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  1. Nope this one tethers via Bluetooth to android phones. I used a galaxy s9+ with this one. I love this thing but it doesn’t play nice with iPhones so I need to get a iwatch.
  2. Priced lowered or trade for apple series 3/4 watch.
  3. Ready to roll a WHOPPING 45min commute lol.
  4. Hey it plays audio! Excellent condition not one flaw. Awesome watch and superior to the Iwatch IMO. Only reason I’m selling is my company switched to 100% apple. I also have a spare charger and a couple bands. If you have a series 3 Apple Watch I would trade since I’m 100% apple now.
  5. Mookie - I have a old crown 1002 that I will use to power the KI-172's. It doesn't have to be crazy loud but would like headroom just incase lol. My patio area is about the same size as yours. Curious which Dayton amp do you use?
  6. SWEET!! Share a pic of it in the listening position! Will be curious of your review once you get it dialed in.
  7. Thanks for the efforts Bill. I ended up finding a pair of KI-172's for cheap so I got those!
  8. Didn't you use a 8in driver in yours?
  9. Since your on the way next week just bring it and I'll test it our for a few years.
  10. Mookie similar story here but not to that point thank goodness. A few years back a buddy of mine was in a very dark place. I gave him a set of Chorus 2's as he always enjoyed music. He credits this to saving his life. Music does transcend boundaries. I hope this gave you guys some closure, luckily for me I still got my buddy and we crank the sh&t out of those C2's every change we get! Those 4 scala's look awesome by the way!!
  11. Call off the dogs I have found what I needed. Thanks all for the help.
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