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  1. rockhound

    Some laptops for sale soon...various models

    No worries Kip.
  2. rockhound

    Klipsch KPT-456 SW Arkansas

    The time has come to part with my beloved KPT-456's. If you have not heard a set of these you are missing out, they are bad mofo's. These are in outstanding condition and perform flawlessly. They have new crites 456 networks. Due to the size this is a local sale I'm willing to meet within a couple hours from Murfreesboro AR. I'm listing these way cheaper on here that what I will on ebay/craigslist. I will provide better pics tomorrow and a sound demo. 1,200.00 gets em. This is for a pair. The speaker in the middle is a 684 sub currently not for sale. Spec sheet https://docs.google.com/document/d/10dTGV9xOKcNjuvQykBwB57PM1JWLg9vWVZFdA4CWom0/edit?usp=sharing
  3. rockhound

    Klipsch KPT-456 SW Arkansas

    @Emile K-506. @Dave A you would know!! Here is a quick video I shot today. Excuse the garage. This really doesn't do them justics sound wise but like I say to me a video is better than pics. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MCEPNj-FImqXchxwRTOWh8eqEYBvOs00/view?usp=drivesdk
  4. rockhound

    Some laptops for sale soon...various models

    Ok thanks @avguytx also I will be in Little Rock Sunday I could meet you there and pick it up?
  5. rockhound

    Some laptops for sale soon...various models

    Cool thanks also is it maxed out at 4gb or will it take more?
  6. rockhound

    Some laptops for sale soon...various models

    Kip, how much RAM is in the Dell? I'm interested in it to use with REW/Xilica software. In addition what SSD did you install, Samsung, crucial??
  7. rockhound

    Heresy III’s on the way!

    COngrats and welcome to the Heresy 3 owners club!! I love mine can't wait to hear your report with them and the VRD's. I also have a set of decorators may go the tube route for those.
  8. rockhound

    Klipsch KPT-456 SW Arkansas

    I have the 402 just need the jub bins, the funds from this sale will go towards that. I have a set of 904's and the 396's so I have plenty of @Chief bonehead goodies to keep me satisfied. these really are remarkable speakers.
  9. rockhound

    List of speakers

    I have a good list for the the non pro stuff PM me your email and I'll shoot it to you.
  10. I know, deep question but what do you want to accomplish this year?
  11. rockhound

    Inexpensive Integrated Amplifiers

    Anybody bought one of these? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nobsound-EL34-Single-ended-Class-A-Tube-Amplifier-Stereo-Audio-HIFI-Amp/261892230316?epid=27026861228&hash=item3cf9fe4cac:g:MLcAAOSwEVtb7~P1:rk:1:pf:0
  12. Time has come to let this bad mofo go to a new home. Black Ash in color overall good condition, I would rate it 6.5/10. Cosmetic issues, small mounting holes in the top where previous owner mounted to TV does not effect sound I just flipped it over lol. One woof has a tiny dimple. Comes with grill no emblem. One of the best center channels Klipsch ever made. Would prefer local pickup (Murfreesboro AR) or I can hold until the pilgrimage if your coming. 275.00
  13. rockhound

    Klipsch RC-7 Center Channel SW Arkansas

    If you pay 250 you can do whatever you want with it lol. The cabinet is in good condition it might scare some that is has small holes in it but its nit that bad and never bothered me as I either flipped it or put my tv on top. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. rockhound

    Anyone heard of this "DIY" Sub Company? GSG Audio

    Waiting to see who pulls the trigger first, flat packs are the way to go for sure.
  15. rockhound

    crazy Heresy veneer

    WOW beautiful a lot better looking than my Black Ash ones.
  16. rockhound

    Super MWM

    Ya Dave what the heck????
  17. rockhound

    2019 Goals - what do you want to accomplish this year????

    Big Things - Sell the house and downsize, get my son moved to Arizona to start his life journey. Get completely debt free which is doable if house sells and we downsize as planned. Continue to grow investment portfolio. Small Things - Exercise more and drink less. Sell off systems that I no longer need or use. Continue honing my woodworking skills.
  18. rockhound

    Several Items For Sale

    Let's help Chris out someone offer up a trade or part with that cash! I had to sell my beloved 300zx twin turbo to finance my wedding so I understand where Chris is coming from.
  19. rockhound

    Several Items For Sale

    PM coming.
  20. rockhound

    Jube/1802 - The Ultimate 2.1

    @AHall are those DIY acoustic panels?
  21. rockhound


    I'm in flying solo.
  22. rockhound


    Im on the wagon also.....diet is simple if you think about it. Just watch portion sizes eat a well balanced diet and lastly BURN more calories than you are consuming.
  23. rockhound

    Let's Go Colts!

    GO COWBOYS...(ducks)...lol. Colts look like they are peaking right now which is perfect timing. Super Bowl is wide open this year really hope the patriots don't go AGAIN.
  24. rockhound

    Klipsch RC-7 Center Channel SW Arkansas

    It's pay day how about a nice center channel!
  25. Really surprised that these are still around. Folks these are by far the best speakers I owned prior to getting into the bigger pro stuff. This is an excellent example and version 1 to boot! I liked these better than the KLF 30 or 20's I had, to me these even bested the mighty Chorus 2's I owned. Lastly these made me sell my KHORNS so there is that. GLWS if you were closer these would be gone.