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  1. It's all about the visceral experience
  2. Garbage at the Tabernacle Friday Killswitch Engage , Parkway Drive , After the Burial , Vagrants at the Tabernacle Saturday Blackpink at Infinite Arena Sunday
  3. Had a great vacation last week . Went to the NHRA race in Charlotte . Then 5 nights in Robbinsville . Then down to Atlanta for 3 concerts and the NHRA race .
  4. Saw the nearby Fugitive Dam opened when I was up there once
  5. And then there's Fontana Dam which is part of the Appalachian Trail . Drive the dragon early and late to avoid the crowd . Get some exercise on the trail in between . My way point on the trail . 2 hours up then 1.5 hours down .
  6. Saw this at a thrift store in Robbinsville NC Innocent enough I guess but it seems all sorts of wrong
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