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  1. HotGlass


    Is this thing preamp out in the wild?
  2. What cord was this that sold?
  3. Is the ampsandsound prototype still available?
  4. Hello, I am looking to get some ampsandsound gear. I am wondering if any forum member is looking to move their gear up the road. I am interested in any of their amps for speakers & potentially the Kenzie to be used as a preamp. If anyone has any for sale let me know. If there are any forum members who own any of the ampsandsound gear, I would love to trade thoughts over dm/pm. I would love to hear about your experience with their amps. Hopefully this message gets some interest. John
  5. Thanks for posting the link to the old thread. I have been Jonesing to hear some Jubilee's myself!
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