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  1. I was taking pictures of Palladiums (39s) and went to adjust the grill ever so slightly. It popped off the magnets and gouged one of the woofers as it fell to the floor. Klipsch quoted $420ish for a replacement..
  2. Withdrawn. The utter lack of interest on any component has me reconsidering and am going to evaluate how I can overcome my initial hangups in the new place. As we build our new house I'm considering an overall downsize and simplification of my living room system. We mostly watch TV and play background music in the living room and it's a bit of a waste. I'll have a dedicated office and now work from home, so I want my HiFi system in there. It's only 11.5x11.5, however, and this setup will just fit but I'm not sure how well it will sound in there with only about 6-8ft of listening distance. As a package: There's been zero interest in the package, so let's try breaking it up.. 2x LS bass bins from 1988. Tops were chopped and I've added 3/4" plywood to the tops,R/L sides, and bottoms. I routed out the naturally occurring bottom cavities in the back and added speak on connectors. Painted flat black. Nice appearance, but not perfect. $300/each, local pickup/deliver. Would prefer to sell as a pair. 2x HF sections. Each consists of 2 stacked Large ESS AMT 1 drivers, wired in series. Each stack is installed in a custom birch ply wing enclosure. Raw birch. $200/each for the bare drivers or $600/pair for all 4 drivers and wing assemblies. Would prefer local pickup/deliver even for the bare drivers, but willing to ship the drivers at buyer's expense. 2x Danley TH-SPUD clones. Painted satin black and could use a touch up, otherwise in good shape. $300/each, local pickup/deliver. Would prefer to sell as a pair. 1x Yamaha SP-2060 digital crossover. Excellent condition. $800 local. $825 shipped. 1x lab gruppen C 10:8x amp for $600 local. $625 shipped. 3x lab gruppen E 4:2 amps for $200/each local. $225/each shipped. Would be willing make a package price if someone wanted everything at once. Please send pm's if interested, wanting to haggle, have trade ideas, etc. I have to wait for mod approval every time I post, so it'll be faster to communicate via pm. I'm willing to eat paypal fees on everything, but shipping is just too much to eat all of the cost on these days. I'll take some fresh pictures if interest warrants it, otherwise here's my old build thread for the LS bass bins, some rough ideas on appearance: And a few shots once I got the wings made/installed: https://imgur.com/a/lLtUwIk
  3. Bump. Removed the DAC, updated price to reflect PA5 only.
  4. Buy these, so I can get my minidsp! Open to reasonable offers, in consideration that I'm eating $50-75 in paypal and shipping fees.
  5. That's memory. Try reseating your memory, run memtest, or look at buying replacement.
  6. lol. aged like milk.
  7. I too have this Xover and use monoprice RCA to XLR cables (Stage Right series) between my Marantz AVR and the Yamaha. My amps utilize balanced phoenix connectors so I bought monoprice XLR to XLR (again, Stage Right series) and cut off one end for the interconnects between the Yamaha and amps. Absolutely no issues whatsover.
  8. I have one for sale (and a D10 balanced DAC + interconnects) if anyone is looking to get LNIB for slightly less than MSRP.
  9. Used for two months. DAC has been withdrawn and selling the PA5 on its own, only. Silver and includes boxes and OEM accessories. $500 $300 for the PA5, shipped and PP'd in the CONUS.
  10. Open to offers.. I need to buy a high end office chair ASAP.
  11. Excellent condition with light work use. Changed jobs and new place is anti-BYOD, so this is now redundant in my house. Including a Dell WD15 usb-c dock and power brick. $1250 $950 shipped and paypal'd to conUS. SOLD. Traded locally (for a fancy desk chair, no less).
  12. Same.. It's possible your pc's compute resources are insufficient for the DSD to PCM conversion and you're getting artifacts as a result. Need more details about the signal chain, and a screen shot of ROON similar to what we've posted above. I'd be interested to see a screen shot of your task manager (performance tab) while playback is happening as well.
  13. Get a DAC that supports native DSD. I use a topping D10 as a pretty low cost barrier to entry for this exact scenario.
  14. Very much enjoying the combo. Not earth shatteringly different than the AVR I had in place, but I definitely am reaching the limits of these speakers' capability without a subwoofer, using very little power to do so. For nearfield, sitting at my desk, this is perfect.
  15. Mine should be arriving Monday. Also picked up the D10 balanced to go with it for my desktop system (replacing an overkill Denon AVR), powering a pair of kpt-100's. I already had a D10s and slid that over to my living room setup so that I could have native DSD playback there.
  16. 7.2 AVR in excellent shape. Purchased from A4Less and used almost exclusively as a pre-amp. I've since reduced to a stereo system in my main and looking to sell this and buy something smaller for a desktop stereo system, for which this is both overkill and physically bigger than it needs to be. https://www.denon.com/en-us/product/av-receivers/avr-x3400h Ships in original box and comes with accessories including a new remote and the measurement mic with an extension cable. $550 shipped and paypal'd in the CONUS via FedEx. SOLD
  17. The roon interface is better and Plex doesn't support multi-device playback/control. Minor things to some, big deal to others (think: the couch experience)
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