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    I am a 3rd generation agriculture industry Californian living in Tulare County. I'm also a published photographer who first picked up a camera in the late 80's and never looked back. I have been a multirotor builder and operator since 2003 and have my own line of drones flying many countries all around the world. That's when they both seamlessly came together bringing a whole new way of capturing video and still images. I use a variety of new and old styles and gear to capture everyday scenes throughout my travels and everyday life. I have always been interested in audio and have been collecting media and gear for years in the constant pursuit of amazing music and the components to reproduce it.
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    Currently: Plinius 8200 with Galbo Designs "Ultimate Mod" and 2019 Auricap XO revision (currently serving as preamp), PeachTree Audio 65SE (serving as DAC), Modified AT1240 TT with AT33EV cartridge and Cardas wiring straight to the Plinius phono stage, Otari MTR10-2 Reel to Reel, a PC music server with over 25 terabytes of Hi-Rez files, and a pair of Zu Audio Omen MKII loudspeakers. Room is 24x20x8. All current tube amp and tube preamp upgrades are finished and switching amps in and out are a breeze. Currently I can choose from a 25wpc 6550 triode, 4wpc EL84 pentode, and a 15wpc EL34 triode for tube amplifiers as well as the Plinius SS amplification.
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  1. Joe. I go USB out to my Schiit DAC to my Preamp then amp. It has great software which I use my iPad to view album art and every setting is controlled from the app. Of course it can be done manually from the from of the Aurender also. You can control a NAS server if you have one and use any of the music services from it all. I use FOOBAR2000 on my PC and it works flawlessly and the Aurender software does all it did and much more. I upgraded to the 10.000 dollar version or I would never get rid of this. Example:
  2. The screen scrolls the information so thats why it looks blurry and I provided a link of exactly what it is. It's 4,000.00 new and with 4,500 albums I would say my price is more than fair, but thanks. If anyone does want photos I can provide more though. Charlie
  3. This is mint and performs flawlessly. This is the best version of this model they sell. It has twin 6TB drives for a total of 12TB's of storage and an SS drive for buffering and sounds amazing. I use Tidal and Qobuz also with this and it works perfect. Please read more here if needed. https://www.moon-audio.com/aurender-x100l-digital-music-player.html There is around 4,500 Hi Res albums of all genres on this and there is still almost 6TB remaining and available. I will include the albums for the buyer ( the albums are worth more than the asking price alone). I want 3,000.00 net to me for this.
  4. These are my personal pair. I might be willing to drive a few hours one way or the other if it helps. I am three hours from LA and the same from SF. Thank you https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649570192-1979-klipsch-klipschorn-speakers/ Charlie
  5. Saw this and thought I would pass it along. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649514775-crites-cornscala-crossovers/
  6. Great information everyone. Can anyone show me Klipschorns or similar photos and the dsp setup you are using?
  7. With the Klipschorns none of the drivers are aligned (and they still sound good). I was just going to get started with dsp delay/eq and tri-amplification about 13 years ago with my first set of Khorns but due to a divorce I ended up selling them and that never happened. I heard an amazing Khorn setup doing that with custom crossovers and it was amazing. They are the tweakers dream and I don't mind starting that process all over again. It's just hard to get motivated lately since I have just been enjoying my Altec 604H II's so much without all the extra tweaking other than tuning the cabinet and really good crossovers. I use the sub with both the Klipschorns and Altecs, just adding a tiny bit of a well crossed over sub adds something really nice to certain recordings.... for me anyway.
  8. Anyone have the tweeter on top at the rear to match the mid driver in alignment? How where the results? I know it all can be done in the digital world with delay but I was just curious what people were doing or what gave the best results. Or if most just enjoy them stock "as is" like I have been lately. I intended to start down the tri-amp direction and DSP about 13 years ago with a set of Khorns I had but sold them and never pursued it after that.. Since then I have recently purchased a pair of Khorns and was wondering if it was worth trying again? They are the tweakers dream and I don't mind starting that process all over again. It's just hard to get motivated lately since I have just been enjoying my Altec 604H II's so much without all the extra tweaking other than tuning the cabinet and really good crossovers.
  9. When all is said and done things are worth what an individual is willing to pay I have found.
  10. Some stuff to look at here but I haven't updated it as often as I should http://charleshidalgo.com/
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