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  1. I do place considerable value on Klipsch forum opinions, but not Youtube especially since accurate sound reproduction is required to make good value judgements. Informed Klipsch forum peers are my first choice of inquiry most often and second only to hearing live. The topic of discussion was an upgrade kit by the way and not what Steve's review sold you on so that is what I am talking about. Did he review the kit also? I hear you on store fronts but considering "this is the age of the internet" also means hucksters, hustlers and liars and misinformed and uninformed spouting off so let the buyer beware. If you can send it back no questions asked go for it. It would be nice if SWAG grew large and had numerous speakers and upgrades and all the stuff there we use so one could hear first and then buy. I think there is potential there to become a very large event in a few years due to this alone. It would not replace the Klipsch Pilgrimage but be a different thing entirely. It would be an Audio Pilgrimage, Audio for audiophiles based on what they personally have bought, use and prefer and you can listen to what it really does in person.
  2. I will be there Thursday too and do we have access to the rental building Thursday and if so what hours are we able to get in? It would be nice to set up the day before to allow for good use of the time when all are there. Maybe I will get there Wednesday evening to be ready to go Thursday morning. I will be available to help you in any case Chris.
  3. Well I would never buy based on a Youtube video. I might decide I am interested in something enough to go hear it in person but never buy based on a video with all the reality problems that will have..
  4. HAH! Detroit teaches you the wisdom of learning by others experience. The package has a skull and crossbones on it you are welcome to open it and take a swig and see if you are lucky. I mean the warning might be just a prank after all.
  5. There were pockets of civlilty even in Detroit in the late 60's early 70's. Then urban renewal began and Detroit burned and was known as the murder capital of the USA. This 60's and 70's is where Memphis is now and none of us who lived in the Detroit Metro area had anything to do with Detroit if we could avoid it. I like blues and BBQ too but not that interested.
  6. Extreme high violent crime city now. Looking at train watcher self guided tours and time after time the comment don't go or if you do bring a gun, a friend and watch out all the time. Just no way unless you are way outside city limits. Forklift and pallet jack and easy peasy. Otherwise 288 pounds appx of no handles monster.
  7. I have plenty of bait. Besides he needs to get my future build double horn lens replacement for those delicate K-77's he has sitting up there.
  8. HA, yes what would that serve. Ear splitting vs ear bleeding? 200 watts to each bass bin and 402 and I rarely turn it up more than 1/6 full rated capacity so I think I am just going to stay with what I have and let people tell me I am wrong. I think I can easily handle the dire consequences of being forced to listen to this underpowered system😀 You need to stop in some day when you are around the general area.
  9. I will be bringing my S-MWM setup which is the speakers of course, a Xilica xp3060, two Crown xli800 amps, REW,TrueRTA on a laptop with a UMIke. I have racks of gear and parts I don't need and was going to put up for sale I might bring but looking at this attendee list I doubt we would do more than swap stuff we don't want to each other for different things we don't want.
  10. Yes and they hid the slobber, I mean solder joints.
  11. Yup the physical impact of the La Scala was better but the fidelity of the CW4 was stellar. If I had to choose between the two the CW4 would easily win.
  12. Be prepared to sit next to the big organ pipes.
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