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  1. I received this email from ESS this afternoon and likely so did @Chris A, @Rudy81, @Pete H, and others. Hopefully this becomes a long term viable option for enthusiasts..
  2. Both cases cleared up with treatment, so that's good.
  3. They've had to learn about life and death early on, respect for the natural world, work ethic, and consequences for skipping responsibility. They've seen the byproduct of hard work and tasted food fresh from our soil. They've had to care for animals and either watch them be sold for someone else to enjoy or helped butcher and eat the animal themselves. They have immense freedom and roam the pasture and woods often. Many mornings they'll wake up before us and just go hang out with the goats and other livestock. They know how to use a staff twice their height and get animals from the pasture to the barn. They're 7 and 9. There's also studies which show possible immune system boosts and reduction of risk for asthma by being in and around barns and livestock, etc. (And they were breastfed till just after 1yr). This didn't happen by chance, however. My wife and I lived in the suburbs and consciously decided to move out here and have this environment for our kids to grow up in and it's taken a great deal of effort and sacrifice to get here. So I very much agree with earlier sentiments that the attitudes and behaviors are a result of the parents. They still have tablets and electronics, sure, but their use of such things pales in comparison to everything else which fills their days.
  4. every kid should grow up on a farm. i wish i had. so now we're making up for lost time..
  5. He just posted ~1hr ago, for what it's worth.
  6. As far as headphone systems go, it's a really solid piece. I haven't integrated it into my main stereo system yet (it and my headphones are currently at the office so I can use them more), but I anticipate it working quite well as a dac/preamp.
  7. I have the Yamaha SP2060, but as Chris mentioned above they can be hard to find and somewhat expensive when you do. I tripped and fell into a good deal on mine.
  8. Good stuff Ron, thanks for sharing.
  9. Any contact with Kecia?
  10. Most unfortunate, RIP Dave.
  11. And our gilt popped today with three.
  12. Still working on our pork program. Our older sow just had these five piglets today. Our younger gilt should be having some in the very near future as well. Probably two years or so before these are big enough to justify the effort/expense of butchering, but it's always been about the long game and simply going through the experience of growing our own food.
  13. whew. I had a pit in my stomach seeing this thread resurrected, even though it's a year later.
  14. That's the hope. We already had our house build scheduled for end of summer next year, but would definitely be delaying now if we hadn't.
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