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  1. sunburnwilly

    Music Video for 2019

  2. sunburnwilly

    Chili and Klipsch

    ^^^ But the veggies 🤪
  3. sunburnwilly

    Chili and Klipsch

    Thanks Billy but let me show you STELLAR Large burger with 3 slices of pepper jack cheese on a bed of cheese fries and drizzle of sriracha . Top with aforementioned chili verde . And then , because you need a healthy component smother with chopped tomato cucumber and onion salad ! The Open Faced Slopper !
  4. sunburnwilly

    Chili and Klipsch

    I'm no stranger to making " traditional " chili , with or without beans . But chili verde is my favorite . Roasted poblano , jalapeño and serrano peppers seeded and about to go for a spin . And roasted tomatillos , garlic and cilantro after a spin . Combine and add ground pork , onions and cumin . This is one of my staples in the fridge and is great as a slow cooking sauce for pork rib meat minus the ground pork .
  5. sunburnwilly

    Music Video for 2019

    Cool Rammstein cover
  6. sunburnwilly

    Show us your great photography thread!

    Exchanged pleasantries with this cat a few times on the Tail of the Dragon Mon. July 9th . I'm the blue Subaru with the silly wing https://killboy.photoreflect.com/store/thumbpage.aspx?e=10272933
  7. sunburnwilly

    Car Thread

    Words cannot describe how much I love this thing ! Saw Funny Car Summer many times when it made it's cinema run in 75 or 76 ? My first Amazon purchase was the Funny Car Summer dvd .
  8. sunburnwilly

    What I Got Today!

    Good stuff hope it comes with the obligatory foot locker . I have my dad's from Korea .
  9. sunburnwilly

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Probably on the turntable
  10. sunburnwilly

    What I Got Today!

    Got these two weeks ago from an old friend that no longer partakes in adult beverages The '81 Chabot should have been consumed 20 years ago but nice clean bottle and I was only interested in the 90 Private Reserve . Got both for $50. ; was going to pay that for the PR alone so fingers crossed .
  11. sunburnwilly

    What I Got Today!

    I hear you are supposed to roll them around in your mouth before ingesting
  12. sunburnwilly

    What I Got Today!

    Same here although mine are the lowly 4 pots . New STi's have 6 pots .
  13. sunburnwilly

    What I Got Today!

    How much weight will these be saving you ? Dig the heavy side bolstering
  14. sunburnwilly

    Show us your great photography thread!

    D4 fluid is that still a thing ?
  15. sunburnwilly

    This is better than rap!!!

    Definitely not rap Ladybaby