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    Lapidary, 3D MCAD design, welding, CNC machining and of course music to work by. Occasional speaker designs and reverse engineering.
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  1. Dave A

    Chorus II Too Big?

    Chorus I's are my favorites over Fortes and Cornwalls and Chorus II's. I like the sound and the front ports which free you from being corner dependent. The other thing is they respond remarkably well to improvements.
  2. Dave A

    What were Chorus cabinets made out of?

    I did not figure scrap for one second. pieces that big are never scrap. In your opinion would 1989 be way to late for the all lumbercore builds? What fooled me here when I was told this was all wood was the sound of the side and top panels. It was exactly like the back sounded and I am used to MDF sounding different.
  3. Hah, my memory is not that good and I had forgotten that. Too many irons in the fire right now to wander back in the threads too.
  4. Full auto stereo surround sound and semi auto stereo with scary repeat play and blue tooth.
  5. Dave A

    Walnut tweeter lenses

    OK guys no rendering but here is a proposed free standing Walnut/DE120 with a cutout for your existing small MAHL. 7" tall 7" wide and 3.5" deep. I am probably three weeks, maybe more, away from trying this as I have too many other things to do right now. But at least you can see this and give me your opinion. One similar to this can be done for the large MAHL and de10 but the horn will be an integral part of the block of wood. The one for the DE10 will have to be deeper too. The only problem with this style is there will be no tilt if you want that. How critical do you all consider tilting these to be?
  6. Dave A

    K-77-F tweeter on the way

    I have an agreement with B&C that I can only sell these with horn lens sales. I am not allowed to sell individual drivers unless it is provably from a past customer for the horn lenses. Sorry.
  7. Dave A

    Super MWM

    Well here is how I see the two comparing Tee nuts and inserts. The Tee nut can be pushed out but the backer board prevents that. The brass insert cant be pushed out but alignment is a problem and the pullout strength is FAR less. If you do not use a power tool to run the screws in and out your chances of cross threading or pushing these out become almost non-existent anyway but most of us, myself included, choose to be lazy and sometimes suffer consequences..
  8. Dave A

    K-77-F tweeter on the way

    Not sure but it looks to be yet another variation on the tweeter.
  9. Dave A

    Super MWM

    Not a bad idea if one of the Tee nuts strips out. It would make it possible to use a different set of holes to mount the speakers. For sheer pull out strength the Tee nuts are the ones though and with care should never give trouble.
  10. Dave A

    What were Chorus cabinets made out of?

    I can send you pictures that say these Chorus I's ARE plywood front and back if you wish. Don't really care what Google says compared to what my eyes can see in person.
  11. Dave A

    What were Chorus cabinets made out of?

    Hey I want to be called out if I am wrong. I don't like it when it happens to me so I do not want to do it to others. Thanks for doing so.
  12. Dave A

    What were Chorus cabinets made out of?

    I thought I remembered the only Quartet I had as being MDF too since I remember thinking how cheesy MDF and screws are when I worked on that set. Really inadequate for that woofer. I have a Forte II out in the shop and I will have to look and see what it has now that I am curious.
  13. Dave A

    What were Chorus cabinets made out of?

    Wuzzzer that was me and I was going on what I had been told and the fact that all the surfaces I could see after disassembly showed plywood in the cutouts and wood every where else. Short of drilling holes to see in the side panel I had no way to test except to tap on them and they all sounded like the same material. I thought I had read here at some time the earliest ones did have all wood so it was part what I could see and verify and part what I thought I had read and what the original owner said. This guy was a real fanatic about these and made sure I had appropriate packing before he let me get them and supervised the loading of them from beginning to end. He seemed to know what he was talking about. I have amended the listing to reflect what has been told here so far and was hoping the historian would know for sure. Unless HDBR is the historian in which case now we know. Thanks by the way for making me research this further as I want accurate descriptions.
  14. Dave A

    K-77-F tweeter on the way

    Brian these K-77-M's are the very first ones I made and have been out there for months so not sure what you are asking now.