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  1. Thanks Billy ! Out of the box it's pretty nice and really sharp . Throwing a lot of hours at it and will then try some of AVS forum settings recommendations . Pro calibration we'll see my older eyes might not appreciate the difference anymore . Still have the Kuro but it's suffering from the common but dreaded 8 Blue Blinks of Death ; bad voltage regulator . I can usually get it to work but there are times when it will go for days without working . Still looks great when it complies . I get a warm fuzzy feeling when it decides to work
  2. sunburnwilly

    Car Thread

    Funny Car Summer - full movie
  3. sunburnwilly

    Car Thread

    Dumpster Fire Mopar fans look away
  4. Strength to you and your family
  5. Just pulled the trigger on a "65 LG Oled The comparable Sony Oled was $300. cheaper but with the stand the tv is leaned back . Good if it is positioned lower but mine will be sitting on top of a Belle and wall mounting is not an option . Opted for the white glove delivery so I should get it in 7 to 10 days .
  6. Who could forget
  7. US 129 " The Tail Of The Dragon " out of Deals Gap NC . The hectic nature of 318 turns in 11 miles just puts me in a happy place . My favorite place in the world so far .
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    "Nothing worse than a reformed anything" I quit 4 years ago and have become very sensitive to the horrible smell
  9. Get some blue curacao and cassis or some fresh squeezed dark blood orange and play with the color .
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