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  1. No stairs, hopefully. Congrats on the milestone!
  2. I will make a note to admit that you were correct when that time comes.
  3. All good info, however I'm not new to the speakers themselves. Mine are also highly modified and not standard La Scalas. The tech piece is another area that I've got quite sorted, so I'm more focused on the effects of the room itself.
  4. So is it better to have the open loft area to my back, thereby reducing or eliminating rear reflections? Should the listening position be parallel or perpendicular to the angled ceilings? I thought I read a comment from you recently (but cannot locate) indicating the angled ceilings in these types of rooms were an acoustic nightmare. I haven't any grand plans for a dedicated room on the order of what Rudy has put together, but I'd certainly like to know if there's specific things I should avoid or should mitigate in the proposed space.
  5. Thanks! My setup isn't really conducive for glass tops, but nobody is putting stuff on them either.
  6. To that point.. I look through the plans from time to time and do some day dreaming about the future, which left me wondering what I might need to deal with in the loft space for listening purposes.
  7. Nah. We're on our land and the current house is falling apart, but we'll own it outright in a few years and then build the new house 50 yrds or so north in the pasture. We'll raise the current house to ground and use the foundation for a new barn, keep the current detached garage as-is, etc. We've planted a flag in this design after browsing through countless options - it's got good basic structure that will support the remaining few years our girls will have with us at the time of build, and the layout is good for a few modifications we want at the time of build. I'm 38 currently, so I'm hoping stairs won't be a problem for a bit.
  8. 2 channel with a TV. La Scalas (ish) with the nice open back ESS drivers and TH-Spud clones will all be on the front stage. Just a single listening position. Side wall heights are 4ft and the loft dimensions are 23' x 24'. The build is many years off and will be our grow-old-in-it house, but this loft space will likely be my primary spot for listening and office/den type paraphernalia. So how would you orient within the space, what are the compromises, and what are the strengths? I'd be going with carpet, thinking of shortening and raising the window, plenty of flexibility for running dedicated circuits, etc.
  9. I'd suggest going straight from the modi to the speakers and see what you get for results. You could also just go straight from the PC to the speakers.
  10. Yeah, just not in the cards right now man. Fine, 5 years. The 396's are probably always going to be my desired second pair of speakers, but now simply isn't the time to be buying.
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