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    I wonder soon after you become a 1%, you lose touch of what the 99% is?

    You're welcome. I bought one of these recently and it sounds great with its Chinese stock tubes: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Silk-Audio-MS38SE-6CA7-Tube-Integrated-Amplifier-Factory-upgraded-Yaqin-MC30L/222714378711?hash=item33dacfb9d7:g:2DMAAOSwaB5Xv8fG I've tube rolled before with other components and find they all sound good including the Chinese tubes. The Chinese build these nice tube components and their tubes are good too. I've replaced old vintage tubes with different brands of new tubes and prefer new.

    If he doesn't have it for sale anymore, get one here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/YAQIN-MC-13S-BK-EL34-Vacuum-Tube-Push-Pull-Integrated-Amplifier-NEW-MC-10T-10L/292151638359?hash=item4405983957:g:JZIAAOxy7vJTcf1V
  4. Klipsch Jubilees and Roy's brand new Xilica Settings

    Thank you Chris. Fascinating and very helpful. I look forward to your YouTube tutorials and please inform me when you get them done. It's a shame about recordings being mixed and sent out in that lacking manner by the music industry. Especially when you put all the time and money in a good audio system and music collection to find out how bad recordings are being sent out. You give me hope. I have a lot of CDs that don't sound that good and your method will change them to sound as good as they should sound.
  5. Klipsch Jubilees and Roy's brand new Xilica Settings

    How do I do this?
  6. Klipsch La Scala II's for Sale

    Gorgeous speakers. Wish they were mine!
  7. Had to share finished new build

    Wow! Stunning!
  8. Led Zeppelin 2!

    I like. Thank you for sharing.

    Here's another interesting version. I have others too.

    I like Momentary Lapse Of Reason a lot too. Great sound quality!

    I do feel sometimes that I like Wish You Were Here maybe better than Dark Side Of The Moon, but I've listened to DSOTM way more, so maybe that is my real choice. I own all their music enjoying it all. I've seen Floyd twice and Water's Wall once. Great in concert! Floyd + Klipsch = good too, especially with subwoofers. "There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it's all dark."
  12. forum

    I find this a good forum with good and helpful members. Years ago there was some agree to disagreeing, but it's been mostly peaceful with lots of good posts for a long time now, or am I not reading enough here? Are some of you being bad? If so, behave yourselves.
  13. It seems we're all the same and different in someways with our likes in speakers and audio. I have my Klipschorns, Chorus II, and two large subwoofers in the same room and can listen to them all together with each having their own loudness adjustments and I do listen to them all together sometimes and listen to them in any combination and do enjoy doing that too. My Chorus II never are dusty. I still want to own some La Scala someday even owning Klipschorn. I've heard La Scala and they are very special too! I want to own some Cornwall someday too for the same reasons as the La Scala. I bet all the Heritage speakers sound good. Can you tell I enjoy Klipsch and it seems we all do and that brings us here to this good forum with its many good and helpful members. I own other speaker brands and enjoy them all too. I own a fun amount of audio, because I enjoy music a lot! Klipsch Rocks and that's no BS! Hey, that would be a good advertising sentence.
  14. I was just wondering how the La Scala and Chorus II compared and found this thread through searching. Great thread and posts by all. I own a pair of Klipschorn and Chorus II. I'll never sell my Chorus II.