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  1. A week from this moment I hope to still be somewhat lucid.
  2. Until a couple of months ago, I still listened to cassettes on a regular basis in my boat system (25 year old Jensen player) and in my 1999 Infiniti Q45 (original Bose system, CD not operational but cassette worked great). I replaced both of these with Kenwood Bluetooth/CD players. I was listening to tapes that I had recorded 30 years ago, and those sounded decent in a automobile audio system. I have the original AM/FM/CD/Cassette system in my 1998 Explorer that still sees tapes once in a while.
  3. Best policy to protect the business. Very understandable.
  4. Maybe that means we will get to see some really cool new stuff?
  5. Virginia outplayed Tech in OT. Too many missed 3's by Tech near the end.
  6. That OB reversal killed Tech. I did not think it was all that conclusive.
  7. Yeah, we're getting our money's worth.
  8. oh my gosh. tech could win this
  9. 1 pt game with 1:31 to go. What a game.
  10. Niles Audio DPS-1. I have been using 2 of these for 15 years with no issues.
  11. Hoping for a Texas basketball trifecta - NIT (Texas), Women's NCAA (Baylor), and now the Men's NCAA (Texas Tech).
  12. Oh, that makes sense. Is that floor prone to flooding?
  13. Nice looking Khorns. Why do you feel that you need risers?
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