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    Lapidary, 3D MCAD design, welding, CNC machining and of course music to work by. Occasional tweeter and speaker designs. Finding fixing and selling old Klipsch speakers primarily pro stuff.
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  1. I do have a small list of ones I find remarkable. My favorite one for some time now has been Japanese Fireworks and not music. Good Cello recordings are next. Then it is a few from diverse genres that made it past the sound engineers in good shape.
  2. Now that's funny and true. When I am working on repairing sets of speakers I normally let them run for days. Often I think those sound OK and after a few days think they sound pretty good. So I think I could live without my S-MWM's if I had to with these. Then they find new happy homes and I fire the S-MWM's back up. DARN I forgot how good those things sound and after a week they are still really good but nothing special as I have accustomed myself to them again.
  3. Congratulations Issacr, you have become the latest endorser of real wood over MDF. Anything after H1's and you would have had to throw them out as they crumbled away.
  4. You picked the right version to jump in on. These are the best by far of all the CW's.
  5. OK tinkering with drivers for my 1.4" throat wood horns and they run up to 109db efficiency whereas the typical woofer seems to be 99 to 100db. So I have an L-Pad from PE I am using to try and take measurements from to establish what resistor values to use. Two things become evident. One is what sounds best to me does not agree with the online L-Pad calculators. Two is getting any accurate measurement down to .01 ohms is pretty hard as the measured values jump around, I guess, according to how many windings are touched when you rotate the knob. Is there such a thing as precision L-Pads that would eliminate measurement problems? I am finding that with some 904 bass bins (I am guessing on the db efficiency of these K-45's to be around 100db) where I want to add wood horns to even .05 ohms can make an audible difference in the HF side of things.
  6. Chris do you think the newest DATS tester is accurate enough to detect changes? I might be interested in testing some speakers I am using for the heck of it
  7. 12g all day long here and I figure I am covered. Buy it by 100' spools and go as long as I wish though what that really means is perhaps 30' at best.
  8. You are not going to hurt your amp running these at the same time. Both are 8 ohm speakers. The 301 II's will sound a bit harsh on the HF due to the Ti diaphragm in comparison to the 301 I so you will never get them to sound as good as a complete set of 301 I's. They still should be good sounding as a set.
  9. Nope not aimed at you and wanted to make sure you knew that. As you say though once past a modest cost for cables the improvements, to me, are mainly in wealth transfer from buyer to seller.
  10. I think all is futile unless you stick $6,000 cables in there somewhere. Don't forget the "proper" power cord and bees wax impregnated fuses too. I know, I know, but I can't help myself. These types of threads just tickle my Audiogon funny bone. Not aimed at you Fido.
  11. Golden Ears and that is something most (all) of us lost when we went past 50 much less 60. We get super audio producing power just as super hearing goes down the drain. Tinkering with placement and room acoustics is your concern now as you are past break in. Then comes revising your music library as new speakers will effect your existing music files. Every time I have made a change in speakers it seems that some past favorite recordings just don't sound right any more.
  12. No doubt cable selection and management is important.
  13. Ahoy matey, I thought they put mermaids on ship prows?
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