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  1. Thaddeus Smith

    How long has your current sub lasted?

    6.5 years on the Cinema F-20 and less than a year on the TH-Spud clones, but I know they ran for several years in Rudy's rig before moving over to mine.
  2. Thaddeus Smith

    What I Got Today!

    Usually a couple of dollars a piece. I bought these from Meyer Hatchery in OH. Looks like three breeds, and they're all males. At qty 100+ they were 34 cents each and $10 to ship. They hatched Monday and arrived yesterday morning. At butchering age of about 12 weeks there's not a whole lot of difference between hens and roosters for the purpose of meat consumption, so it just makes a lot of sense to go that route.
  3. Thaddeus Smith

    What I Got Today!

    100 chicks. They'll be ready for harvest in December.
  4. Thaddeus Smith

    Jupiter AA circuits... SOLD

    Glad to see this listing didn't linger. That's generally correct. Dean can probably speak with more authority around their ongoing availability in sketchy dark alley deals, but we're a now a couple years on from Jupiter ending production.
  5. Thaddeus Smith

    New in my Life Raising Chickens

    It's not an exact science. My egg numbers are down too. Heat, diet changes, stressors, amount of daylight, etc can all impact egg output. Focus less on the eggs right now and more on the chicken life cycle and your flock's temperment /personality. In other news, I'm expecting 100 meat chicks to arrive on Thursday. So where you're scratching your head on egg output, I'll be doing the same with regard to maximizing final dress out weight at 12 weeks, reducing dead loss, and the logistics of it all - this is a massive jump in scale for us and I'm nervous as hell. These guys are supposed to be 100% our poultry source for next year.
  6. Thaddeus Smith

    Jupiter AA circuits... SOLD

    Are those the wax impregnated autoformers and coils, similar to the B2's I sold you? To anyone on the fence about these.. BUY THEM. I have a similar build of a modified Type A in my La Scalas and they are wonderful. Same for the B2's I had in Cornwalls. It's an expensive and esoteric modification, but well worth it once you listen.
  7. Thaddeus Smith

    ASUSPRO laptop

    3 hours...
  8. Thaddeus Smith

    Show us your great photography thread!

    weird. still showed up on my end, but edited and re-added the links.
  9. Thaddeus Smith

    Show us your great photography thread!

    My mother in law is a photog as well, does the whole studio setup and posing, etc. So when Adelaide and I get to shooting it's just free form next to a big window with good light. We talk and laugh and she just does whatever she wants in the moment.. I get a lot of great 1:1 moments with her this way and she gets to be goofy and express herself. No pets were present, she just avoids looking at the camera about half the time.
  10. Thaddeus Smith

    Show us your great photography thread!

    Testing out the new camera rig.. Fujifilm XT-2. Seems comparable to what I was doing with Canon gear, so that's good. I've only got the 23mm f/1.4 right now, with hopes of getting the 56mm f/1.2 in the future (35mm and 85mm focal length equivalents on crop sensor). The XT-3 was just announced, but I was able to do a complete even trade with another local guy and this gear is perfectly adequate for several years to come, so that's cool Here's one of my favorite models..
  11. Thaddeus Smith

    Show us your great photography thread!

  12. Thaddeus Smith

    Thread CRAPPING Honey Pot

    It's something funky with your app. That's not my icon (but it is Jim's). See below..
  13. Thaddeus Smith

    Thread CRAPPING Honey Pot

  14. Thaddeus Smith

    Bargain La Scalas found in Dallas

    Nice, congrats! Where are you located in the metroplex? I'm just east of McKinney and have some decently recapped AA's sitting on the shelf if you're interested. edit: nevermind.. just re-read and saw that you've got a set of AA's sitting in the parts pile.