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  1. Thaddeus Smith

    Big Cold

    Took me a couple days to isolate all the leaks and patch them, but we've got running water now. we lucked out, and the damage was nearly non-existent compared to many up here. i just need my repairs to last about 18 months and then i don't care.
  2. Thaddeus Smith

    Big Cold

    Oh ffs, you're absolutely right. Went right over my head.
  3. Thaddeus Smith

    Big Cold

    My house was/is frozen. What aren't you understanding about that?
  4. Thaddeus Smith

    Big Cold

    We've got utility power for now. Hopefully others can share the burden of outages while we start to unthaw without interruption. The next few days will be repairing the pipes I know are shot and watching the rest thaw for signs of issues.
  5. Thaddeus Smith

    Big Cold

    Had our first pipe breakages early this more ing, so I shut off at the meter. I've isolated which lines, just not sure how far down under the house it goes. It's an ancillary bathroom and we're building new next year, so i'll probably just cap the lines underneath the house and move on with my life.
  6. Thaddeus Smith

    Big Cold

    The benefit is that you don't have to string extension cords everywhere, can flip on lights as needed, etc. It's enabled us to run a heat lamp in the barn and heaters in the house 100yds away, all from the same generator.
  7. Thaddeus Smith

    Big Cold

    No for how I have it connected. Which is what we did, except we used a 220v plug in the garage that's in place for a welder. It's frowned upon, especially when utility power is restored, so you have to be very careful and ensure your mains are turned off.
  8. Thaddeus Smith

    Big Cold

    We don't give livestock nearly enough credit. They need extra feed and water for internal combustion heat. But otherwise they're resilient. Goats grow cashmere and fluff up. Birds flood their feathers and trap air pockets. Pigs pile up into a clump. Give them space out of drafts, but maintain airflow so moisture doesn't build up. We're actively heating a small stall for two goats that are less than a week old, but everyone else is relying on their natural survival tools. Some chickens will likely end up with frostbite on their combs, but that's truly minor and all of our other animals so far are acting strong, no signs of distress. The hedgehogs and cats and pug, however, are more fickle and the real purpose for why we're running a generator at all for the house. Also, the field faucet is thawed and we've got a source of flowing water again.
  9. Thaddeus Smith

    Big Cold

    Yup, fortunately we were able to borrow my inlaws, but definitely need to get our own. I won't go into detail and risk being scorned, but with the mains off we're able to connect the generator into the garage and power whatever what we need on the property using existing infrastructure.
  10. Thaddeus Smith

    Big Cold

    Same, bud. Stay safe. Latest M&M homestead update: utility power has been off since 2am Monday. The house is mostly frozen inside. We've got a generator powering oil heaters in our bedroom for pets and a heat lamp in the barn for babies that were born Friday. No animal deaths so far, but it's always a possibility. Running water inside the house is no longer viable, but I'm going to try and thaw out our field faucet. Twice a day feedings is definitely taking a toll on feed supplies, but I think we've got enough to get through to thawing Temps. We're able to warm up and eat, shower, etc next door, and we parked the girls overnight there so Morgan and I could focus on keeping the homestead viable through the night. They're on a different provider than us and so far haven't had any outages - so we're grateful and blessed. The sunrise over our snow covered garden and barn was beautiful this morning.
  11. Thaddeus Smith

    Big Cold

    Yessir, Sam the goat dog.
  12. Thaddeus Smith

    Big Cold

    We're getting it right now in N.Texas. Haven't seen snow like this in a decade or so. Had a couple of goat kids born Friday afternoon. Always seems to be the way it goes..
  13. There's at least a couple of members who use and recommend that, yep.
  14. Also, my Yamaha limits the digital input to 24/96 so I just set those upper thresholds in Roon for playback. Everything at or below those thresholds play natively and everything above get's downsampled. I think I have maybe 6 albums which are 24/192.
  15. Correct. Like I said earlier, I didn't kill too much time researching before deciding to just try it. Here's a couple of threads that prompted me go to that route since I wasn't dealing with BNC or Toslink. https://www.gearslutz.com/board/connectors-cables-stands-and-accessories/1137971-spdif-coaxial-aes-cable.html https://www.gearslutz.com/board/so-much-gear-so-little-time/1022735-spdif-gt-aes-cable.html
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