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  1. I had a 9090DB that I bought from a friend of a forum member. Thanks @willland for arranging and delivering. It is a monster as you know and frankly was too much for my Palladium P37s but oh did it sound good. While I owned it I studied a lot about it. The Dolby boards are known to be very problematic but on some versions (later I think) the design of the boards were improved and thus nowhere nearly as susceptible to the problem. There are pins that connect areas of the board that need to be re-flowed, etc. It's quite a job just getting it out. Mine did not have an issue but many prefer the 9090 for the reason mentioned earlier in this thread. If it were me and everything worked correctly I'd keep the DB.
  2. oh man just saw the price Whooo! I have to pass. Sorry bro.
  3. I have so much gear I NEED to sell (including a C2500) but just won't ship. Maybe that's my way of tricking myself in to not selling it.
  4. wstrickland1


    That was my first sub. I used to think it was a beast. I could only run it with a cheater plug or I'd get a similar noise. Later it started popping when it hit "hard" (all relative, right?) so I bought a RSW 15.....
  5. I actually broke up a 7.1 consisting of (3) LaScalas, (2) Cornwalls and (2) Heresys to fit these in. To me they have a tighter more modern sound better suited to that task. I compared for a while and did the thing. I'm sure @Youthman was happy since it's how he got his center channel...
  6. I have a small hoard from this series. (2) pair of RF 7s,(3) RC 7s, a pair of RS 7s(new in box) and (2) RSW 15s I really love the sound and have never experienced the shrill or harshness that others have. I do have ears of tin though so maybe that's why...
  7. I was wondering where that last batch of glue used on the Legends would end up....
  8. Also, my late mother used "josh" in a phrase that described someone pulling their pud..... Someone: "Has anyone seen Chuck"? Mom: "He's probably in the back room boxin' josh" It was even funnier to hear her say it in her thick Charleston/Geechie accent...
  9. I've had a pair of 650s hanging on the hottest, most exposed wall in Charleston since I built my pool in 2012. They sound as good as the day I hung them. Crazy good speakers
  10. I'm signing up with a new screen name. I'm thinking Josh1.....
  11. I actually read this hole* thing. Billybob and Randy better apologize stat lest this forum loses RobcatOlson30. This will be on you boys' hands
  12. The Ego has a 56 volt 7.5 amp hour battery. Mowed the lawn with some to spare using self propelled most of the time. Very impressive and better yet my wife can use it. She struggles with the Snapper. It's an absolute bear to start even though it has a functioning electric start plus it weighs a ton. Hell of a mower though but with all the nooks, crannies and banana plants etc it's a job. She WANTS to mow with this thing. We'll see how it holds up.
  13. A new Ego battery powered lawn mower and string trimmer. Skeptical to say the least but first shot was pretty amazing. Not selling the Snapper yet but may soon. Getting ready for a downsize. Battery powered lawn mowers. Sheesh.
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