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  1. Maybe a horn with measles? I think horns with mumps are patented or something..
  2. Let me know if I need to sherpa, though I'd love to see you attend. Has anyone reached out to @Lonelobo? It's been 2.5 years since he last visited the forum and I don't have his offline contact info..
  3. That's what Carl will be bringing as well. Elaborate?
  4. What is "Things I'll surreptitiously be heading home with," Alex?
  5. @Rudy81, do I need to check mine?
  6. Here's the official from Denon support. The bit about LFE+Main seems a bit counter-intuitive based on their description of that setting in the manual, but whatever.
  7. I've read through big chunks of those, but I'm a tactile learner. I'll need all of the components in front of me to work with and active feedback from more experienced folks to work through what the plots are telling me, what to change in response, etc. There's a lot of content in those (and related) threads which just means absolutely nothing to me while reading theoretically.
  8. I fear the latter was necessary to achieve the former. I'm hoping to leapfrog a bit through my time at your place and during Chris' session in April.
  9. I'm tied up the next couple of weekends, but will try to get something on the calendar after that. Shoot me a pm with your availability schedule and we can go from there.
  10. So their order notification system just sucks. My two heavy boxes of drivers arrived this morning.
  11. I'm not opposed to this. I'm going to start chopping the tops off my LS this week. Then I think I'm going to buy some plywood and glue/screw it to the side panels to stiffen them up. Maybe additional plywood on the bottom so I can add some fat rubber feet. Then sanding and prep for paint. Still waiting for some sort of activity update from ESS. And then I need to buy the materials for wing assemblies and cart it all over to your place for construction and paint. Although I'd rather not cart my freshly painted cabinets to Hope and back, so maybe we do that part after April if I'm going to bring them along.
  12. Not yet - I got an automatic "your order confirmed" email just over a week ago, and no news since. Not going with the minidsp.. Going to be using a Yamaha sp2060 instead.
  13. And then share your results so I can copy them as a starting point. I'll be mating mine to la scala bass bins as well.
  14. So you either built this in your audio room, or even your shop is so fancy it has hardwood floors.
  15. Goats are browsers, so they like broad leafy vegetation and the tall grasses. They'll eat down to the grass roots if left without any other option, but their digestive systems aren't as parasite resistant as sheep so it's best to give them plenty of other options. I feed mine on pasture in the fair weather months, then alfalfa pellets + spent beer grains + hay in the winter.
  16. I figure I already used up my free swear word pass for the day.
  17. Mine get the ploppy poops when they eat too much of our juniper/cedar trees in the pasture. I try to entice them with plenty of other things to browse on, but they always end up back at those trees.
  18. Subtext: **** you Dean, Bob, and Al.
  19. You've pointed me to the 20yr old Dolby spec.. I guess I can only hope that D&M faithfully adheres to it.
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