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  1. rockhound

    RP-160M vs Heresy III vs Subwoofer

    Unfortunately this will be very subjective as Bill mentioned above both have strength's and weaknesses. I have the H3 and also own the H1 and have owned the H2. The H3 is better than all the previous versions IMO. However although the H3 does not require a sub IMO, they would benefit from one. I do not and have not owned bookshelfs from the RP line, I hear great things about that little bookshelf. If you like the way they sound add a sub and enjoy them. I've owned several Klipsch speakers but still own 2 pairs of the little Heresy!!
  2. rockhound

    Infinite baffle

    @jtubbs6117 update???????
  3. rockhound

    Pony Express Central (Shipping Discussion)

    Anyone traveling from Chattanooga West to Texarkana?
  4. rockhound

    Scott Yocum, "PappyIII", is desceased.

    Very saddened by this. One of the kindest souls I have ever meet.
  5. rockhound

    Recording / live sound setup recommendation

    Thanks Doc and everyone for the comments. Will get the X32 maybe for graduation gift.
  6. rockhound

    Recording / live sound setup recommendation

    Good points. He has been recording his guitar tracks for about a year he enjoys it. I'm just trying to educate myself and to also help him inergrate a live PA rig. It's great father son time and hopefully I will learn something along the way also.
  7. rockhound

    KP-480s For Sale

    PM incoming.
  8. rockhound

    For Sale Klipsch RSW-10 Powered Subwoofer

    Bump for Frank I just bought a pair of KP's from him. Smooth transaction fast shipping and product as described don't hesitate to buy from him.
  9. rockhound

    KP450 and 456 Style Bass Bin 3D CAD files

    @totalcomfort here ya go!!
  10. rockhound

    Recording / live sound setup recommendation

    Bruce - Thanks for the information I really appreciate you taking the time to educate me.
  11. rockhound

    Recording / live sound setup recommendation

    If I had the funds I would buy him a Behinger X32 but for now just something simple. As far as how large of a mixer will he need nothing big for now. He just wants to be able to use his laptop to run the 456 setup.
  12. rockhound

    Crown or QSC amp.....

    I have several crown amps and a QSC PLX series amp and all of them perform great in my home setups. Either would work splitting hairs on which is the best I would say whichever one has the best price.
  13. rockhound

    poolside with The One

    Work never ends....... very nice shot and a great speaker I have its bigger brother my only complaint with the Three is it does not have a rechargeable battery.
  14. rockhound

    More K-1132 and K-1133 driver questions.

    This is interesting I will be checking my second set of 456's for sure since I plan to power them up this time home. Maybe @colterphoto1 knows what say you Michael?