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  1. I live in Bentonville just north of there. I can go look at these if anyone is interested. I saw those but thought the price was weird so I assumed a scam. As far as the area goes it is beautiful here and if you enjoy mountain biking you will not find a better area for riding. The Waltons have spent close to 300 million in bike trails alone and the Walton foundation continues to do that. Crystal bridges is an amazing art museum and the downtown area still has that small town feel/vibe. With that comes a higher cost of living price tag, probably cheaper than what most deal with but for me moving from the southern part of the state here I was shocked at the difference. Anyway happy to help with these or general inquiries about the area just hit me up with a PM.
  2. Captain Obvious again did he make sure the jumpers on the rear binding post are secured good?
  3. No those are at home, offshore I do the same thing with my sony wh-1000xm4 headphones.
  4. COVID fatigue is real. I'm a Health, Safety and Environmental advisor on an offshore oil production facility. We currently have 68 active COVID cases across 3 offshore facilities. Last hitch on my facility we had 14 cases within 2 days of the first one being reported. Omni moves quick and our Dr is saying we will burn through it within the next month if it keeps spreading at the rate it is now. All of the 68 cases have mild flu like symptoms. All are also vaxed. These are not estimates these are facts. My company has changed it's testing requirements, we will test at the heliport before going offshore after that no more tests will be done unless someone has symptoms. No more testing no more COVID lol. If you see a health care worker buy their lunch or tell them thanks amazing people doing amazing work. Thank goodness for music when I start getting depressed or anxious about it I just go spin some tunes and let the Chorus sing.
  5. Looks similar to the @jwc mini punch LF cab. If so I bet they do sound good! need the juicy details.
  6. I will continue down the active bookshelf (monitor) path. Really liking the simplicity of what active setups have to offer (Powered speakers). I may try a DIY build or two this year. Bought a small CNC machine last year so going to focus primarily on audio projects this year with it. Will be thinning the herd as I have several things that are sitting idle that I no longer need.
  7. Great phones and I miss the tactile keyboards. I can not type on these newer smart phones just ask anyone that I text message frequently lol. I still have one in my pile of old phones. The other phone I loved was the Motorola razr.
  8. OMG one of my favs! List them here with pics as there are several members here that live up north and love the pro stuff Klipsch made back in the day.
  9. rockhound


    Get it Carl me thinks the LSR's would really like that amp.
  10. Same modifications many on this forum have done. I wonder if these are a forum members?
  11. I'm currently trying out a couple different pairs of active speakers in hopes of simplification. However if I don't find what I'm looking for I may pursue the integrated route as well that has streaming capabilities like this one does or the bluesound powernode Simplification is what I'm after. My experience was similar with my CF4's....they want power.
  12. Couldn't agree more. Although I have not heard the F4 yet I really loved the F3 and of course the Scala is a no brainer. I regularly watch his vids on different audio and like his content. Anyone heard the audio lab 6000A play that won best amp?
  13. These are awesome speakers and well worth your asking price. GLWS.
  14. I can't believe this amp is still here if I didn't already have a tube amp sitting idle this one would be gone. I have heard this amp fantastic and a great seller to boot. GLWS!
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