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  1. Amateur Day
  2. I've been in the restaurant biz since 1983 and I have never worked in a place where that would be tolerated on either side of the line . A chef/cook that messes with a customer or fellow staffer's food would be immediately terminated and possibly be arrested depending on what was done .
  3. It's the customers food not the waitstaff's .
  4. Got a link to the restaurant you work at ? Just so I don't go there
  5. Goats are weird
  6. Because phyzicz
  7. Nice , and I am transported to the Navy base exchange in the mid to late 70's . Nicer stuff than Service Merchandise for sure .
  8. Yeah , screw the critics I dug it . Beautiful and trippy visuals , not gonna win any best picture nods but it's what you go to the theatre for . Stayed over for Life ; stormy weather nothing else to do , completely missable but with popcorn value .
  9. now you see it now you don't
  10. Comfy new LazyBoy task chair from Costco . Been eyeing them since before Christmas at $299. , price dropped to $149. and I bit .
  11. Nice ! ^
  12. It works but the adjustment levels are last century . I have been using a 105 as my pre/pro since my Marantz took a dump .
  13. Never seen anyone brace the bass bin of a Belle but have seen many LaScalas braced . The Belles shallower depth makes them easier to place and the extra width make them a much better tv stand if that plays into your ht plan . They both make a great front 3
  14. Belles ; just like LaScalas but better
  15. just testing a gif carry on