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    5.2 system: Denon X3400H + ATI AT1505 // Fronts: '88 La Scalas with CT-120/A-55G and Jupiter Flat stack Type A networks // Surrounds: R-3650-W // Subwoofer: 2x TH-SPUD clones // Nvidia Shield TV + Plex // Vizio M70-C3 // Harmony 900

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  1. Behold, the new chicken plucker. (Some assembly required) Will be using this on about 45 birds come July 4th weekend.
  2. Right, but the top end of the La Scala has a wide gaping hole for all of the drivers and crossover, so he's asking where you go about mounting that thing.
  3. I'm certainly not trying to discourage you from tinkering - I have very little from my stock speakers still in place. It seemed like you were pretty set on going the jubscala route as your final destination.
  4. Okie doke. I thought you were looking for guidance but it sounds like you have your mind made up, so do your thing and enjoy.
  5. I keep using the plural form of crossovers, so I've been suggesting that all along. I just don't think you should spend money on direct replacements for your drivers if they're operating within spec if your end goal is a two-way system.
  6. Thaddeus Smith


    I think you made a good choice.
  7. Do what right? Are the tweeters shot? I thought it was just the crossovers that are questionable and that's why I suggested replacing those - you'd have a functional pair of la scalas at that point. And if you're planning on going two-way why not put that tweeter money towards your future drivers/horns?
  8. If planning on jubscala in the long term why bother with the tweeter upgrade? I'd just get a solid set of type AA crossovers in there and listen to them as is while you pursue the two way.
  9. And there's no shortage of information around here regarding the various modification paths - you just need to plant a flag in one and start pursuing.
  10. Thaddeus Smith


    Acid trips, prostitutes, the Whataburger drive-thru, Kings of Leon concerts. This quip is universal in its applications.
  11. A recent sale here for an immaculately cared for pair might help with some pricing guidance.
  12. @jimjimbo, it's been a real treat to share pickles and beans with friends and family these past couple months. They've been an absolute hit with everyone and it's been fun to share stories about my crazy forum buds, the care and effort that's gone into these so many states away, the adventures taken to get them to our table. thanks again for doing this!
  13. Neat little shout-out from Klipsch corporate on Facebook. Go send words of encouragement to this lady if you've got an account - she's been a huge part of making sure the Heritage line LOOKS good too.
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