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    Lapidary, 3D MCAD design, welding, CNC machining and of course music to work by. Occasional speaker designs and reverse engineering.
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  1. Dave A

    Best Cornwall....?

    The very best Klipsch for detailed audiophile experience is the better Pro stuff. What Westcoastdrums said is right. Cornwalls, La Scalas and KHorns are great but the better Pro is superior. Don't take my word for it either you deserve to go and find out in person but don't say you weren't warned.
  2. Dave A

    Bevel cuts with a Cabinet saw

    I am leaning towards the table saw and a jig right now. I like the idea of the Skilsaw but no track for it and a mess when done. That 8.25" blade would be the way to go and even with a track, if I could find one, has plenty of capacity. The Unisaw I found has a nice Jet 3hp dust vacuum I can tie right into the base and dust remediation is easy. But I might get that Skilsaw anyway just for the Super MWM as it will work fine on those big pieces with a guide.
  3. Dave A

    Bevel cuts with a Cabinet saw

    ????????????????? That Skilsaw sounds awesome but I can't find a track for it. Wondering if I can mill one out of 3/8 thick aluminum. Have to go look at some and think about it. Certainly the cheapest way to get that angle but messy in my shop. I also like what you say Bruce and have to believe the cabinet saw would produce more consistent and easier cuts once the jig is set up. Plus you buy it right when your projects are all done (like that will happen right?) you can sell it for what you have in it. There is a nice Delta Platinum Unisaw with a Jet dust extractor near by and the idea of not having sawdust everywhere appeals to me.
  4. I would like to talk to some of you who have built La Scalas to find out how you accurately cut those 30 and 60 and other degree angles. I intend to get a cabinet or Unisaw soon to build out some of these projects I have in mind but before I do need to find out what are the best tools for doing so. I prefer to buy just what I need and not things I don't need. Is the best way to cut to size and then use a router table for the bevel? Youtube has videos but none I have found yet convince me they are the best way.
  5. Dave A

    Chorus ii v Heresy iii

    It is amusing to see people jump when the quiet lead in becomes thundering bass or drums. I will have to try the Overture and see about that. It is a good thing I live way out in the country so I can do what I want.
  6. Dave A

    Chorus ii v Heresy iii

    Moray on my Kp-450's they had no bracing and on the KP-456's they ran a 2 x 4 from the motorboard between the woofers to the back side and they evidently had a resonance problem with the 450's. I had intended to do the same thing with the Chorus build but are you suggesting more? Do you have any build dimensions for your oversize cabinet?
  7. Dave A

    Best Cornwall....?

    Don't deflect. Quality of construction was my theme here + engineering to make the sound to a certain level of quality as cheaply as possible. Never said they did not sound good although all the Cornwalls I have heard sound boxy to me compared to Chorus. That is a personal opinion many do not share. All of my current speakers are stock Klipsch by the way and Baltic Birch so I know they can build them right when they want to. My biggest customer for many years was a restaurant chain called O'Charleys. The genius who started it was forced out by an MBA/CPA dude who became the new CEO and saw nothing but cost containment. So he started hacking and whacking and when they finally got around to removing the quality ingredients from their commissaries products the end result was almost bankruptcy and they went from 600+ stores down to somewhat over 200. So yes unless there is someone who remembers what made the product great to keep a tight rein on the guy who only can see dollars sans sense they are bad news. CPAs as leaders and primary decision makers are bad news equaled only by MBA's which seem to make money by exporting jobs to other countries away from their "expensive" domestic work force which is then still somehow expected to continue purchasing from the hollowed out MBA dudes outfit. So yes as hired help they are needed but as leaders and or primary decision makers they are constant peril to all involved except themselves. Sorry for the thread morph OP but it happens. In spite of my derogatory sawdust comments those Cornwalls will sound better than anything else at that price point from other companies but there is more than one way there.
  8. Dave A

    Best Cornwall....?

    Precisely. And YES bean counters do take advantage of customers even $40,000 ones who are buying prestige and ego more than superior construction. They pinch every penny until it squeals. One of the reasons I went purely Pro for my own use is sound quality and the other is, although pretty far down the list from sound quality, cabinet quality. Hmmmmm, really? Good cabinet makers pick good material to work with and decent tools too I might add and avoid all those perils you have subjected yourself to. We agree on one thing namely "Still, I can't help but reply to the above"
  9. Dave A

    Best Cornwall....?

    Neck and neck with the capacitor ones ;D
  10. Dave A

    Best Cornwall....?

    OK you win with logic that overwhelms my personal experience and so I concede the validity of inferior material to be superior now and tip my hat to you. I am humbly chastened with the list of people you have used as reference material and your limited personal experience to be far above mine and more valid.
  11. Dave A

    Best Cornwall....?

    OK did you read why I say this? You quoted it and I hardly think why I dislike MDF was left out. It does not matter to me one iota that many high dollar speaker builders get cheap on their customers I know what I see and deal with when I have to fix the end result in the used speaker market..
  12. Dave A

    Best Cornwall....?

    I can buy 1" baltic birch for $49.00 per sheet + tax. When the cost of a speaker is $4,000+ and the use of inferior material saves maybe $50 per pair of Cornwalls please tell me again about engineering suitability VS parsimonious MBA CPA types who ask engineers for minimum suitable standards for production VS superior quality for production. They sell the heck out of Baltic Birch here in Music City to people who build custom cabinets and need them to be able to resist abuse and sound good. Perhaps most home environments think they will never subject their MDF stuff to abuse but I have handled way to many that have had water damage that PROVE to me the inferiority of the material. Out of the roughly 70 to 80 pairs of Klipsch I have sold MDF is what gives me trouble and that is the voice of real world experience.
  13. Dave A

    Pristine Chorus I + upgrades

    I am not sure why these are still here but they are. I bought them from the original owner and have the boxes with his name on it from HI FI buys in Nashville to prove it. You have to really hunt to see the miniscule flaws in the oiled Oak veneer. Recapped with Clarity and Audyn caps and has my MAHL k-79 drop in replacement tweeter with DE120's. They are the best sounding Chorus speakers I have heard in person to date. $1,275 for a set that will knock your socks off and wont need to be fixed or upgraded. Pictures on the EBay listing. Do not contact me on EBay regarding these unless you want to pay the full EBay price because the sale will have to go through them at that time. These are tied with the finest condition Chorus speakers I have ever had and are the best sounding ones. If you are in the area you are welcome to stop in and hear these even if you do not want to buy them. Twist my arm real hard and I will sit down and listen and visit for a while. I might even fire up the MCM 1900 you just never know. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Chorus-I-with-MAHL-Machined-Aluminum-Horn-Lens-DE120-drivers/323400794773?hash=item4b4c308295:g:tyEAAOSwhSVbdumv:rk:1:pf:0
  14. For my tastes the LSI's are the best La Scalas hands down. Great set and I hope you can sell them to one buyer who appreciates what you have done. My last LSI had been recapped and had my MAHL tweets added and a pair of soldered lug K-55-V's. Sitting next to my KP-456 I almost kept them which is a real testament to how good they sounded.