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  1. Only heard/saw claymores once during basic . They sounded fantastic out in the wild !
  2. I hate Christmas music But I love Christmas 🤷‍♂️
  3. A couple of pics from Folly Beach SC last Monday incoming tide
  4. The Chrysler 200 When you have to absolutely , positively , fly under the radar
  5. sunburnwilly

    A$$ Removal

    Well it certainly get's you're attention
  6. Uh Oh , horns at dawn
  7. update , it's definitely coffee could be fake coffee 🧐
  8. well the name she goes by is at the bottom right so
  9. Just saw it . Very well made and acted . Wouldn't be surprised if it won best picture .
  10. A couple of hours of non use is fine . If I am in the mountains and running them hard I check every morning before I go out .
  11. I"d like to know the speed . To travel that far and still impact 15 feet off the ground , the Duke Boy's would be jealous .
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