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    Basement: Klipsch La Scala II stock, Rhythmic F12-G Sub, Klipsch RC-62ii center, Klipsch R-14s surrounds, McIntosh MC-58 8-channel amp, McIntosh C48 2-channel pre-amp, Yamaha HTR-5250 AVR pre-amp, PS Audio DirectStream Jr DAC, VPI Scout w/Ortofon 2m blue, Airport, Apple TV, Roon/iTunes

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  1. pbphoto

    LSII Tweeter Relacement

    I believe the replacement would be the K77-D. I've swapped between the stock K77-D and CT120s on my LSII's at least 20 times and keep coming back to stock. On paper, the CT120 looks better and can handle more power, but the K77 integrates better as a whole with the crossover and squawker in the LSII. For example, above about 8khz, the CT120 gets very hot on the LSII, by as much as +4-5db at 10khz vs the K77. Even after eq'ing this out, the K77 is a better match with the crossover and other horns in the LSii IMHO. Although if you keep listening at 116SPL at your MLP, you might need the stronger top end of the CT120 sooner than you think 😉
  2. He gave a favorable review of the H3's a few years back. I think if you send him gear and kiss his butt, he will write a good review of just about anything. I haven't read his column regularly in a couple years because everything he comes across is just the greatest thing since the wheel, and any negative traits are hidden between the lines. He's a master wordsmith. If anybody finds a negative review, please share. https://www.cnet.com/news/dont-back-down-klipsch-heresy-iii-speakers/
  3. pbphoto

    Help with R-15PM Powered Monitor

    What kind of TT do you have?
  4. pbphoto

    Help with R-15PM Powered Monitor

    Just make sure your line-in is switched to "phono" and the ground wire is connected. If so, then there may be a faulty phono stage inside the R-15PM.
  5. pbphoto

    Bridging two internet connections on one PC?

    Jeff is correct. A 4G uplink plus a 4G uplink does not equal an 8G uplink, unless you have a special software driver on your PC and the server you are talking to has software to aggregate data streams from two different IP addresses. What is your goal here? Based on the Killer wifi card, I'm assuming you want better gaming performance?
  6. pbphoto

    Bridging two internet connections on one PC?

    Basically, that adapter lets you dual-home your PC and separate gaming traffic from other browsing traffic. Unfortunately, in the end, your son's Fortnite traffic will all end up going across a single 4G pipe to the internet 🙂. This isn't such a bad thing - my backup 4G internet connection is faster than my primary AT&T DSL link.
  7. pbphoto

    Bridging two internet connections on one PC?

    When you say two separate wifi networks are available on the PC, do you mean the PC's wifi adapter sees two different wifi-access-points with different network names (SIDs), or the PC's wifi adapter sees one wifi-access-point with a 5ghz band and a 2.4ghz band? Regardless, wifi adapters login to one radio on one wifi-access-point at a time. The best way to get better wifi bandwidth is to be in close proximity to the WAP with a 5ghz radio on a channel that doesn't overlap with your neighbors and connect via 802.11ac.
  8. pbphoto

    Streaming setup

    Airplay is lossless up to CD quality. Works great. Some AVRs support it natively via WIFI. To kick it up a few notches, check out Roon (roonlabs.com). It's a streaming engine that can take almost any source and stream it to almost any destination, with a database and metadata that makes iTunes look like a Web browser from 1998. If your AVR does not have built-in streaming of some sort, you can stream to a chromecast/airport end-point and pipe that into your AVR, or Roon supports various dedicated hardware endpoints.
  9. pbphoto

    Phase plug

    No and no. What don't you like about it?
  10. pbphoto

    Log Cabin Livin. My Self Reliance on Youtube.

    A couple of Heresy 3's in there, and that place would be rockin'
  11. pbphoto

    Full Circle, VRD in the house again

    +1 for Roon.
  12. I have stock LS2's with a single Rythmik F12-G sub. The settings will depend a lot on your room. In my case, for 2-channel listening, I run the LS2's full-range (not through an AVR) and set the crossover on the sub to 80hz/24. I have a large room null at 52hz, and I find crossing the sub at 80hz helps minimize this hole as best as possible - along with helping the LS2's low-end. I have a room node at 31hz that I try to flatten out with the Rythmik's built-in PEQ filter. I digitally apply a convolution filter to mildly reduce some bass nodes/humps and boost the treble slightly. For 5.1 movies, I run all speakers set to small, crossed at 80hz, and send the bass below 80hz, along with the LFE channel, to the sub which is also crossed at 80/24. Not sure what effect have both crossovers on the AVR and sub have, but it sounds good. I leave it this way because I'm mostly 2-channel. If you are doing mostly 5.1, then you can set the Rythmik's crossover to AVR/12 and turn the crossover knob as high as it will go because the AVR will handle all the crossover duties. I have a really old AVR so I don't have a lot of options or any sort of built-in room correction. If Audyssey tells you to cross them at 60hz, that doesn't sound unreasonable. In general, I would apply the mildest, least-aggressive room correction first, just to get you in the right ballpark, then manually (gently) tweak it to your liking.
  13. pbphoto

    A Room Acoustics Issue?

    I'm not sure. Something isn't right. Wonder if he has them hooked up out-of-phase or they are being powered by an AVR and he has them set to 'small' or something like that.
  14. pbphoto

    A Room Acoustics Issue?

    Exactly - the documentation for the Golden Ear Triton Sevens says as much. Square room with hard surfaces on a concrete slab = standing waves. Even so, there should be some bass somewhere in the room as he moves around. I was trying to figure out if the listening position just happens to be in a bass-null area or if there is no bass to be found anywhere in the room. If it's the latter, it could be a setup/connection issue.
  15. pbphoto

    A Room Acoustics Issue?

    Was there bass anywhere in the room as you moved around?