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  1. This a steal at 400. If I didn't already have 3 sitting idle I would ****** it up.
  2. Ken does superb work I have bought two different sets of speakers from him and all have been top notch, buy with confidence! GLWS!
  3. That was an old fashioned beat down!
  4. These are super sweet one of my favorite speakers! GLWS
  5. @mark1101 pretty sure you are correct! Surprised this thing it still here. Did I mention I will throw in the cables also?
  6. I bought these new last year, They are in perfect condition, I have all original packaging so I will ship if local pick up is not an option. These will surprise you when you fire them up. I used these primarily as near/midfield listening. This is the only pic I have them out in the wild! They are packed up and ready to go, if you need more pics I can open the box if needed and snap a few. 300.00 plus shipping https://www.harmanaudio.com/jbl/STUDIO+530.html
  7. These are some of the best amps I have used with Klipsch products. I use these exclusively in my pro setups. Amp performs like it should no issues whatsoever. I’ll let it go for 225.00 and I will ship if local pick up is not possible.
  8. Yes go get them by far the best setup I ever owned.
  9. If you have not done so the next clear dark night take a few minutes and look at the night sky, you never know what will cross your line of vision..............
  10. but if we are what a responsibility that is.
  11. I believe. (141) Joe Rogan Experience #1315 - Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell - YouTube
  12. I would bet Claude is busy testing these babies and putting the through there paces. Just about everything Claude has modified or recommended in the past has worked well for me so if he says these things are good I will believe him.
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