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  1. what driver is this built around, along with power handling?
  2. Taking a half day Friday and plan to be out at Rodney's around the time people start rolling in for dinner and festivities.
  3. I still want an ostrich pillow. One of these days I'll get one..
  4. Not sure really, but a WAG would maybe be around $700? I'm open to offers or trades - audio/photo/iPad related
  5. Anybody interested in a server while I'm traveling that way? It’s a 2U form factor. Dual Xeon E5-2620 v2 (12 cores, 24 threads total), 64GB of RAM, 8x 2TB drives with hardware raid adapter, 2x 60GB SSD drives with hardware raid adapter, dual gigabit NIC, and also include rails if you’d like to rack mount it.
  6. Good deal. Wasn't there last year, so thanks for the info. I'll be sure to have a $20 in my pocket
  7. What size do you need? Too late to bring some empties and come home with some fulls, and how much $ per jar?
  8. The Chemical Brothers dropped a new album today...
  9. The download is an exact disc image, so yes.
  10. I can get the 2015 SACD box set but not seeing this bluray box set just yet.
  11. I'm downloading it now. The method is less than scrupulous, but your point is only partially valid.
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