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  1. Show us your great photography thread!

    It's about 2 miles south of the Tail of the Dragon .
  2. Show us your great photography thread!

    Cheoah dam aka Fugitive dam located on US 129 between Robbinsville and Deals Gap NC . I don't think Harrison Ford or anybody could survive that .
  3. The next American Idol?

    Well she has something she loves and parents that encourage her to follow her dreams . She did Alright
  4. The next American Idol?

    Fingers crossed that the audition went well !
  5. The next American Idol?

    Hey Billy , I enjoyed hanging out at the open mike Monday . I think the judges are going to find a lot of reasons to love Cat ! Good luck Saturday Cat and HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  6. Car Thread

  7. The next American Idol?

    I'm off on Mondays , PM me the next time she performs .
  8. The next American Idol?

    Awesome Billy ! Good Luck Cat !
  9. Show us your great photography thread!

    I thought that was Venus for some reason . I had a cloudy totality here in my chosen location . I'm thinking Venus
  10. Arrival

    Exactly they need our help down the road but were knowingly open to us destroying ourselves trying to destroy them . Note to alien species out there , this is not the way to do it .
  11. Arrival

    Supremely intelligent beings that can travel the galaxy and see the future couldn't be bothered to learn how to communicate with us ? BS

    Happy Birthday
  13. A Correlated History of Earth

    Some jerk with an acoustic guitar most likely .
  14. Hurricane Irma 2017

    Pretty sure that's a zombie man
  15. Hurricane Irma 2017