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  1. They look great and must sound amazing!
  2. I hope it’s not Chief bonehead, or we might be in trouble and no Jubilees for us.
  3. Wow! You’re right, he definitely has some nice interesting old audio components. Thank you for sharing.
  4. soundbound

    Check in

    Congratulations! A great accomplishment! Stay the course.
  5. Beautiful job and amp. I’ve always wanted one of those. Enjoy.
  6. It’s better to not use a terminal strip and instead solder it all directly. Lol...
  7. I went and read some of it too and I agree with you. I couldn’t bare to read it all. It’s partly why he’s not on this forum anymore and still not happy about it. I respect him some, but he’s no Mr. Paul W. Klipsch who I admire greatly. Every time I listen to my Klipschorns and any Klipsch speaker demonstrates how intelligent Paul was and his company is.
  8. woodnes, Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your build and Klipschorns. We’d appreciate you posting photos of your building process of your Klipschorns and of it completed.
  9. Wow! Those are beautiful! Congratulations. Enjoy.
  10. Congratulations on your first La Scalas. Appreciate you sharing your findings. A recap of some so far are: 10AWG pure copper audio wire makes the K-77 sound better. Silent Feet, aka "hockey pucks between carpet and La Scalas makes them sound better. The K55V with new diaphragms and K77 tweeters sound better than the new A-55-G/2 drivers and SMAHL tweeters. The most dramatic upgrades of these are 10 AWG pure copper speaker and terminal wire and an audiophile AC power cord. You can hear the difference between 10AWG and 8AWG in crossovers. Old caps rock, but not with home made spade connectors. Wyvern banana plug adapters sound better, but only for a day. Copper spade input connectors makes speakers sound better even when all the other connectors in the crossovers aren’t copper. Let us know about your bare wire findings too.
  11. Saxophones can sound distorted when played.
  12. Enjoy them as they are for at least now. Their capacitors may need to be replaced due to their old age at some time. Keep their original caps if you replace them, so you’ll still have all their original components. This site is a lot about upgrades, so you’ll be getting some advice toward upgrades. I’ve done some to my Klipschorns, but mine were in bad condition and needed work done to them. Yours are in good condition not needing much. I understand upgrading, but Mr. Paul W Klipsch got it right with the Klipschorns and they sound great just how they are! Enjoy.
  13. Most likely added, I don’t think Klipsch put that nice of veneer on their decorators. Someone has done some work on them previously. Your father did a great job refinishing them! I’m glad you’re enjoying them and researching their history.
  14. I hope you’re able to buy some soon Rotobadger. It’s good you came here for advice.
  15. Wow! I’d like to own one with the DAC!
  16. soundbound


    Those are nice! I’d enjoy owning those!
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