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  1. Some basic Scott 299C Questions

    Good advice. I own a restored 299C and a new Silk Audio MS38SE which is a Yaqin MS-30L with a few changes. I enjoy them both, but the Yaqin more, because it is new well built with high quality parts, plenty enough power, sounds great with hopefully years of trouble free operation enjoyment, and beautiful looks in a lighted room and dark.
  2. Klipschorn Review - Audio 1986

    Thank you for posting.
  3. JBL EV SLS Klipsch HPS Renkus Heinz Altec EAW

    If I lived close to those, I'd be going there with some cash!
  4. JBL EV SLS Klipsch HPS Renkus Heinz Altec EAW

  5. Free of charge: Pair very nice backloaded horns

    I live in Chandler and would enjoy owning them.
  6. Hilarious. Thank you for sharing.
  7. New Tube amp to drive the Forte II

    I'm glad you're enjoying your very nice vacuum tube integrated amplifier. I bet it sounds wonderful. Don't let negative postings bother you, especially when you're sharing a component you own and enjoy. I'm okay with some criticism, but find the majority of the negative postings not worth my time anymore.
  8. New Tube amp to drive the Forte II

    A beautiful vacuum tube integrated amplifier. I bet you're enjoying it Big Star.
  9. Listening Vs Hearing

    Thank you for sharing this.
  10. My DIY nod to PWK

    I'll add another, Wow! Beautiful job! They look amazing and we know they sound great too!
  11. New Volti Rival

    I'd enjoy hearing a side by side comparison between the Rival speakers and Cornwalls and my Chorus II and the Rival speakers.
  12. Tube recommendations with Klipschorns?

    It's hard for me to understand how the fisher doctor is still in business. I did business with him years ago and it was a bad experience and a lot of others were getting bad services from him too then.
  13. Klipschorn Portable Corner Walls

    Great job.
  14. My home built Chorus II bases

    Thank you all for your nice comments. Klipsch likes them too, they make some just like them now. I wonder if I should be compensated?