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  1. Electricians stranded or solid wire for in wall

    Yes and all the restaurants I have worked in in multiple states have run this in conduit for networks and cash register terminals. I get a big kick out of some of the code languages where there is a national standard out there but then it also says the local guys can ask for different things. It's why even though the Chuy's Restaurant chain I travel with welding up stainless steel countertops uses the same GC they have to have a local electrician to represent them with his license to meet local regs. They all want to have something a bit different is the reason I have been told.
  2. your favorite toilet paper ???

    The Nashville Tennessean Peoples Socialist daily newspaper or somewhat softer to use and ink wont smear on you.
  3. Electricians stranded or solid wire for in wall

    Yes and subject to local authorities having jurisdiction or so the codes I have read will say. I have not heard that one before and a conductor is size rated for current and draw and length but the larger expense here in Tennessee for stranded is up to the customer.
  4. Electricians stranded or solid wire for in wall

    That's all I have seen too but OP mentioned stranded vs solid and so I assumed he had a choice.
  5. Electricians stranded or solid wire for in wall

    Stranded is preferred for ease of pulling and also because you can bend the ends for connection more times before the wire becomes brittle and breaks. Pull a little extra into your junction boxes so if you need to trim back in the future to make new connections you don't have to pull new wire to do so. Yes you can bend the wires and break them and trim back and re-do the connection with fresh malleable copper this way and a few extra inches here can save you a new pull later. Do not buy Chinese wire if you can avoid it. I hear way to many stories about how they cut corners on annealing the wire after being rolled or extruded to size so rather than being able to bend it numerous times before cracking you only get a few before failure with their junk.
  6. shrinking cornwall

    It is surprising how many variations there are to get to the end goal of quality sound. What about time alignment and how valid do you think it is and how would you do this with a one plane motorboard and differing driver depths? Or with say a folded horn compared to a tweeter in the same cabinet with the tweeter to the front and the woofer towards the back + additional sound wave travel distance?
  7. MCM 1900 time delays for active xover?

    Yes and while you answer his question I am asking the same thing about a three way.
  8. shrinking cornwall

    Justin I am curious to know why you adopt crossovers to a specific situation rather than use a DSP which as I understand it will work with all situations.
  9. Would this work? Mwm+jubes

    Deal of the century. I got four and I am thinking of using them like you are.
  10. Would this work? Mwm+jubes

    Are those some of the single 545 bins from Tim? According to specs they dig deeper and are more efficient than the MWM's.
  11. I know this is going to sound crazy but I have my very first Klipsch setup next to my shop PC. It was a ProMedia 2.1 and it still surprises me with the level of bass and sound quality over all. I can turn them on and be satisfied and if I am working it is nice to have the stereo separation right there in front of me. Certainly would help out a small room problem. I bet there are many Klipsch owners near by you that you can find through the forum. If you have not heard the various options mentioned here look for someone who does have what you might want and listen first. Big speakers could overwhelm a small room.
  12. Or a set of Forte I's if you have the space. Once again the footprint is about the same for the Heresy Forte and Quartet but on the used market you can find Forte I's for $600 sometimes and they are much better than Heresy and Quartet and a darned sight cheaper than Forte III's if that is a consideration. I have had all three and the Forte I's win hands down. Never heard a Forte III. Quartets are very scarce and seem to be over priced when I spot them compared to the Forte which is much better for maybe $100 more. Even crazier is Heresy prices which come way to close to Forte prices and you get so much less when you go there.
  13. MCM 1900 set up

    Yes a Haas TL-2. You turn the other way and there is a Haas VF4 which is what I am cutting my drop in K-77 tweeter replacements on.
  14. MCM 1900 set up

    Yesterday and today I fired them up. Using a Crown xli 800 which produces 200 watts per channel 8 ohm and the stock Klipsch crossover. Depending on the song it loafed along at 1/4 full power being to loud to others using almost half the output to become a bit to loud. Van Halen at one half out put had me frantically scrambling for the volume control. I think one day next week I am going to roll these to an open shop door and give it the full 200 watts. When Klipsch said lots of sound with low power requirements they surely meant it here. The LSI's I just sold and my KP-450's both rate higher in one watt one meter db but still these MCM with a lower rating easily out do them same output from amp.
  15. MCM 1900 set up

    Here you go dwillie. I looked into one crossover and they were the best caps I have ever seen on something this old. Within 3% and the highest ESR was .007. Not going to bother with the other one. Still looking for info on setting these up right if anyone cares to respond.