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    Family Room: Klipsch Heresy III stock, Yamaha YST-SW90 sub, McIntosh MA6500 integrated amp, PS Audio DirectStream Jr DAC Roon-endpoint, Roon Streaming

    Basement: Klipsch La Scala II stock, Rhythmic F12-G Sub, Klipsch RC-62ii center, Klipsch R-14s surrounds, McIntosh MC-58 8-channel amp, McIntosh C48 2-channel pre-amp & DAC, 2010 MacBook Air Roon-endpoint feeding C48 DAC via USB, Yamaha HTR-6260 AVR pre-amp, VPI Scout w/Nagaoka MP-100 MM Cartridge, Samsung Q90t 75", Apple4k TV, Roon Streaming

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  1. Just buy some bookshelf speakers and a sub rather than trying to install 200lb speakers inside cabinets and listen to them at such close distances.
  2. check out AVRs on accessories4less, filter on multi-channel pre-out and hdcp 2.2, and take a look. I know you don't have an amp, but filtering on multi-channel pre-out puts you into a higher class of AVR IMHO.
  3. Another option is to keep your amp, get a 2-channel pre-amp with home-theatre pass-thru, and then whatever Japanese AVR you want with full pre-amp outputs. you can listen to 2-channel as normal. When you want to watch a movie, the AVR powers on both the pre-amp (in HT pass thru mode) and the amp, to drive all the HT speakers you have.
  4. It looks like Tidal Connect, the transport mechanism between your IOS devices and your Cambridge DAC, currently supports CD quality streaming but will support hi-res 192/24 streaming later this year as Tidal moves away from crappy MQA. The Tidal App on an Apple TV, like all apps on an ATV, maxes out at 48/16 - basically CD quality - music streaming. Whether any of this makes a difference in sound quality that you can hear is debatable - assuming the source music files are all the same.
  5. Assuming your ATV, iPhone and iPad are all pulling from the same source music catalog, then it is just different ways to deliver a lossless 44/16*** or 48/24 digital stream to either your Cambridge DAC or the DAC inside your Marantz for processing. On your ATV, make sure the Music app is set to lossless audio output. ***one caveat, your Cambridge is an Airplay2 streamer and Airplay2, as opposed to Airplay1, downsamples everything to lossy AAC256 it appears. IMHO, a minor difference in sound if any, but something to be aware of: https://darko.audio/2023/10/apple-airplay-isnt-always-lossless-sometimes-its-lossy/
  6. Do you have any pics of the entire speakers? La Scala 2's don't say that on the front grill - they just have the standard klipsch logo. On the back of the speakers, there will be a klipsch tag that says LS2 with serial numbers. If that isn't there, then maybe you are dealing an upgrade science project.
  7. Do you have an existing 2-channel pre-amp that you want to use? Or are you looking to buy new? What OS do you run on your laptop?
  8. My Rythmik F12-G seems to be a nice match for my LS2's. The Rythmik has lots of options to get it dialed into the room and blend with the La Scalas.
  9. Pointe du Hoc - Omaha Beach.
  10. Playback is usually only as good as your network connection to your mobile device. The Qobuz app, and others, give you options to set maximum streaming resolution to your phone depending on whether you are on wifi or using cellular data. I think most phones support 192/24 with their native dacs but then you can, as you mention above, feed the digital stream through the phone to an external dac. As far as MQA goes, that's a solution in search of a problem IMHO. Getting the right version/mastering is much more important that the resolution or audio format. Reminds me of DiVX from the 1990s. Roon Arc has been pretty awesome so far.
  11. A couple other reasons in favor of a 2-channel integrated amp: 1) If you don't want your sources (you have a TT and maybe a nice DAC) to be re-digitized and routed through the internal processing of the Denon, then a separate 2-channel integrated amp is the way to go. 2) Analog tone controls. I kind of like them. One consideration is how to integrate your 2-channel and HT. If your Denon has pre-outs, look into a 2-channel integrated with home-theater bypass. Or, there are speaker switching boxes out there that would switch your Heresies between the Denon and the 2-channel. Good luck.
  12. pbphoto

    Artemis 1

  13. Thanks Roy. Did the LS2 have any tweaks to the AL4 during its production run like Bob indicated in his 2009 post?
  14. It appears like somebody in the marketing department decided to call the latest La Scala "AL5" even though the LS2 had been using the AL5 crossover for 15+ years?
  15. Did Klipsch refer to them by those names? Seems weird to have a La Scala 2 with an AL-5 crossover, then 10 years later, come out with a La Scala AL-5 with a new tweeter.
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