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  1. Thaddeus Smith

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    You may want to sit back and spend a little more time reading the forum before diving in and going fisticuffs with established members. You're woefully unprepared after a mere 11 days of membership.
  2. Thaddeus Smith

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    Schu has a pair of of LSII's that were a good deal, but ended up being demolished by UPS. It was a stressful and frustrating time for him.. now he's paid considerably more to buy these special editions and get some unblemished LSII's in his house (which is all he wanted to begin with), so cut him some slack if he's a little extra paranoid this time around.
  3. Thaddeus Smith

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    Except that they don't do that. I've walked the factory floor several times over the past few years. They pair the speakers based on veneer.. networks, wires, and drivers are all located on shelves and installed into the cabinets. Final stage is QC testing to make sure the drivers are functional through the frequency range, but no bespoke tuning is taking place.
  4. Thaddeus Smith

    Really impressed with the Heresy III

    The goats recover in matter of minutes, it's bloodless, and virtually zero risk of infection. It may look wicked, but it's the most humane method of castration I could find for my goats. I've done it five times so far, and have another three coming up. It gets easier and more efficient every time.
  5. Thaddeus Smith

    Really impressed with the Heresy III

    This is what I use. Should be a more effective visual than a shotgun when it comes to my girls dating...
  6. Thaddeus Smith

    Really impressed with the Heresy III

    I prefer binder clips over paper clips
  7. Thaddeus Smith

    Really impressed with the Heresy III

    Here's the thread. Feel free to evaluate and eviscerate until your heart's content:
  8. Thaddeus Smith

    Really impressed with the Heresy III

    I absolutely acknowledge that. I'm trying to get you to acknowledge that you can't always measure what you hear...
  9. Thaddeus Smith

    Really impressed with the Heresy III

    I can't speak to the engineering certifications.. a member funded the whole project, along with the reference CD to be used and we all just paid for shipping from place to place. Obviously we couldn't double blind ourselves and install the cables and press play on the remote. but that doesn't mean differences weren't heard. i also used my wife as a litmus test while I spent the afternoon swapping things around.. she was milling around the house the entire time and would chime in when it sounded worse or better, without any request on my part to do so. sorry i can't give you graphs or charts or data points.. only personal experience. I also like fancy crossovers with exotic parts, but i guess I'm an idiot in that regard as well.
  10. Thaddeus Smith

    Really impressed with the Heresy III

    you're using the same regurgitated arguments. wdecho clearly states that that the cables can and do make a difference, albeit subtly. I currently use generic cables and wire, but have played extensively with different materials for speaker runs, interconnects, and even particpated in a travelling power cable test of about a dozen different compositions. The differences were subtle, but there. So don't just casually dismiss it, but instead people should be encouraged to experiment and see where their threshold for cost vs. change exists.
  11. Thaddeus Smith

    Heresy I Lacquered Zebrawood 90713 SOLD

    But you're interacting more on the forum and helping to build community, so it wasn't a total waste of effort.
  12. Thaddeus Smith

    Show us your great photography thread!

    I took some architecture shots while at the Perot Museum with my family yesterday. Not my strength, but fun none the less. You can see the rest of my highlights from the day via this album link: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmjgDZrC
  13. Thaddeus Smith

    What I Got Today!

    Type A networks definitely have the tweeters a bit hotter than type AA, but after calibration everything sounds crisp and balanced. I can understand how it could be a bit much on vanilla la scalas without subs, but with substantial bass reinforcement it all sounds really really good. Crisp, good separation between instruments and vocals, imaging is solid, smooth but not muddy. Mmmmm.
  14. Thaddeus Smith


    If you don't need the latest connections/audio/video tech then absolutely. If you do, I still recommend buying used/refurb from a year or two ago.
  15. Thaddeus Smith

    What I Got Today!

    These came in today. Still need to recalibrate stuff (going from recapped type AA to these, type A), but so far so good. It's nice to have crossovers worth staring at again.