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  1. Reluctantly selling my vinyl set-up, this beautiful Rosewood turntable is in excellent condition and sounds glorious. Stellar Speed Stability, Quiet Operation, Grand-Scale Sound, Glorious Musicality: Experience Gorgeous Dynamics, See-Through Transparency, and Stunning Low-Level Detail from Vinyl LPs Winner of The Absolute Sound's Golden Ear Award and Stereophile's Product of the Year award, the VPI Classic Signature turntable takes to grand sonic heights the state-of-the-art analog design elements that guides VPI's world-famous Classic series. Formerly known as Classic 3, Classic Signature features a half-inch thick aluminum plinth so massive and well-damped, it virtually eliminates resonance. VPI also updated the 'table's tonearm to a high-tech 10" JMW Classic 3D printed arm, one of the sweetest-sounding tonearms available. The 3D printed arm includes large stabilizing side weights, a adjustable counterweight, and copper-shielded internal wiring. Classic Signature also features VPI's stainless-steel Record Center Weight, the same fitted as standard equipment on the HRX. Gorgeous and glorious. Asking $3,495.00 O.B.O.
  2. Funny story about Emerson. Did not have much as a kid but my Parents surprised me one Christmas with an Emerson all in one stereo from Ames department store which included an Am Fm tuner an 8-track player and a record player with two speakers. I was happy beyond belief. One of my fondest memories. As crazy as it sounds, it was my gateway into this life long love of music and all things audio.
  3. https://www.theaudiosurgeon.com/about-us He does not have any information on the cables but this is the individuals website.
  4. I would rather someone gets a good set of wires here than put them back in the closet. I will sell all five sets, speaker wires and interconnects for $750.00.
  5. I have been waiting for Upscale Audio to start selling these.
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tung-Sol-Platinum-Matched-QUAD-FOUR-NEW-KT-170-NIB-KT170-tubes-24hr-Burn-in/164673722272?hash=item26575197a0:g:XD8AAOSwYodgE23n
  7. I have 3 pairs of RCA and 1 pair of XLR Balanced interconnects hand made by the Audio Surgeon. The lengths of the RCA's are 3 feet 4 feet and 6 feet The balanced XLR are 5 feet. I am asking $200.00 a pair or $700.00 for the lot I have 1 Pair of speaker interconnects with spade connectors. They are 8-feet 4-inches long. I am asking $550.00. OBO I bought these for a secondary system that I no longer have. They are very neutral, excellent performing cables. They have probably 50 hours of play time on them. I have priced these low, (about 30% of original cost) to move them. I have too much gear sitting in the closet.
  8. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/ele/d/dallas-klipsch-rp-600m-bookshelf/7277180761.html This seems like a decent start localy if you want bookshelf speakers. I saw other Klipsch bookshelf speakers and a couple centers listed also.
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