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  1. That would be great as I don't plan to buy anything for at least another month or two.
  2. Buckeye backlog is Sept......will probably end up with a VTV.
  3. rockhound


    These things rarely come up snooze ya lose. GLWS!
  4. I have a Marantz AV 7005 that would act as my pre/pro if I decide to buy separate Class D amps and not the all in one powernode solution.
  5. Appreciate the feedback fella's. Schu I listen to Rock/Classic Rock. These will not be a 2 channel only system as they will be in the living room performing movie/TV watching as well. Which Pioneers do you speak of? The Canto's are probably out of my budget. I'm leaning hard to the POWERNODE or go separates with the VTV Purifi based amps. I have several Pro amps but again none of them will fit into my entertainment center.
  6. I asked this question on another forum and got some responses regarding the NODE but none regarding the POWERNODE. Curious if the folks that have LaScala's are running Class D amps and if so what are their thoughts.. below is the original post. Additionally I have a few nice amps but they don't meet the requirements in the new house as far as size goes and the ability to just leave them on all the time. I need something small that runs cool and sounds well like a LaScala should. I searched the interweb and didn't see this topic anywhere so I thought I would ask here. I have a pair of 78 LaScala's (new to me) that I will be using as my mains. I'm considering the new Powernode because of the features that it has and the simplicity of having one item in the signal chain. Has anyone heard the Powernode with heritage Klipsch speakers? I could go the Node route or my little Arylic S50 and look for a nice monoblock pair of Class D amps. If I went this route I could use my Denafrips DAC instead of the onboard TI DAC in the Node. The goal is simplicity and something that sounds great with the LaScala's and "just works". Thought's?
  7. Listen for yourself you may like them to me they were the worst Klipsch pro sub I ever heard.
  8. You have my favorite pro heresy in the kp-201ii's, hold on to them as the rarely come up for sale and for good reason. ANYTHING will be an improvement over the fart boxes AKA KP-115's. The driver in the KPT-484 is an 18" K-49. The K-49 is a 4 ohm, 400 watt woofer and was used by Klipsch in the KPT-484, the KP-480, and the KP-4000. I have the KP-480's that I use with my split lascala's and they sound great to me. I would give those 484's a shot. Again another speaker that rarely comes up. Put some high current through those 484's something like a Crown K2. As far as crossovers go you can always get a minidsp for 100 bucks until you get something better down the road.
  9. Maybe these are not the right speakers for you? Everyone has a different flavor of sound that they prefer, I do not share the same thoughts as you regarding my set of Fives. I'm actually amazed at what these little boxes can do.
  10. I'm out, I'm sure these are fantastic networks.
  11. Is there an advantage to having the Aegir's running as mono blocks?
  12. Still liking the shiit shakey? I looked at that one to run my 78 LaScala's. However in my application I'm leaning towards Class D with the Purifi modules.
  13. That's not far from @MookieStl
  14. E, you pondering a 1802? If so when you get it I'm coming west for a listen.....
  15. That is what I was thinking when I saw these, "man if those things could talk". Somebody needs to save these.
  16. Great price IMO H3's are worth that.
  17. Buyer can spend whatever he/she wants but I'm with Rplace I would top out at 1.5k.
  18. I've read a lot of good reviews on that sub, not surprised by your assessment. Seems hard to beat for the price.
  19. You mean KP-480? If so..... Height: 26 29/32" (68.3 cm) Width: 23 7/8" (60.6 cm) Depth: 24 1/16" (61.1 cm) Weight: 85 lbs. (38.6 kg) Net, 99 lbs. (45 kg) Shipping
  20. This sounds like an excellent application for the 396/684 combo I have listed in the garage sale section
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