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  1. Dell XPS 9570 and thunderbolt dock. Needs a new battery, but otherwise works perfectly as a desk-bound device. 15" matte screen, 1TB NVME, 32GB RAM, integrated graphics + GTX 1050ti discrete GPU, upgraded to Win 11. Includes the OEM charger and a Dell TB16 thunderbolt dock. Plays digital music like you cannot imagine (Roon, Foobar, etc) $800 shipped and PP'd in the CONUS. Open to offers.
  2. Ha, go figure. Never encountered that phenomenon myself.
  3. Still is. My FIL is a HAM and continues to send/receive them as he works other HAM's around the world. The radio work and science behind it is a big driver of the hobby for him, and dovetailed into his career. But there's also a geography and collecting/cataloguing component which overlays with the hobby and drives him to keep up with it.
  4. I was a Spotify user for a long time - their pricing and curated playlists are solid, and cd quality streaming has never been essential for me since I have a healthy local FLAC library. The problem, however, was that I had planted a flag in Roon for my local music playback, and Spotify integration doesn’t exist. This made for some very cobbled together solutions and a disjointed listening experience. I’ve tried tidal in the past and wasn’t a fan of their recommendation engine, nor do I care about MQA. But I wanted a streamlined approach for my ever changing whims and finding music outside my local collection. Qobuz fits that fine - the recommendation engine still isn’t as robust as Spotify, but it’s good enough, and the Roon integration is superb, along with the ability to purchase and download drm-free music.
  6. SouthWest Audio Gathering, and this was from the 3rd iteration. We shoot for annually, but sometimes life gets in the way.
  7. If you know, you know. A good time was had by all who attended. Image courtesy of an attendee.
  8. i did, yea. i repurposed for other uses and over time they disintegrated.
  9. No, I started using these a few years back.. https://www.supplyhouse.com/DiversiTech-MP-4-Rubber-Anti-Vibration-Pad-4-x-4-x-3-8 they’ve got some cork + rubber sandwiched variations as well.
  10. So no refund, and he's "selling" the amp elsewhere?
  11. Oh nice! I went through some old threads here as part of my decision process and saw that you had gone with a Bonavita at one point. I didn't realize you ultimately went with a MM. Two brews in, and it's everything I hoped it would be.
  12. After much wringing of fingers, a Moccamaster. Went with the 60oz CDT Grand since I work from home these days, we like to entertain, etc.
  13. Bump. Still looking to move this piece as I get my final system state sorted.
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