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  1. SonicSeeker

    Crites A-55G Midrange Driver and CT120 LaScala

    We don't help each other with our affliction here do we....
  2. SonicSeeker

    Crites A-55G Midrange Driver and CT120 LaScala

    That is good to hear, no pun intended.
  3. SonicSeeker

    Crites A-55G Midrange Driver and CT120 LaScala

    Glad to hear that. They are on there way.
  4. Figured I would give these a try in my older LaScala's. Dean built me some nice crossovers so I am set there. I scanned through here and read what I was able to find and everything seemed pretty positive. I was going to rebuild the drivers but decided to go this route instead.
  5. SonicSeeker

    Line Magnetic 219-IA

    Finally in the new house, nightmare after nightmare but that is a story for another time. I finally hooked everything up today and am listening to my stereo again after 4 months without. Sounds great and feels even better. I am listening through my OPPO UDP-205 right now and will finish setting up my turntable tomorrow. I can't wait to spin some vinyl again!
  6. SonicSeeker


  7. SonicSeeker

    LaScala's and Tubes.

    I have been in Texas as of last Friday and I am sitting next to the 219 IA still in it's box I have not even opened it yet, I am waiting until we get into a new house, staying with my sister and her husband. Killing me.
  8. SonicSeeker

    Interesting article on the Dead's "Wall of Sound"....

    Awesome read, thanks from a lifelong Dead fan.
  9. SonicSeeker

    Line Magnetic 219-IA

    Very nice.
  10. Gas for sure. After living with both I would never go back. The ability to have instant temperature variations from on to off and everything in between is awesome.
  11. SonicSeeker

    Line Magnetic 219-IA

    We are closing on the sale of our house here in Colorado on the 12th of July and then we are on our way to Arlington Texas where the amp is sitting idle, the wait is driving me nuts. I was thinking Telefunkens would be my choice from past experience but I will listen for a while first to see which direction I want to take the sound.
  12. SonicSeeker

    Tubes For Sale

    I have a long list of tubes I have collected and need to clean house. I have pictures I can send upon request to interested parties. KT-77 Gold Lion Cryo'ed quad $125.00 5U4GA/GB one is GE One is hard to read $20.00 for the pair. 274B Valveart from Decware $35.00 for the pair 5U4G RCA JAN Coke Bottle $35.00 5R4GY RCA Coke Bottle $35.00 5Y3G RCA Coke Bottle $25.00 OA3 RCA Coke bottle set of 3 for $35.00 plus one straight OA3 included. 6N5P Pair $30.00 6N1P Pair $25.00 6N2P Pair $30.00 6DJ8 Sylvania 1967 superline red green tip $75.00 very nice tubes 12AU7 ECC82 Gold Lion Cryo'ed $25.00
  13. SonicSeeker

    Line Magnetic 219-IA

    Just purchased this to try with my LaScala's. Unfortunately I wont hear it for a month or two. Wont even see it until then. We are in the process of selling our home here in Colorado and moving to Dallas. I am having it delivered there, so I wont see it until we move. I am still excited though and wanted to share.
  14. Has anyone here used a step up voltage converter for audio equipment that is from Europe. If so what effect does it have on sound and which products would you recommend.
  15. SonicSeeker

    McIntosh MA252 Tube solid state integrated

    I hope to read more about your thoughts when you have spent some time with it. It is beautiful.