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  1. soundbound

    I know you guys like the crazy posts

    They’re great speakers, but his asking price of $26,999.99 is way high even with his banter.
  2. He’s a good man and businessman!
  3. soundbound

    How Much Do Your Neighbors Love Klipsch?

    It’s happened more than once. They’re being nice by only telling me about the one time. We get along well, talk regularly and I help them at times, so they tolerate my Klipsch. I’m considerent not playing my main large Klipsch system late hours. No one’s that tolerant. I play my secondary smaller system late hours.
  4. soundbound

    How Much Do Your Neighbors Love Klipsch?

    They like me, but not my Klipsch as much as I do. They told me once their items on their walls were rattling.
  5. soundbound

    Cornscala almost done!

    Great job!
  6. soundbound

    DIY Klipsch Aristocrat Towers (corner horn)

    Very well done! I know you’re enjoying them.
  7. This post is help to achieve this. 🤓
  8. soundbound

    Refreshed LaScala

    Looks great!
  9. soundbound

    BS from PS Audio Paul McGowan

    To me his YouTube videos are elementary, boring and opinionated. I’ve only been able make myself try to watch a few from recommendations of others and didn’t watch the entire videos realizing I wasn’t going to learn anything. He sells audio praising it and condemning other audio which is a bad tactic.
  10. soundbound

    Got me a "new" pre-amp

    Very nice! Congratulations!
  11. You’re hilarious! Your crossovers are beautiful! Your posts are always honest, straight forward and helpful. You and I grew up in the same town, so maybe that helps me understand you more than some and making you a legend to me. Now will you send me some free crossovers? 😉
  12. I’m only here to see what Deang will post next. 😁
  13. soundbound

    WTB Working pair of K-77 or Crites replacements

    You’re welcome. I did not feel you were seeming to snap at me. I just wanted to explain. After I posted my post, yours had just been posted and I realized mine was invalid, so I wanted to explain.
  14. soundbound

    WTB Working pair of K-77 or Crites replacements

    I’m sorry. I posted my post at the same exact time as you were posting yours and was not able to read yours until after I posted mine. I hope you get replacements soon.