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  1. So who is the lucky member getting this horn for testing purposes?
  2. This is a very nice amp I bought it from a fellow forum member a few months back to see if I wanted to make the jump from Solid State to tubes. I also have a never installed matched quad set of Groove Tubes EL-34 that can be purchased with the amp. Local pickup preferred but can wrap it up and ship it if a buyer wants to risk it. 450 local pickup or 450 plus shipping. The groove tubes would be an additional 175.00 if you want those. I believe this has slovtek el-34’s in it currently. A fine sounding tube amp and hard to beat for under 500.00 IMHO.
  3. Dave glad you didn't make the crucial mistake of reacting and over steering into the ditch. I have had similar Foxworthy acre retreats on my hunt for Klipsch. I'm with ya on the hunt thing if I find something close I will consider it but at this stage I know what I want and don't feel the need to try much else.
  4. @jimjimbo if it was closer to the pilgrimage I would have you hold a set for me a pair of these would be perfect for my brother. Let me know if that is an option.
  5. One of my favs, I have yet to see him live. I think this is it for Bob I hope he comes close this time.
  6. @Schu I really think you would love a THTLP with your scala's. I wish I would of had mine when I owned the prototype La Scala II's.
  7. Hmm I'm no expert but if you want the simplist crossover maybe look at one of the analog units by Ashley. I hear they are very simple to use but you wont get PEQ just frequency cutoffs etc etc, XR2001 or XR1001. As you already know the minidsp is also hard to beat for the money.
  8. Are you saying you have the 402 horn as the MF horn and the 510 horn as the HF on one of the two?
  9. Congrats on the 20's the are indeed awesome speakers! I had those and the 30's too and you can't go wrong with any of them honestly. I was running a emotive xpa-2 to the CF's I had.
  10. Interesting I had KLF 20's and the CF4's ver 2's I had destroyed them in every way.
  11. What would be considered to far to use 14 gauge zip cord? I wired up my outside patio speakers with zip cord last weekend my longest run being 25ft.
  12. Oh yes just wait until you put some juice to them...… The EPIC series was my favorite from the consumer line.
  13. @Emile what have you discovered since buying these?
  14. Best advice I can give you is to have him bring them over to your house and have a listen. Keep the ones that sound the best in your room with your equipment.
  15. Those of you that are looking at these fear not. Steve is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and he LOVES his gear and it shows. GLWS Steve!
  16. @Ziggurat where are you located? I have the 942 setup currently and it puts a smile on my face everytime I crank it. I have considered finding some Lascala bins for my 402's also just to hear the difference. If your close your more than welcome to stop by for a listen.
  17. @Schu might be worth a look.
  18. If you hear me playing rap shoot me because i have lost my sh&t.
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