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  1. World Series

    I kind of feel bad for Darvish too. He won 16 games in his first year (2012) with Texas and looked to be the Rangers ace for years. Not sure if he will ever be that good again with his injury history. He was a favorite with the Rangers fans while he was here. I was surprised when he got traded.
  2. World Series

    Dang nice truck for Mr. Springer! And that proposal was unexpected.
  3. World Series

    If the MVP was for the entire post season, Altuve would seem to be the best choice.
  4. World Series

    Would seem the best choice. Had Verlander won last night......
  5. World Series

    Close, but did not win.
  6. World Series

    Wow. Finally a Texas team won the Series.
  7. Preamp Owners....What Are You Using?

    Scott 130. NOs Valves rebuild of course.

    Happy birthday dtel (a day late, but happy birthday anyway!).
  9. Hurricane Harvey 2017

    Sorry to hear that. I hope your home stays above the water. My son said some of the first floor rooms in his dorm at Lamar U are flooded. Fortunately, he is on the third floor.
  10. Eclipse Aug 21st Where will you be?

    Probably at work. Not in the path of course.
  11. Integrated Amp suggestions

    Are you open to vintage equipment or are you more interested in new or modern equipment?
  12. Rodger Waters 2017 Tour; US - Them

    Looks like the light show was excellent too.
  13. What I Got Today!

    Very nice. Where did you find that?
  14. Rodger Waters 2017 Tour; US - Them

    Great photos!
  15. Nice score. Bob Carver was really proud of the Cinema Grand line. I met Bob once at a meet and greet at an audio store in Dallas a number of years ago. We had talked for a while when a sales rep from the store walked up and tried to put the hard sale on me to spend $5k on a Cinema Grand set up. Bob asked him to stop bothering me because I already had nice tube gear for my Klipschorns and didn't need a new amp. I think he was mostly annoyed at the rep's rather rude interruption of our conversation.