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  1. So let me guess , the first several orders are headed to South America .
  2. Nice score , I'm guessing your wife doesn't have any brothers .
  3. someones idea of a Dodge Charger
  4. I always hated running and basic training confirmed it . Actually the whole force march stuff was worse than running .
  5. Only the fuel dragsters and funny cars run the shortened 1000 foot distance all other classes still run the 1320 . Pro Stock has been in the mid 6's for quite awhile now .
  6. 4 wide AA/GS These things are awesome , low 7's short wheelbase craziness
  7. The good old days
  8. Restored Chevamoco at the NHRA 4 Wide Nationals in Charlotte NC Looks like a handful
  9. tumbleweed is fungi ? It's trash in a ball
  10. why the Stevia ?
  11. Amateur Day
  12. I've been in the restaurant biz since 1983 and I have never worked in a place where that would be tolerated on either side of the line . A chef/cook that messes with a customer or fellow staffer's food would be immediately terminated and possibly be arrested depending on what was done .
  13. It's the customers food not the waitstaff's .
  14. Got a link to the restaurant you work at ? Just so I don't go there
  15. Goats are weird