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  1. I don't. And I hope you don't feel like I'm calling you an idiot - I'm not. But after 20 years in the industry, I know servers and I know software and it's just not adding up.
  2. Certainly possible, though I never stated I don't hear nuanced differences in gear. I'm just struggling to wrap my head around the statements from these boutique audio guys as it pertains to PC implementations. He's literally saying that software RAID 1 (drive mirroring) is sonically superior to software RAID 5 (data + parity), but that it's too wasteful to even bother implementing (especially when using expensive PCI NVME storage). And if he's blowing smoke about that detail, what else?
  3. He didn't start traveling until later in the month of March - you're aligning "first" and "10th" days of his illness tracking to calendar dates, which is incorrect.
  4. I have the remasters which came out a few years ago. I'm mostly being facetious, but was listening to the white album and it just didn't sound good.
  5. Of note, the Beatles albums mostly sound like garbage on this resolving system. I guess @thebes is correct. I've yet to play any of my favorite grunge rock from the 90's since they likely suffer the same.
  6. Thanks for being open and sharing.. I don't personally know anyone else affected to this point and the news reports don't really give much detail about circumstances when they do report someone recovering, so it's helpful info you're sharing.
  7. So what forced you to the ER vs continuing to self manage at home?
  8. Small glimpse of sanity.. And then an asinine statement from the maker about the sonic differences between the differences in software implementations of RAID 1 vs RAID 5 in the OS. Wait.. what? I'm done after two pages.. There may be audible differences, I'll admit that, but I refuse to accept the statements made by boutique audio companies trying to carve out a niche by taking advantage of people who don't understand computers while wrapping it in the cloth of elitist audiophilia. I truly hope you enjoy this device, and I truly believe you (and anyone else who buys this) were taken advantage of.
  9. Oh excellent! The bdp95 has usb ports so you can connect the driver directly to it. The built in file browser is a bit clunky, but it'll enable you to browse and play the files directly for starters and then branch out to using a pc later if you wish.
  10. It was minimal, but not 15 minutes and 10 American dollars minimal.
  11. I too love the results. So it looks like samesies.
  12. Does anyone have a good "getting started with FLAC playback" guide? I've grown up in parallel with this format and take a lot for granted - I just helped @babadono get access to some FLAC files on an external USB drive and find myself at a loss with where to point him for next steps. Foobar is an obvious free player, but that bit of software can be absolutely daunting to the uninitiated.
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