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  1. What state do you live in?
  2. It’s this simple, this is a discussion forum and if you get easily offended while discussing, or receiving counterpoints to your findings and comments, you shouldn’t post and only read. If challenges can’t be tolerated, then advanced learning is doomed by us all.
  3. I’m fortunate I got my audio years ago while prices were lower.
  4. Welcome. Do a search here on them to see what you can find.
  5. You’re welcome. Those are some of the best I’ve ever seen. I know they sound great too. You have the right to be very proud. Enjoy.
  6. You could make their own listing in the Garage Sale forum with photos and see what happens, even as a feeler of interest.
  7. Wow! You did a great job on those!
  8. Congratulations Dean and it was even announced by Roy, wow! Klipsch is considerate on their forums from what I’ve seen. I enjoy their forums, members, and have learned a lot especially about Klipsch speakers which I own and enjoy greatly and mostly why I’m here, so thank you all. My Klipschorns sound amazing! Mr. Paul W. Klipsch was a genius and Klipsch is a great company!
  9. Yes, many can. I owned and put some money and time into a pair of Altec A-7 speakers. My Klipschorns sounded better. I sold the A-7 speakers and their new owner was very happy. They are called Voice Of The Theatres, because they were mainly designed to reproduce the male voice for movie theaters and they do that very well, but lack sound quality for home use. They don’t reproduce low frequencies that good and lack some highs. They do mids well spreading them out and mid bass. I was very disappointed with them, but understand why some like them. Like most speakers, they do somethings well, but lack in someways that were unacceptable to me. I see some add tweeters to them and subwoofers could be added too, but I didn’t want to go that route with them, so sold them. I’d bet my Chorus II would sound better than them too, but it can be unfair comparing a three way against two way. I’ve heard many speakers that sound better than the A-7, but it deserves its recognition. I think the Altec 19 is better and designed for home use, so I’d prefer them for home use. I considered using what I had in my A-7 components and building 19 cabinets for them, but didn’t want to undo what I had done and lost interest.
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