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  1. I think the standard chip is the AK4493 for the $259 version. The AK4499 is a $169 upcharge per the Gashelli website. The SMSL SU-1 with the AK4493 is now on Amazon for $67.99. A cheap way to make a huge upgrade in sound using a laptop.
  2. A source (CD player, DVD, Blu Ray, Computer, etc.) digital output connects to the DAC via USB, Coax, or Optical cable (most DACs support all three digital input types). The DAC outputs to a preamp input via RCA cables (some have balanced outputs, but the Schiit Modi and the SMSL SU-1 have standard RCA outputs, right and left channels). Also, both of those are powered from a standard 5V phone charger to a USB-C port on the DAC.
  3. I have the Schiit Modi+ which I think runs about $150. It is not bad. However, you might want to look at the S.M.S.L SU-1. I have one and it sounds very good for an entry level DAC, and it is only $80. It also supports DSD512 and MQA (Schiit does not support DSD or MQA).
  4. Just saw this. Sad indeed. I had the privilege spending a little time with Larry at several of the Indy Pilgrimages, we even shared a ride to and from the airport one year. At one of those Pilgrimages, he hosted a Classical music session to share some of his favorite pieces with those of us who were/are basically illiterate to the classics. Never a nicer person will you meet. RIP Larry.
  5. This will be interesting to hear. I would assume it will be an upgrade from the current Bose system in the QX, and that’s an impressive sounding “car stereo”. The Mark Levinson system in the “Luxury” edition Lexus SUVs is outstanding, so Infiniti had some room for improvement.
  6. My 54” deck John Deere diesel mower has electric headlights.
  7. Great looking risers on those splits @rockhound.
  8. That’s about half of my speakers LOL.
  9. Very nice and close to me. Too bad I don't have a place to put more speakers.
  10. DAC - Audio Alchemy DDE v1.1 / Power Station 3 (bought this 20 years ago for CDs - time for an upgrade!) dbx 3BX-DS expander Preamp - HH Scott 130 Amps - Dynaco MKIII / GSI driver boards Speakers - Klipschorns Recently picked up a Schiit Modi+ for streaming Amazon Unlimited
  11. Good luck with the book sales, shameless or not.
  12. Luther, those are absolutely stunning. I'm sure his family will cherish those, thanks for doing that for them. Roger was a one-of-a-kind guy, and those are one-of-a-kind La Scalas.
  13. I use a dbx 3BX-DS with my main 2-channel system. I find the impact recovery especially useful for many recordings.
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