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  1. I could bring my 942/4 setup (when they arrive) if you make the drive!
  2. I plan to go by there this weekend and get the low down.
  3. @Deang is a well respected member here who does crossover recaps and crossover modifications. His work is stellar. His business name is Altheia Audio if I recall correctly.
  4. Oh yeah I hope this happens.
  5. Sorry can't help with your question but congrats on the CF3's, the Epic line is awesome.
  6. @tigerwoodKhorns congrats you bought an awesome truck money well spent! That cybertruck is awful looking at least to me.
  7. Mark I think you are right these and the new cornwalls.
  8. That pattern is almost 3D looking if you stare at it long enough, just awesome.
  9. That is an impressive setup. I bet it sounds superb!
  10. Ok spill the beans Cory @MetropolisLakeOutfitters lol.
  11. @Edgar agree 100% would be curious what folks are using for termination? Specifically for banana plugs and spades.
  12. Everyone has a personal preference. I feel all Klipsch speakers sound best to me with a sub. I have used my H3's with a pair of DIY anarchy TH sub s and they sounded killer.
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