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  1. By far the best looking line Klipsch ever built, IMO.
  2. I agree on the passive comments above, the amps in Klipsch subs are why I don't buy them. I sure would like to see what kind of horn sub Roy could design for the heritage line, 1202?
  3. DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I bought two of these when you originally posted your review. I had planned on using them to drive the 402's but never got around to it. They are packed away somewhere................
  5. I can't believe this setup is still for sale. An unreal combination at a killer price not likely to find a deal like this again. GLWS a big WOOO PIG SOOIE SATURDAY BUMP!
  6. GLWS I have it's bigger brother the 2105. Folks these are very nice amps as about as close to tube sound as you will get from solid state.
  7. @Pete H has a set of cornwalls for sale and he is in Ohio could be what you are looking for.
  8. There are small differences I believe in the decorator series and the original heresy. In some years of the decorator series had alnico drivers some say Alnico are preferred some say they make no difference. My decorator's that @Rooster42 now owns had gold labels on the back of them I had never seen that before they also had the Alnico drivers in them and the crossover was a "D" not an "E". I actually prefer the look of a raw birch cab with no grills that the decorator offers.
  9. There is also the "decorator" series.
  10. That is also the plan when we travel on vacations we can take this with us.
  11. A Chorus III would be nice too!
  12. 65" at minimum. I had not thought about fan noise and that is a good point to remember, obviously minimal noise is preferred.
  13. Thanks but in Arkansas 4 comes after 3 LOL. Three feet would be the max from the front wall.
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