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  1. You sure didn't look very hard, Sport. There's a whole sub-forum dedicated to music listening, with the nearly 8 year old, 4k page originating thread pinned to the top. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/forum/95-right-this-minute/
  3. Mark is a straight shooter and takes care of his stuff. Buy with confidence.
  4. Heard from Schu. The ban is over, but he's taking a self imposed break. The LS II's have been sold already.
  5. I think he got banned/suspended for a period of time due to some posts Travis didn't like. I'll reach out to him via Facebook and see if it's still in effect.
  6. The Klipsch resto guys are local to me and I've met them when selling some cornwall parts in the past. Their shop is legit and they seemed nice enough. I'll often see their speakers here on the DFW craigslist and I find their taste questionable at times. They oversell the "upgraded components" sourced from Crites to justify the premium they usually ask. I don't think they're nefarious in nature, but I have to imagine they saw what Volti audio does and figured they could capture a piece of that market by simply applying their carpentry skills to rehab and flip some speakers. You're paying a premium for those speakers, and all of it goes to some fresh black paint and veneer - just keep that in mind.
  7. He's a lawyer, not an accountant - they have larger margins of error (the former, not the latter).
  8. It's been out for a couple of years, but I only recently came across it. The Marantz NR1200. https://www.marantz.com/en-us/product/av-receivers/nr1200 It's got all the modern HDMI goodies, a few analog inputs, and even a phono pre (no idea quality), WITH stereo and subwoofer pre-outs. Includes modern audio streaming service support and 100% does not include Audyssey or any other room correction software. There are very few options out there that tick all those boxes. It's perfect for people like me that have gone down to stereo systems, especially with active XO's and REW, but still want to use modern digital playback systems and video formats. No more hassles with room correction trying to "fix" the signal chain, no wasted amp sections and chassis bulk, etc.
  9. The Taiko is on it's way to becoming one of your longer owned components!
  10. Thanks for letting us know. RIP bud.
  11. If drenched in his sweat, with provenance, sure.
  12. Doh! My bad... didn't realize you were hoarding those.
  13. I was the original buyer of the those B2 networks straight from Dean. Besides the unobtanium Jupiter flat stack capacitors they also have the no-longer-available wax dipped/infused autoformers that Dean had made by Universal Transformer (ironically just a couple miles away from where I live, and a long time mfgr to Klipsch). Very good sounding networks if you're into believing that sort of thing has an impact. GLWS on the whole package Schu.
  14. Any interest if I split them up?
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