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    Lapidary, 3D MCAD design, welding, CNC machining and of course music to work by. Occasional tweeter and speaker designs. Finding fixing and selling old Klipsch speakers primarily pro stuff.
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    Super MWM Bi-amped with Xilica XP3060 and dual Crown XLI800's
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  1. Yes they were meant to be stackable with each other. KP-480 footprint is 23.875" wide and 24" deep. The LSI was 24" wide and 24.75" deep. Best LSI or La Scala setup I have ever had. KP-480.pdf
  2. Sounds like a good project for someone with a lot of time on their hands so let us know what you find out. Also post complete info on length, width, height and weight with comparative quotes from at least three shippers in common use so we can compare their services. I would prefer it if you also got quotes with insurance and then their track records regarding shipment damage, on time deliveries and insurance payouts if product damaged. TIA for your time! By the way @Westcoastdrums thanks for the tip. Please do not pull this thread.
  3. After which from my observations mental acuity declines and eventually the horse can't find the trough.
  4. Yes I am all ears too for a real suggestion and not another post count comment.
  5. Now it is the moving forward part of your comment I find interesting. Having been one of those incremental moving forward types slowly rising up in sound quality I spent a lot of money and time to figure out that what Claude is advising you is true. Most of us seem to want to go this way and only in retrospect see the time and money wasted on results that still left us hungry for better. I guess my best La Scala was a one piece fiberglass covered with trim LSI sitting on top of a set of KP-480 pretend subs. Awesome sounding set and much better then that mod you are contemplating but still was missing notes from 5 string bass and lower pipe organ notes. You see in my case it had nothing to do with "modern movies" or blowing doors off. What it had to do with was missing the intent of those who composed the music and they put those low notes in there for a reason. Many are happy with speakers that never come close to fairly common low notes in music and it is hard to miss what you may never have heard and don't even know you are missing.
  6. OK I have a comment to make regarding the DCX464 + ME464 + B&C crossover. I have not tried to go active on this setup yet so my only experience is with the stock 16ohm drivers and horn and crossover from B&C. It was at best good PA quality which was very disappointing. Setting it up through the Xilica may fix the problem. However when the same driver and crossover was used on the 402 horn it was just as good as the 1132 driver on a 402 with the stock Klipsch 942 crossover. When time permits, meaning when I get around to it, I will see how things go with an active setup. As of right now though the B&C horn does not excite me. Has anyone gone active on the DCX464+ ME464? would you PM me as I would like to talk to you if you have had good results.
  7. How many sets off the same serial numbers did you ask for?
  8. As avguytx stated #3 is the one. I have a question here and I am not trying to be flippant. If you can't ID components how good is your soldering skill? If you do not know what you are doing you can have problems.
  9. Sure go ahead but if you are a bit curious it does not cost much to see. What got me thinking about this was four sets of KPT-456's that had 50uf poly caps in them and I liked the sound. Not going to participate in capacitor wars I just state what it is I do for my work and you can try or not try as you like. To this day the 904's do not have an electrolytic on the crossover for example and I figure commercial users have higher expectations. I have some right now and there sits that 50uf mylar cap in the woofer circuit.
  10. Those are good components although the Sonicaps are more money than they are worth and I have quit using them. The only thing Bob and I ever disagreed on was the electrolytic cap used in the woofer circuit. He called it basically a garbage can and nothing fancy needed. I use a $19 68uf Audyn cap and I think they are better sounding and will last longer than electrolytics. To do this in Sonicaps where the highest value they make is 33uf would take two 33uf and one 2uf soldered together to get that value and would cost $$$$$$. I don't think the mid range is the problem here and you might ask what others have done to their Chorus speakers to improve sound and not limit your question to the crossover in the title.
  11. Here in middle Tennessee people have run up the price of land on my road from $1750 per acre to almost $8000 per acre in about one and a half years. Buyers from LA, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, NYC, and San Francisco are buying sight unseen just to get away. Their words not mine. 10 acres and a mid sized older doublewide that would have sold for well under 100g two years ago just sold next to my friends place in Summertown for $350,000. Buyer never came to look and did not care about anything but could he buy it. Rutherford county just outside of Nashville the land has gone up to $50,000 an acre. I bought some totes from an oldtimer who had been there for a while and we got to talking about land and migrants from bad places and I about fell over when he told me property values. Area looked just like mine but his 10 acres were now worth 500g and then add the house which was on it too and we never discussed what it was worth. Land is not so easy to find around here as people who have lived here for some time don't intend to leave until they die so as a percentage not much trades hands each year. The desperation of these buyers is frightening and I can only imagine how bad things are elsewhere. A large chunk of land sold near Pulaski to a farmer from CA. He is buying the land for the equivalent of the taxes he was having to pay in CA each year on a rather large, I assume, farm. He is currently planting Pecans all over the place and will shut down his CA operation as soon as he can. He is fleeing a hostile attitude against farmers, taxes and water shortages. I have not spoken to this guy but the fellow that sells me steel told me about it.
  12. So people don't think the 510's are selling for $20 each here is the deal as far as I know. If you have a set with a serial number and have broken or destroyed the 510's Klipsch will sell you ONE set to replace those at a super price. I believe Roy ultimately will be the one to approve such things, or at least I know he is for bare 402's, and he can be understanding of your needs but never to sell horns just because you want them.
  13. I am getting ready to attend an event with my S-MWM's. While getting ready it was my intent to take the laptop and use it for my music server as I do with my workstation PC with stellar results. Made sure all settings were the same between the two and that the Realtek driver was hi-def and up to date. Side by side the laptop could not be made to sound as good as the PC so I am having to rethink simpler is better. I still have a minimal setup but even though both are Dells and both are the Precision line they did not sound the same. As time has run out the only thing I can think of is sometimes when running on battery power things do not do as well as when run off an outlet. I will try that and report on what I find but for now I am left wondering what exact thing caused the fidelity difference. Any ideas?
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