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Community Answers

  1. He probably stumbled on the thread through a search and just wanted to help.
  2. Ah, so doomed from the start.
  3. Cornwall and La Scala both found, but not Cornscala.
  4. Can nobody read? ffs. GLWSearch OP!
  5. Maybe an AVR with preouts? Could go for an older higher end denon/marantz/whatever with hdmi and preouts, decent dacs.
  6. I believe he's largely abandoned the forum these days. I'll see if I can reach him personally to respond.
  7. Personal commentary, to avoid detracting from the above: This would eliminate all of the unnecessary "GLWS" pointless posts, the unwanted chiming in about prices, the useless "hey guys, stop threadcrapping, blah blah" posts that are in of themselves threadcrapping, and so forth. This isn't rocket science, and grown *** adults should be able to manage this problem with relative ease.
  8. @Travis In Austin, the marketplaces on reddit are pretty strict. Usually a post requires strict title formatting such as this.. Title must be formatted [WTB/WTS/WTT][Location][H] Something [W] Something Example: [WTS][USA-NY][H] Marantz SR7400 Receiver [W] PayPal, Local Cash $150 You must include pictures in sales and trade posts. At least one of them must have a proof/timestamp. Proof/timestamps must include a username & timestamp matching the username posting and date posted. All haggling and such is limited to DM's. Post chatter is universally frowned upon except for: Clarifying something about the item, such as accessories included or maybe the seller forgot to mention a product version which might impact the sale, etc. On reddit, scammers can be banned from posting in a section but still view the listing and still DM members. So they require everyone to add a quick comment indicating that a PM is forthcoming as proof that they're not banned from reaching out. I think the inverse is true here where PM's can't happen until after X number of posts, so this step may be unnecessary. Maintaining a pinned list of known scammers or something might help on this front. And then there's usually a confirmed trade list/count where buyers and sellers simply state that User1 sold/bought/traded X product with User2, and User2 confirms. Price check threads are allowed by using [PC] Item you want to price check, and this is where people are encouraged to chime in with current market trends, etc. Non-compliant posts are simply deleted and a message is sent to the user to recreate and correctly adhere to the prescribed format.
  9. Gone. Traded locally. Traded for these last month and IEM's just aren't my thing. Everything is in excellent shape. Includes an extra balanced cable, misc tips, iFi ear buddy. $700 shipped and pp'd in the ConUS. Open to trades in local DFW, TX for photography gear, homelab gear, or speakers/amps/preamps/DACs. Moving away from headphones entirely.
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