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  1. Nicest LaScalas I've ever seen! Minneapolis Craigslist

    I'd enjoy buying a set like those cheap and fixing them up. Pull all their components, repair the wood, restore or replace components needed. You can always just paint black after serious cabinets repair. I enjoy doing that type of stuff.
  2. I'm amazed at what some older Bose speakers sell for

    You can buy new audio for the cost they're trying to sell vintage for now. Vintage is fun, but I'll buy new if their cost has become in the same range.
  3. Marantz 10B Tuner

    I'd love to own one.
  4. Gotta Dance. Just a cool vid for a Sunday

    Awesome. Well done. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Crites vs ALK crossovers

    I'm so happy and feel very fortunate we have you guys that sell us parts, nice crossovers, and all your help too! Thank you!
  6. Infinite baffle

    Wow! I'd like to own one of those woofers!
  7. Pissing Off The Neighbors!

    Nice. I'd like to own one of those. I've pissed off my neighbors a few times with my Klipsch. Merry Christmas.
  8. Cool gift

    It is a nice gift.

    I wonder soon after you become a 1%, you lose touch of what the 99% is?

    You're welcome. I bought one of these recently and it sounds great with its Chinese stock tubes: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Silk-Audio-MS38SE-6CA7-Tube-Integrated-Amplifier-Factory-upgraded-Yaqin-MC30L/222714378711?hash=item33dacfb9d7:g:2DMAAOSwaB5Xv8fG I've tube rolled before with other components and find they all sound good including the Chinese tubes. The Chinese build these nice tube components and their tubes are good too. I've replaced old vintage tubes with different brands of new tubes and prefer new.

    If he doesn't have it for sale anymore, get one here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/YAQIN-MC-13S-BK-EL34-Vacuum-Tube-Push-Pull-Integrated-Amplifier-NEW-MC-10T-10L/292151638359?hash=item4405983957:g:JZIAAOxy7vJTcf1V
  12. Klipsch Jubilees and Roy's brand new Xilica Settings

    Thank you Chris. Fascinating and very helpful. I look forward to your YouTube tutorials and please inform me when you get them done. It's a shame about recordings being mixed and sent out in that lacking manner by the music industry. Especially when you put all the time and money in a good audio system and music collection to find out how bad recordings are being sent out. You give me hope. I have a lot of CDs that don't sound that good and your method will change them to sound as good as they should sound.
  13. Klipsch La Scala II's for Sale

    Gorgeous speakers. Wish they were mine!