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  1. Tincture Time Taking advantage of having everyone out of the house . Made a tincture and showed the neighbors some love . Music loud Tincture strong
  2. In the newer Alfa's the V6 is half of a Ferrari V12
  3. That one was bacon , onion , garlic , serrano pepper , half round of boursin cheese , white cheddar cheese , butter , chicken stock and sour cream . I think that covers the ingredients . And that is one half of the potato .
  4. Just an absolutely fabulous twice baked potato ; one of my best . Enjoyed with a side of meat 🥩
  5. Atmosphere for days . I use it as the warmup in a new stationary bike/treadmill play list . The brooding nature of the song sets my mind up for getting after it when the up tempo stuff hits . I use another new K/DA song More as my cool down on that playlist .
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