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    5.2 system: Denon X3400H + ATI AT1505 // Fronts: '88 La Scalas with CT-120/A-55G and Jupiter Flat stack Type A networks // Surrounds: R-3650-W // Subwoofer: 2x TH-SPUD clones // Nvidia Shield TV + Plex // Vizio M70-C3 // Harmony 900

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  1. Thaddeus Smith


    It would seem that the standards have evolved.
  2. Thaddeus Smith

    2019 Goals - what do you want to accomplish this year????

    Find a new day job, continue with my animal breeding programs and get tighter control over growth/harvest cycles, start my vegetable garden.
  3. Thaddeus Smith

    What to do with this?

    That was probably the first thing I noticed when switching from AA to A networks while running the 120 tweets. I've grown accustomed to the sound now and certainly don't hate it, it's just different.
  4. Thaddeus Smith

    What to do with this?

    I don't presume to Know the ins and outs of Dean's life, but my observations across FB and the forum have been that he did in fact wind things down with the intent of closing up shop, but that life circumstances have halted that process and caused him to reverse course.
  5. Thaddeus Smith

    What to do with this?

    I went back to type A networks in my '88 La Scala's, built around Jupiter flat stack caps, and find it sounds pretty darn good.
  6. Thaddeus Smith

    What to do with this?

  7. Ugh, that's so 4 years ago...
  8. We're simply highlighting your hypocrisy and your only defense is that it looks/feels pretty so it's ok to ignore your sage advice.
  9. This thread is anything but hostile.
  10. Or, conversely, he just needs to stop waving the banner of his supposed position.
  11. I don't have any issue (or envy) with someone buying expensive audio gear. I would if I could, without a moment of hesitation - it's fun.
  12. Btw, I'm not suggesting you get rid of the MA6600.. I'd just rather you stop vomiting pseudo-enlightenment under the guise of "protecting beginners from expensive mistakes in our hobby."