nightmare: Night Driving

    So I'm curious as to what glasses you have used that works either as a prescription or not? I see those cheesy TV infomercial ones and think they are a waste of money. I need something as well my vision has always been bad but is getting worse at night.
  2. rockhound

    2-way Jubilee CD?

    Yep that (DE75) is what I have on my 402's and they sound damn good to me!
  3. rockhound

    Refinishing raw birch Heresy

    Can anyone pointme to the thread that explains how to do this? I have a set of decorators that I would luike to add metal grills over the woofers for protection. I've searched but can't seem to find it.
  4. rockhound

    QSC amp for mains?

    @CECAA850 has QSC running his mains and they sounded fine when I heard them. I have used a PLX 1804 on my 904’s with no issues.
  5. rockhound

    Klipsch KPT-456 SOLD

    Awesome buyer by the way!! Was great to meet you and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did they are truly awesome speakers if I didnt have 904's I would have kept them.
  6. rockhound

    Dinky DIY subs for computer or small powered monitors

    Been out of town with the family may try it out tomorrow.
  7. rockhound

    Peach/pCATS with Telefunkens

    Sellers remorse in full effect damn you Steve lol. Glad the peach is working out was tough to sell it. I'm enjoying the jolida I got from Don waiting on a match quad of el34's to come from Brent, should be here Monday.
  8. rockhound

    Super MWM

    Either way get to assembling Dave!
  9. rockhound

    Super MWM

    Oh yeah!! Hope you got somr long clamps and a bunch of them lol.
  10. Unicorns, best bet is to buy the ones on evilbay. I have a couple pairs of them they are of decent quality.
  11. rockhound

    2019 PILGRIMAGE DATES APRIL 25-28, 2019

    "botanical vodka" huh sounds about right MANLY lol.
  12. rockhound

    2019 PILGRIMAGE DATES APRIL 25-28, 2019

    "Old Crow" didn't realize you started your own distillery.
  13. rockhound

    2019 PILGRIMAGE DATES APRIL 25-28, 2019

    YEP!! Don't cheap out this year bring some of that stash you have been sending me pics of
  14. rockhound

    2019 PILGRIMAGE DATES APRIL 25-28, 2019

    Funds sent!!