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  1. PM replied. In hotel quarantine for the next 5 days in South Louisiana before going offshore.
  2. Excellent set of three speakers—a pair of three-way 362s and a single 215 (dual 15”) subwoofer. I purchased these used from Kirby for a future install that never happened. Someone is going to be really happy with these they are in immaculate condition and sound superb. Please PM me with comments or questions. Local pickup in Murfreesboro Arkansas or coordination with UShip only please. Specs online and pictures linked below. Price is 1,100.00 for all 3!
  3. Awesome send me that invite lol!
  4. Some folks have all the cool toys @MookieStl P.S. I really like these Supers
  5. Mike I hate to see these go very hard to find in this good of shape. The HIP that trim came from looks like this now have fun with that project!
  6. Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink https://www.amazon.com/Extreme-Ownership-U-S-Navy-SEALs/dp/1250067057
  7. I searched a long time to find these HIP's in this condition. They are some of the nicest ones you will find and they sound phenomenal for their size. This is the only pic I could find of them currently. I'm currently not home but can post more next week. As with all Klipsch items I buy what I paid is what I will sell them for 500.00 for these beauties. I will entertain shipping them them but I would much rather hand these off in person. I frequently travel to the New Orleans area and will be in the Nashville TN area mid July if anyone East would like these.
  8. I agree really enjoying my newly acquired Bifrost.
  9. rockhound


    @Rivernuggets you have my old 396's and I used them with a 684 sub for awhile and lets just say you would be hard pressed to find a better match I cant imagine what 2 of these would be like with some 396's! OP GLWS these are fine subs.
  10. Congrats on the score I have those also! I'm currently on the hunt for one of the vintage "monster" receivers so I'm very interested in how your combo is working out. Enjoy those they are special speakers for sure.
  11. Closest to extended heritage like a Chorus 2 in battle dress and different cab config.
  12. This is good advice. My Chorus both the 1's and 2's loved my old McIntosh 2105.
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