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  1. I do this with my 2-in 6-out dsp since I have two subs, bass bins, and top ends. Everything is up on the front stage so I just run it in stereo from the source and effectively have two large 3-way speakers.
  2. Obnoxious would have been tolerable. We'd have had to ban 90% of the attendees if that were the criteria..
  3. It's not too salacious. The dude got absolutely plastered and acted inappropriately towards some who were in attendance. There weren't many rules at these gatherings, but those who were there collectively felt he crossed lines that couldn't be uncrossed, and those actions were incongruous with participation on the forum at large.
  4. I now have the benchmark DAC2 as well and have been trying to sort my source out between a mini ITX pc (with some fans, gasp) over USB and a raspberry pi4 running RopieeeXL (both USB and a coax HAT). I've not been able to discern any difference in sound quality between all three connections when using fairly revealing headphones. When using the PC, I'm running the roon server directly on the device itself. When using the RPi I run Roon server on a dual Xeon workstation with 64GB of memory and the added galvanic isolation of communication via ethernet. No discernable difference there either.
  5. I wasn't trying to be a dick. Sorry if it came across that way.
  6. Taiko Audio, to match his $45k $35K music server.
  7. Absolutely! And my back. It's work that needs to be done, that I can do, but I don't have a tractor or bobcat to use the standard pto-type post pounders. I've done a couple by hand and it wipes me out for the weekend (10ft pipe, 5ft in the ground). So this will be a huge boost.
  8. And then this big fella. Not audio related, but still exciting. Pneumatic post pounder that I'll be using to erect fencing around our new house plot. I can do up to 2 7/8 OD pipe with this, bolt on tpost adapters, etc. Runs off a modest compressor.
  9. The Benchmark DAC2 arrived today and it seems to have really solid synergy with the headphones. It'll also serve great as a preamp in the next house when I consolidate my systems. As much as I wanted to keep everything in the digital domain through to the final DAC conversion in my Yamaha XO, the software volume slider was fiddly and getting to be annoying. So this adds a really solid volume control + remote, a quality DAC with XLR outputs for the Yamaha, and can serve as a small preamp for multiple digital sources should I ever want/need that.
  10. A little bit of "treat yo self." Current production Audeze LCD-2 in rosewood. I've got a benchmark dac2 dx coming Monday to drive them and eventually serve as a preamp in the new house stereo system.
  11. I don't, but those woofer baskets have a long history of imploding during transit regardless of how well the cabinet is packed. Can be wrapped up into the same box, but I was merely suggesting they be removed out of the cabinet.
  12. Remove drivers for shipping. It's in everyone's best interest.
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