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  1. Correct - the Anthem is playing the PCM file unaware of the embedded MQA encoding. This backwards compatibility mode is a feature of MQA that results in slightly less than CD quality PCM. I haven't used Tidal in over a year, but they used to have the hi-res PCM-FLAC version of every MQA album. Assuming they are the same master/lineage, the OP can compare to see if he hears a difference. I never could.
  2. The Tidal app will do the first unfold for you. Turn off "passthrough MQA" unless you have an MQA compatible DAC, which you don't. If you do the first unfold in Tidal, then your Anthem should see an 88.2 or 96 PCM stream. Read this a couple more times: https://support.tidal.com/hc/en-us/articles/360005773698-Optimizing-HiFi
  3. The Anthem MRX 720 does not support MQA so it's just playing those MQA files you are sending it as regular CD quality - slightly less actually. MQA files can play on non-MQA devices in a backwards compatibility mode, but at slightly less than CD quality. The best you can do with your setup is to decode (1st unfold) MQA in software. This takes it up to 88.1 or 96, and then send that stream to your MRX 720. Or, just stream regular hi-res FLAC files to your Anthem.
  4. Roon is fantastic - been using it for 3 years now. Great UX experience and integration with Qobuz (or Tidal if you prefer.). I run the Roon Core on an iMac and stream to a bunch of devices throughout the house. Give it a try. If you end up going with Roon, your Lumin D2 becomes a very expensive digital pass-thru streamer to your Ares II. You might consider a less expensive Roon endpoint to pass digital to your Ares II, or buy a Roon Ready DAC/streamer all-in-one. Good luck.
  5. I didn't say that. I said they are experiencing the same case-demic we are in the US. Cases in Canada started increasing in early September but, thankfully, deaths have not followed thus far. Northern US should track Canada very closely. Southern US had their first wave over the Summer which is why the blended US graphs don't match Canada. US has a double-hump because of the different climates. I'm told Canada is fairly cold. And yes, Canada will be heading into their normal respiratory virus season soon - let's hope the reporting is accurate and the hysteria doesn't follow.
  6. They're experiencing the same case-demic we are. How are deaths and hospitalizations? They had 6 deaths with covid today, sadly, but that doesn't make a second wave.
  7. He's a dope. The data does not support this.
  8. Apparently the math is more complicated than taught in a post-graduate statistical case study class. https://www.foxnews.com/media/cnn-editor-deletes-coronavirus-tweet-after-being-fact-checked-by-alex-berenson
  9. If you have 35 minutes to spare, and it seems like most of you reading this thread do, this is worth your time. He starts out looking at Europe, then the USA, then the current case-demic we are experiencing with PCR testing.
  10. They are substantial but it is too early to point to that excess death chart and make definitive statements. It needs a few more months to play out.
  11. I was away for a few hours and a food fight broke out in the old folks home.😀
  12. But are you assuming that confirmed positive tests equals the percentage of the population that has immunity? Or that the death rate is the same across the entire population?
  13. I've never seen this data before. Where did you find it?
  14. Right, we have 190K deaths with covid, not from covid. However, right now, excess deaths in the country are above 200K (IIRC)in the last CDC report. But I want to see how many excess deaths in the US there will be next Spring when we can look back at the 2020 as a whole.
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