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  1. Nice speakers. Good price. They should sell fast. Too far from me.
  2. They look great! Great job to all involved with them! I’d sure enjoy hearing them!
  3. Thank you for sharing. I’d like to hear how they sound. I guess good and interesting.
  4. Very nice! I’ve built, refurbished, and repaired many projects in my garage/workshop for years having many audio systems there and really enjoyed it.
  5. I stopped with all the reviewers years ago. I read enough reviews to know there’s too many variables including the reviewers themselves to make most of their reviews worthless outside their experiences.
  6. I just messaged @MetropolisLakeOutfitters asking. Thank you.
  7. You’re correct, he states in his auction, “I forgot to mention that in each speaker, 1 woofer has been replaced with a Morel Ultimo subwoofer, making them sound even more amazing. Woofers cost $2000 by themselves.” Seems wrong to put those woofers in them and do they cost that much? He’s trying to sell them and stating what he thinks will help them to get sold. What does Klipsch sell a pair of these for?
  8. They may be these: http://assets.klipsch.com/product-specsheets/KPT-JUBILEE535-B-Data-Sheet-v05.pdf How much does Klipsch sell these for?
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