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  1. Damn it not another one. RIP Dave.
  2. Awesome speaker I have one! GLWS!
  3. Nice I have yet to hear those but many here seem to love them, a great way to ride off into the sunset! Speaking of sunset I see you are in Naples, I lived in Bonita Springs for awhile in my teenage years, Naples is a wonderful area or at least was in those days.
  4. I have not owned many cars but probably my favorite was an 86 300z.
  5. Having heard both to me it isn't a fair match, jub was everything PWK and Roy learned about the Khorn and to me it shows. The ability to go active offers up a endless amount of options to tailor the sound. Would be cool if Klipsch offered different "Master Tunings" to use with the jubs DSP on the consumer version much like Buchardt has with their active A500.
  6. The only bottled water I buy is from the below. Outstanding water. I grew up drinking from the tap or the water hose. Mom always kicked me out of the house after breakfast. Mountain Valley Spring Water | Bottled in Glass Since 1871
  7. @John Moore my dad uses a set of 301's out in his shop although not open to the elements the area is not temperature controlled. They are sitting on a couple "corner stands" to keep them off the concrete slab. Those corner stands have casters so when he is doing yard work or piddling around outside he rolls them to the doors and turns em up!
  8. rockhound

    EdgarHorn Titans.

    I got my popcorn ready Claude....these look very interesting.
  9. Late to the party glad you got it sorted. I went through several amps when I had my 20’s. I really liked the Emotiva I had on them but when I put a crown K2 on them they loved me for it.
  10. rockhound


    Fact! These are awesome sounding speakers, dont let the size fool you they do not have as large of a footprint as the KPT-904.
  11. I have a contact that can build a complete grill for the front if you would prefer to do that.
  12. I can't help with the serial numbers but might be able to answer questions 2. Tweeter Assembly = K79K or K79KP for 2nd version Midrange = K53K or K66E for the 2nd version Woofer = K42E or K42KP for the 2nd version These are great little PA speakers pair these with a 684/682 sub and you will have a very hard to beat PA for the money.
  13. Rich if still available I will take it.
  14. AGREE!! Do you by chance have a pic of these? There were two different looking LF drivers for these I think. One has a ribbed cone and the other is smooth. If these have the ribbed cones I would buy them for sure as the ones I've had I preferred the ribbed cone LF driver.
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