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  1. Sounds like @CECAA850 kind of place lol.
  2. These are the speakers that introduced me to the "Dark Side" of Klipsch and I have been a proud member ever since. The new owner of these is gonna love em.
  3. rockhound


    I have it on my to watch list.
  4. @ChrisK please pass on our collective condolences, prays coming to you and his family to give them peace during this time.
  5. It's been awhile for that area to get a decent amount of snow. Right after I moved to Murfreesboro we got a nice amount that was 11ish years ago. When I was young I remember getting a couple of these (80's).
  6. @Lbk "tomorrow night" has came and went, you get some juice to these yet?
  7. rockhound

    Big Cold

    -15 this morning in Bentonville Ar.
  8. rockhound

    Big Cold

    Please remind folks if they run a portable generator to make sure its not in the garage or other enclosed space. Every year I read where folks die from Co2 poisonings from generators being ran in the garage.
  9. So what is considered a high dampening factor?
  10. I used a bash 300 plate amp with my dual's has high level inputs.
  11. Pro stuff is made in Hope also. If you get a chance to go to the pilgrimage and take a factory tour I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find.
  12. @Darkscience B stock maybe?
  13. Been listening to this for years, really cool to see what is spinning on the other side of the pond.
  14. Surprised these are still around, awesome speakers I have a set.
  15. @Pete H is a builder maybe he will chime in.
  16. Yes I found this to be the best way to have them in my room.
  17. Diz - What do you have the subs crossed at?
  18. My need to draw it out with crayons so @MookieStl will understand lol.
  19. I did this with a pair and thought it sounded good but looked funny.
  20. rockhound

    Half time show

    My son texted me about 2 min in and said whoever the sound guy is won't be when the 3rd quarter starts lol, he would know as he just finished school in that field. Tampa's defense won that game they had Mahomes running around throwing ducks all night. The GOAT got it done and gave all the haters up north a big............
  21. So it doesn't look like there is a going to be a upgrade kit offered for the Forte 3 owners. I hope they consider doing that. I'm really excited to hear these I liked the 3's.
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