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  1. Beryllium is bad news. I used to do some work for UAH in Huntsville and the Astrophysics lab there too. In the days before there was strict control over toxic things they had a machining job involving Beryllium that was hazard duty pay but no one really thought about it. Every one of those dudes died of cancer induced by Beryllium. First and last time for that kind of work there.
  2. The paradox of living in CA. My brother has a home in Ridgecrest where they have a subdivision with 5 acre lots. Every few houses have a well in common with a tank for storage and no limits on what they use in an area that gets maybe 6.5" of rain a year. He has planted a lot of goodies out there with pistachios being the latest. Drip irrigation and it is odd to see green postage stamps on google earth in their area surrounded by total desolation.
  3. Now Carl, only movie stars and politicians are allowed to water their lawns out there.
  4. It is nice looking, just in the wrong state. The back deck looks perfect for a gun range large set of speakers.
  5. https://www.parts-express.com/eminence-n314x-8-tour-grade-14-textreme-high-frequency-compression-driver-8-ohm-4-bolt--290-888 This thing looks very interesting and I ordered a set just to see.Looks to be very close to the Faital HF200 everyone raves about.
  6. OK folks these are GONE
  7. OK you got the last set. $52 will get them to your door priority mail insured lower 48. fieldweld@att.net is paypal for family and friends.
  8. Yes but you live out there so you still have to pay for the insanity. There are some really pretty spots in CA and it is a shame wrong minded people are ruining it. On another note one of the things that surprised me in the national parks out there was how sparse good hardwoods and wildlife was compared to here in TN where I live. And water. On my 3/4 mile dead end road there are four families who have springs that have never been known to go dry. Gun range down the street at my neighbors and we all are out there at times shooting on our own pieces and no one minds or complains. I traveled around the country working in the early 80's and spent some time in CA and Washington. I chose to live in TN for a number of reasons and each year I am more and more grateful for that choice. Land of Milk and Honey and not Poop and Money.
  9. I have three sets of these I am not going to use. Pulls from La Scalas where I replaced them with soldered lugs. $40 a set plus shipping and if anyone is interested I will do an ohm and frequency sweep check on them.
  10. Yup and while you are at it check all the driver screws, replace the horn gasket and make sure if you have spade end connectors they are tight and not loose.
  11. I don't know if it requires practice but California is run by idiots who will pay you to do so and let you sleep where you want. If you need food just walk in any store and leave with what you need since any theft under $900 is a misdemeanor now and they won't arrest you for it. Run out of needles they can help you there too. Drugs needed no problem we will look the other way when you buy sell and use. Also we have FREE medical care for anyone with preference given to homeless and illegals and don't worry we have these nice legal wage earners and home owners who will subsidize you. Come On Down to the land of poop and money.
  12. Those are the ones I have. I have bought old pro gear that has had resistors so hot they scorched the crossover board and capacitors melted to cute blue silver puddles. Something about the mentality of SLV people that says turn it up and give no thought for stated wattage limits. Had an old LSI once that actually had the woofer catch fire and scorch marks inside the doghouse at the top of the woofer motorboard slot.
  13. Easy. You get a big rubber mallet and start whacking on the bottom front edge and work your way up. A wide pry bar is useful to pull the piece being removed from parts you want to preserve after you open up a small gap to prevent splintering of edges you want to keep.The only piece that may get damaged is the very top which you have to replace anyway since the 25 MM Baltic will leave a ledge there if you don't. Those old glue joints break out pretty easy and I have done maybe four of these now with no issues. I have one I am going to do this to in the shop right now. Maybe I will do a thread on this with pictures. I have also contemplated a rebuild so the top section would have enough space to let me use an LMAHL rather than an SMAHL. Then again I just might make it a two piece if I go that far. Decisions decisions.
  14. Well the nice thing about drop in replacement parts is you can keep the OEM ones for historic restoration if desired when sold or passed on and still enjoy improved sound without altering your cabinet. I have a set of super pristine Heresy 1's I am going to turn into Super Heresys but the OEM back panel with the original owner papers still attached and the OEM Type E crossover with new caps and the woofers and tweeters will be preserved and go with the box when it sells. You can have your cake and eat it to if you wish.
  15. Label is different but otherwise yes looks the same. These are good drivers though newer ones have passed them up. I am throwing out all my old 1st gen 510's but keeping the DE75's that were on them.
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