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  1. Since I only have one FW, I can only compare it to other amps I have. I find that digital music has more stereo separation than analog and I do not get a good center image. My J2 very slightly brings the image in the center back into focus. But it is subtle. Other amps are VRD (tubes), McIntosh (solid state), Quicksilver(tubes).
  2. BTW, that blemish is from a glass of bourbon, scotch or other distilled spirit. Easy matter to duplicate it on the other speaker, if you prefer.
  3. Don't give up now! You have already done the most important step by identifying the finish. Most people just skip this and proceed right to whatever someone on the internet told them to do. If you want, I can walk you through the process of learning how to work with shellac. It is the easiest finish to repair, once you practice a little. If you try it out on a scrap piece of wood and decide you are not up to it, you will be out less than $30 and a few hours messing around in the garage. And your speakers will look no worse than they do now.
  4. That is most likely shellac. Test by lightly wiping a hidden area with a cloth dampened with alcohol. If the finish transfers to the cloth, guaranteed it is shellac. Repair with more shellac.
  5. Looking to move a pair of Fortes from anywhere near central Florida to anywhere remotely close to Dallas. In other words, both sender and recipient will meet you where it is convenient.
  6. I will take some close-ups showing any flaws later today.
  7. I have the Fortes you want. Since billybob and I are practically neighbors, I should sell them to him at an attractive price and he can trade them for your Chorus.
  8. Not exactly what he said...(macro) inflation did not exist before corrupt government. [EDIT: Political propaganda removed, we have enough trouble as it is]
  9. Occasionally, when I see a topic go over ten pages that I am not particularly interested in and consider to likely be a pretty mundane discussion, I drop in on the last page to see how far the game of telephone has wandered from the title of the original post. I must say, you guys have outdone yourselves on this one. Bravo.
  10. Those are Zu Omen Dirty Weekend. So far, they do not appear to be very finicky about placement, which is quite a change from the Fortes that normally occupy that space. Nice strong center image. I know of the show only from the album. The bands around the Khorns are ratchet straps holding false corners in place on the side next to the window. This will suffice until I make something more permanent. I may build fully enclosed backs but will not permanently attach them, as these are nearly perfect and I want to preserve them for the owner that follows me.
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