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  1. Very nice! Glad to see you are progressing this build!
  2. DO IT! I have heard Carl's his setup sounds amazing, I'm sure he will chime in soon.
  3. 78 B Style Khorns - South Arkansas "SOLD"

    Sold to anyirons! Great meeting you Sam I hope you enjoy them.
  4. Klipsch RB75 Arkansas Members ( SOLD)

    Jeff thanks again pleasure meeting you. Finally got to hear these man they do sound big ,very happy!
  5. JBL Control 28 T's Arkansas Members (sold)

    Oh these sound gooood. The Anarchy subs fill in the bottom end nicely!
  6. 78 B Style Khorns - South Arkansas "SOLD"

    PM replied.
  7. 78 B Style Khorns - South Arkansas "SOLD"

    They are, the 510 horns fits my listening style better.
  8. Sale Pending The ever revolving audio door opens for grabs a wonderful set of Khorns. These Khorns are 1978 (ALNICO drivers) with "laser" badges. They are B-style Oiled Walnut. Cabinets are in overall good condition, but not perfect. Worst imperfections are probably veneer lifting in two areas on one of the speakers. AA crossovers were sent to Bob Crites just over a year ago and checked out and re-capped. $2500 is the price. Would love these to go a forum member. since that is who I bought them from...keep em in the family so to speak I have tons of pics and can send more upon request. The Khorns look and sound like a Khorns should no disappointments.
  9. Klipsch RB75 Arkansas Members ( SOLD)

    Bill never heard rhem but going by the reputation on here I figured its a no brainer.
  10. Klipsch RB75 Arkansas Members ( SOLD)

    Consider these sold pm coming.
  11. Klipsch KP-600 Eye Candy

  12. Hello Community and Thank you Klipsch!

    Welcome and nice score! Hello from rural Arkansas.
  13. RIP Tom Petty

    RIP for sure he wasn’t one of my favorites but I did like his music. What I liked more was his attitude he really seemed like a very cool dude that was not jaded by his success, said what he meant and I appreciate that. Rest In Peace.
  14. 2 Channel Pro Gear Recommendations

    and here they are! Just need to get them dialed in.