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    Family Room: Klipsch Heresy III stock, Yamaha YST-SW90 sub, McIntosh MA6500 integrated amp, Schiit Bifrost 4490 DAC, Airport, Roon/iTunes, Sony SACD player
    Basement: Klipsch La Scala II stock, Rhythmic F12-G Sub, Klipsch RC-62ii center, Klipsch R-14s surrounds, McIntosh MC-58 8-channel amp, Yamaha HTR-5250 AVR PRE, PS Audio DirectStream Jr DAC, VPI Scout w/Ortofon 2m blue, Airport, Apple TV, Roon/iTunes

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  1. Heresy III tweeks

    Cool - The H3's are fantastic fun speakers that can blow out your townhouse if you want - no need to think you are making due. I don't have it listed in my signature but I do have the Schiit Mani phono preamp driving my VPI turntable - sounds great. My analog path is VPI (ortofon blue) --> Schitt Mani -->. Schitt Sys passive pre-amp --> McIntosh amp. Klipsch speakers are so sensitive, an active preamp is not needed. I think Schiit makes the best gear for the money - the Bifrost multibit (I have the older 4490) is amazing for the price. I have no experience with Project Turntables but I believe they are good value. Are you replacing your Thorens or is this for a new system? Again, the ortofon 2m blue is fantastic for the price IMHO. For blogs, this site has a lot of knowledgable folks and it gets entertaining often. There's also a large contingent of old farts with hearing aids that won't hesitate to tell you what tweeters sound the best, but they mean well :-) I also lurk on avsforum, psaudio, and Roon. this is a neat site I found recently: http://archimago.blogspot.nl I'm in Downers Grove.
  2. Heresy III tweeks

    Let me know how it goes.
  3. Heresy III tweeks

    If you will be sitting 8ft away, and the speakers are up against the short wall, I would keep them on the floor, ~6ft apart CTC, and adjust toe-in to your liking - in a range from crossing slightly behind you to slightly in front of you. You could also try them in the corners of the short wall, which would be about 8ft apart CTC, but then definitely toe them in so they are pointing at you or slightly in front of you.
  4. Heresy III tweeks

    Is the room being used as a bedroom - i.e. with furniture and a bed? or is it an office with an open floor plan?
  5. imaging ?

    Try tilting them back a little bit.
  6. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    No more posts for you until you close the chardonnay cabinet!
  7. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    They always say everyone stumbles and says something dumb on their 8219th post, so this will pass and you will recover. Don't be discouraged.
  8. La Scala's

    If my widow sells my LS II's for $1500, I'll be pissed.
  9. I agree this is a problem. Those studies referenced above are concluding people are getting dumber because vocabularies are declining in content and complexity over time. The eggheads who did these studies are obviously using a "Jump to Conclusions Mat" invented by Tom in the movie Office Space.
  10. La Scala's

    Wow - is that what LS II's are going for now?
  11. Password Hackers

    Was one of your accounts hacked with a brute force attack?
  12. Audio Mags: Impressions

    I had a subscription to Stereo Review (and maybe Audio for a time) in the 1980's while I was growing up. I enjoyed reading about all the gear I couldn't afford. As mentioned above, Julian Hirsch's reviews were informative between the lines concluding in some of the most expertly wordsmithed non-speak ever put down on paper in the English language. The old joke about the conclusion to all his speaker reviews: "Of all the speakers I have heard this year, this is certainly one of them."
  13. 2 Pre-pros / 1 Amp

    No but it's easy. I've thought about a 2-channel pre-amp with HT bypass but can't justify the coin (yet.)
  14. 2 Pre-pros / 1 Amp

    Yes. I have a passive-pre for my two-channel listening. Basically a switch box between my DAC and TT with a volume attenuator. The other pre is an AVR for movies and the kids' PS4, appleTV etc. The two are never used at the same time but the passive pre's volume attenuator is always part of the equation. In other words, when playing a move with the AVR, I make sure my two-channel passive pre's volume is set at a consistent level - like 12 o'clock - and this makes the volume of my L/R speakers match the rest of the center/surround speakers.
  15. 2 Pre-pros / 1 Amp

    I just use Y-cables to the unbalanced inputs on my amp.