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  1. https://critesspeakers.com/crossovers.html
  2. Funny. I enjoy those with a sense of humor. Life is better laughing.
  3. Is this crossover designed for a Klipschorn and La Scala also? I’m somewhat confused by his site description. His site states, “ It is compatible with the stock Cornwall, Heresy or virtually any Cornscala configuration.” “Can be used in nearly all Klipsch based 3-way loudspeakers...”
  4. I’d enjoy owning that system!
  5. I’d like to own them. Thank you for sharing.
  6. Thank you for your reply. You’re correct. I should have used the word opinions instead of comments, but as you stated, there’s no way to know or speculate without an actual comparison. When I saw the Cornwall IV, it reminded me of my Chorus II, so I was wondering if anyone else thought the same about how they compare. I’d really enjoy hearing them compared! I’ve not heard my Chorus II compared to Cornwalls and the IV’s would be a good comparison.
  7. Not enough interest for comments? It seems to me though they are different speakers, they have a lot in common. Their tweeters are alike, their mid horns seem to be approximately the same size, except the Cornwall IV’s is a more modern design, they both use professional 15” woofers though the Chorus II utilizes a rear 15” passive radiator and the Cornwall IV uses a front port which effects their woofers sound outputs differently, and I’m guessing their cabinets volume to be somewhat close. I think even with their differences they kind of look alike somewhat.
  8. They have somethings in common. Would they sound alike in some ways? What would their differences be? I’d sure enjoy hearing them compared!
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