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  1. rockhound

    Juicy Music Peach Pre - SOLD

  2. rockhound

    Juicy Music Peach Pre - SOLD

    PM Replied.
  3. rockhound

    Juicy Music Peach Pre - SOLD

    Here are a few more pics.
  4. rockhound

    Juicy Music Peach Pre - SOLD

    Go ahead and try to find a better tube pre for that coin. Sent it off to Mark a couple years back to get the upgrades he was offering. Just got it back from Durham electronics with a clean bill of health, freshly serviced and cleaned. She sounds lovely and looks as good as you will find. I'm struggling letting this piece of gear go as my MC2105 loves it. System changes are forcing sale. Local pickup for now.
  5. rockhound


    I have never heard Belle's sure would like to.
  6. rockhound

    Epic CF3 - $300

    Everyone has different likes and dislikes, I had a set of the bigger brother CF4 and they far out performed the forte2's, Chorus 2's and KLF 30's I had at the time. That is me tho so YMMV. I believe @avguytx had a pair of the Cf3's, maybe he will chime in.
  7. Is there a thread somewhere on audio streaming setups? I searched but was unable to find one. Would be interested in everyone's setups.
  8. rockhound

    Wanted RB-75’s. Maybe RB-5’s

    75's are awesome I just sold a pair locally to @HOGFAN maybe he will chime in with his thoughts. I waited for a long time to find a pair and you should consider the same. While I waited for a pair to come available I did buy some Rb-5's. I thought they were great for what they are, I used them in the bedroom. They are worth the wait. I have a pair of RP-160's waiting to audition really curious how they stack up to the older reference series.
  9. rockhound

    Anyone heard of this "DIY" Sub Company? GSG Audio

    Looks a lot like a 25Hz Anarchy tapped horn sub?? Oh and welcome John we look forward to your offerings!
  10. rockhound

    John Lennon: Oct 9, 1940 to December 8, 1980

    "All You Need Is Love"
  11. rockhound

    Epic CF3 - $300

    Bad mofo's if your near Hotlanta jump in the car. Check the drivers as they are the hardest to find, cabinets can be repaired.
  12. rockhound

    Klipsch RP-160M cracked bottom

    Report back on how you like them, I have a pair sitting in my closet waiting to be auditioned.
  13. rockhound

    Sausage and Peppers

    Roger that Dirt.....
  14. rockhound

    Sausage and Peppers

    I gotta get me some of those oils...….