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    Lapidary, 3D MCAD design, welding, CNC machining and of course music to work by. Occasional tweeter and speaker designs. Finding fixing and selling old Klipsch speakers primarily pro stuff.
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    Currently it is.
    Super MWM Bi-amped with Xilica XP3060 and dual Crown XLI800's
    Hand selected 12g high purity zip cord
    Sonic enhanced tinted Duratex Coatings
    25MM Baltic Birch real wood not MDF
    Concrete floor cable supports
    Used K-43-K, K-402 and K-1132
    Super Duper crimp connectors
    Chair with seat belt to keep listener in place
    Fancy Shmancy Mogami 1/8" jack to RCA wire thing
    Dell Precision 3620 Tower Music Server
    Commercial Tin Siding sound diffusers
    Subject to change tomorrow.

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  1. Here is the old Klipsch spec sheet on MCM-1900's. MCM1900good (1).pdf
  2. My Super MWM's are 16' center to center and most choose to listen at around 12' to 14' away. Amazing fidelity and presence you can never have with direct radiator speakers. Of course they sound good out in an open field too from 90' or more away. Big horns done right just flat out beat everything else.
  3. Yeah the ads for these are everywhere. I think the upcoming holidays and people worried about 30+ % inflation at the grocery store this year have really hurt the used pro Klipsch market. I have a similar set that is not the caliber of these up for some time and not a nibble.
  4. They are the Gen 3 402's and were installed new on this set. 4080 Xilica . 1132 which is the correct Klipsch driver for this set. Who cares about the passive if you have a Xilica with good settings already entered for this set. I can tell anyone this is a good set from first hand knowledge and normally these would have been long gone. Big sets are moving slow right now and that is the only reason they are still here. You snooze you lose and you wont see a set this good at this price again.
  5. I have seen MCM 1900's in fairly small rooms and within reason if you can get them through the door the bigger the better.
  6. That's right and a cheap easy fix. This is the way a set of 942/4's is set up in my shop right now.
  7. Hot glue is much quicker and I doubt the heat will hurt the cap.
  8. Those nylon clips and cable ties will dent your caps over time. I use silicone caulk to fasten all caps to my boards now and there will be zero damage or stress this way.
  9. Hmm, your tag says Hong Kong and no locale was given so I had to ask. There is an old Chessie caboose in Ethridge, a small town close to me on a siding. Ex Louisville and Nashville then ex CSX and now Patriot Rail. Passenger trains ran until the early 60's here and I ran across an older guy who used to ride from Columbia to Lawrenceburg TN on this line. I have followed the track in places and according to this old timer the ride was quite scenic. I can believe it and rolling countryside with numerous stream crossings and some steep grades it would be fun to ride this line. Freight only though for some time and almost abandoned. by CSX. When I moved here in the late 80's the road bed was in terrible shape and used to connect to Chattanooga through Pulaski. The Pulaski to Chattanooga line was pulled up but the rest was saved and today sees freight rolling along daily.
  10. The magic answer to this shipping or driving question is UShip. They have picked up and delivered 4 items I sold with no trouble. Cheaper then I could drive to do it and that is not counting wear and tear and time.
  11. Offered by a guy who cares about audio.
  12. OK what is a Chessie Caboose doing over there?
  13. I don't know how a lot of things are done. I was once working on an LSI and when I opened it up there were char marks at the top of the slot where the woofer mounts. A true rockin hot concert no doubt. My respect for SLV types only grew as I looked at the replacement woofer labeled Taiwan with no model number.
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