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  1. Start here: https://www.audioholics.com/home-theater-connection/ground-loops-eliminating-system-hum-and-buzz I can certainly empathize. I've been dealing with a sporadic hum for over a year now. Currently, I'm in a state of "unable to replicate."
  2. Yes. I'd say any noticeable difference between your recap and the original would be immediate and anything after that is you simply adapting to the changes.
  3. https://www.parts-express.com/eminence-kappa-15c-15-driver-4-ohm--290-459
  4. That's sorta what I had been doing prior to the cap swap this past weekend. The DB-25 based 12v trigger is a bit wonky and I don't get any sort of noise when turning the AVR on/off while it's still powered on (same for my subwoofer amp). So yeah.. probably will just leave it on.
  5. Powered down the amp for about 9 hours overnight and no audible hum across all five channels when it was flipped on just a few minutes ago. @#*&@#^&$*&@#)$(*@#(*&$*(&@#*$
  6. I've gotten some static when moving RCA cables around willy nilly, though it's different than the hum and I worry about blowing drivers - which is why now I'm powering off/on every time I try to isolate the cable issue. Unfortunately, this adds another potential variable since that results in a discharge/charge of the power delivery system. I did have Morgan sit and listen while I moved the cables around - fully seated - to see if there was any proximity to power cables causing hum, each other, RCA connectors touching, etc and she did not observe any change. Remember that my gear is in a closet and isolated from the MLP, so it's difficult for me to be fiddling at the back of the rack and see if there's any change in behavior in output. The most noticeable changes I've observed are when I just sit there on the couch out of frustrated resignation and the hum just fades to black. It's literally this scene right here..
  7. and i'm not saying it's orgasmically wonderful, but certainly good enough for off the shelf parts and a couple hours worth of effort.
  8. Don't tell that to all the premium audiophile brands (and their faithful purchasers) who are pumping out streamers based on off-the shelf x86/ARM components with custom linux, MPD, and a custom iOS control app.
  9. As Justin mentions above, I too am using a Raspberry Pi 3 with a hifiberry digi+ pro for coax input into my AVR, running Ropieee OS, with Roon as the overall software ecosystem. I'm running the Roon server as a small linux VM on my unRAID server. Then it's just control via laptop/iOS software. It's very effective and sounds good to my ears.
  10. well two channels are consistently staying quiet. the other three keep flip flopping as I power the amp off and on to try different connection combinations. the fact that it happens with nothing but speakers connected still points to it being isolated at the amp. I guess i can start replacing fuses (there's two per amp module)? I did notice that most of the chassis RCA jacks had just the slightest bit of play on the center post. The maddening bit is that I can observe the hum fading out in real time, it's constant and unaffected by input volume, all channels play their input content, and the hum can appear/disappear sometimes by just power cycling or by reseating cables and power cycling, etc.
  11. ****, it just stopped with two channels connected and half a dozen off/on cycles trying different connection combinations... maybe the new caps just needed to form?
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