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  1. Reminds me of leaving a family party and you have to say goodbye 4 or 5 times on your way towards the door. "I'm really leaving this time!" Over the years, I've developed the "Irish goodbye" where I just tell everyone "I'll be right back, I have to go check on that thing", and then I never return and nobody misses me. Works great. You should try it.
  2. Get a subscription to Qobuz - they probably have better masters than your CD's and they stream lossless CD quality (at minimum) right to your door. Keep your CD's as a backup. There are other great online streaming services as well.
  3. The OP is talking about lossy-compression 320Kb/S vs CD-quality. I think you are talking about sample-rate.
  4. Which files did you download from NativeDSD? DSD512?
  5. Lots of variables here. I would suggest a proper 320K MP3 rip from CD using LAME should be very very close to the original CD - it should be very difficult to tell a difference. I don't know all the ins-and-outs of LAME but maybe check to make sure you setup everything properly to get a good 320K rip. I'm also guessing the 128K internet jazz stream sounded better than Paul Simon because of mastering and/or music type. Just a guess.
  6. Elton John's goodbye tour wasn't this long.
  7. I was ready to slit my wrists after a couple minutes. 32 minute video, maybe 5 minutes of decent information.
  8. Must be a bachelor pad. Gear is on the floor and the speaker is blocking the closet door. Priorities.
  9. Nice article on hearing vs listening with a shout-out to Klipsch. Not sure if there is a pay-wall, but i was able to see the whole thing. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/music/story/2020-03-17/coronavirus-deep-listening-music-albums#null The best part is the 1959 picture of Clint Eastwood listening to a Barney Kessel album. Can anybody name those speakers in the corner? Or some of the gear on the floor?
  10. Pretty sure that's why they don't offer it.
  11. Dopes. Their loss, your gain. Congrats.
  12. Good advice above. You are not losing anything sonically because of WIFI itself, but I don't know anything about Bluesound or what it's driver is doing on your laptop, or what app you are using to stream etc. Lots of things could be changing the sound between the Tidal source and your DAC, with WIFI not being one of them (unless your wifi really sucks but then as thaddeus said, it would be noticeable drop-outs). I got rid of Tidal about 18 months ago after they starting shoving MQA down everyone's throat. A flac file and an MQA file could have different sounds - even if they are from the same source. Some people like, some don't.
  13. Lots of variables there. I would start by making sure your Tidal subscription is configured to send you the highest-quality stream possible - CD quality or better. Then, as a second test, you could eliminate the DAC as a variable. I'm not familiar with how the Node 2i works, but it looks like you can connect its digital-out to the digital-in on your Maverick DAC? This would allow you to directly compare Tidal-source+Bluesound-wifi versus CD-source+Jolida-transport. Make sure your sources are the same lineage/mastering.
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