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  1. WTB MWM single bin splits

    Where are you? We have a forum member that has various items such as HPS splits that is located in St Louis Mo. PM me and Ill get you in touch with him.
  2. KLF-30 instead of CF-4. Win or lose?

    The 30's are nice if the cabs are sealed up. I've owned both and a lot more Klipsch stuff I still have the CF-4's.
  3. Have to change a hard drive in a 27" iMac tonight...ugh

    Network Admin oh the good old days, I was the admin at Dawson Co-op years back.
  4. Death of the CD

  5. Modding KPT-456 to KPT-942?

    Ya man they do not come up for sale often. I promise they are worth the wait just incredible horns. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. RB-5 IIs - wow

    Love mine as well, if you like the 5ii's you will absolutely be floored when you hear RB-75's. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Modding KPT-456 to KPT-942?

    I seriously would not be concerned about the learning curve involved with active xovers like xilica. Once you run sweeps and see where the trouble spots are then its just a matter of "correcting" with that particular frequency. I'm very new to all this pro stuff but it honestly is not hard to figure out. If your concerned about cost try one of the minidsp's they are very affordable and easy to adjust. Just remember there are trade off with lower cost units. If you want to go passive you can get 942 networks on ebay for around 50 bucks.
  8. Nice deal on Klipsch Pro KPT-456 and MCM1900

    @MookieStl will do appreciate it.
  9. K-402 2 way LF bass

    I'm doing the same now. Running the 402 with the 904 of cab. I received my xilica active crossover this afternoon so tomorrow I'll be doing some tweaks. This is all temporary until I get my mwm splits from Tim.
  10. DSP options for your Pro Klipsch Audio

    I ordered one from Cory!
  11. Modding KPT-456 to KPT-942?

    I agree!
  12. Modding KPT-456 to KPT-942?

    I'm about to do that with a pair of 904's (same LF cab as the 456). You can get 942 networks cheap.
  13. Nice deal on Klipsch Pro KPT-456 and MCM1900

    Tim is a great guy and this is unfortunate for him so let's help a fellow audio nut out. I bought 4-456's and 4 of the mwm splits. I'll figure out what to do with them later at these prices it's a no brainier.
  14. Klipsch Professional KPT-904

    I think they look cool, nice work enjoy the wine and 904 that also makes a great combo