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  1. John, I am 67 miles due south of downtown Nashville. Depending on when you come through I may be gone next week. Will you be coming back this way on your way home? Send me an email please I would like to talk to you. CECAA850 I did what you suggested but the midrange still just does not sound right. It is kind of crackly if that makes any sense and since I have played with the connections a bit the cut out problem is gone. The other set sounds pretty darned good so I think there is an issue. jjpktd I also got a rack with some amplifiers and a fancy crossover. I have not really looked at them yet but they sure do weigh a ton and it took two of us to lift it up into the van. There must be some huge heat sinks in there. One of those when I have time endeavors will be to hook them all up and see what I have. All the gear is from the early 2000's. I hesitated to buy the rack full of stuff since I wanted the speakers only but for 250.00 I figured I would take a chance.
  2. This week I bought a pair of KP-250-A and a pair of KP-250-R mains along with a pair KP-115-A subs and a pair of KP-480-SW subs. If there is someone who is around the middle Tennessee area who knows these I think there are some problems but I need guidance on how to diagnose whatever is wrong with them. They sound a bit muddy to me and the one KP-250 seems to have an intermittent cutout in the midrange horn.
  3. I am interested in buying these if anyone around middle Tennessee area has some they wish to part with. I would prefer older versions and if they need work that is OK to. Thanks, Dave
  4. Finally got the woofer repaired. All I can say is that the sound is amazingly better with these AA Industrial La Scalas over the really pristine AA LS-BR's with replaced caps which were the go to set before. Separation of instruments is so defined now and bass may not be as low but I can't tell for sure. Even with the old original AA crossovers in the Industrial's it sounds so superior that I am not touching a thing from here on out. Same recordings and amplifier and two different audio worlds. As I sit here typing this I still have a hard time believing how much better they sound. Good thing they are in my shop for listening pleasure so I don't have to argue about klunky ugly industrial things ruining the inside of the house.
  5. I do understand this but have not yet had a answer as to whether sound waves can be directed just like an air flow could be. Direction of sound waves is what I am considering and air is just an analogy. Now if this never increased bass levels but improved sound quality over all this would still be worthwhile to me to try.
  6. OK that makes some sense but considering the huge variables in the various construction methods you referred me to this is not a finished science and what I proposed could make a difference. I will get in touch with Greg and thanks for the lead. What really started me wondering about all this were the kind of crude angular mods people have done where there was not much if any thought given to, once again thinking here that flow of sound can be in some ways similar to flow of gas, the aerodynamics of things. For instance a flat faced triangular corner piece would I figure bounce sound back at a 45 degree angle which would throw it right into the side of the doghouse where as a radiused corner would tend to direct to the front of the cabinet. Does anyone know how the size of the cutout for the motor board was arrived at?
  7. Me to. This is one of the things that had me thinking about why things were done and leaning towards good enough was good enough. An inside corner round of pretty generous size can be put in there like I have and not reduce the narrowest point at all. If sound does to some degree behave like the flow of most everything else I would think getting the sound out with the least amount of feeding back upon itself through induced swirls and eddies would have to help improve the definition of the sound and make it less muddy so to speak.
  8. I was asking the same question today, but about the Belle. Of course the lascala would fall under the same category. I could see why, you think of a couple of guys in a small work shop with out the tools and technology we have, how could they do some of this. Anyways, I guess this is why we have seen the curved Lascala. Have you seen the work that goes into one of those, there is no way they could keep the cost down. Then there is the question, does it sound that much better? Does it make that much of a difference for the need to spend so much? Only time will tell. I would like to build a curved Lascala or Belle, but only if there is some sort of evidence that it would be an improvement. My thought was "if it was curved on the back side would it be more efficient?" Quite hollow is probably correct with the fact its not flowing water, but rather the way it bounces around back there. I like the drawings along with the thought process. Now you are talking. I can accept that the angular surfaces could improve things. All I am asking is for definitive information based upon research done and not just opinions. With all the talk here about reinforcing making a noticeable difference in sound quality it seems as though the general consensus is things could be improved. Reading things here is a bit tedious at times because it's like there is a contest between money spent equating to bragging rights over solid real definable improvements and best bang for the buck real life analysis. I want the real answers because cost is not a problem since I can do this myself on machinery I already own. I don't however want to just waste time. Like the hole size in the dog house for the woofer. Rectangular and pretty small to me all things considered so does restricting the sound create a deeper bass utilizing the vibration of deliberately restricted and angular square cornered refinements made of plywood? Now throw in 1" plywood is supposed to sound better and there goes in part the vibration thing. See my problem here is that you can go round and round in circles trying to find the best answer.
  9. Went to the two sites you reference and I see nothing there like what I posted. Now are you suggesting that klipsch made analytical decisions here based upon various configurations to get the very best or was a certain level satisfactory and he went with that? In so far as vibration goes this is a one piece milled from solid thing and if glued and fastened to the back of the motor board is far more ridging than existing and far less prone to vibration is my opinion. What do you base your vibration comment on?
  10. I was told about how Paul penny pinched to a ridiculous degree on simple pennies per item at times recently. Considering the cost of La Scalas and what was saved it was silly at times. I have no design software for audio but my thought was to build upon sizes from the existing La Scala and for the corners to not become a choke point where the volume of the opening would be lesser than the narrowest existing in the current design.
  11. I had to pull the bottom off a pair of Industrial La Scala this week. While doing so I see for the first time the guts of a La Scala. Now one thing leads to another and I find a PDF file on the forums for building instructions. I decide to go ahead and build a 3D model from the PDF with my CAD program. While doing so I wonder if the angular and boxy construction of the La Scala was more a reflection of then current construction capabilities or whether it was an actual decision based upon sound wave propagation. For example if the cabinet was made a bit bigger so the internal corners could have been rounded would not the sound waves find an easier exit? Or how about the back was one machined piece as shown below? I figure I could easily do this as one piece on my Haas VF4 but it would have been a lot of work for Klipsch to try this. This deflector back piece would be a direct replacement for the standard La Scala cabinet. Or does the boxy angular surfaces help contain sound waves a bit and utilize the cabinet to make deeper bass? See the back inside view picture. This one piece would be a lot more solid and could also be glued fastened to the motor board for a much more ridgid construction.
  12. Yeah it will be new for sure. I don't know what all these were subject to. Wonder how peoples ear drums were after all that?
  13. Well these knew the lyrics but the 10 pack a day raspy voice I could have done without
  14. It is the K-43. As far as I can tell I am the first one in there. I don't intend to drift far from factory specs on this and I don't intend to ever sell them either. I have no quarrel with the sound as PK designed and no desire to change it. I will have a look at your suggestion. Are the screw centers that same as the K-33/43?
  15. Well I have formed a new criteria for buying speakers now. If I cant turn them way up with lots of bass you have to knock off 600.00 or I go. The guy I bought these from I honestly don't think deceived me as he was running these with a tiny 20 amp unit in his garage. Military vet and super nice. When I got these home I had them up pretty loud but nothing to alarming. So today I crank them way up after switching things around and finding my old speakers were just fine, new ones were not. Out comes Toccata and Fugue in D Minor and some volume and ouch. At the very least the speakers will have to be re-coned. The magnets on these are HUGE. Anyway looks like the deal is not so hot but these are the ones I want. It is amazing to me how good they sounded even with problems and the broken speaker cone was not really apparent to me until a real stress test. I look forward to when they are working right. I believe I have found the hum unless there are other problems to. I cant imagine what they did to blow these up. These will go out in my shop which is the only place I get to turn them up and the idea of fiberglass and industrial look and durability will look nice next to the CNC mill and Lathe Any suggestions as to where to go for reconing or should I just look for new? I definitely want the bigger amp speakers however I have to do it. On the plus side I finally got to see the guts of a La Scala and I wonder what one made out of 1" thick aluminum would sound like?