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    4.1 system: Onkyo TX-NR1010 // Fronts: KP-201-BR // Surrounds: R-3650-W // 80Hz and below: diy Cinema f-20 // HTPC + Plex // Mitsubishi WD-73738 // Harmony 900

    I made sure that Adelaide only had one martini..
  2. Checklist for a Used Heritage Speaker

    oh, and welcome to the forum.
  3. Checklist for a Used Heritage Speaker

    uh, huh? this is the checklist I've always used: Do I hear sound out of all drivers? Does it suck at moderate levels? Are the cabinets in shit condition? Pretty much applies to all speaker purchases, actually.
  4. @1340 on a Saturday...
  5. Dennis Had integrated KT88/66 SE / $1100

    Nothing more than snarky threadcrapping. The amp was in impeccable condition and really did sound lovely, in spite of the echo chamber in which it was being used.
  6. Dennis Had integrated KT88/66 SE / $1100

    It was indeed a nice amp. Almost as good as my Maynard SEP
  7. Thread CRAPPING Honey Pot

  8. The last Blu-ray you watched.

    I struggle to make it through the original, but found this to be quite enjoyable. The LFE is insane and sounded superb on my system.
  9. BFD DSP1124P vs miniDSP in 2018?


    Penciling in now. Will confirm in a month or so. Thanks for spearheading again this year!
  11. What is the best way to clean speakers

    Read your PM's
  12. BFD DSP1124P vs miniDSP in 2018?

    I do. It drives Morgan insane since it's a whole ritual of change > measurement > sample movies/music
  13. BFD DSP1124P vs miniDSP in 2018?

    Nod. It's evident I need some room treatments as well, eh?
  14. BFD DSP1124P vs miniDSP in 2018?

    is this good-ish?
  15. BFD DSP1124P vs miniDSP in 2018?

    I bought the behringer device from the title about 6 years ago, with the intent of using it on my cinema f-20 sub, but the whole process was way over my head. Now I've got 3 subs (two of which are acting as one) and I'm looking to do some DSP work now and curious if it's worth buying the minidsp 2x4 and suitable plugin or just sticking with what I already have. my AVR has audyssey XT32 with sub eq and two sub preouts. i have two qsc plx1202 amps to drive the three subs. one sub preout is routed to 1 qsc plx channel for the f-20. one sub preout is routed to the other qsc plx using parallel mode so that both channels receive the same signal, but operate independently from a power perspective, for the two spuds. they're physically located next to each other, so I have them gain matched and essentially acting as one. the BFD can be autoconfigured from REW using a usb>midi adapter and the minidsp can be autoconfigured via usb. Most of the google results are quite old, so I figured I would poll this group before going out and buying something new.