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  1. sunburnwilly

    Good movie/scene to test surround sound with?

    Saving Private Ryan War of the Worlds Cloverfield
  2. sunburnwilly

    Show us your great photography thread!

    Nothing more and that's the problem . I had a black 1st gen and it was a good car despite the rust issues . But it was it's own thing
  3. sunburnwilly

    Show us your great photography thread!

    The NASCAR Supra looks like an abomination , and that's being nice . Looks like it's a very capable car though , check out Fernando Alanso's eyes during the lap . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ChI2qFP-Qs
  4. sunburnwilly

    RIP Dick Dale

  5. sunburnwilly

    Sheila & the Squirrel (Border Collie)

    Pfffft I ran over one on my mountain bike . Not even trying 🐿️
  6. sunburnwilly

    What I Got Today!

    Sweet , looks great !!!
  7. sunburnwilly

    The last Blu-ray you watched.

    Look for Alita when it comes out on Blu-ray . Just saw it for the second time tonight at the IMAX .The first movie I have seen twice at the theatre since Terminator 2 . The audio alone was worth the price of admission but the visuals are fantastic as well .
  8. sunburnwilly

    What I Got Today!

    107 counting my first visit with the OG Dunlops . And yes I am still keeping count at this point . OG Dunlops at 18,000 and 27 passes on the Dragon . Looks like I was pushing my luck .
  9. sunburnwilly

    What I Got Today!

    Oh hell yeah US 28 is fantastic and terminates at the start of the dragon . Then you also have Cherohala Skyway nearby which is more suited for GT cars with it's long sweeping turns . If you ever check out Cherohala stick to the NC side ; the nicest pavement I have ever been on and when you cross into Tennessee the speed limit drops by 5mph and the pavement is garbage .
  10. sunburnwilly

    What I Got Today!

    Only got 12,000 miles out of my previous Michelin Pilot Super Sports . 80 passes on Dragon sure takes it out of them 😜 The Sport 4S are the upgraded Super Sports . On a whim I called Michelin and did a warranty claim and they covered 50% of the cost of the new tires ! Really didn't expect that .
  11. sunburnwilly

    What I Got Today!

    New shoes for my Subaru Michelin Pilot Sport 4S -" 245/40 ZR18 "
  12. sunburnwilly

    Super Bowl Pats /Rams

    ejackugate my work here is possibly done
  13. sunburnwilly

    What I Got Today!

    "You look like a size 14"
  14. sunburnwilly

    Fun with headlines

    I love this one Eating zombie deer meat is safe , researchers say https://nypost.com/2019/02/22/eating-zombie-deer-meat-is-safe-researchers-say/ "until it's not"
  15. sunburnwilly

    Super Bowl Pats /Rams

    He obviously prefers veterans and rookies that work on the cheap .