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  1. Anyone interested in this pair of limited edition Forte III's? Not my listing nor am I associated in any way to the seller. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/ele/d/dallas-speakers-klipsch-heritage-forte/7191327160.html
  2. DanSoloRocker


    The Stars are going to the Stanley Cup Finals!!!
  3. I almost had a pair of practically pristine black Forte II’s (fleabay). But I was mistaken as their posterior tags were labeled “Oak Oil”. Imagine the heresy of such discovery!
  4. Ok, . . . uh . . . they DON’T have to be black. Really. Tough crowd.
  5. Hi everyone. If anybody has the knows the whereabouts regarding a nice looking and wonderful sounding pair of Forte I's (or II's) in Black, then I would be interested in acquisition. Must be in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and within 4 hours drive (preferably less than) of DFW. Is this too much to ask I ask?
  6. How about these links for a reference? I believe the one I used to own (though non-working) was built in 1948. However, I'm not sure, if that's not mid-century, what is? The style is early twentieth century, I suppose. http://www.myvintagetv.com/magnavox_windsor.htm https://magnavoxhistory.com/portfolio/1948-record-playerradio/ 🤨
  7. Texas born and raised. South plains farm land, northeast of Lubbock. Currently reside in Garland, but have moved about since the 80's to Austin, Houston, Dallas, Plano, Amarillo, Rockwall, etc.
  8. Sorry, but I can't post these images yet. However, due to the seller's asking price, I think this link will be here awhile. https://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/ele/d/carrollton-antique-vintage-magnavox/7092527572.html
  9. Now, I'm not sure if any purists are going to be offended for not being able to "unsee" the following link. Clink at your own risk. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/899877827094816/ 😬
  10. Ok, nothing left to sell. I wish to thank all who participated (sniffle). It's been real swell.
  11. The subwoofer has been sold. What a wonderful start to a new year!
  12. That pic was grabbed from a previous garage sale post here from a guy in Missouri over a year ago. I know because once I said those RF-7 II’s were too far for me, several chimed in how it was too good of a deal to not drive cross country.
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