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  1. There will still be boneheads but the likelihood of distracted driving will be far less .
  2. OK , Cherohalla Skyway then 😋
  3. I'll be at the Tail of the Dragon Nov. 4th to 8th bring the Challenger on down 😋
  4. Didn't know quite where to put this but it needed to be put somewhere
  5. Low 120's peak ; did it once around 13 years ago . I played Maroon 5's This Love 😀 According to an spl calculator that was posted here years ago I should be good for 134 db's 😜
  6. we cannot have nice things
  7. sunburnwilly

    NFL 2019

    Oh yeah find his texts with the first gal that came forward . He comes off as a POS with a 5th grade education , you need a translator to get through it .
  8. sunburnwilly

    NFL 2019

    EFFFING BS !!!
  9. Are we bringing back the "Prettiest Girl in the World" thread ?
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