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  1. Seadog

    WHOA! Hold the presses!

    Dirtmudd, thanks for the visual.
  2. Seadog


    Yes. Just myself.
  3. Seadog

    FYI - Hope is in a DRY COUNTY

    I'm sure it's a real challenge with all of that premium juice in the house!
  4. Seadog

    FYI - Hope is in a DRY COUNTY

    That's no fun!
  5. Seadog

    Better Call Saul (spoilers ahoy!)

    Gus was going to send his goons to kill Werner, and probably they would have killed his wife too. I think Mike "took care" of Werner to avoid killing Werner's wife and to show Gus that he could be trusted to take care of business.
  6. Seadog

    Better Call Saul (spoilers ahoy!)

    Gene could be recognized as Jimmy/Saul. He showed his fear of that when he checked out of the hospital, and he was obviously suspicious of the cab driver. There is more to the story in Omaha, at least I hope so.
  7. Seadog

    Better Call Saul (spoilers ahoy!)

    I think that what happens with Kim going forward will be interesting. Since she was not in BB, the story can go a lot of different ways with her. There series will also need to finish the story of Gene in Omaha before it's done.
  8. Seadog

    Better Call Saul (spoilers ahoy!)

    Mike really crossed the line killing Werner Ziegler, who was in no way a bad guy. Until then, Mike's activities might be viewed as somehow morally excusable. No more. 10 episodes in a season is just not enough!
  9. Seadog

    Better Call Saul (spoilers ahoy!)

    I'm guessing Jimmy will never become a lawyer again, but he and Kim will come up with a plan for Saul Goodman to get a law license. Mike might get a chance to go hunting with his sniper rifle.
  10. Seadog

    Better Call Saul (spoilers ahoy!)

    The opening scene from the BB era was interesting. I had read a while back that a follow-on series, with Kim as the main character, could be a possibility. Not likely they would kill her off if that is the case.
  11. Seadog

    Neighborhood party and a few photos

    Great looking butts. Motivates me to fire up my ugly drum smoker this weekend. I've never tried coating with apple butter or crabapple butter over the dry rub.
  12. Seadog

    Hearing Aids Anyone?

    I'm probably on that path, but for now I can boost the highs a bit on the preamp if needed. However, I think I may have developed a mild case of misophonia, especially at work where certain sounds like the clunk of a closing door annoy me badly. I usually wear my Klipsch ear buds when sitting at my desk (often without plugging them into an output source) just so I can concentrate. Don't even get me started about people crunching on ice during meetings!
  13. Seadog

    Better Call Saul (spoilers ahoy!)

    Yeah. That's why I record it at 9 pm and watch it at 10 pm so I can FF through the commercials. Makes it a 40 minute show.
  14. Seadog

    My first smoked / BBQ Meat Loaf

    Nice smoke ring.
  15. Seadog

    Better Call Saul (spoilers ahoy!)

    Jimmy was pretty cold hearted to Howard. I really liked the extended scenes with Gene at the beginning of the episode.