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  1. Surprisingly good article from the washingtoncompost. thanks for sharing.
  2. Agreed, not everything has been learned but the data on who it attacks the hardest are about as set in stone as you could ask for. As horrible as this virus is, it has given us a clear roadmap on who to protect: elderly, especially in LTC facilities, and especially with weight, heart, lungs or immuno issues. Yes grandparents need to protect themselves and kids need to be taught how to protect their grandparents regardless of whether they are in school or not. Sending them to school safely probably doesn't complicate this too much because they are not social distancing right now - I was just at our local public pool yesterday. In fact, creative schools with creative administrators can use the kids to deliver this message home to their parents/grandparents - just like they did with smoking, littering, smoke detectors, drugs, and a whole list of other public service messages that I delivered when I was a kid. I'm sure my parents were rolling their eyes when I talked to them about having a home fire escape plan...
  3. This is probably true but between 25-50% of the population could already be asymptomatic carriers. This is a good thing as long as we protect the vulnerable. And the data are very clear who the vulnerable are.
  4. There is some good data in this article. Thanks for sharing. "Science sort of has shown us that kids under 10 really don't get it very often, in fact, very rarely get it at all, and if they do get it, they're asymptomatic," he said.
  5. The scientists are constantly learning, true. But the 5+ months of worldwide data we have on the disease are very clear on who this horrible disease affects. And it's not healthy kids.
  6. Everybody needs to make their own decisions, agreed. In my case, I want my kids back in school full time. I believe the data so far supports doing this safely. When listening to the school board and you realize how ill-equipped they are to be making these decisions, and they are putting together plans that are guaranteed to fail. I certainly don't fault them - this is everyone's first global pandemic. In Chicagoland, most public schools (outside of the CTU) are offering a choice between two bad options: remote learning or hybrid learning. Private schools are opening in larger numbers, and their enrollment is up big time, as is home schooling I suspect.
  7. That's a horrible article. Of course when schools open up, cases will increase, and, of course, the media will jump all over it. Anybody who sets the expectation that there will not be any cases in schools, nor have a plan for when it happens, is doing their community a disservice. Schools should plan on kids getting sick and not panic and pull the plug when it does happen. I think this can be done safely and smartly.
  8. That's correct - that's why I said: protect the vulnerable: elderly and those with existing health issues (weight, heart, lung problems.). This can be done with some creative thinking and is no excuse for keeping kids out of school.
  9. Kids are super low risk. In Chicago, kids under 18 are much more likely to be shot than die from covid. Not every kid has a cozy home with great internet to take "remote classes." Get the kids back to school and protect the vulnerable: elderly and those with existing health issues (weight, heart, lung problems.) The data on this are very clear.
  10. Until at least November 4th ūü§£
  11. Tuba Skinny is fantastic. Lots of videos on youtube. I bought their quarantine album - outstanding.
  12. I believe most schools should be open and there are ways to do it safely. Unfortunately, here in Chicagoland, politics has entered the decision and teachers unions and administrators are going to keep things closed up while they all get their full salaries "teaching remotely" from their basements. Kids under 20 rarely have severe covid cases, nor are they the super-spreaders to at-risk populations that we all worry about. Not every kid has a home situation that is safer than school, and I would argue that kids are much more at-risk staying home. And when they are home, don't assume they are following the rules just like we can't assume that if they go back to school - it's a normal Summer around here for the kids in my neighborhood. That said, there are multi-generational family situations and/or at-risk kids, teachers, administrators, etc, that schools need to have a flexible plan in-place to accommodate. I fall into this category. I just wish the default thinking was to get the kids back in school with a plan to handle the at-risk situations (and the inevitable uptick in covid cases) , rather than defaulting to 100% remote learning and maybe your kids can come to school one day every 2 weeks. There's no one-size-fits-all plan and each school or district will have to figure it out as they go, but I believe it can be done.
  13. I think it will be "subtle but noticeable." I once upgraded an old HK integrated amp to a Mcintosh integrated amp. I noticed the difference right away - cleaner, more power etc. My wife walked by and said "sounds just like the old one...."
  14. Just yesterday, I retired my iphone-6 which was almost 6 years old. I replaced it with a new iphone SE (2020). This is Apple's new "budget model" - basically an iphone-8 case, screen and camera with the latest A13 bionic-chip guts inside. Hopefully it will last another 6 years.
  15. Can you imagine the outcry over the alternative? If Truman had decided to invade Japan and then a year later, it was leaked to social media the AP and UPI that the A-bomb was available in the US toolbox, but went unused?
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