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  1. I was in the area a week ago and passed on them. You need two not one for a system and good luck getting the second one in this lifetime. Yeah Uship beats the you know what out of FEDEX. Great Plains Audio where I will go to get some woofers fixed has forbidden people sending them anything by FEDEX because of recurring damage. I refuse FEDEX shipping around Christmas due to the number of crushed boxes I had two years ago.
  2. My wife was not crazy about black industrial boxes either. I got a gallon of tintable Duratex though and had it tinted to a light brown and that was fine. It will be a bit hard and messy to get to all the visible areas but the brown does look much nicer than black.
  3. That has not been my experience with 301's. Like other good pro gear they are great at any volume and they also do loud quite well and far higher if you wish. I do still turn things up on occasion but find myself listening at 80db and under more and more
  4. A lot of speakers snicker snicker! I have a pathway through my pile and in spite of my intent not to get more, I get more and very few are as small as those Chorus's.. I am a big fan of front ported speakers since I like boxes that do not have to go into a corner to sound good. A thread on the Chorus is a great idea and I look forward to it.
  5. I was mentioning the generator only to explain exactly what it was I did when I got speakers to work on. Your chances of running across a bad driver you can't detect outside of an ohm meter and hearing are pretty small. If you are not going to work on a lot of speakers I would not bother to get one. On the other hand they are handy and EBay had mine for $50. Well if you try the port mod make sure to post results.
  6. In the for what it is worth category here is what I do with Chorus I's. I check the mid and woofer with an ohm meter and frequency sweep generator and make sure all connections are tight. I recap the existing crossovers with Dayton 1% for the 2 2uf caps and Audyn Q4 caps for the 68UF and an Audyn Q4 for the 7uf but use the 6.8 Audyn which is close enough.Stick the LMAHL V2 in there and it transforms the whole thing. I have never felt the need to go further or alter this recipe for maybe six sets now. Love those Chorus I's and they respond so well to these upgrades and play anywhere and don't need corners.
  7. I have heard the 4's. I was not a fan of Cornwalls at all and much preferred the Chorus speakers. Hearing the 4's was a complete shock and all the things I did not like were gone. Yes it is the same size box but I would hardly call this wonderful sounding speaker antiquated.
  8. Don't let him ever come by my shop is all I can say. I am a very bad influence.
  9. Bypass all the living room stuff and go straight to the big pro gear if you can find them. KP-301's 1st gen are nice and Chorus speakers also. There is no substitute for cubic inches and a design with headroom to spare.
  10. Dave A


    OP loves and takes care of his gear. Buy from him without concern.
  11. 67 miles SSW of Nashville so no broad rivers here. I do have a small stream across the road and a cave spring though with gravity flow water to the house.
  12. I could never live in the city after living out in the country. No where near as remote as you but it is still 9 miles around the block and we have trees everywhere. No expansive views but that's OK since it is hills and trees in the way.
  13. This is a different tweeter body than the one you are thinking of. This is for the larger tweeter Klipsch has like the one in the Forte and Chorus and yes the DE-10 is the go to driver for these. The DE-120 is common in use where there are space restrictions where the K-77's were most frequently used.
  14. Ran across this today and will be playing it is the shop once the wife wakes up. This one too. S-MWM will be hopping later
  15. I have all the tools I just need to make the time to learn them. Every time I get started doing so with good intent I get bogged down in other things.
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