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  1. The idiots opened the beach back up for a day and then shut it down . YAY https://www.postandcourier.com/health/covid19/folly-beach-bars-visitors-again-during-coronavirus-pandemic-hours-after/article_9b927200-70e9-11ea-b99c-27c48020b7e4.html
  2. They did they were cool to a fault they opened for the Killers tour Iron Maiden and Point of Entry tour Judas Priest backstage was pretty loose
  3. Not those guy's but there was this 1 time I hung out with Nantucket after the Iron Maiden , Judas Priest show at the Myrtle Beach Civic Center . Hung out all night , from backstage to hitting a dance club to eating pizza with Tommy Reed .Then shooting the stuff with the rest of the band at the Hawaii Kai Motel . I was almost 16
  4. Are you certain we have never met 🤔
  5. He'll smother it with ketchup , it will be fine .
  6. Oh great , now there's going to be a run on Depends !
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