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  1. Bob was a good man. He’ll be missed by many. I pray God comforts his family and friends.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Don’t feel bad, some of us has done it too including me. It’s part of the hobby when you’re hands on. I’d cut a piece of paper towel a little bigger than the hole, then put white Elmer’s glue on the paper towel, then put it over the hole like a patch. You want the paper towel piece to be evenly covered with glue, but not excessively or overly glued. Push it all down so it’s all in contact, flat, and neat. It can be moved around some while the glue is wet to get it on correct placement and neatly, but try not to move it around too much. Get it on the best you can during first contact. Try not to get glue inside the spider. Let dry before using. Once the glue drys, you have a good strong repair. I repair torn speaker cones using this method. On thin small speakers I use only one layer, some papers towels are two layers, so I divide them using only one. I sometimes put the glue on both sides of the paper towel if needed and sometimes use two layers of paper towels if needed, but mostly don’t need two double layers. I usually do it on the back side of cones, so you can’t see the repair, unless it’s a large and bad cut or hole, then I’ll do it on both sides of the cone. It works for me and for those I repaired speakers were very happy with their repaired speakers at no cost. This can also be attempted when the speaker is bad enough to not be playable from its damage, or until a new replacement arrives.
  3. You did a great job refinishing them!
  4. Wow! I’d sure enjoy listening to some good music with a pair!
  5. You did a good job on them. Congratulations. Enjoy.
  6. He has nice audio items for sale, but his prices are too high for me. It appears he has a business selling audio.
  7. Good job. You’re smart to start out gentle, asked advice, try some of the advice, then go a little harder.
  8. I thought once I had speakers popping and someone told me speakers don’t pop and I then realized it was my old Marantz receiver popping. I had just put speakers on it that required more wattage and the Marantz’s old transistors were popping due to age causing voltage spiking across them. Probably not what you’re experiencing, but I thought it could help you look at other things to figure what’s causing your popping. I hope you figure what’s causing it and repair it.
  9. Thank you wuzzzer, Woofers and Tweeters, and whatever55, I’ll do that next time.
  10. I didn’t know there is an Alerts category. Can this be moved to there?
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