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  1. To that list I'll add Master of Puppets and Garage, Inc
  2. If someone has some favorite concert DVD's or BluRay's, bring 'em. I have a small collection that includes Rush, Dream Theater, Ozzy, Pink Floyd, SRV, etc. I'll pick through them and bring a few to have on hand.
  3. The Oppo plays both. Yes, I'll bring the necessary HDMI and audio cables. I have 6' and 12' HDMI cables to give us some flexibility in setting up a monitor. I'll bring a 25'-15A extension cord and a power strip too, just in case.
  4. I'll bring around 500 CDs ripped to FLAC files, that's about what will fit on on a 256 GB thumb drive. Fairly eclectic mix of stuff. To reduce dead time between music changes, I will bring an audio switcher that switches between 10 input sources. I'll bring an Oppo CD/SACD/DVD/BluRay player and a 5-disc Sony CD/SACD player, as well as my Raspberry Pi DAC set up. I can set up a Bluetooth receiver on one of the inputs in case someone wants to pair to a phone or whatever. I can bring a 42" LCD TV/HDMI monitor, in case someone has a concert DVD or BluRay they would like to play (If anyone thinks this is a good idea let me know and I will bring it).
  5. Seadog

    Free JimJimbo

    Although I did not post in the FREE JIMJIMBO thread, I thought it was lighthearted and really humorous. I was surprised when it was suddenly taken down.
  6. I was just wondering that too, and do you know if the venue has a coffee maker?
  7. Seadog

    2024 Solar eKlipsch

    And a nice play on words! Solar eKlipsch
  8. Seadog

    2024 Solar eKlipsch

    Hope is on the edge of the path where the duration of the total eclipse will be short. I live on the edge of the path also, but there are several state parks in Texas on or near the center line of the path. Looks like a good time for a camping trip.
  9. That is about the time Klipsch was using the K-52-H mid driver (my '83 Heresys have K-52-H drivers). Do your CWs have K-52-H or K-55-V drivers? Just curious, some think the K-52-H driver sounds better.
  10. I am using VLC on the RPI. I like that you can start playing a song, then continue to build a play list on the fly from whatever is on the the drives plugged into the USB ports. I'll bring a monitor, mouse and keyboard, which leaves two open USB ports.
  11. I'll bring the Black album on DVD-A, and an assortment of other DVD-A and SACD Discs, plus some concert DVDs and Blu-ray - and Oppo to play those on. I also plan on bringing around 100 CDs ripped to FLAC files, and a Raspberry Pi with the HiFiBerry DAC + Pro that I recently built to play digital files.
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