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  1. SonicSeeker

    SOLD Line Magnetic 219IA

    This is an amazing amplifier that has produced some of the finest music I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. I have enjoyed it immensely. I am going to upgrade to the unit that is a two piece design, 845 Premium, why not. It is in excellent shape and comes with a remote control. I am asking 4995.00 obo. I do have the original box if buyer would like to arrange pickup.
  2. SonicSeeker

    La Scala bass

    Thanks for the picture. I have wondered what they would sound like with the tweeter and mid horn up closer to ear level.
  3. SonicSeeker

    La Scala bass

    No subs please. I don't have the room for a sub.
  4. SonicSeeker

    La Scala bass

    You actually have yours elevated 14 inches. What changes did that produce with the sound. Do you have a picture?
  5. SonicSeeker

    La Scala bass

    I was wondering what different choices are out there for improved bass for the La Scala. No subwoofers please. If I am reading it correctly the Crites cast woofers are not an option on this model of La Scala's which is unfortunate, I really liked what they did for my Belle's. Is the ported lower section worth it. Do you have to change crossovers, I don't want to. I have Custom AA's I would rather leave alone.
  6. I picked up these used LaScalas a while back but had to wait until we moved to Texas before I could set them up and listen to them with my Line Magnetic amp and other 2 channel gear. I finally had a chance to spend some serious listening time since moving. I was having an issue with the sound being a little closed off and in the speakers instead of in front or outside of them. The modifications I have performed are as follows. I replaced the crossovers with some custom type AA Dean G built crossovers. I replaced the tweeter and mid with the Crites supplied CT-120 and A-55G drivers. I just rewired the insides, drivers to crossovers, with some very nice silver wire soldered to the terminals on the drivers with Mundorf silver gold solder. Still a little off and compressed to me, good but not quite right. Then, and I slapped myself for this, I realized I had not addressed what should have been ridiculously obvious, which was the speaker terminals. My LaScalas have closed uppers with a terminal cup and the positive speaker wire also goes through a fuse. I removed the old terminals put some nice red copper terminals in their place and removed the fuse from the signal path. Needless to say the improvement was not at all subtle. I think I have eliminated most all of the weak links in my system now and it sounds as good as I have hoped for, just beautiful. I had mentioned this in my Line Magnetic thread but thought I should share this here.
  7. SonicSeeker

    Line Magnetic 219-IA

    I used Viborg red copper speaker terminals.
  8. SonicSeeker

    Line Magnetic 219-IA

    Ok not sure why I did not consider this before, a little too much happening right now in life with moving and all I suppose. So I decided to rewire my LaScalas, the drivers to the crossovers, with some really nice silver wire I had left over from a previous project. I also have the closed back with the RCA terminals and a fused input on the positive side. Well long story short I ordered some new RCA terminals removed the old ones and by-passed the fuse altogether. The difference is remarkable. The issues I was experiencing with the sound being a little closed off and in the speakers is non existent now. I am listening to Roxy Music Avalon, one of my go to albums when I change something and it sounds amazing , sounded good before the change but a little off, absolutely fantastic now. Money and time well spent. Now if I can just avoid being swept away by the ridiculous amount of rain we are getting right now here in the DFW area.
  9. SonicSeeker

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    That's hard to hear. RIP
  10. SonicSeeker

    Line Magnetic 219-IA

    It seems to have helped, yes. Interesting.
  11. SonicSeeker

    Line Magnetic 219-IA

    Why did changing, reversing the speaker wires seem to help?
  12. SonicSeeker

    Line Magnetic 219-IA

    I will give that a try, reversing phase. I have tried Valvo and Tungsram inputs so far, Tele's will probably be next.
  13. SonicSeeker

    Line Magnetic 219-IA

    After a couple weeks of listening and getting used to the new system and house I find my music seems to be a little on the dark side. I would like a little more detail and clarity and I would like to tighten it up some. It is kind of like everything is inside the speaker a hair instead of out front and around. I installed the A-55G Midrange Driver and CT120, I also have updated AA crossovers from Dean, I have Tungsram 12AX7's Gold lion 300b's and SHUGUANG 845's It sounds quite good but in my never ending pursuit these are the things I would like to be better.
  14. SonicSeeker

    Cooling fans

    I received the Aircom T9 a few days ago and have been using it since and it works exceptionally well. I don't hear it at all and it keeps the amplifier cool. I am very pleased with the unit. Thanks for the info youthman.
  15. SonicSeeker

    Crites A-55G Midrange Driver and CT120 LaScala

    I think the drivers are opening up some also, now that I am getting a few hours on them.. Beautiful sound.