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    Basement: Klipsch La Scala II stock, Rhythmic F12-G Sub, Klipsch RC-62ii center, Klipsch R-14s surrounds, McIntosh MC-58 8-channel amp, McIntosh C48 2-channel pre-amp, Yamaha HTR-5250 AVR pre-amp, PS Audio DirectStream Jr DAC, VPI Scout w/Ortofon 2m blue, Airport, Apple TV, Roon/iTunes

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  1. I find that Neil Young sounds best with both A+B unselected...:-)
  2. pbphoto

    RIP Rutger Hauer

    Roy Batty and Rutger Hauer both died in 2019...
  3. Episode IV - Han shot first.
  4. Welcome. I think you've done all the right steps first by trying to solve sound problems via speaker placement and room treatments before gently applying some DSP. I'm not sure what you use to feed/stream to your Hugo2 today but if you are serious about #5, I recommend taking a look at Room EQ Wizard (REW) software for your Mac (free) and an under-$100 UMIK-1 calibrated USB microphone. You can use this combo to create convolution filters (correction filters) that can be fed into various software streamers, Roon for example.
  5. If you are using this device: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/insignia-optical-coaxial-digital-to-analog-converter-black/4226000.p?skuId=4226000 Then you need 2 cables (buy cable lengths to suit your needs.): 1) Toslink to Toslink optical cable to take the PCM stream from your TV to the Insignia: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NH11H38/ref=sspa_dk_detail_1?pd_rd_i=B00L3KO3YU&pd_rd_w=7WBB8&pf_rd_p=46cdcfa7-b302-4268-b799-8f7d8cb5008b&pd_rd_wg=Iea7T&pf_rd_r=Z29CWAF39ZMJRZBPWHN6&pd_rd_r=0b64e169-6cbd-11e9-8bdd-799299fc1ec4&th=1 2) RCA stereo male to 3.5mm mini plug like the one I suggested above: https://www.amazon.com/10ft-3-5mm-Stereo-Audio-Cable/dp/B004Y6AEFC Don't use the RCA cable that came with the Insignia. Set your TV to PCM stereo-out. Flip the switch on the Insignia to optical audio-in. Connect the Insignia to power. Bob's your uncle.
  6. I wish your TV had bluetooth... I don't know what converter/dac you are using but it sounds like you need something like this: https://www.amazon.com/10ft-3-5mm-Stereo-Audio-Cable/dp/B004Y6AEFC
  7. WinXP Pro is 17 years old. Microsoft stopped supporting it in 2014 and you're complaining about Pandora's app not working? Time to upgrade. BTW, Pandora works over any browser - did you try that instead of the app?
  8. I have had a pair of H3's for 6 years now. 1) Nothing below ~50hz - you will need a sub that can blend in well. 2) They sound so good, you will want to buy more Klipsch speakers.
  9. No complaints with Yamaha AVRs from me. I have an ancient AVR that I used to power some La Scala Its for a while before using its pre-out capabilities to add an external power amp. The RX-A1080 is a great unit that also has pre-outs should you choose to do the same down the road.
  10. My only complaint with my Yamaha AVR is that it won't die - going on 18 years old now... My brother is giving me his 8 year old Yamaha AVR this weekend, so I can finally retire mine. That said, the RX-A880 gives you the option of full multi-channel pre-outs in case you decide to supplement with an external amp down the road. That's worth the extra dollars IMHO. Also, Yamaha usually announces their 2019 models in the next month or two, so if you can wait, prices on the 80 series should drop. Also, consider accessories4less for used gear.
  11. 4 out of 3 people struggle with math.
  12. the pre-outs with splitters is probably the most intuitive way to do this. But if you don't have splitters handy, you can try a zone output. I'm not sure if your Rotel has a setting to tell zone-2 to follow/sync-with both the main zone's input and volume control - that's the wrinkle.
  13. I suspect the pre-out is volume slaved.
  14. you might also try using one of the zone-out pairs.
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