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  1. In his book "The Wanderings of an Elephant Hunter" (1923), W. D. M. "Karamojo" Bell mentions freed American slaves in Liberia who became slave owners there. How ironic.
  2. Seadog


    " A Christian, she is a regular worshipper at Holy Trinity Brompton." I'm guessing the pews are regularly packed at Holy Trinity Brompton.
  3. Sounds like standard navigation lights. Experimental aircraft perhaps?
  4. I guess there can be no congregating in the sweet spot LOL.
  5. Seadog

    Covid19 redux

    Yes, and we have another 3-day holiday weekend coming up.
  6. Seadog

    Covid19 redux

    My parents (both 85) live in Montgomery County (same county as Conroe). The county does not have a mask mandate in effect, and my dad reports that only about 20% of people out and about are wearing masks, and in general people are not respecting social distancing recommendations there. Harris County to the south (Houston) has a mask order in effect. Cross the county line and put on your mask. Sounds like a good plan to me.
  7. Seadog

    Covid19 redux

    I guess that means I'll have to cancel that trip to Hippie Hollow.
  8. Couldn't be any worse than the 70s colors like avocado, gold and burnt orange.
  9. Seadog

    Covid19 redux

    But becoming just as vilified.
  10. I live in Tarrant county. In general, I don't like mandates, but I have no issue with this one. I don't go out often, but I always wear a mask when out. Mandates like this I suppose are necessary because a lot of people are at best inconsiderate in public. Yesterday, I had to run to Lowes to get necessities (muriatic acid, fire ant poison) and while checking out, the guy behind me with no mask moved forward to the register while I was still waiting for my receipt (from his clearly marked wait position in the line). I turned and he was within two feet of me. I said, "let me get my stuff and get out of your way". He said "no problem". I turned and said, "yes there is a problem, you are right on my butt" (I may have used the a-word). End of vent, back to regular SWAG programming.
  11. As the SWAG approaches I may reconsider, but as of today I plan to go. If it appears that I will be putting myself or my family at risk by attending, I will not attend. I am extremely cautious, so much so that my wife calls me a covidiot, but is meeting up with friends at the SWAG (with pre-screening, masking, social distancing in effect) any more risky than ordinary activities such as going to the supermarket and Home Depot, filling up at the local gas station, getting a haircut, going to the dentist, etc? This assumes you are not in a high risk category, which I am not.
  12. Jimmy Page Eric Clapton Stevie Ray Vaughan David Gilmour Mark Knopfler Johnny Winter Chuck Berry Eddie Van Halen Buddy Guy Jimmie Vaughan Omar Dykes Ted Nugent Michael Schenker Randy Bachman Mick Jones Vivian Campbell Adrian Vandenberg Frank Hannon C.C. DeVille Stephen Stills David Crosby Graham Nash Tommy Shaw B.B. King Robert Lockwood Jr. Clarence Gatemouth Brown Chris Duarte Billy Gibbons Tom Scholz Robbie Blunt Mick Mars Keith Richards Ronnie Wood Steve Morse Nita Strauss Dave Hlubek Elliot Easton Willie Nelson Neil Young Stevie Van Zandt Joe Perry Neal Schon Sammy Hagar Joe Walsh Dickey Betts John Prine Steve Earle Taj Mahal Steve Miller Roger Waters Bruce Springsteen Joe Ely Waylon Jennings Delbert McClinton Bonnie Raitt
  13. Seadog


    So picturesque!
  14. Seadog


    Are those the views out of your home windows?
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