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  1. rockhound

    Wing Ding

    Billstown boys are very good local guys from the Delight Campbell family tree.
  2. rockhound

    Anyone heard of this "DIY" Sub Company? GSG Audio

    @Westcoastdrums update??
  3. rockhound

    Walla Walla Wall of Sound - Cornwall Style

    Go big or go home! Nice room!
  4. rockhound

    The Three - out of the box and...

    Mine doesn’t only when Inswitch inputs.
  5. rockhound

    The Three - out of the box and...

    Did you try the remote?
  6. rockhound

    EAW FR253T and Speakerlab KHorn

    Lol get after it Dave!
  7. Original buyer backed out so offering this one last time before offering it on other sites. Will hold for pickup in Hope if your coming in April. Time has come to let this bad mofo go to a new home. Black Ash in color overall good condition, I would rate it 6.5/10. Cosmetic issues, small mounting holes in the top where previous owner mounted to TV does not effect sound I just flipped it over lol. One woof has a tiny dimple. Comes with grill no emblem. One of the best center channels Klipsch ever made. Would prefer local pickup (Murfreesboro AR) or I can hold until the pilgrimage if your coming. 275.00
  8. rockhound

    Single KPT-335-B/M

    I see cornwalls for sale soon lol.
  9. rockhound

    Single KPT-335-B/M

    Very curious as to what you think of them I almost pulled the trigger to compare to my 904 and 942's.
  10. rockhound

    K-horns tubes and solid state?

    This is exactly what I will be doing in the near future. I bought a switcher to compare my refurbished McIntosh 2105 against my newly acquired Dennis Had tube amp. Should be fun to see the difference.
  11. rockhound

    Klipsch RC-7 Center Channel (SOLD)

    Original buyer backed out. One last bump before heading off to ebay.
  12. On a whim I just bought a pair of these on sale at Best Buy. Will do a comparison between these and the 160's I have.
  13. rockhound

    Klipsch speaker stands?

    Throw a pic up would like to see them. I toyed with the same concept (adding an area under them for subs) but I currently use that THTLP in the middle as my sub.
  14. rockhound

    Emotiva PA-1 class D Amps

    Those amps look promising. I have had several different emotive amps and pre amps and they have all been stellar performers. What will these mono's be driving?
  15. rockhound

    Klipsch speaker stands?

    Thanks there is another manufacture that builds these but man are the expensive. So I thought heck I can build that for way cheaper lol.
  16. rockhound

    Klipsch speaker stands?

    I spent about 50 bucks on material (Cypress) and made mine.
  17. rockhound

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    This is my fav for the price it is very ahrd to beat.
  18. rockhound

    $2,500 Stained Birch La Scala's on Little Rock CL

    Yep wont happen as long as Sabin is around and then once he leaves Fisher (A&M) takes over. Hey we will mess some folks up in Track tho lol.
  19. rockhound

    Worried about RP-600m port

    I would give them a shot you can always return them if they don't work out. I can tell you the RP-160's are very close to the RB-75's I had. I would think the 600's would be a touch better than the 160's.
  20. rockhound

    RF 7 III, Will they blow me away?

    Well it's an unwritten rule that you must post pics upon taking delivery! I almost went with those. Congrats I bet they are going to knock your d*^k in the dirt when you get them dialed in.
  21. rockhound

    $2,500 Stained Birch La Scala's on Little Rock CL

  22. rockhound

    $2,500 Stained Birch La Scala's on Little Rock CL

  23. rockhound

    $2,500 Stained Birch La Scala's on Little Rock CL

    Yep look at these corns the badge is even sloppy. https://littlerock.craigslist.org/ele/d/little-rock-klipsch-cornwalls/6825874001.html
  24. rockhound


    No but @CECAA850looks just like his avatar so impossible to mistake. 😜
  25. WOW GLWS those are beauties! "Made In America"!!