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    5.2 system: Denon X3400H + ATI AT1505 // Fronts: '88 La Scalas with CT-120/A-55G and Jupiter Flat stack Type A networks // Surrounds: R-3650-W // Subwoofer: 2x TH-SPUD clones // Nvidia Shield TV + Plex // Vizio M70-C3 // Harmony 900

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  1. 10-4. Mostly making sure these weren't the same driver often recommended for LA Scalas, albeit with some other designation I hadn't seen before (the kappalite 15c)
  2. So I should be crossing over my subs (2x th-spud clones) at 100hz?
  3. unless there are pink/red zip ties used on your crossover, in which case you won't hear anything out of the speakers. you'd need to generate something like mint green noise to counteract the phasing effect of the zip tie coloration.
  4. Took me a bit to find it, be here's the recap thread from that event. I think there's some description and pics, but I haven't yet gone through it all again.
  5. I may have to build a simple 2-channel rig around that pre-pro once I'm done testing. Thanks again Mike!
  6. My AVR is of the kind which already bypasses the ground, so that wouldn't do me any favors. I do recall seeing something about dummy plugs for unused RCA connections, sometimes being provided by high end manufacturers in the box with the pre-amp, etc. I struggled to understand how that would help and moved on, but I might revisit the topic after reading through what Eric emailed me.
  7. I uh, will absolutely take you up on that offer. I'll shoot you a PM with a refresher of my address and we can figure out shipping costs/timing. Thanks man!
  8. yeah, that's why i was hoping for a little bit of extra hand holding.
  9. I mean.. I can search around, but where are these mysterious dummy plugs meant to be used? AC input? Speaker terminals? RCA inputs/outputs? Amp side or AVR side?
  10. A variety of chickens for choking, fairly compliant goats, and a few pigs with some attitude if you're feeling adventurous..
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