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  1. I found this when I flipped through the Costco Connections magazine that came in the mail a couple of days ago.
  2. Very cool. Thanks for explaining all that.
  3. Sorry to hear. I met Gil at one of the Pilgrimages in Indy (2007 or 2008 maybe?). Super nice guy and a wealth of knowledge about speakers. Prayers for a recovery back to building speakers.
  4. It's been a tough year for the Forum. We've lost three members we could always expect to see again at the next Pilgrimage. First it was Kirby, then Dave Mallett and now Roger. Here is a 2015 photo with Roger probably telling Dave to stop asking to play pipe organ music on Kevin's massive KP-600 stacks.
  5. Nice looking Heresys. Just wondering, are there screw hole marks on the crossover board where the original caps were mounted? The current caps might not be bad, but it is inexpensive to replace them anyway just in case (unless you have a way to measure the values and ESR and they measure fine). I sure would listen and enjoy, new caps or not. I would not think that the oxidation on the outside of the tweeters would affect the sound.
  6. RIP Roger. I always liked chatting with Roger at the Pilgrimages. God be with his family.
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