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  1. Probably, yep! I know someone using them as a super tweeter with jubilee and he's pleased with the sound. And I used them on LA Scala bass bins.
  2. Thanks! just wanted to make sure measurements were correlated with the appropriate variables.
  3. Is that one driver on its own, or two in series with a horn?
  4. Buuump. Make an offer. I like amps, too.
  5. The party component became a logistics nightmare at scale. I'd recommend finding regionally located Klipsch-heads and just roll your own gathering. Build some friendships and keep it organic.
  6. Different speaker wire can make a difference, however, the threshold of diminishing returns is where people tend to find the most varied opinions. Personally, I've landed on exterior low voltage cable from Home Depot. Comes in 14GA and 12GA, has a nice thick black jacket, and lays flat almost immediately after unspooling. It has made no detrimental impacts to my various systems, and so there isn't much reason for me to look elsewhere.
  7. Correct, along with a bit of additional wave guide/"horn" ..which is why I have two pair available for sale.
  8. After tuning, my full left channel looked like this (TH-SPUD + LS Bass bin + AMTs):
  9. The thread above is what spawned my interest in doing this, and Chris very much held my hand all the way through the tuning process. So I don't presume to understand it all, however, this was a raw full-range sweep of one channel @1m, with the drivers stacked and wired as recommended, in the custom "wings" discussed through the thread. We went through a few rounds of EQ tuning per L/R channel, once with HF/Mid/Subs individually, and then three more rounds with them as a single speaker.
  10. Approximately four years old, pulled fully working from a franken-scala project I threw together and am now dismantling to pursue other things. Qty 4 drivers total, will sell in pairs and will be shipped with original OEM boxes/packaging. Currently selling from ESS for $250/each, I'm selling these for $375/pair, shipped and paypal'd in the conUS. Invented by the noted physicist and scientist, Dr. Oskar Heil, the ESS Heil Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter uses a folded pleated Mylar diaphragm just 0.0005" thick. Its voice coil is a serpentine pattern of precision-etched aluminum, selected for minimal weight and high power handling. https://essspeakers.store/collections/heil-amt/products/original-great-ess-heil-air-motion-transformer™-i-large Unlike a normal piston loudspeaker that excites the air by alternately pushing and pulling a cone or dome, the Heil AMT Air Motion Transformer linearly squeezes and expands its diaphragm's pleats, moving the airload at a very high velocity. Because the moving mass of the Air Motion Transformer is extremely low and the magnetic structure very powerful, this combination results in extremely high acceleration that yields amazing transients. Weight: 14.5 pounds Height: 6″ Width: 6.75″ Depth: 4.25″ Impedance: 4 ohms, Re: 3.9 ohms Power: 40 Watts RMS, 160 Watts Max Response: 20 kHz - 800 Hz Sensitivity: 96 dB, 1 watt, 1 meter Fits ESS Cabinet and Driver Models: ESS: AMT-1. AMT1, AMT-1A, AMT-1B, and many more
  11. Bumpity bump. $500 shipped and paypal'd.
  12. Bumpity bump. $575 shipped and paypal'd.
  13. Light scuffs on the top from being racked, otherwise in excellent condition and perfectly functional. Purchased from ClaudeJ several years ago and just moving away from active XO myself for the time being. Full specs and downloads for the management software here: https://usa.yamaha.com/products/proaudio/processors/sp2060/index.html $650 shipped and paypal'd in the CONUS. SOLD.
  14. Goats are a pain in the *** to keep, and i've minimized the herd down to just a few at this point. they're a lean meat, so you've just got to add fat when you cook it. a nice braise or stew works as well. i started a pig program a few years back, but have yet to harvest any, due to life events and such. i have three piglets i'm hoping to harvest this fall, however.
  15. will be parting this out into individual components/posts this weekend. the aggregate will likely be higher $$ to account for the additional shipping and paypal fees vs. selling as a complete bundle.
  16. he is, in fact, 2 legit 2 quit.
  17. amp and cables are no longer available. updated pricing to $1500 for bass bins, tops + drivers, and Yamaha dsp.
  18. Results were fantastic - enough to keep me from wanting to change things up for 4 years. They're just too big for how we want to use the living room now in the new house and in my office it's basically nearfield at 1m for the MLP and everything just smears.
  19. Is a price drop to $2,000 more attractive? Crazy lack of interest on anything listed. Feel free to ping me with offers on individual components as well.
  20. bump. have re-listed now that i'm in the new house, etc. keeping the subs.
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