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  1. soundbound

    Audiophile's "One Man Campaign" for Horn Speakers

    “I'm definitely not going to purchase a PS audio product after viewing this video.” He bores me too. So many of the so called audio experts say many words that mean little to make their long boring videos mostly stating basic obvious audio facts and buzz words and some have their own agendas. They do have very nice high end expensive audio components, but mostly in bad set up audio rooms and with sometimes not so good of sounding music for their demonstrations. I wish I owned their audio components, but a lot of their advice is not actually educational or factual. I have much more respect for forum members here and other audio forums and learn more from them!
  2. soundbound

    Audiophile's "One Man Campaign" for Horn Speakers

    I find him boring too. There are other so called audio experts I can’t watch either, because I find them boring too. It takes them so long to say little.
  3. soundbound

    Bob Crites "Prime "

    He’s a good man and businessman.
  4. I’ve listened to, owned and own several speakers. I feel my Chorus II are great as is and so are a lot of speakers.
  5. The Chorus II is good enough for me.
  6. soundbound

    50 Years

    Any opinions on their crossovers?
  7. I own and enjoy SS and tube audio, but he is biased, because he sells tube audio. I think his comment of SS being “over etched” odd. I’m no expert, but some things these so called experts say has me laughing like he says, “ You can’t take something that’s over etched and compare it to something that’s correct and say one is better than the other...” In his opinion one is incorrect being SS is over etched and one is correct being tubes, although he says it in his vague terms without just saying tubes are better. Maybe he wants to say it vaguely so not to upset SS people. I also disagree with his belief that every system could benefit from a sub-woofer. I own a pair of Wharfedale Emerald EM 99 MK IV speakers and they do not need a sub-woofer and I’ve heard other speakers that do not.
  8. soundbound

    Cat Strickland Music

    Sounds good.
  9. soundbound


    Enlarge his photo to see how he has his equalizer adjusted. The highs are way up.
  10. soundbound

    Unboxing 70th's...

    Nice. Congratulations. Thank you for sharing.
  11. soundbound

    Interesting Altec set up...

    Nice! Thank you for sharing.
  12. soundbound

    How would these sound?

    Thank you all!
  13. soundbound

    How would these sound?

    No affiliation. He says he can not demo, which is odd. How do you feel they would sound? How’s his asking price? I’m not interested in buying, just curious about your thoughts. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/ele/d/high-end-huge-audiophile-horn/6633054197.html
  14. soundbound

    Type AA pics ...

    Very nice!