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  1. On the CW4 there are cabinet braces front to back in two places and the big box sounding thing is gone. Those new ports are radiused inside and out I believe. Really an entirely different animal than CW 1,2 and 3 except for the basic box size.
  2. OK did you take the weight off the old OEM passive and put it in the new one? There has to be a weight in there to make it work right.
  3. Dave A

    VOXX in the news:

    OK do you have any documentation this is real in house Klipsch done? I am very interested in the mods here and would like to know more. Well I noticed that Marvel chimed in with the real origin of the powered La Scala. Thanks Marvel. Please disregard my question.
  4. Dave A

    VOXX in the news:

    Theater of the absurd I would say.
  5. It's not a recommendation. I mention them as having seen them for sale and comments at times on various forums where they have met with some favor. I have never used them to be able to speak from personal experience. As far as being old I had the impression there were current production ones out there as well as older ones. They are cheap enough and your import fees evidently reasonable so I would try that route. I have no idea why items from the USA get stuck with such high tariffs and fees in Europe but they sure do. When I was active with Solid Edge, which is my design software, the guys in Europe would have to pay much more than me for the same software.
  6. I don't know what the price is but klipsch will sell you a rubber surround current model passive that will probably be like the rubber surround one you have now. They do not make the pleated ones now but the rubber surround passives are what Klipsch sells as OEM retrofits for the pleated passives. This was true a few years back when I needed a Forte passive so you might need to check and see if they still sell them.
  7. I don't have a link for you but I remember some Russian caps that might be what you are looking for and perhaps they would be cheaper than imports from the USA. The few times I have run across them on EBay for instance they were pretty cheap on shipping. I have no idea on import fees into Europe.
  8. Inquiring minds want to know if you have researched this and found it to be true;)
  9. I just love marketing audio babble speak. I hope they did not use quartz sand because that is piezo electric generating stuff and might effect the micro and macrophonics.
  10. How does this turn into a 300% price increase? Shipping is pretty bad to some places and approaches $85 but unless there is a huge import fee I don't see how it gets a price tag like that. Oddly enough the worst country I have had to deal with has been Canada. Expensive, slow and they damage things.
  11. I quit trying to make these work because other projects were more important. I still think there is something good to be had there and have passed them on to someone who knows a lot more about this type of thing than I. He will be trying these out on my new 14 x 7 wood horn. I will say that on my Super MWM's here I had crossed over at 500hz before I have found 650 to 700hz sounds better. This is new diaphragm material on the 314 and the next offerings should be improved, if they do offer more. I have been advised to have the lowest crossover point possible to the horn but playing around with the Xilica is leading me to believe that does not always work. There are potential medical problems with my wife that have me concerned but I am fine. I want those 314's to work. The first time I head them it was pretty striking. I think it was the percussion and higher string notes were so clear but over time as daily listening went further I began to realize I was missing other things. The mind can play tricks on you with initial impressions. Hope things are OK for your family.
  12. Yes and as our hearing degrades over time it is nice to be able to to boost HF and be able to hear certain sounds again.
  13. I have thought about experimenting with different colors of paint on crossover boards and adding various powdered metals to the paint.
  14. I use them only on one driver. Like on the KPT 904 to tame the 510 horn + DE75 down with the factory crossovers as they were to strident otherwise. There might be better ways to do this but it is all I know to do and I am not a crossover expert to know what to alter to balance the HF to the LF on a two way like the 904.
  15. Well I wanted to sit next to the 32' organ pipes and that was a specific goal. I wanted that realism and those double 15" woofer bins you now have are what made me wonder just what was possible.
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