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    Lapidary, 3D MCAD design, welding, CNC machining and of course music to work by. Occasional tweeter and speaker designs. Finding fixing and selling old Klipsch speakers primarily pro stuff.
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    Currently it is.
    Super MWM Bi-amped with Xilica XP3060 and dual Crown XLI800's
    Hand selected 12g high purity zip cord
    Sonic enhanced tinted Duratex Coatings
    25MM Baltic Birch real wood not MDF
    Concrete floor cable supports
    Used K-43-K, K-402 and K-1132
    Super Duper crimp connectors
    Chair with seat belt to keep listener in place
    Fancy Shmancy Mogami 1/8" jack to RCA wire thing
    Dell Precision 3620 Tower Music Server
    Commercial Tin Siding sound diffusers
    Subject to change tomorrow.

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  1. In the thread "Best Cornwall....?" starting on page 4 and on for a while. Page 4 is also where you basically said Roy does not know what he is doing. It was worth digging that old thread up and re-reading it was fun. Invitation accepted.
  2. Absolutely. Somehow his what he thinks trumps what everyone else thinks and I remember his Pro Klipsch Gear is junk meant only for train stations diatribe. MDF too was quite fun.
  3. B&C specs. I did not test it and my Crown XLI800 only goes to 200 watts anyway. I was a bit off on the watts so here is what they have to say. From B&C THE NEW B&C DE1090TN IS A 1.4" HIGH FREQUENCY COMPRESSION DRIVER THAT HANDLES 140 WATTS AES STANDARD & 280 WATTS PROGRAM; FEATURES A NEW REDESIGNED LARGE 4" ...
  4. That kind of reminds me of the new B&C large horn for the new 1.4" DCX464 coaxial driver.
  5. Just before the 50,000 posts mark was arrived at not to long ago the conjecture was maybe a toaster.
  6. Thinking of how silly this all is. I happen to be working on a set of 1132 drivers today that will end up on some 402 horns. Now this is all 100% pure Klipsch oem stuff. They are going to end up on a set of 415/4 lf bass bins and are rated to 400 seat theaters so therefore are pretty large scale speakers. While the horn itself has a 2" throat let us look at the 1132 driver. This is the snout or adaptor that goes on the 1132 driver to adapt the 1.4" driver to the 2" horn. And as we see the 1.4" driver that is mounted on that snout. I have in my shop at least 4 different 1.4" drivers and one of them is rated 250watts. Three times that of the 1132 driver.
  7. Yup and I have a 68 year old butt I think is broken in too.
  8. Anything is possible. Some sources for information lack credibility at times and so I look for verification. I have an experimental Heresy 3 crossover given to Kirby by Roy and subsequently given to me by Kirby that never made it into production and it looks nothing like the production ones I have seen.
  9. You bet they break in. Sound gritty until then.
  10. In the for what it is worth category. Working with a fixed resistor L-Pad recently and attenuation from 9 to 9.5db clearly changed the balance of the instruments to each other and the center stage presence moved from slightly above and in front of me to right straight in front of me. It sounded more like the chamber groups I have heard in person. Going to 10db killed it and wonderful became just ho hum music. That was a really fine post on Violins @travis
  11. Anyone here have two they would like to trade for some MAHL'S? I have a set of KP-320's I would like to restore but the woofers are shot.
  12. For my own knowledge I would like to see your source of information on this. For what it is worth I also think I do see two predrilled holes between the mounting screw and cap. That is definitely an older crossover though.
  13. I don't ever remember seeing caps like that on any Heresy I have dealt with. Nor purple, I suspect, aftermarket wires.
  14. A simple trip to Parts Express will get you capacitors at competitive prices that have worked just fine for many of us. If you want a Super Heresy follow Claude's instructions and you will get Super Heresy results. Start using what you happen to have sitting around and you get who knows what. The EV 35 is old technology and will not give you Super Heresy results.
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