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  1. Thank you for sharing. A man I admire! With horns less wattage is needed plus less motion for lower distortion. I wonder if the unmentionable was Bose 901 that needs lots of wattage?
  2. Congratulations ClaudeJ1! I hope you post a video someday so we can hear them. Enjoy.
  3. Thank you for sharing. I’d love to own them! Good price too.
  4. You can listen to the first 30 seconds of each song here. Hit the top play button to listen to all songs samples. https://www.amazon.com/Two-Guitars-Bass-Drums-Live/dp/B00DH78DKM/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Two+Guitars%2C+Bass+%26+Drums+-+Live&qid=1619735357&sr=8-1
  5. I think I got it partly from here, https://critesspeakers.com/bk-sound-type-a4500-crossov.html I’ve read some here about it too, but can’t find it again using the search function here. I’m guessing Klipsch did it because of these issues too?
  6. Thank you all for your replies. I remember reading here there was a problem with the K55V/K400 going up to 6,000 Hz and I thought the K77 also had some problems going down to 6,000 Hz with how the crossovers were designed, so I wasn’t sure if Klipsch changed the crossovers and the K77 to solve the problem of only the K55V/K400 by crossing it at 4,500 Hz, or maybe the problem with the K77 too by replacing it with another that can go down to 4,500 Hz.
  7. Did Klipsch and if so why and when did they change Klipschorns high crossover point from 6,000 to 4,500 Hz?
  8. Thank you for sharing and thank you Mr. Klipsch.
  9. Since you’ll have both, do a comparison and let us know.
  10. You’re very fortunate!
  11. Wow! Thank you for sharing.
  12. You’re doing good and you’ll be enjoying them soon.
  13. You’re doing good. It’s all coming together nicely.
  14. Wow! I’d love to own them! Thank you for sharing.
  15. On eBay the new Reisong A10 sell for around $500 and the Yaqin MC-100B sell for around $1,000, so if both are selling for around $300-350 the Yagin yields a better valued deal depending partly on their conditions. Go look and listen to both, then decide.
  16. I own a Yaqin MC-30L . I love it! It has lots of clean power with great build quality. I’ve not heard a Reisong A10 , but it has good reviews stating its midrange is good, but can lack power and some bass output. The Yaqin MC-100B with its stock tubes should give you plenty clean power, but the Reisong A10 may not even with its upgraded tubes. If power is not what you want, then both will probably be okay. I find power is good. I like my low power components, but for serious listening I use my high power stuff including tubes. I’d buy the Reisong A10 for its enjoyment if I already owned the Yaqin MC-100B, but that’s me and we’re all different wanting things, so I’ve learned taking and giving advice can sometimes not be good, but I really like my Yagin, so I replied.
  17. That’s a good “tip”. Thank you for sharing.
  18. This goes for me too. I enjoy music, but like it to sound good on my main system.
  19. They’re looking good. I’ll enjoy watching you build them.
  20. I’d enjoy seeing a photo of your work.
  21. 80% - might upgrade if the right deal came along. My systems sound good. I never thought I’d have the audio I have though I like looking on Ebay and Craigslist for audio and still buy a few items at times. I find the journey fun and educational.
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