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  1. The first link on the following page leads to its listing on ebay. Located in Springtown, TX 76082. There are three P-37's and two p-312W subs. Used klipsch palladium for Sale | HifiShark.com
  2. Here is a nice pair! Klipsch Forte II - electronics - by owner - sale - craigslist
  3. These are southwest of Austin. Klipsch Chorus II Speakers - electronics - by owner - sale - craigslist
  4. If I had time and money . . . . the things I could do! Klipsch Chorus II - Guitar Amplifiers - Helotes, Texas | Facebook Marketplace | Facebook Someone has got to have both for sure.
  5. . . . . Well, I'm no longer looking. Speakers have been found. Many thanks to @TasDom. Thanks to all for input.
  6. I'm very sorry for your loss.
  7. DanSoloRocker


    I sent you a PM, sir.
  8. @TasDom I would be in Albuquerque during the second week of October, I believe a Thursday. Any idea what you'd accept for them? I would also be driving a Tesla Model 3 then, so I am not sure if they would fit in there.
  9. Hi and thank you. But, unfortunately that's a bit far for me, even though I'd be as close as 6 hours away during October. I would be pressed for time then.
  10. Hi to all. Been away awhile. Do any of you folks (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana) have a nice pair of cherry RF-7 II's that you are willing to sell for a fair price? These are hard to come by. The cheapest pair I've found are in Arizona. Thanks for the consideration.
  11. Oh, there is probably just one visible for now. The top left corner of the left speaker. There is chipped veneer exposure.
  12. Klipsch P-17B - Speakers & Subwoofers - Lebanon, Wisconsin | Facebook Marketplace | Facebook Man, if it weren't for the imperfection(s), I think I'd head up north for these.
  13. Wow. The drive to/from SF would require more than a weekend. 😐
  14. Oh, thank you sir. What an excellent idea! I will get some from the Amazon.
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