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  1. I didn't. Just because I'm not coming doesn't mean I don't want to be in the loop.
  2. @Chad... Can we make this happen? A music forum with threads for a ~ dozen high level genres or so?
  3. Sold a nice shotgun to fund some stereo gear. I do miss the shotgun at times.
  4. Do share.. I'm genuinely curious.
  5. I feel I should include this when I share my personally curated music library with people..
  6. Oh absolutely. I have one for when I work on my water main leaks and don't feel like digging giant holes just so I can get a big wrench onto a 2" compression coupling.
  7. Yeah, by all means use the funds for whatever. I'd certainly like to see someone attend that might otherwise not. As for the hay bales, I guess you're on your own for moving those. I already did my 80 bales for the year. Will certainly miss seeing all of you as well.
  8. Thank you for always being such a good sport. Cat urine is bad for your gear though.. you should use my product, which is reptile based.
  9. Rodney, I have some Digital Audiophile Oil that will protect your cables and equipment from the detrimental sonic effects of gravity. You just pour it over everything in an even coat. $5,000 per 5ml bottle. Shoot me a PM if interested.
  10. There's a minimum post count requirement. Can't for the life of me remember what it is, but based on your current count and still not seeing the option I'm betting it's 50 or greater.
  11. Please absolutely use my registration fee for someone that wants to go but maybe can't afford to pony up for that piece. I hope it's a great time for all.
  12. Nope, but I'll check them out. Thanks for the reco!
  13. Agreed. Went this route when I redid my la scala bass bins and have them on my subs as well. My top HF sections utilize ol fashioned barrier strips though.
  14. Oh and it's absolutely totally worth it.
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