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  1. Thanks and I was hoping I did not sound harsh but I thought it was time to explain some things about how objects are created and the cost of doing so.
  2. Anything can be done but for a one of type unit it will not be cheap. I have to figure out what you want, then we trade drawings and measurements, then I have to do a 3D CAD part so I can then create a machining plan and THEN finally get around to cutting. I am going to go over somethings here not because I am whining or complaining but I want to explain some basics about what is involved here. Most have absolutely no idea how things get done. If I were to have charged someone for the tweeter designs it would have been AT LEAST appx $650.00 as I look back to see the billable time spent. Then the CAM plan for machining a one of part would be another $150.00. Then there is machine time and that and material would amount to about $90.00. People who are not in the industry have no idea of costs. The design program is typically $7,000.00 for a good one and then another $1,500.00 each year for support and new updates. Three axis machining programs worth a hoot are at least $6,500 to start off with and quickly go up from there and yes they are another $1,500 per year to stay current. Then there is the mill you cut them on which in my case was right at $96,000.00 and the shop to put that in and the endmills and holders for them to cut the parts and it never ends. Vices and holders add another 7 or 8 G when you are done tooling up. Also this aerodynamic thing sounds good but I still have to have a way to tie all the pieces together and be able to bolt the clamp plate to the horn which means it will protrude beyond the footprint of the driver itself. I see that someone has stuck a tweeter in the mid horn lens but that seems contrary to producing good sound. This kind of thing can consume far more time than people realize who do not do this for a living. It would cost just to even figure out what can be done and to do the CAD file and that would be up front and not refundable. I run across this in business and companies want you to figure things out for free and then they decide not to do it and there you are. I made a rule some time back that if you are not willing to pay for things like this up front you are not serious. I don't intend for this to sound harsh it's just that you have no idea how many times I get asked to spend what can be days for free and these little things can easily do that by the time we go back and forth. Its just like I was asked recently here on the forum to design something that would adapt a DE120 to a KP-600 manifold. Now I did this because I was curious to do the same thing for my MCM 1900. But what about the guy who wanted the time? Oh that's nice I like that he says. He goes on and states I am thinking though that I am going to sell these off and so I don't know if I am interested or not. I will get back to you if I decide I am. This is how 90% plus of these things turn out when your time is given for free and that is why I respectfully decline this little item unless you are serious and we will figure out what it will cost before I do anything. Or you can buy a horn lens kit and use some little angle brackets like that picture shows and do it that way. The horn lens bolt holes to the motorboard should work fine for that. I am thinking of something free standing for these horn lenses to sit on top of things where they can be moved around for time alignment. If I decide to do this I absorb all the development costs hoping for sales. Before I do anything further though I am going to wait and see how these existing horns lens kits do. I would like for them to sell and lead to other things because I enjoy tinkering with speakers but we will see.
  3. Dave A

    Today's the day....

    Something you need to try while I watch. A pepper rated at 1,500,000 scoville units average heat and tops out at about 2,250,000.
  4. Dave A

    Today's the day....

    Have you googled adapter plate plans for your tractor and implement setup? I have some Carolina Reapers here that could help spice up thar vegan life style.
  5. Dave A

    Teacher Question about Netiquette

    Ha ha read? Show kids an old set of McGuffy Readers and what various grades used to have to know and watch their eyes bug out. Run Spot Run!
  6. Yes and if I knew what this was it is probable that I can make the corner radius bigger from now on to fit if indeed the horn lens needs to be changed at all to fit. I can't find ANY information regarding this newer tweeter's dimensions.
  7. You can use a lot of drivers on this one but not all will fit through the motor board cutout. You might have to screw the horn lens to the motor board and then reach in behind to fasten the clamp plate/driver assembly to the horn lens. I have done this by removing the mid and woofer for access and it can be a bit tedious to do since you can't see what you are doing. Depending on clearance between the clamp plate and driver you might also have to use an allen wrench that is cut off a bit shorter than normal. The 1 3/8 clamp plate is the easiest one to use in this case with larger drivers if they make them with the 1 3/8 snout. We all have to work with what Klipsch gives us which can make things interesting at times.
  8. Do you have pictures? A DE10 will not work in a space designed to use my K-77 dropins. The K-77 horn lens is far different than the K-79. What do you mean the horn lens is the same size?
  9. Anyone out there that can measure accurately the tweeter and mid horn cutouts in the La Scala II that would care to send them to me? I also need the measurement from the top of the tweeter cutout to the bottom side of the top of the cabinet.
  10. I have a pair of the larger MAHL sets in a Forte II and Chorus I in my shop as I speak and yes the DE10 fit as well as the DE110,120 and others. I have fit a small set of lenses. the K-77 drop in replacements in La Scalas. I have not had a La Scala II motor board to measure but it should fit if they use the K-77 size. To date the only problem with fit in La Scalas, Heresy's, KHorns was a set of KHorns where one fit fine and the other had to be worked on. The buyer said the holes were not consistent from pre cnc Klipsch and he had to work to get them in. B&C DE110 has basically the same output and output characteristics as the DE120 and has a smaller diameter to fit into even smaller spaces. If you are considering these and are worried about fit you can always measure the inside of your horn cabinet and tell me what clearance you have. These all should be cnc cut and accurate and consistent from unit to unit.
  11. Dave A

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    I don't know your situation but I am at the very end of my rural electrical co-ops service area. We get outages pretty often because whatever happens we see from the generator to the end of their wires. I literally have one house past me and they end. Being prepared especially when you have been warned ahead of time is pretty easy to do. Some years back we had an ice storm in southern Tennessee and Northern Alabama that was not supposed to be much and when it was over people were without power close by for up to a month. No warning day after day to be prepared like NC had. I don't complain about service problems because while welding up buss bars in some of the TVA substations I got filled in by electrical crews as to what all is involved in keeping wires up and in good shape. People whine and moan about the cost of electricity and utilities do listen and draw a line between reasonable up time and bitchy customers. I have watched as trees on my piece lean over and arc on the wires. It is a monumental job to keep all that right of way cleared and still if you have trees there is never enough done to eliminate all outages.
  12. Dave A

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    Mark is a hoot and I love his comments on the "comedy" channel. Did you see the one from Weather Channel where Mark Seidel was pretending to be blown about by the wind while two dudes walk calmly behind him in shorts and don't appear to have the same wind blown problems just a few feet way? https://www.infowars.com/twitter-roasts-weather-channel-reporter-for-faking-hurricane-wind-intensity/
  13. I am thinking of adding a set of DE10's to the road show set of tweeters. It sounds at least as good as the DE120's and perhaps even better as I sit here listening and it does so at $60 less per pair than the DE120's cost. These larger tweeters and the larger space to work with make a LOT of options available but these DE10's have got to be the best bang for the buck I have heard. Which reminds me if you want your name on the tester list and the idea of having two sets of drivers accompany the testing kit appeals to you let me know.
  14. Dave A

    Wanted Altec Lansing driver

    The ones I need are 416-8A