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  1. Well you did say you could not find any info on schematics and I demonstrated how. Sorry it excited you so much and welcome to the forum.
  2. Google is not your friend but for things like this it works. Type in "Klipsch Type AL Crossover" and you will find under images all you need. A simple search would have found your answers right away.
  3. Yes but they look good at a customers house and not at mine anymore.
  4. I see you carefully avoided mentioning which years holidays though.
  5. Dave A


    They had pretty significant damage. Much more than just minor damage because you cant fix MDF that has been well watered. I had a set a couple of years ago I could not get rid of. Finally scrapped them and the parts brought over $700. I figure I got lucky and never again. I didn't think much of them and can't figure out why they have such a good reputation.
  6. The small MAHL replaces the K-77 and the large MAHL fits the K-792,79,76 etc next size up. The K-77 mounts on the back side of the cutout and the large MAHL has the flange and front mounts to motorboards. Both are direct drop ins for different speakers.
  7. Dave A

    CP-1 Pro Speakers

    so what is the difference between Cornwalls and a CP-1?
  8. Ha Ha I have some Chinook audio that is pretty tasty with the Super MWM's.
  9. The wonderful smell of burning rubber and that lovely ground pounding noise and the sheer unbridled demonstration of testosterone would be enough for me. The bugging out of eyeballs would be another plus. Asuming one had the money to do this as that guy has a lot tied up in that monster. Better than Wilson speakers or fru fru B&W's for true to life live sound kind of like what Klipsch is known for. My neighbors on the other hand don't live so close but they know I am around when the Tanerite goes off.
  10. Yes the new lens is a direct drop in replacement and will reuse the existing screw holes from the original K-77's. It will have the mouth of the horn flush with the front of the motorboard and will not require Zee brackets or cabinet modification and you need do nothing to your crossover. On AA's which are my favorites with the DE120 I take the Zeners out of the circuit since you don't need that protection any longer. The DE120's you have will fit my lenses. I must be the master of dumb answers as my wife often looks at me like I am, well ah, well like I am dumb.
  11. You will be waiting a long time for further changes. I can't think of what else there is to change after this. The straight wall in the clamp plate was the only suggestion to change something and I really think this will be it. I have to laugh about mind sets over this whole episode. I designed something and it worked very well and so there I stayed with the first design. When this modification was suggested they asked why the bolt on clamp plate and not just bolting the driver to the horn lens. Of course this is impossible to do but I thought OK if I make the clamp plate the bottom 1/2" of the horn lens body the clamp plate can become a part of the horn lens cavity itself and I can do away with the straight wall in the clamp plate. It never occurred to me to do this from the beginning so here we are after I was prodded into rethinking what I had started with.
  12. I know, I thought about this before going ahead. I have bought PC's and two months later a super duper one comes out I would have rather had. The one I bought did exactly what I wanted though so I could not complain too much but yes I could grumble and wish I had waited. This was a redesign larger than any others I can foresee coming down the pike so I figured like speakers and cars and PC's things do move on. Since the quest for better sound is fairly serious to me I could hardly deny a great suggestion for improvement. It worked and onward we go. You can try these out in something you have laying about which seems to grow at will daily. ;D
  13. I knew this question would come up and I don't have an answer yet. I machine both the lens and clamp plate bolted together on the horn cavity and what I don't know is how bad pieces might pick out during cutting where the wood transitions into aluminum. Walnut might be OK but Red Oak I think not. I can accept a very minor amount of splintering in the cut as long as it is not distracting and I end up scrapping more than you think especially with the Oak. Re-cutting the old one? I don't think I will even try as the time to face off wood is in the planer for the surface where the lens body meets the clamp plate and that's not going to happen with lenses already cut.
  14. That MDF horn ALK sells was my inspiration.
  15. Those questions are way beyond my pay grade. Claude or Chris A could tell you about what you propose to do I think.
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