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  1. Oh worse then that he is running all 6 in bridge mode??? Should have read hie original comment more carefully before responding.
  2. I don't think that since a multichannel amp should cover each channel up to a certain wattage per channel or as an aggregate output for all added together. I am wondering the larger draw channels are closing down from overheating. I have only had one amp that was multi channel and have never had much interest in them so kind of conjecture on my part.
  3. I wonder if he is asking for too much power from his amp and it is shutting things down to preserve itself? First thing that came to my mind.
  4. It's a free market and prices charged for events like this have long amazed me. A self inflicted wound caused by those who spend the money and never seem to care how much. The only way to stop this is to refuse to subsidize this and I find few complainers willing to do so. If you are not willing to cut the cable then be quiet and pay.
  5. Only if you use tennis shoes laced with 14g zip cord.
  6. ABSOLUTELY and I went to fork crimp connectors when I found poor or even loose female or compressed male banana plugs on either the wire end or terminal cup. Wires stuck in those compression banana plugs also seem to work loose. IIf you use those make sure there is a good snug fit and remember that you accidentally kick that wire once that may be enough to cause that loose connection. I know, no one ever does that, right?
  7. I don't know a thing about MACs just thought it might be of interest to someone. I have my yummy and cheap Crown to keep me happy.
  8. Crown Audio XLI800 and Rotel RB-850 - electronics - by owner - sale
  9. McIntosh amp and preamp/tuner - electronics - by owner - sale
  10. Dave A

    WTB Crown amps

    Of course not every shipment was bad. Way to many have been though.
  11. Dave A

    WTB Crown amps

    Yeah Canada's postal is so screwed up it is unreal and expensive too. I have more trouble sending things to Canada then any other country that I have allowed to buy. Canadian customers have come real close twice to being cut off because their postal is so incompetent, destructive, slow and expensive.
  12. Dave A

    WTB Crown amps

    The XLI800's are great amps and what I use for my system and speaker testing. There is no fan noise with these and capable of great fidelity.
  13. HA HA back to rookie school 101 for YOU Dean. No it is hysterically funny. As an aside here I don't remember reading of so many ways to complicate an AA crossover recap job in a long time.
  14. Check to see if you have soldered lug K-55-V's on your mid horn.The markings on the back of those drivers sure look like you do and if so they are the best ones.
  15. Well he did say WAF counted but yes, as you say, upgraditis strikes many of us. I ended up with pro gear and eventually a set of MCM 1900's because they take the same notes and give them life and authority smaller speakers can never achieve. Went through a ton of stuff before I made the Super MWM's because I had certain goals. Mainly I wanted to sit next to the 32' organ pipes for real and not just a wimpy imitation of them. I never heard the Heresy 4's but I did hear the CW 4's and I figure for a small box it will be as good as you can get. I have built two Super Heresy's and people always thought it was the big speakers playing when they came here to hear them. I have my big speakers in the shop where I get no complaints about size or volume and spend a fair amount of time out there. My wife is welcome to have her house without the big old speakers but then if she wants to spend time with me she often will find me in the shop where the music is and not the house where Fakebook is.
  16. Well you already have WAF for Heresy's so why not go listen to a set of Heresy 4's. They are good speakers.
  17. Yeah I am not certain what is gained by doing that. Debating ideas is fine but rewrites changing what was actually said is not.
  18. 100% correct. I would say they are getting harder to find though as most of us immediately throw those old caps out and replace with good caps. I have sold some on EBay and have no idea why anyone would want them. I never asked I just felt fortunate someone wanted to buy those dog barkers. Regarding the idea "one can see the zener diodes ,so , this could be a very early version of the AA which was introduced in July 1971 " Every AA crossover had those from beginning to end so this does not indicate "early" AA crossovers. The caps sure do though.
  19. I use a B&K 885 set to 1000hz. I bought this one because it was the same one Bob Crites used for cap measurements. Of course he also could measure the output of the whole crossover with other equipment which I do not have. I figure I am not guessing with poor equipment at what is going on. If I want I can also measure inductance accurately and resistance also. While I may not be able to judge the aggregate of a whole crossover at once I can assess each component and if the values are correct I make the assumption the crossover is correct or at least according to OEM schematic specs correct. In any case back to the idea of recapping there is no doubt in my mind and practical experience there is a real benefit for the OP to recqp.
  20. Short of having test equipment to measure things with, which would be probably 95% of speaker owners, there are some general things you can figure on. I never measure capacitance and ESR on old crossovers anymore and especially on ones that old. The reason for that is that I used to do that until I concluded there were so few worth saving it was not worth it. And if say perhaps 90% of the caps measured bad why try to save one that was OK when the rejection rate indicated they would soon be bad too. Capacitance may be OK but the ESR on those will be right through the roof. I have recapped probably over 200 sets of Klipsch vintage speakers now and all show at least some improvement to dramatic improvement to my ear. I have never measured a whole crossovers output and only measure individual capacitors as they are the only components that drift over time. Jem as mentioned or Crites both have capacitors. I order from Parts Express and find that Audyn's work and are reasonably priced and do the work myself. Yes I am solidly in the replace camp. Don't throw away those old capacitors. They have some collector value and you can sell them as is on EBay and recoup some recap cost. Check the coil screw and make sure they did not stick a steel one in there. Brass or Stainless Steel only or you change the coil value from the specified one. Loosen and re-tighten all barrier strip screws and while you are in there anyway check your drives crimp connectors for tight fit. Check screws holding drivers on to be snug. Something else I have started doing is to use two caps in place of one. For the 13uf for instance perhaps a 5uf and an 8uf or any other combination that adds up to the right value gives me measurably lower ESR than a straight single 13uf cap would and those 13uf caps are not common or cheap when you find them. I do the same thing with the 2uf caps even though they are easy to find for the same reason. The idea of healthy caps that old is something I have never found data on. There is no information on allowable ESR for instance nor is there any info on allowable tolerance variation before a part should be rejected according to non existent tolerance specs on those old crossovers. For that reason I try to stay very close to the specs as listed on schematics and figure that is the ideal goal the designer had in mind for correct sound. 50 year old caps may give a sound some like but it is for sure not the sound the speaker started out with. I have yet to see anyone take new caps out and stick 50 years old caps back in because they sound better.
  21. Feeding the monster are we?
  22. Asking for informed opinions is a form of getting indicators as to which speakers you need to go listen to in person. Fortunately with most Klipsch speakers once you get to the Heresy level and up if you decide you are not happy and want something else you can at least get your money back out if you bought used. If you are wanting to buy new I would not do so unless I could hear some in person in someones home. Ask on the forum for people who have what you are interested in and I bet you find some to listen to a lot closer. Additional bonus is if their system is really sweet you get to see how they did it.
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