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  1. How does this turn into a 300% price increase? Shipping is pretty bad to some places and approaches $85 but unless there is a huge import fee I don't see how it gets a price tag like that. Oddly enough the worst country I have had to deal with has been Canada. Expensive, slow and they damage things.
  2. I quit trying to make these work because other projects were more important. I still think there is something good to be had there and have passed them on to someone who knows a lot more about this type of thing than I. He will be trying these out on my new 14 x 7 wood horn. I will say that on my Super MWM's here I had crossed over at 500hz before I have found 650 to 700hz sounds better. This is new diaphragm material on the 314 and the next offerings should be improved, if they do offer more. I have been advised to have the lowest crossover point possible to the horn but playing around with the Xilica is leading me to believe that does not always work. There are potential medical problems with my wife that have me concerned but I am fine. I want those 314's to work. The first time I head them it was pretty striking. I think it was the percussion and higher string notes were so clear but over time as daily listening went further I began to realize I was missing other things. The mind can play tricks on you with initial impressions. Hope things are OK for your family.
  3. Yes and as our hearing degrades over time it is nice to be able to to boost HF and be able to hear certain sounds again.
  4. I have thought about experimenting with different colors of paint on crossover boards and adding various powdered metals to the paint.
  5. I use them only on one driver. Like on the KPT 904 to tame the 510 horn + DE75 down with the factory crossovers as they were to strident otherwise. There might be better ways to do this but it is all I know to do and I am not a crossover expert to know what to alter to balance the HF to the LF on a two way like the 904.
  6. Well I wanted to sit next to the 32' organ pipes and that was a specific goal. I wanted that realism and those double 15" woofer bins you now have are what made me wonder just what was possible.
  7. So Jim you have made the transition from 1 15" woofer to two and see the difference. Wait until you hear the KPT 415-LF's. Nothing quite like watching someone get sucked into the dark side of Pro Klipsch.
  8. Word of warning. DO NOT listen to any variants with that big ugly no good 402 plastic horn on them.
  9. You are DOOMED! Once you hear them you can't go back.
  10. I wondered about that too. Those new CF4's are a tightly integrated system and I for one would never second guess what Roy has done. I am thinking if I was not happy with them I would start looking at pro line speakers. I understand the fun of experimenting but not on something like CW4's
  11. That was my old Solid Edge CAD program blog. Since I no longer work professionally doing that and I am no longer part of the Solid Edge fan boy club I have changed the title and main topic. Not much posted yet though.
  12. On wood not much. Carbide will last a long time. On metal parts it depends. If you match the right carbide grade and tool for the job + correct coolant + hydraulic tool holders and then run it with a good CAM program you can get a lot of life out of things. One of the biggest improvements in tool life for me was adopting high speed machining tool paths. Tooling can be a significant one time expense still with new tool holders but carbide is no longer as expensive based on parts cut with each carbide tool.
  13. Get a piece of fine Scotchbrite like the maroon 7442 pad and very lightly buff with it.Heavy preasure will leave to much scratch pattern.Also dont swirl it around but rub it back and forth in one direction along the long axis of the wood. Fine steel wool might be even better but remember to start with minimal preasure no matter what you do.
  14. Good call Bruce and I was about to suggest that until I saw your post. The only thing I would add is drill a hole for the screw small enough to get a good bite on the threads but not so small it puts to much pressure on the fake wood causing it to split.
  15. Impatient are we😁? I had no idea these were even up for sale as like many I don't go here all that often unless I am on the hunt. Smokinone told me he bought these and if they are the set I think they are they were pristine.
  16. IF drivers are in good shape this is my favorite of all the Chorus type speakers with the Chorus I next. 301-II's just never sounded musical like these do for my taste.
  17. 100% correct. Prices from 18 months ago or more are what you wish you could buy by. I have not seen a set of LS sell for under $1500 for the last year here in Tennessee. IF there were some listed cheaper they went so fast I never saw them which tells you something. Still think $3000 is crazy high but by the end of this year that may be normal.
  18. Dave A

    MCM 1900

    YES!! I am pondering building an 8' deep S-MWM with an approximate 180" potential throat. I am thinking if I make it a vertical 8' with a side exit it won't be such a space hog and really get down there. Build a shelf on the front side for the 402's and the more I think about this the more I am tempted. I am at a 108" throat depth now and I bet I can go longer and still crossover at around 600hz. Maybe not 8' down and back but enough to get down to at least 20 to 22hz.
  19. Well I have to agree on the Cello BUT, with the right recording even if it is tonally a bit different it can still be every bit as moving. And considering the difference in instruments and playing ability I think you could be hard pressed to say one is better than the other at times. It was hard to finally find a really good rendition of Four Seasons but I have one that is every bit as good as the last Charlotte Symphony Chamber group I heard.
  20. That is the problem. Finding well recorded and mastered.
  21. Dave A

    MCM 1900

    It's the presence the big boys bring to the table. You can hear 35hz and think OK. Then you can hear 35hz with feeling from a big horn and feel chill bumps at the very same volume. I had a friend over one day and I played Pink Floyd's "Time". I looked at my arm with the hair standing straight up and glanced at Bernard who was looking at his arm hair standing straight up.
  22. I had a set for sale (they did sell for 1g) and they were on the floor in front of the Super MWM's. Guy came over to listen to them and said "they sound nice". I said "yes for little speakers they are really good" "Oh, he says, I thought it was the big ones playing". I fired up the S-MWM's after he bought the Super Heresy's just so he could hear the difference heh heh.
  23. Ones not as pretty go for around 1g in Middle Tennessee but it may take a while for someone who knows what they are looking at to bite. Oh, yes by the way Grilles are very nice cane with repro badges.
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