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  1. Why was this thread moved from 2-Channel Home Audio? The subtitle to that forum area is "Talk about stereo amp and speaker matching here." It would appear that the question at hand here is exactly that.
  2. From what I can see in those shadowy photos, this stuff does not appear to be up to the standard I would expect from BDI.
  3. I have that beat. The guy I bought my turntable from showed me the L100s he had re-veneered. The guy he had do the work covered up the original veneer with walnut...Formica. And he made matters worse by easing the edges so much that I would have to do considerable work to fix it.
  4. Cicerogue

    What I Got Today!

    At first glance, they appear to be a pair of Minimus 7s sitting on the rail.
  5. Cicerogue

    What I Got Today!

    Actually arrived Friday but it was a busy weekend.
  6. TJman, that was my point all along. I admit that I was a bit clumsy in the way I went about it. If you have a lacquer finish, it is as good as you are going to get because there is not much you can do to make it better. Any scratches will show more in the lacquer because it is a flatter, smoother, harder finish. The "harder" part is what makes it more durable but also makes it show scratches. Anything that will penetrate lacquer will more easily go through an oil based varnish. It just shows more in the lacquer. I would not recommend "touching up" lacquer with anything but it seems I am fighting a losing battle here. Look at it this way, the lacquer on your speakers is very similar in the way it behaves as the finish on your car. Do not apply anything to it that you would not apply to the paint on your car. I know furniture makers who sometimes use automotive polishes and glazes after their final finish. I do not because I do not like that look on the pieces I make.
  7. Then why do you not apply oil to your lacquered speakers?
  8. Scratches in the finish or scratches in the wood?
  9. More susceptible than what? No finish you can apply will be as durable as the factory applied lacquer. Do not place items on your speakers. Do not subject your speakers to the ravages of the vacuum cleaner, children, pets, wives, etc. and you will be fine.
  10. What is it you believe you should be hearing that the McIntosh is not delivering? We are all chasing something. Before you move from one product to another, it is probably a good idea to know what you are chasing.
  11. Keep in mind that you cannot operate a traditional tube amp with no load, ie speakers connected. I do not claim to know the physics behind it but from what I have read, it creates a black hole and will transport your dog into another dimension.
  12. Lacquer, shellac and polyurethane are film finishes. They sit atop the wood. Anything with "oil" in the name is a penetrating finish and is meant to soak into the wood. There are oil based lacquers and water based lacquers. Same with polyurethanes. There is shellac and dewaxed shellac. There are natural oils and oils with the polymer additives. Applying one type of finish over a different type of finish will likely produce less than desirable results. I have Fortes from 1989 in oiled walnut that have never been altered and they look brand new. My recommendation would be to not place objects on them, occasionally dust them with a microfiber cloth and enjoy. In 30 years, they will look magnificent.
  13. This is normal. Unless a UV inhibitor is applied, cherry will darken with exposure to sunlight. Walnut fades and becomes a bit washed out. The effect on walnut is less dramatic, thankfully.
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