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  1. nice rig! i fancy the combo too good advice
  2. that's a good point - thank you
  3. the weight & scale doesn't make for the most ideal rig to gig, and I have also found the Khorns easier to move around (somehow!)
  4. thank you for sharing your opinion based on actual experience with such matters on the road.. appreciated!
  5. regarding outdoor use? I didn't see a single mention actually
  6. I did, they sung.. but the (lack of deep) bass... but that's the (stock) La Scalas for you.
  7. I have however read that there are other reflective materials such as styrofoam which could also be applied.. How important is the 4" gap between two 4'x4' boards? Can one glue the 2x 4'x4' boards together with similar results? thanks for getting in touch
  8. why would using the La Scalas outdoors not be a good idea in your opinion? would enclosing negate the need for false corners? thanks for the tip
  9. Hello good people of the Klipsch online community, I've made the plunge and have a pair of khorns & la scalas. I would like to use the Khorns for occasional outdoor use and was wondering about your experience (if any) with adapting Khorns for the outdoors. False corners are a must, but the weight/size of the original PK design are a drawback. I am not learned enough to confidently design my own alternative, particularly given the added impact not having any walls or ceiling whatsoever would have on the overall signal. If anyone has any constructive input I would be most grateful. dug PS The pair I have are currently in need of cosmetic restoration, but this is not a priority.
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