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    Lapidary, 3D MCAD design, welding, CNC machining and of course music to work by. Occasional speaker designs and reverse engineering.
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    Double stack three way MCM 1900
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  1. The KPT-904 bass bin or earlier variant is way better than a La Scala and the foot print is not a lot more. If a wife determines what appears over sound quality you won't get any peace over that 402 either. If however she can live with the 402 the 904 bass bin is an admirable choice and FAR smaller than the S-MWM. The S-MWM is huge and I don't expect to see many if any ever built besides mine for that reason. 402 + 904 = jaw dropping sound.
  2. Dave A

    Super MWM

    I wasn't sure what to make of it. Funny thing about those old growth forests out west. Huge towering trees you wont believe until you see them in person. And no wildlife to speak of under them. I am used to the forest here being abundant in things to eat and critters to eat it all and it is hardly ever completely quiet. "but the soil doesn't have as permanent location as what you're accustomed to" Earthquakes?
  3. Dave A

    Super MWM

    You know that's what xilicas and PEQ's and room EQ is for right? On the other hand the plans are here in this thread and you can find out by building a set without parallel sides and report back. I trust Claude's numbers enough to build by them and this was a fair amount of time and money and I am very pleased with the results. Speaking of huffing I cleared out years worth of trees growing behind the house yesterday and today. I am here to admit in public I was huffing. And puffing too at times. Maybe I will move to Seattle or San Fran.
  4. Dave A

    Super MWM

    A little fan blowing out on the other side would have spared you that problem. Duratex not so bad.
  5. Dave A

    Super MWM

    Mexican food today so truer than you know.
  6. Take a rubber mallet and beat the sides off, clean your wood up and put new 25mm Baltic Birch sides on there. You would not believe how much better they will sound and since there is so much damage why not do this? I had 4 LSI's in terrible shape and I saved the components and the doghouse from each and made splits from them.
  7. Dave A

    Super MWM

    I can handle it and easier than moving things around to get a fork lift under them again.
  8. Dave A

    Super MWM

    Well final painting today heh heh. I like to get into my work.
  9. Dave A

    Integra 50.4

    I have no idea. I used this for purely 2 channel stereo. Personally I like the room EQ in my DBX better than Audessey. I am pretty sure once I learn how to use REW and the Xilica I will be selling aall the DBX gear too except for one I will use for quick and easy demos on speakers.
  10. I always welcome any Klipsch forum members to stop by if they are in the area and I am not swamped with work.
  11. Dave A

    Integra 50.4

    It is and it will work well for someones home theater or stereo. I have grown to like pro gear though and this will be my last dalliance with anything other than pro for amps.
  12. Thanks and yes it is. Everything was pro black and while I don't mind that it shows dirt real well. I had a brown truck that did a good job of being dirty and not showing it so I decided to see about doing it too speakers also. Did it to a set of KG4's that had a bondo spot under the paint and it turned out nice. Decided then any I build will be this color and got the WAF seal of approval yesterday. She came out to the shop and unprompted said I like those. A Sherwin Williams dealer nearby that has some fabricator customers did not bat an eye about adding tint to paint they did not sell. Homeowner type paint suppliers probably will so seek a paint dealer that caters to pro customers and you are good to go. WAF however does not apply to 402's and S-MWM's which get a sniff and a comment "men and their toys" or "men never grow up" depending on the day. Also depends on what music I let here hear for the day to. Duratex does more than one thing I figure. Besides a durable finish I believe it will help seal all plenums and cabinets better if there are gaps you missed and as tough as it is perhaps it will bleed into cracks and also act as glue too. In beating apart cabinets it is a bit surprising to see the number of somewhat questionable appearing glue joints there can be. You don't really know this until you beat a few apart and see the evidence there in front of you.
  13. Dave A

    Integra 50.4

    Integra is in fine shape and was bought refurb online. I have probably used this for a hundred hours or so before migrating to all pro amps. One of the reasons I got this was because of Audessey which I ended up not liking much. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/597506/Integra-Dtr-50-4.html takes you to the manual for this and it does quite a lot and has ample power for most things Klipsch. I have original box and shipping material. Has the mike and remote and yes it all works. $400 + shipping
  14. I had forgotten that 57 1/8" stuff.
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