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    Family Room: Klipsch Heresy III stock, Yamaha YST-SW90 sub, McIntosh MA6500 integrated amp, PS Audio DirectStream Jr DAC Roon-endpoint, Roon Streaming

    Basement: Klipsch La Scala II w/B&C DE120 MAHL horn tweeters, Rhythmic F12-G Sub, Klipsch RC-62ii center, Klipsch R-14s surrounds, McIntosh MC-58 8-channel amp, McIntosh C48 2-channel pre-amp & DAC, 2010 MacBook Air Roon-endpoint feeding C48 DAC via USB, Yamaha HTR-6260 AVR pre-amp, VPI Scout w/Nagaoka MP-100 MM Cartridge, Samsung Q90t 75", Apple4k TV, Roon Streaming

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  1. Can you clarify a few things? Is your marantz in the spare bedroom? Is the modem/router in your living room the one given to you by your ISP? What's preventing your from running an ethernet cable from the modem/router in your LR directly to the ethernet port on the marantz?
  2. It is lesson in supply and demand. Money supply is through the roof competing for fewer goods limited by labor shortages and supply chain disruptions.
  3. I've discovered a lot of new music through Roon's features and interfaces - part of the "immersive experience" that @rplace mentions above. "Immersive experience" can quickly lead to an hour or two of exploring links and meta-data on artists, albums, reviews, building playlists etc. I've got it integrated with Qobuz which enhances the experience, but not mandatory. My turntable doesn't see much use anymore.
  4. Roon Core on your I5 Transporter talks to all Roon client apps (on your PC or tablet or phone) via TCP-IP. When the Roon Client app on your tablet or PC starts, it sends out a broadcast on the network to find the Roon Core running on your I5 Transporter. Does this answer your question?
  5. I believe Roon only needs to connect to the internet once a week or once a month to check licensing. You probably want it connected to the internet when identifying your local 5TB music collection too. I'm assuming Roon Core is installed on your sonic transporter and it can see both your 5TB music USB drive and your USB DAC? You do not need to have a Roon ready DAC to use Roon. What kind of DAC do you have? If your sonic transport can see your DAC then Roon Core should as well. You'll have to set it up in Roon Core and tell it what kind of DAC it is, sample rate, etc (Settings - Audio). Then you will have to tell Roon Core to scan your 5TB music library (Settings - Storage, also Settings - Library - Import Settings). This might take a while and you want to be connected to the internet. Roon will make a best-effort to identify everything in your local library which might be only 75% accurate if you listen to a lot of weird stuff. If so, you can manually edit metadata. Note - Roon doesn't move or touch any of your music files on your USB drive when you import them - it just scans the files, tries to identify them, and stores metadata on the local SSD of the sonic transporter. Yes, you can download the Roon client app to whatever PC, tablet or smartphone you want. As long as the Roon client is on the same network subnet (i.e. everything on your network has the same 192.168.1.x address range), then the client will find the Roon Core and Bob's your uncle. Roon makes a lot of sense once you start using it. Have fun and let me know if you get stuck. community.roonlabs.com is a great resource too.
  6. Obviously scam-proof then.
  7. Really? Why is that?
  8. I have La Scala 2s and compared the B&C DE120 tweeter on both the CT120 and dave's MAHL lenses running through the original crossover. These are dave's "slightly larger than the small-MAHL" lenses he makes for the LS2 motor board. My opinions: the MAHL lenses are a couple DB hotter on-axis; the MAHLs sound cleaner to me than the plastic CT120s; the MAHLs have better dispersion than the CT120's. I've been running the MAHLs now for over a year and sold the CT120 lenses.
  9. I don't disagree - we need more at-risk people (65+) taking the shot here in the US. The shot helps - probably a lot - but it's being sold as a cure-all. "If only everyone got vaccinated we could eradicate the virus" is false logic. This will never happen with covid just like it could never happen with the flu - it lives in animals, mutates, then reenters the human virome. And then you are forever on the annual vaccine booster plan $$$$. Or, as I mentioned earlier, Fauci is beginning to pivot now to a "tamiflu" like oral drug that can be onboarded as soon as somebody feels sick. Or, you can go the generic anti-inflammatory route (ivermectin) like they did with great success in some 3rd world countries, but Fauci will never go for that here. No money in it for Pfizer and Merck.
  10. pbphoto

    Home generators

    I invested in a natural gas Generac 20kw with a whole-house transfer switch about 4 years ago. It's kicked in a few times over the years - maybe the longest for about 12 hours. After the power goes out, it fires up and 20 seconds later, the power is back on again and I'm listening to my klipsch speakers 🙂 Pretty awesome. I also have a 2.5kw Honda portable gas generator that's about 21 years old now. It's saved out butts many times, sometimes for days at a time. You have to string extension cords around your house but you get good at it. You probably don't have natural gas on LI. Generac (and others) have propane options too. Storing two weeks of fuel (gas or propane) for a generator large enough to power a fridge and HVAC requires a lot of thought. The last option is a solar generator. It's a case with batteries that can be recharged from the wall or from solar panels, with an A/C inverter to plug stuff into. They've come a long way lately. Bluetti makes some nice stuff. Realistically, you could power your fridge and a few other things, but it would get expensive to power your HVAC. The major advantage is you don't need to store fuel. It's nice to have some options.
  11. Correct - It's a symptom reducer for the at-risk populations. Highly recommended for them.
  12. The idea that the unvaccinated are hurting others is false, sorry. The covid shot is a symptom reducer - it doesn't prevent you from carrying it, spreading it, or catching it.
  13. Thanks. I remember you saying over a year ago in another thread that, by doing simple math, we should be around 4+M deaths by now. Thankfully we are nowhere near that by anyone's count. If your friend has the data comparing mortality rates and ICU admissions for age 65-70+, with and without co-morbidities, and with and without the shot, for all of Texas (not just Houston), that would show how effective the shot has been for its intended cohorts. I think it would at least.
  14. Yes I've thought this for a while now too. [Deleated off topic]
  15. I do think the shots have helped their original intended cohorts - the olds and the fats - but not to the level you think. Wonder if they have any data on this? It would be hard to determine because so many things changed by the time the shots came out - the frail "dry-tinder" population had already been wiped out, covid was weakening, doctors were learning, medical treatments were improving... It's a good question.
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