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    I am a 3rd generation agriculture industry Californian living in Tulare County. I'm also a published photographer who first picked up a camera in the late 80's and never looked back. I have been a multirotor builder and operator since 2003 and have my own line of drones flying many countries all around the world. That's when they both seamlessly came together bringing a whole new way of capturing video and still images. I use a variety of new and old styles and gear to capture everyday scenes throughout my travels and everyday life. I have always been interested in audio and have been collecting media and gear for years in the constant pursuit of amazing music and the components to reproduce it.
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    Currently: Plinius 8200 with Galbo Designs "Ultimate Mod" and 2019 Auricap XO revision (currently serving as preamp), PeachTree Audio 65SE (serving as DAC), Modified AT1240 TT with AT33EV cartridge and Cardas wiring straight to the Plinius phono stage, Otari MTR10-2 Reel to Reel, a PC music server with over 25 terabytes of Hi-Rez files, and a pair of Zu Audio Omen MKII loudspeakers. Room is 24x20x8. All current tube amp and tube preamp upgrades are finished and switching amps in and out are a breeze. Currently I can choose from a 25wpc 6550 triode, 4wpc EL84 pentode, and a 15wpc EL34 triode for tube amplifiers as well as the Plinius SS amplification.
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  1. Message sent. Thank you Charlie
  2. Custom 620 style cabinets and crossovers with PAS drivers , and Townshend supertweeters.
  3. http://tubelab.com/designs/tubelab-sse/
  4. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/basics/passive-aggression
  5. Jon Anderson 9844 verticals with Yuichi horns and custom crossovers.
  6. @NOS ValvesCraig... I sent you a private message. Thank you in advance. Charlie
  7. Looking for one of these amps if anyone has one. Thank you Charlie
  8. If its plugged in here in the USA.... well..... I would hope so. 🔌
  9. Windows 10/Roon-DAC-PRE-AMP-Speakers-iPad remote I don't think I have had to restart Roon or my PC in 4 months.... PC runs 24/7 .... No issues.
  10. The Altec woofers and drivers can be pure magic and I believe I am lucky enough to have the ultimate end result set of speakers to prove it. Originals: Jon Anderson 9844 verticals with Yuichi horns
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