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  1. I went the expensive way and bought the JBL stands. love them. I do admire this DIY approach, however.
  2. Turns out, it continues to be the most effective way to maintain the IRL relationships. Once you surpass 25 people or so it just becomes untenable. My memory is foggy, but I think we were in the 100-150 range during the last Pilgrimage era. Corporate funding, while helpful, also came with boundaries and conditions that ultimately made it feel inauthentic and empty compared to the smaller grassroots gatherings.
  3. Probably, yep! I know someone using them as a super tweeter with jubilee and he's pleased with the sound. And I used them on LA Scala bass bins.
  4. Thanks! just wanted to make sure measurements were correlated with the appropriate variables.
  5. Is that one driver on its own, or two in series with a horn?
  6. Buuump. Make an offer. I like amps, too.
  7. The party component became a logistics nightmare at scale. I'd recommend finding regionally located Klipsch-heads and just roll your own gathering. Build some friendships and keep it organic.
  8. Different speaker wire can make a difference, however, the threshold of diminishing returns is where people tend to find the most varied opinions. Personally, I've landed on exterior low voltage cable from Home Depot. Comes in 14GA and 12GA, has a nice thick black jacket, and lays flat almost immediately after unspooling. It has made no detrimental impacts to my various systems, and so there isn't much reason for me to look elsewhere.
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