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  1. soundbound

    Interesting Altec set up...

    Nice! Thank you for sharing.
  2. soundbound

    How would these sound?

    Thank you all!
  3. soundbound

    How would these sound?

    No affiliation. He says he can not demo, which is odd. How do you feel they would sound? How’s his asking price? I’m not interested in buying, just curious about your thoughts. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/ele/d/high-end-huge-audiophile-horn/6633054197.html
  4. soundbound

    Type AA pics ...

    Very nice!
  5. Wow! Definitely worth the asking price!
  6. soundbound

    Chorus II's vs Cornwall III's?

    I do the same thing and feel the same too.
  7. soundbound

    Brook 12A Clones

    Great job!
  8. soundbound

    Nicest LaScalas I've ever seen! Minneapolis Craigslist

    I'd enjoy buying a set like those cheap and fixing them up. Pull all their components, repair the wood, restore or replace components needed. You can always just paint black after serious cabinets repair. I enjoy doing that type of stuff.
  9. soundbound

    I'm amazed at what some older Bose speakers sell for

    You can buy new audio for the cost they're trying to sell vintage for now. Vintage is fun, but I'll buy new if their cost has become in the same range.
  10. soundbound

    Marantz 10B Tuner

    I'd love to own one.
  11. soundbound

    Gotta Dance. Just a cool vid for a Sunday

    Awesome. Well done. Thank you for sharing.
  12. soundbound

    Crites vs ALK crossovers

    I'm so happy and feel very fortunate we have you guys that sell us parts, nice crossovers, and all your help too! Thank you!
  13. soundbound

    Infinite baffle

    Wow! I'd like to own one of those woofers!
  14. soundbound

    Pissing Off The Neighbors!

    Nice. I'd like to own one of those. I've pissed off my neighbors a few times with my Klipsch. Merry Christmas.
  15. soundbound

    Cool gift

    It is a nice gift.