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  1. Welcome to the forum and I hope you get the info you need. Bout time you quit lurking.
  2. If they weren't so darned far away I would have them. It is a great deal on a rare system.
  3. I was given a set of Heresy II crossovers minus the input cup. Free to anyone who wants to pick up shipping. Not recapped.
  4. I have had three with AL crossovers. Don't know if that was the only one used with them though.
  5. Yes not mine but the guy has other audio gear for sale so he is selling his system for some reason. Anyone in the nearby area looking for a great sound set of speakers these are the one's I prefer above the rest excluding all horns and of course pro gear.
  6. Well you know how it is Claude it was the smallest wattage they had for that line. Fall will be here sooner than you think and I am going to point the big boys out at the roll up door. I will call you and let you know when so you can step outside and hear them.
  7. I have ended up using two Crown xli800's. I don't have a lot of experience with different amps and these are good enough that I am not looking either. 200watt per channel 8ohm and I have never gone past half the output according to the volume control on my current setup.
  8. I had to be dragged into electronic this and that kicking and screaming. But now that I am here it was worth it. On Jim's 456's he might have 2 or 3" difference in driver depth so I cant see he would ever need to do time alignment. Bi amping and dialing in all the drivers with EQ and gain along with REW measurements I bet would help though. I have Crown amps, Xilica and REW setup and I cant see needing anything more for my lifetime based on what I am hearing here today.
  9. Well that's how you do it. I decided I needed to add CNC machining to my skill set and went and bought a Haas VF3. Well do you know how to run one my friends say? As a matter of fact no but I bet I figure it out. Unless you get a set of 402's to go on those I would not worry about time alignment. Your drivers are so close I doubt highly anyone could hear a difference. Now if I talk you into building a set of S-MWM's with an 88" difference between drivers you might need it. I ended up going active and there are enough benefits to doing so besides time alignment that I will not be going back to passives for my personal systems. Bi amping made me discover that output from the same type of amps will differ and balancing that also will make a difference. I remember when I first heard 301's. I still like the older ones with cloth grilles the beat and you recap and stick some MAHL tweeters in there and they are awesome. But yeah you start finding out about things like 456's and better and all the other stuff just does not cut it anymore. I was pleased to see you get those. You were lucky by the way. There was a brief flurry of those to hit the market and then nothing anywhere. I sold 8 sets and none lasted more than two weeks and most were gone in a week and I have looked high and low for more. Don't let those go.
  10. If I were ever to buy new these are one of the finalists. Those 942's are pretty compelling too.
  11. Well I did the same thing he did in a manner of speaking. As we find out more we look for different things to buy but we still have many of those bits and pieces we have bought along the way. Some are useful and some need to be sold off.
  12. Anybody have some old ones kicking around they don't need?
  13. Honestly I have decided I am not interested in what you do. Do what you want I don't care and won't be back to reply.
  14. If you are in the NJ area here is a set starting off at $650. I normally end up selling ones like these with recapped crossovers for $1,200. Great sounding setup and my favorite of all the old speakers that are not horns. https://www.ebay.com/itm/klipsch-chorus1with-crites-crossovers-and-MAHL-tweeter-upgrade-with-B-E-drivers/153584576931?hash=item23c25aa9a3:g:SPMAAOSwPvFdNeFJ
  15. I have just erased most of what I said in reply as I guess I really don't care what you do but you come off as kind of abrasive. Might not be intentional but there it is.
  16. Good luck on this one. Not everything is wheel and deal when new. Best you try and find good used for deal zone stuff. Klipsch does not flood the dealers with stock they have to sell to beat inventory costs. Cory with Metropolis is telling you the truth and he is a square shooter. Lets see what you have to say about your buying power in time. You just might do it but I doubt it this time.
  17. Hi Jim, Is this on your KPT-456? I am with Coytee on this and I would push you down the simple path too. Two cheapo Crown xli800's working fine here. Speaking of which you need to stop in again when you are in the area for my current "patio" system😀 I am finding my gain problems are best solved with a Xilica or equivalent. Set the basic volume up on the amps and leave them alone and further tinkering is through the xilica. I had an imbalance in gain with my two amps but that xilica fixed all that and more.
  18. I think they do that in any space. Hard to imagine what they do until you get a set to play with.
  19. Thanks Bruce. I have been pondering mid horns for some time now. I keep coming back to the idea of machining something like Maple butcher blocks stacked and glued together and wonder about the various designs out there. Probably will opt to just cut another concave elliptical shape though since they seem to test well in smaller sizes. Just went to his site and had a look at his workshop. He does a lot with a minimal amount of space and tools. Those pondering whether they can do something like this should have a look to see it does not require a huge outlay in tooling cost to build things.
  20. How did you determine the shape of these? Thinking hard about doing something along these lines too.
  21. Dave A

    Walnut KHorns

    John is a guy who finds buys and sells all kinds of audio gear and has done so for decades I believe. Used to also sell high end new audio systems and I don't remember which ones. As far as I know he does not tinker with things nor fix them he is strictly buy and sell. I don't think he is a member.
  22. Hmmm sounds like the snare was some time ago😀 What exactly are you using in your baffle and why are you choosing it?
  23. It is revealing when you are sanding off various cabinets the degree of resonance a simple orbital sander creates. I have wondered if it is worthwhile to try and eliminate as much of this as you can or tune the wood used to the drivers in question. 25mm Baltic Birch is an attempt to do both without using additional bracing and seems to be in general a good solution.
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