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  1. I have a contact that can build a complete grill for the front if you would prefer to do that.
  2. I can't help with the serial numbers but might be able to answer questions 2. Tweeter Assembly = K79K or K79KP for 2nd version Midrange = K53K or K66E for the 2nd version Woofer = K42E or K42KP for the 2nd version These are great little PA speakers pair these with a 684/682 sub and you will have a very hard to beat PA for the money.
  3. AGREE!! Do you by chance have a pic of these? There were two different looking LF drivers for these I think. One has a ribbed cone and the other is smooth. If these have the ribbed cones I would buy them for sure as the ones I've had I preferred the ribbed cone LF driver.
  4. Jim which driver do these have mounted to the "sparrow"?
  5. Enjoy Jim those are fine speakers one of my favorites.
  6. Welcome to the dark side, they are indeed. Wait until you put a Crown k2 or a QSC DCA amp on them.
  7. I have owned both and for Rock which is what I primarily listen to the KLF just slams. The La Scala has a better midrange by a mile but if you want to feel those kick drums you will 100% need a sub. I have 2 pairs of La Scala's and no KLF's so I say get the La Scala's demo both sets in your room with your favorite tracks and then sell the pair that comes in second.
  8. WOW those look spectacular! Congrats on a beautiful set of Forte's. Them folks down in rcansaw sure know how to make fine speakers.
  9. My favorite Klipsch home speaker I have a pair just like these and as @jimjimbo said the are superb, @Smokinone your gonna love em.
  10. @jeffarnie you broke cardinal rule #1 when informing the forum of new speakers. PICTURES!! We want to see these babies. Glad you are enjoying these can't wait for an opportunity to hear the IV series.
  11. Classic Rock, 80's Rock (sometimes called hair metal or hair bands), Ummm ROCK. My favorite band is Metallica and Klipsch make me feel like I'm 18 and standing in the pit every time I spin a track. Love the "live experience" these speakers replicate. Hence the forum name........
  12. Agree. What size listening area do you have? If the room supports it and you find a set of Chorus within your budget I personally would grab those in any version. I have owned H1's, H2's, H3's, Forte 2's, Chorus 1/2's and can tell you that out of all of those the Chorus line is my favorite home speaker. If you are stuck on the Heresy (not a bad place to be at all) then I would look for a set of H3's or H1's. Everyone hears things differently so YMMV. Either way enjoy the ride and good luck with your search.
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