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  1. rockhound

    Stumbled upon a great deal.

    Nice find! As others have said I would put covers over those passives. I did this with my Chorus 2's didn't effect the sound at all but gave me peace of mind as they are hard to find if damaged.
  2. rockhound

    How to install SPEAKER pole mount sockets

    Got it. I'll also be cutting a hole in some 480's as they will be the bottoms with the 262's as the tops. Seems easy enough I was just looking for advice to make sure there wasn't nothing I was overlooking. Seems most folks use metal cups instead of plastic which is good to know.
  3. rockhound

    How to install SPEAKER pole mount sockets

    I'm surprised no one has installed pole sockets in SPEAKERS. Maybe I should have put this in the tech/mod section of the foum? What say you @CECAA850
  4. rockhound

    Cans for outdoor use

    I like these and will get a pair to test out against the MPOW's I found. Thanks for the recommendation.
  5. Ok I picked up a set of KI-262's awhile back from a fellow forum member and want to add pole sockets to them for my sons PA project. I found an old post from @colterphoto1 that had some instructions for doing this. I would like to hear from those that have installed these on speakers that did not come with them for any tips/tricks. I did my usual searches hoping to find a you tube video with no success. I will be installing cups on both the 262's and some 480's I'll be getting at a later date. Anyway all help is greatly appreciated. Old post from colter........ If you'd like to add a Pole mount socket to ANY speaker cabinet (make sure the mount will support the speaker's weight), here's an easy way to determine the center. Take a dowel rod (broom handle will work, put on a flat surface and balance the speaker on it, mark the point where the dowel touches the cabinet's bottom. Do likewise in the other direction. Flip speaker over, connect the lines - there is your center of gravity for mounting the pole socket so that weight will be evenly distributed. I like to use the metal cups from Parts Express. There are two standard sizes, 1 3/8 and 1 1/2, some stands come with an adapter and I try to use the larger size when possible, but make sure they mate up ok to your intended stands. I like to drill a hole exactly the size of the cup so it is supported by the 3/4 ply somewhat. DO NOT USE WOOD SCREWS they might pull out. Instead drill holes and use #10 flat head machine screws, flat and lock washers or nylon locking nuts on the inside of the cabinet.
  6. rockhound

    Horn adaptor for K-77 replacement

    Very impressive Dave.
  7. rockhound

    Will my room work for K-horns?

    Jon, I went down this round also. I have a 12x13 room with a cathedral ceiling. In my room they Khorn did not work. Now if I would have built backs on them then it may have been a completely different story, you might consider that as well. I now have KPT-942's in there and they sound outstanding. Unfortunately you are going to have to roll the dice and give em a spin as everyone's room and ears are different.
  8. rockhound

    Musical Design DM-100 Power Amp / $550

    Man I just got my refurbished MC2105 from Terry or I would buy this from you. All, these are suppose to be outstanding amps for the money @moray james thinks highly of these so you know they are legit. GLWS!!
  9. rockhound

    Used 402/510 w/ drivers value?

    I would think if you can swing a deal to get both for under 1500 you should jump. I bought a pair from the Florida seller, I took them to a local body shop where they sprayed them black, they look brand new.
  10. rockhound

    BenQ3050 Projector - need a screen

    @totalcomfort has a drop down screen maybe he will chime in......
  11. rockhound

    What I Got Today!

    After almost 1-1/2 yrs I got my MC 2105 back from Terry Dewick. I'm at work at the moment but can't wait to get home and fire it up.
  12. Bass bins for 402's either jub bin or scala would work for now.
  13. rockhound

    Cans for outdoor use

    I pulled the trigger on some off brand called MPOW. Holy crap did they exceed my expectation they work flawlessly, have good noise cancellation and are very comfortable all for 50 bones.
  14. rockhound

    BenQ3050 Projector - need a screen

    I bought a sliver ticket fixed screen has worked well for me and very affordable.