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  1. That’s great. It’s going to be a fun worthwhile project. Keep updating us. Enjoy.
  2. Great job. They’d be perfect for an audio room.
  3. Good idea. Experimenting by placing a piece of wood, or something between them and the floor at the fronts will tilt them upward toward ears. The wood piece can be adjusted further back for more tilt as needed, or a bigger piece of wood used. If the effect is beneficial, better options can be utilized if desired for tilting them upwards. I’d experiment with ways to get the cabinets higher too to hear what that does too.
  4. Aren’t they designed to be put on their sides, so the horns play sideways?
  5. Congratulations. You have a good tube system to go with them too. Enjoy.
  6. It was a Christmas gift for a year subscription. I activated it around March. I like it and it sounds good. Maybe I’ll try Qobuz someday too.
  7. Klipschorns. Mine sound amazing! I enjoy my Chorus II too, but the Klipschorns are very special. I’ve been streaming Spotify’s lists of audiophile songs through them and they sound amazing! They can produce low frequencies at high volume. They produce the full range with dynamics that are exciting, fun, and very enjoyable. Mr. Klipsch was a genius!
  8. Thank you for sharing your findings Flevoman.
  9. Trade only? I don’t see a selling price, just a retail cost. He’s into horns! Did you see his even bigger RCA horns on the side wall in his listing photos? Wow! Nice! I’d enjoy owning them!
  10. Music moves me more than some and I’ve always enjoyed high fidelity systems, so maybe I have this gene too. I like this concept. It’s a good idea. Thank you for sharing. 😀
  11. Congratulations. You scored. Enjoy.
  12. I’d enjoy building a low cost pair, but I’ve never heard any, so I’m hesitant.
  13. Welcome. Make sure the positive and negative wires from amp to speakers are all on correctly where they’re suppose to be too.
  14. Just another one of many. The Internet and Youtube are easy low cost platforms for them to make money. Some can be misguided and some separated from their money by those they think know more.
  15. Different wires used as antennas will change how a tuner receives and just touching or moving them will, but it’s not the same sensitivity as audio interconnect and speaker wires and cables, so bad example and he sells cables, so he’s biased. I don’t get much from YouTube audio videos, because it seems most don’t have much of an education or understanding of even basic electronics. Also just because a bunch of different audio wires and cables sounds different doesn’t mean they’re better, because part of audio wires job is to not change anything, just transfer a signal to another location, so therefore all these good high end wires and cables should all sound exactly the same when tried, but somehow they all sound different. Maybe they’re changing the sound in ways some prefer. I only want what’s going in a wire or cable to go out the same.
  16. I and others were just trying to educate you a little about wires and connectors, but if you believe you hear it then that’s all that matters to you, so keep on keeping on. I do recommend you watch some YouTube videos on how to properly crimp connectors onto wires, especially since you’re giving advice about them and posting photos.
  17. Thank you. I am a winner! I agree with you about that. My key words were ( ), I change my wires and connectors to better ones too, but don’t find or believe the high sonic improvements come from that that some declare do, because there’s only so much that can do, unless you replaced old (bad) wires, connectors, or their connections are (bad) in anyway, (loose), or (corroded) (causing problems). Meaning having a (defect), not just from old age, because copper wire and connectors are good for many years, especially protected inside a La Scala dog house. Just because they’re old doesn’t mean they’re bad. Klipsch has always used adequate size wire and connectors. Simply putting on bigger wire and connectors on speakers doesn’t cause you to get an improvement if they were already adequate and not (defective). Klipsch uses bigger and better wire and connectors now because the market does and it’s expected and if it causes improvements I doubt differences can be heard by ears, even yours.
  18. What level of (boost) in decibels and in what frequencies did you get? How did you do that (A/B test)? What was your exact full process and exact findings?
  19. How did you verify an advantage of a definitely added boost from just the crossover to speaker cables of the Crites crossovers compared to the original Klipsch crossovers cables?
  20. Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed looking at them.
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