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  1. Well my story is turning out like Pete's. I have a customer who I have worked for since the mid 90's have a must fix set of parts for a donut dropper machine for a Chicago customer of his that has to be done today. I am really going to try to get there sometime today but it all depends right now on how quickly I can get this mess done. Outside of making speaker parts he is my biggest remaining customer for machining and welding since I have run the rest off in semi retirement and I have to take care of him before fun. Update later today.
  2. Don't be like CNNLOL find a reliable source for your information. Make Audio Great Again will be there.
  3. Question of the day. Will Rockhound ever keep anything he buys for more than a year or so?
  4. At least you had a set of them once. People who have never had a top flight pro set just don't know how good they are. You ever want to do that again though you will probably have to buy new. Used gear is getting harder by the month to find and I have basically given up looking and once my last batch is gone that will probably be it. I have sold 9 sets of KPT-456's, two sets KPT-450's, four sets of 904's and an MCM-1900. The people who get them love them and I don't see them changing hands again.
  5. This is not a stacked cut a layer at a time horn. The pieces will be glued together before cutting and the goal is to eliminate virtually all the hand finishing that went with the traditional Fastrac. The OAL depth would be 8", 6 for horn 2 for adapter. Now I will probably use reduced size sections going towards the throat for the K-400. For freestanding ones though I will more than likely just leave it a block of wood with no stepdowns.
  6. This is for sure true with the 2" throat drivers but the new 2" phase plugs require a 3D printer to make since they are not moldable. This would rule out making them this way for small inexpensive drivers. I would not rule out Roy getting a ton of custom proprietary molded phase plugs made for these though.
  7. On a rare set of speakers. These hardly ever come up and I watch and seek all the time.
  8. There is no reason I can see for that except it saves a few dollars per speaker. You just can't substitute MDF for plywood all the way around without having cabinets that may end up failing when suspended or moved around often. Pros have different expectations regarding durability.
  9. One of my primary goals in making the things I do is that they be direct drop in replacements. Now I may do things like change the horn section motorboard on La Scalas to allow for using the LMAHL over the SMAHL but those are personal projects I do for speakers I am working on. I have also provided cut diagrams elsewhere on my various projects so people who are interested can do them too. But in general I am not a fan of altering existing Klipsch Vintage speakers in ways that can't be reversed unless it is with things like internal bracing. This was a rendering out of Walnut but nearly impossible to get true to life with my skill level plus Solid Edge lets me make these renderings but since I did not spring for the full cost add on sticks those lovely Keyshot things everywhere. I guess they figure showing you what you could have and plastering their logo on it all is their way of convincing you to pony up some cash. Also what was not shown since I have not spent much time on the model is that it will have a flange to allow for screwing into the motorboard just like the K-400 does. I am also going to do something similar for the Bell and KHorn but it will have both the tweeter and mid cut into it.
  10. While cutting parts today I began working on the design for a K-400 prototype. Meant to be a direct drop in with the mouth flush to the front of the motorboard. This is just the basic idea without refinement. It will have a 2.5" throat and adapters for 2",1.4" and 1" drivers which will extend the over all horn depth to 8". I have had enough inquiries from people to prompt me into looking into doing these. Along with the other projects it will be later in the year before anything gets cut, tested and good drivers vetted but it is in the queue. On the one inch adapter I am also going to make one that has 1 3/8 18TPI internal threads for the K-55 driver. The adapters will be 2" long and taper cut for specific throat of horn to throat of driver combinations. All three sizes can be mounted on these horns but you will have to match your driver to the adapter. If you elect to change drivers later all you will need is the correct adapter.
  11. Those are pretty nice sounding HF sections and look to be in good shape. I am wondering as I type this how they would sound on a La Scala bass bin?
  12. It is by design as they want this. Portland could have ended the nonsense months ago but the Mayor / Chief of Police and the "cut them loose" DA after over 100 days aid and abet the perps doing bad things. Mayoral race for Portland will be between the goof in there right now and this. Plenty of documentation online about these two. ttps://pjmedia.com/election/jeff-reynolds/2020/06/25/is-portland-oregon-ready-to-elect-an-antifa-mayor-n577948
  13. Dave A

    Corona has vanished!

    Hmmm, you do understand people in church peacefully and legally gather to worship God and those protesters gather to break laws and loot burn and trash things don't you? The daily video of this is out there for all to see so it is not plausibly nor rationally deniable. Why shouldn't one group be met with enforcers of laws since they are breaking laws? It baffles me that the idea these protests are peaceful is even brought up with all the evidence to the contrary. CNNLOL once again I guess.
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