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  1. No equipment but I had glass tops built for my sons Heresy's and my Chorus 1's so small "music related" nick naks could be put on them.
  2. Dang it, Tim is one of the nicest dudes around, great guy sure hate to see this but it sounds like he has plans so for that I'm happy for him.
  3. @Pete H built one for a gathering we had last year several heard it. These are the real deal fantastic sub and I was very surprised by the output and extension this sub has. I plan to build 2 one of these days when I get a shop. Maybe @Pete H will chime in on his experience.
  4. Dude was a phenomenal drummer. RIP #1JJ
  5. Damn same age as my Dad. Legend for sure and probably the end of ZZ. He definitely brought the "low" to the "Top".
  6. I've always thought that these things are like any other thing that you can become addicted to. Use in moderation.
  7. As @Dave A has mentioned you really should use an alternate cleaning method or chemical. Acetone is highly flammable and the vapors are just as ugly......it likes to find ignition sources and go BOOM. Just an opinion. On another note I think it is great that you are refurbing these. Awesome system and hard to beat.....that is a different playing field you have just entered into.
  8. In this pic the 904 LF cab that have the "ribbed" cones are what you want!
  9. Glad you scored the 904's! Did these EV's have a double bass bin with them? If so most likely the 940D which is ummmmm a KILLER speaker. That DH1A driver is outstanding.
  10. Very surprised that these are still for sale. IF your on the fence about these don't be as @jwc stated these are hard to come by and well worth the asking price. GLWS!!
  11. I'm on a similar journey. looking at various active monitors for the simplicity and lack of potential gremlins in the signal chain. I really love my Buchardt S400's (passive), I may jump up to the A500's (Active) at some point. I have a set of JBL 308P's monitors currently in my main setup which consist of a mac mini running roon to a Denafrips DAC. They sound really good for the coin spent. I also have a pair of "The Fives" which REALLY surprised me how good they are, these are in the bedroom, loving the eARC HDMi so simple to use that my wife even enjoys them! Again I don't feel like I'm giving up anything for my current needs. There are trade offs with going to active speakers but for my needs currently they fit the bill just fine and it's nice not to have to deal with wire management and fussy cable hiss etc etc. I believe active monitors will continue to evolve and gain more market share for the reasons I stated above.
  12. Emile has given you a lot of useful information, I also owned a pair for several years and loved them but there is always something better...... If you source a stock network I believe it will be about 3db hot on the top end so they can "project" sound better through a theater screen. I would use a mini dsp that Emile suggest that way you can eq the "hotness" out of the top end. It needs a little peq. The bass bins will slam BUT you will need some watts to get those babies jumping. This is why some of us use high power pro amps with such an efficient speaker. When I had mine I used a lower wattage amp on the top end and a crown k2 on the bins with an active crossover to bring it all together. These are very fine speakers and I have always loved the sparrow it is a great horn. Good luck and enjoy those!
  13. I want to test the "Active Speaker" market this year. I have owned pretty much every Klipsch consumer and pro speakers along with various amps. pre's and DACS. I like the simplicity and and lack of "noise" in the signal chain an all active setup offers. So I would say my goal for this year is to find an active speaker I can live with and sell pretty much everything else.
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