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    '78 Klipschorns decorators w/ Crites Type A crossovers, otherwise stock (apart from a recent paint job)
    '82 La Scalas w sonicapp'd Type AAs + CT120 tweeters, otherwise stock.

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  1. Installed Crites tweeters on my first pair of Khorns to much satisfaction but now need new woofers and tweeters for another pair. Any EU-based people have suggestions recommendations for drop in parts? Thanks!
  2. @soundboundit looks like there are two enclosures for the bass cabinet! do you have more info to share? thanks
  3. how's the system running after a while now @noviygera
  4. yeah! yet still wondering how much difference the enlarged horn makes compared to the enclosed backs of the newer khorns..
  5. I don't think you understood my question, @PrestonTom. I'm talking about enclosing the backs not as per the current models, but by extending the horn so it is flush or parallel with the bass cabinet's baffle - not perpendicular. Making the bass cabinet a triangle, in other words..
  6. Has anyone considered enclosing Khorns so the mouth of the horn is parallel (as opposed to perpendicular) to the bass' baffle? The benefit I can imagine is elongating the bass' horn, the disadvantage I can see is creating a larger, heavier unit. Thoughts please!
  7. Only just seen this, thanks again for the info.
  8. these things are a godsend. i moved my La Scalas around a lot with different means before I got one of these, now I wouldn't move them without! For me it gives greater control over direction of travel and distribution of weight over a hand truck, although the hand truck is most handy when on a flat, level surface.
  9. interesting proposition, i'll consider it. i've a carpenter buddy eager to build some cabs, would probably work out more expensive than 2x JBL4645Cs however.
  10. funnily enough I just saw a local seller with 6x JBL4645Cs for 400eur (455usd) each. Seriously tempted to pick up a pair but still unsure how to encorporate subs into a passive 3-way. only solution is going active, right? i've read around the 4645Cs make a good La Scala pairing, despite not being horn loaded. EDIT: PS.. I'm out here in Berlin, Germany if any forum users are in the area!
  11. 😆 amen! it's just if i'm running things in a semi-professional way and enticing guests with a quality sound system i also want the sound (including bass) to be impressive
  12. running a 70w tube amp (Dynavox VR-70e) - that should have plenty of headroom, no? re: tweeters kind of regretting not getting the TypeAA from Crites with that extra tweeter protection. will just have to be careful with the levels.
  13. thanks for the response @001. so subs (ideally horn loaded i hear) but then also active instead of stock passive to route the below 100hz to the sub, right?
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