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    5.2 system: Denon X3400H + ATI AT1505 // Fronts: '88 La Scalas with CT-120/A-55G and Jupiter Flat stack Type A networks // Surrounds: R-3650-W // Subwoofer: 2x TH-SPUD clones // Nvidia Shield TV + Plex // Vizio M70-C3 // Harmony 900

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  1. Moral problems with the concept or practical problems with being able to carry it out?
  2. All that time and effort invested, and I miss the payoff by going to bed early. Le sigh.
  3. if you're going to be an ***, do it with panache.
  4. My purely anecdotal observation is that they're like GMC is to Chevrolet, etc. Same underlying chassis, just upgraded bits to give Marantz that premium feel to go along with the name recognition.
  5. Nope, they both use the various tiers of Audyssey throughout the price points.
  6. Denon and Marantz merged back in 2002, so there should be ample gear from which to sample.
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