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  1. Tony -Going to be next to impossible to find used.
  2. I got my popcorn ready @Dave A.
  3. Ok cool thanks, I'm picking up a pair in a few weeks that I got for a great price. I have owned the version 2 and thought it was outstanding. Never heard the version 1's.
  4. Final bump before I list these at much higher prices on other sites.
  5. Hopefully in a few months I will be able to tell you by the way will be up in your neck of the woods soon.
  6. @Westcoastdrums396's moved on to another home, I do miss them tho! Got something bigger up my sleeve in the next couple months hopefully.
  7. 904's got to 115db at a friend of mines birthday party this last weekend, gains on K2 at 2:00 and using 90% of fader volume in other words PLENTY of room to go louder 🤘
  8. How about a long term review, since this thread is over a year old??
  9. @tblake10 this is who I was telling you about the other day. Outstanding guy to work with and as you can see really brings new life to older heresy's. Still drooling Ken...……...
  10. So can you download offline playlist? If so this may very well pull me away from Spotify. My internet is terrible so I know there is no way I will be able to stream Ultra HD, however if I can build a playlist of ultra HD tracks to listen to offline then I'm golden.
  11. rockhound


    I have the smaller 430 and it is without question the best option I have found for my heresy decorators.
  12. @Ziggurat I wonder who showed me this little trick? All credit goes to you 😀
  13. Let’s do the math shall we? $6,000.00 divided by $0.01= 600,000 seconds = 10,000 minutes = 166.66 hours = 0.99 weeks. Listen to those BRAND NEW @Chief bonehead MONSTERS for only 1 hour per night and the cornwall 4’s will be “paid” for in 24 weeks ish! Any further enjoyment is a bonus and the cost per minute will continue to reduce. I really like the heritage lines and LOVE the cinema/pro line I cant say the same about the reference line. Those Belle’s of yours have some very fine components in them, will they beat a new cornwall only you can decide that based on your ears in your room with your gear but my money is on the C4.
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