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    Lapidary, 3D MCAD design, welding, CNC machining and of course music to work by. Occasional tweeter and speaker designs. Finding fixing and selling old Klipsch speakers primarily pro stuff.
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  1. I went to my friends house once when he was cooking something on an electric griddle outside in his garage. He had a mangy looking dog out there at the same time and I was thinking that dog really smelled bad. So I asked Gerald if the dog had a problem since he smelled so bad. He busted out laughing and said no, it was the grilled Limburger cheese sandwiches he was making that I smelled. He was forbidden to cook them inside.
  2. Listing is for Chorus I, carry on. Tastes are varied among listeners and I have heard up to Forte III's and just no way are they musical like the Chorus I can be. Recap those crossovers and a new tweeter plus play anywhere since front ported and the Chorus I is superior.
  3. My favorite old vintage Klipsch speaker. For my money the only one that beats this is the KP-301 I.
  4. I am sitting here thinking I won't give approval to doing something I would not be willing to do myself and this is one of those. Why don't you post pictures of all this dirt that has you bothered and see how others may have removed it. Perhaps a damp soapy rag should do fine for dirt and the heck with all the added complications
  5. Well check out Birdseye, quilted, ribbon figure, and Burl too while you are at it.
  6. Now go look up curly and herringbone and spalted.
  7. Acetone + room + vapors = boom.
  8. That will work and take them down to bare fiberglass. repainting is easy but you are going to regret not taking care of cosmetics before sitting them up two flights of steps. Is there some reason you can't just buff with scotchbrite pads and paint over what is there?
  9. Wishing I had an old woofer here to look at as after posting a couple of comments and deleting them .
  10. Look at the CW4 pic Randy posted above and the dome shape in the middle of the woofer is a dust cap.
  11. Speaker cement dries like that and I have used it before for minor tears, like cats clawing, on the accordion surround. I also see the dust cap gone so there are indications it has been repaired. Can't hide a shredded dust cap but you can remove it.
  12. Any K-77 type can be cut from wood.
  13. Small world. Learned how to weld at N O Avondale Shipyards in the middle of the summer. Then went to Bollinger Shipyards in Lockport LaRose. Don't regret leaving either of them.
  14. Well there is an alternative though I have yet to hook my set up and see how they will do. The B&C DCX464 and ME464 can be bought and in the EU beats a lot of fees for EU customers. You live on a big island you have problems no matter what. That's true for design and machining software too and EU customers pay far more then we do here for the same thing.
  15. Where are you that getting K-402 sets are a problem? My understanding is Klipsch will sell you sets all day long. Replacement parts are an issue though if you are not an owner with serial numbers. OK S-MWM #2 go for it! Mine has the 402 + 1132 driver and when you get done I can send you the Xilica file I use for mine.
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