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  1. Do they master it this way on purpose - to pump up her voice on headphones for example? She's got some top engineers on her albums but I always thought many of her tracks had a lot of ssss'ss and sshhh'sshhs. Certainly they can hear this?
  2. There is a lot of sibilance in that live recording. "Ssscchweeet Carolina..." It's not your gear.
  3. pbphoto

    Hey JimJimbo. Why?

    why did this scene just pop into my head ­čÖé
  4. Ouch- that sounds horrible. Something is wrong with your pressing.
  5. I played that track from Qobuz. It's early here so I can't really crank it up but it sounds great. I don't hear any distortion but the right channel has a funky-bass-finger-pluck thing going on. I wonder if it is bouncing your cart around - i.e. a hot groove. Sounds great BTW - not too familiar with their music. edit: Qobuz has the remastered hi-res version from 2012, so the other possibility is that any distortion in your version was fixed in the Qobuz version.
  6. That would work with the normal L/R channels but I don't think that would work with the LFE channel found in movies.
  7. Yes I see what you mean. It looks like you can set, under speaker config, the mains to large and subwoofer to none. I'm assuming, since it forces you to have the mains set to large when subwoofer is set to none, that it will send the LFE channel to the mains but I don't know for sure. I thought Yamaha AVR manuals were confusing.
  8. Your Denon AVR should have a configuration setting that tells it to send all the LFE sounds to the front L/R speaker pre-outs. Basically you are telling the AVR that there is no subwoofer and your front L/R speakers are "large" to handle full-range sounds plus the LFE channel. Then you can slice-n-dice it however you want using your digital crossover.
  9. pbphoto


    I would use a y-RCA to break out the single sub-out from the MA252 to use both the L+R inputs on the sub. I'm sure using just the left would work but many subs, including yours, double the gain by using both the L+R inputs. Here's the section from your sub's manual: 1. Low-Level Inputs (Left/Right) RCA style jacks that will accept standard line level inputs from a pre-amp level source. They will accept a stereo signal and inter- nally combine it into mono. (Note: Both left and right input jacks must be connected to the source in order to drive the amplifier to full output).
  10. I'm not aware of any PC with native analog-to-digital conversion capabilities. I think you need an ADC box or sound card of some sort.
  11. Yes, for about $30 you can get a Behringer UCA202, UFO202, or UCA222 that takes line-level (or phono-level in the case of the UFO202), digitizes it 48/16, and sends it out over USB (or optical UCA202 /UCA222). MACOS running Audacity sees this input stream and you are golden.
  12. I've been using a Bunn VP17 for almost 10 years now. It can brew a 64 oz pot through a commercial sized 12 cup basket of grounds in about 4 minutes, keeping the water hitting the grounds around 195-200 degrees the whole brew cycle. It's easy to work on and maintain - kind of like the La Scala of coffee makers. I even upgraded to the heavier duty Bunn tea thermostat that keeps the water inside the tank at a balmy 206 degrees. Combine this system with a nice burr grinder and you have something delicious to look forward to every morning.
  13. pbphoto


    Which Klipsch DAC are you referring to?
  14. I can understand this. There are certainly huge benefits to taking your analog signal (from your nice Chord day or even TT), converting it back to digital, and applying DSP, convolution filters, active crossovers etc, before converting it back to analog again before it hits your ears. Do the benefits outweigh the downsides (cables, amps, cost, complexity...)? Probably. But for me, there is something strangely comforting about keeping my 2-channel music all-analog from my DAC (or TT) to my ears. (I've messed with filters in my streaming software before it gets to my DAC, but that's another thread.). Back to your original question, I would lean towards something from the new heritage series.
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