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    '78 Klipschorns decorators w/ Crites Type A crossovers, otherwise stock (apart from a recent paint job)
    '82 La Scalas w sonicapp'd Type AAs + CT120 tweeters, otherwise stock.

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  1. Only just seen this, thanks again for the info.
  2. these things are a godsend. i moved my La Scalas around a lot with different means before I got one of these, now I wouldn't move them without! For me it gives greater control over direction of travel and distribution of weight over a hand truck, although the hand truck is most handy when on a flat, level surface.
  3. interesting proposition, i'll consider it. i've a carpenter buddy eager to build some cabs, would probably work out more expensive than 2x JBL4645Cs however.
  4. funnily enough I just saw a local seller with 6x JBL4645Cs for 400eur (455usd) each. Seriously tempted to pick up a pair but still unsure how to encorporate subs into a passive 3-way. only solution is going active, right? i've read around the 4645Cs make a good La Scala pairing, despite not being horn loaded. EDIT: PS.. I'm out here in Berlin, Germany if any forum users are in the area!
  5. 😆 amen! it's just if i'm running things in a semi-professional way and enticing guests with a quality sound system i also want the sound (including bass) to be impressive
  6. running a 70w tube amp (Dynavox VR-70e) - that should have plenty of headroom, no? re: tweeters kind of regretting not getting the TypeAA from Crites with that extra tweeter protection. will just have to be careful with the levels.
  7. thanks for the response @001. so subs (ideally horn loaded i hear) but then also active instead of stock passive to route the below 100hz to the sub, right?
  8. Hey folks! I am the proud owner of a pair of heritage Khorns + La Scalas. I've organised seated listening events with over 100 people with the La Scalas alone but am wondering what it would be like to use the Khorns in a dance context. I know even just from listening at home that when set up right the woofer can thump even without a sub. I also believe that the reason at higher volumes some like to raise the midrange to above ear level is to avoid deafening the crowd. I've seen that David Mancuso at his Loft parties would both raise the tophats and use 5 or 6 khorns, one for each corner and one opposite the DJ booth.. also for 1-200 people. Long story short, with the setup I have do you guys think (in a decent room) I could entertain ca 100 guests with loud clear dance music (some organic, some electronic) without doing damage to the speakers or the audience? All thoughts welcome.. well, sensible ones anyway! Cheers, Doug
  9. all other factors aside, would there be significant or noticeable difference when using said driver with either the fibreglass horns designed for the driver or wooden tractrix horns? thx
  10. doofus over here... thanks for the head's up @RandyH
  11. revival of a 20 year old thread! and here i am wondering how best to flare the BMS 4590s...
  12. Hey there, so does anyone have any advice on dampening the old metal Khorn horns w K55-Vs? I get that you use dampening material such as that used for cars etc but does it need to be wrapped in a specific way? Noob over here so thx for any advice. best, dug
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