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  1. I welcome all of the discussions and recommendations for everything that could benefit from some dampening materials as well but I do have the original issue addressed.
  2. Looking for the best self stick product for inside audio equipment.
  3. This looks like one heck of a deal. Very nice! GLWS
  4. It would be pretty boring if we all had the same equipment, tastes and opinions. I really enjoy reading how excited people are when they put together any level of equipment that brings them joy, I can relate to this.
  5. Audio is music is art which is subjective. I am happy for anyone who finds pleasure no matter what they are listening through and never understand criticising choices or products. My first set up was an emerson I think all in one turntable tuner and 8 track player with speakers from Ames dept store that was a christmas gift when I was probably 12 years old in the early 70's and was absolutely thrilled and thus began my love of all things audio.
  6. I was I hate to admit but the thought crossed my mind also.
  7. You will need a phono pre-amp as billybob stated suited to the type of phono cartridge you are using unless your turntable has one built in, it is not something that is typically part of a turntable, and it looks like you have an audio left and right input labeled audio 3 on the rear panel of your Yamaha. The speakers are connected to the speaker outputs labeled front L and R for stereo.
  8. I agree. I had the 60 as a demo until my monos came in and I honestly could have stopped there. I sold the Pass and went to the Coda amp and pre before I landed back here. I blame a lot of my wondering on Terry but I am done and happy. http://v2.stereotimes.com/post/coda-technologies-16.0-amplifier-by-terry-london
  9. That actually is the one rabbit hole I enjoy. It satisfies my tinkering itch and desire to try something different once in a while without major changes and expenses.
  10. I have heard the 60 it is a very nice unit. That is something I found also at times with break-in.
  11. Your journey mirrors mine except I started with Klipsch and went full circle and am back. I owned at one point Pass labs mono amps and there pre-amp and they were excellent. I can't resist tubes so that is where I have settled along with some original Chorus speakers. I would purchase the CW-4's if I was going new in a heartbeat, although I sure would like to see a new Chorus come back. It is so true how we get lost in listening to the equipment instead of the music and forget why we started this journey. Klipsch has a way of bringing you out from the darkness and you just listen to the music again.
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