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  1. Hurricane Harvey 2017

    Sorry to hear that. I hope your home stays above the water. My son said some of the first floor rooms in his dorm at Lamar U are flooded. Fortunately, he is on the third floor.
  2. Eclipse Aug 21st Where will you be?

    Probably at work. Not in the path of course.
  3. Integrated Amp suggestions

    Are you open to vintage equipment or are you more interested in new or modern equipment?
  4. Rodger Waters 2017 Tour; US - Them

    Looks like the light show was excellent too.
  5. What I Got Today!

    Very nice. Where did you find that?
  6. Rodger Waters 2017 Tour; US - Them

    Great photos!
  7. Nice score. Bob Carver was really proud of the Cinema Grand line. I met Bob once at a meet and greet at an audio store in Dallas a number of years ago. We had talked for a while when a sales rep from the store walked up and tried to put the hard sale on me to spend $5k on a Cinema Grand set up. Bob asked him to stop bothering me because I already had nice tube gear for my Klipschorns and didn't need a new amp. I think he was mostly annoyed at the rep's rather rude interruption of our conversation.
  8. Breaking Wiener News

    How ironic - these two news stories were published today: Final Production Day at Shuttered Kraft Heinz Plant According to a report in the Wisconsin State Journal, Kraft Heinz will shut down the final production line at its Oscar Mayer plant in Madison, WI today. The production line is manufacturing thinly sliced ham. The plant has been manufacturing hot dogs and cold cuts for about 98 years. According to the report, about 110 employees were still working at the mostly vacant plant, 15 were assigned to the production line. About 30 will remain on staff until July, cleaning the plant and dismantling equipment. The plant once employed 4,000 people in the 1970s. As of 2013, the company still had 1,300 employees based in Madison. At one point, the plant was packaging 10,000 pounds of hot dogs per hour. The Madison factory was one of seven plants to be closed after Kraft Heinz announced restructuring in November 2015. Of those, plants in Pennsylvania, Maryland, California, and Ontario, Canada have already been closed. --------------------In a related story-------------------- Kraft Nearly Doubles Wiener Fleet Kraft is nearly doubling its wiener fleet. This week, Kraft announced two new additions to the Oscar Mayer WienerFleet currently anchored by the traditional WienerMobile, as well as the WienerRover and WienerMini (just a lot of odd co-branding going on there). A new WienerCycle has been added to the wheeled fleet, and the WienerDrone is set to take the sausage party to the sky and air drop one hot dog at a time. The quadcopter has a max flight time of 15 minutes when holding a single dog cargo (its max payload) with a range of one mile. Though the WienerDrone can stay up for nearly twenty minutes if it has already delivered its load. The pilot still mans the cockpit from the ground, and the company gave no indication as to when the drone may start autonomously delivering hot dogs. I am, however, interested in the targeting intelligence that the chopper would use when selecting recipients. The new WienerCycle is a three-wheeled moped with a sidecar that doubles as a hot dog warming station that fits up to six dogs, end-to-end. According to the company, the 8.5 HP moped gets 80 mpg. Essentially, it's a moped with a new paint job and a WienerRover tacked to the side of it. The new WienerFleet will debut in Weiner, Arkansas for the Fourth of July. http://click.reply.ien.com/?qs=d632a6722f8b2e4dc8b6a4126f656e61322fe9618a90b28b6bdb3383274f2b9c7bb41654a9d3903da8db9ae661fa8161ccfb58d863da27ba
  9. Klipsch Marine Audio

    "The new Klipsch Audio systems will remain an exclusive to MasterCraft through at least October, 2020". Well that's a bummer for anyone with a boat other than a MasterCraft. I'd be interested a pair for my 1968 Chris Craft, and before 2020.
  10. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    So they were "trying to make technical education more popular". Mission accomplished.
  11. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    You must visit Lockhart if you do a Texas BBQ tour. Kreuz Market, Smitty's and Blacks are there, and all three are rated among the best in Texas. If you go to Kreuz Market, don't ask for a fork, and don't ask for BBQ sauce. They would take that as an insult.
  12. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    The Cooper's in Llano is the best. I've eaten at the Cooper's in Fort Worth, in Junction, and in Mason (the original Cooper's) and none are as good as Llano.
  13. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Well, l I've been there, and hope to do it again sometime. Carl is a great host. That 10 minutes from I-10 is worth the drive!