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    Family Room: Klipsch Heresy III stock, Yamaha YST-SW90 sub, McIntosh MA6500 integrated amp, PS Audio DirectStream Jr DAC Roon-endpoint, Roon Streaming

    Basement: Klipsch La Scala II w/B&C DE120 MAHL horn tweeters, Rhythmic F12-G Sub, Klipsch RC-62ii center, Klipsch R-14s surrounds, McIntosh MC-58 8-channel amp, McIntosh C48 2-channel pre-amp & DAC, 2010 MacBook Air Roon-endpoint feeding C48 DAC via USB, Yamaha HTR-6260 AVR pre-amp, VPI Scout w/Nagaoka MP-100 MM Cartridge, Samsung Q90t 75", Apple4k TV, Roon Streaming

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  1. When you see a "Sale on socks" thread, you know you are on a forum full of old farts.
  2. pbphoto

    Umik1 - FOUND

    If you plan on using REW software, then get a Umik-1 or 2. It comes with a microphone calibration file that REW reads to understand the characteristics of your particular Umik.
  3. Very few things in life consume as much time as making the perfect mix tape.
  4. pbphoto


    The Tidal app is probably doing the first MQA decoding and sending 88 or 96 PCM to your DAC.
  5. I love a fat bass and I can not lie. 🤣🤣
  6. You just described 2/3rds of the people on this forum 🤣🤣🤣 He must have been listening to them seriously loud or accidentally popped them somehow. The K77 isn't the most robust tweeter but the LS2 has steeper-slope crossovers to protect it to the point where Klipsch felt safe lowering the crossover frequency back down to 4.5Khz from 6khz.
  7. I don't know if you can get OEM diaphragms - only those sold from places like Simply Speakers. Or, you might be able to call Klipsch, give them your LS2 serial numbers, and purchase replacement K77-D tweets. What did the previous owner do with these?
  8. I do too. I really like the stock K77-D tweets. I tried (many times) Crites' CT120s but something always seemed off to me. Then last year, when Dave came out with his MAHL's to fit the LS2's, I took the DE120s off the Crites' horns and put them on the MAHL's. I like these a lot too - a different sound than the K77-Ds but it mostly a matter of personal taste. The DE120s on the MAHL's are 1-2db quieter in the 6.5Khz-8Khz range, but then about 2-3db louder above 8Khz. I swap back-n-forth every few months when the mood strikes.
  9. Congrats! Rest your back and take an ibuprofen. When I got my LS2's, I had a small issue with one of my K77-D tweets too. It's simple to take the back off and swap them. Since then, I've swapped various tweets in and out dozens of times. Also, when I first listened to them, I was underwhelmed. It takes a while to get the positioning correct for your room, and then get them dialed in with your subs. Patience will pay off.
  10. A few years ago when I was coaching youth baseball, I saw a Curt Schilling interview where he was asked 'what advice would you give young pitchers?' His response was along the lines of "Forget the off-speed breaking stuff - first learn how to throw and place a good fastball." This advice, along with limiting pitch counts and mandating rest days, will save a lot of young arms. Unfortunately, I saw coaches blatantly cheating and riding their one young stud pitcher for short term glory. And I was just coaching in the town "house" league - the pressures in the travel teams was times 10.
  11. PSaudio Sprout100 might be an option at $700 depending on how many inputs you need. I don't own it or know much about it but I do own other PSaudio products and they make great stuff and support it.
  12. How is the Crosley TT connected to the Klipsch?
  13. They probably run quite a bit hotter than a 40 year old K77. They are about +3db than a "modern" K77-D above 8Khz on a La Scala II crossover. I believe the A/4500 has different taps that you can dial-in attenuation on the tweeter - somebody else who owns them may chime in - there's a few old threads on it. Otherwise, if you have a preamp with tone controls or an equalizer, dial it back above 8Khz.
  14. Wow - this is a first time this has ever happened on the Klipsch forum! You admitted and recognized the limits of your knowledge rather than just making up a bunch of BS. I hope this trend catches on around here 🤣 PS - thanks for all your hard work on the MAHL horns.
  15. Your brother should shop around. A lot has changed in 10 years - just about all name-brand generators can reliable power any modern electronic gear found in a modern house, probably at a more consistent voltage with less THD than the utility electric service. My La Scala's sound fantastic on generator power, especially when my neighbor's homes are dark and quiet 🙂
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