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  1. Clip from Pantera's first show in 20 years
  2. Tail of the Dragon ; in the wet
  3. 18.5 mile NC section of the Cherohala Skyway ; Tennessee line start . The Cherohala is 54 miles with no services and mostly in Tennessee . The NC section has some of the smoothest pavement I have ever experienced ; Tennessee side is rough and the speed limit is 40 compared to 45 in NC . Car is my daily 2016 Subaru STi stock with a new set of Michelins . If the driving is not your thing the lighting and cloud scape are pretty cool 😎
  4. Heading there Sun for the week with a new set of Michelin Pilot Sports on the STi 🤘
  5. Previous post was the vid of the motorcycle rider in Arkansas getting tased by the police which ignited a gallon of gas in his backpack . The guy could die so my better judgement was to delete it . This on the other hand is pretty fun if not a bit busy ; the main hook is pretty alright now .
  6. New Gymkhana Viva Las Vegas
  7. Good to see you posting Tony . Still remember hanging out and having my guts turned inside out from your set up 👍 Couldn't care less about lossless audio it's all about content , drive and near field for me right now . If I post something here I'm into it and listening to it at the time . This tune isn't that great but the hook get's me going !
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