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  1. Why I didn't get a center and bookshelves at that time I'll never know. I had the means and was in that mode. Probably should have picked up another sub as well. The P312 is quite impressive, especially for music
  2. 100% first hand experience. We have some +$200 sous vide, a sous vide pot, all that jazz. I PERSONALLY (as I thought I clearly stated) don't like it for steak. It's ok, not knocking it sir. I like a bark on the exterior and warm red center. That's all. Defending sous vide on an audio forum is a hoot. I also like solid state amps....😀😁😂🤣😃😄😅😆
  3. For me only (many others disagree) Sous Vide is really only good for Chicken, fish and pork. I'm more of a crusty exterior, rare interior person. I have found that the best way to get that inside is to use the oven broiler to crust them up, then finish with convection until I hit the proper internal temp. My oven does have an infrared broiler with a convection mode so you have to monitor it very carefully during that phase.
  4. Sheeit I think it moved.... gorgeous piece sir
  5. Good move. I wouldn't sell my 5509 for that. its a great preamp
  6. Great unit and price. I have had the Onkyo version for quite a few years (a 5509) and I will keep it until it croaks. Excellent deal
  7. I actually spoke to the guy. These are legit. Doubt I'll move on them though.
  8. These have been posted for quite a while. Maybe I'll shoot him a $150 offer
  9. The Charleston pair look like they might be nice. I assume the drivers are H2's I wonder if the networks differ? Turn my H1's in to H2's? Sounds like a lot of trouble, I'm getting tired just typing this out...
  10. Maybe I should off my local guy $200 and see what happens....
  11. I listen to Tidal through a Oppo Sonica and through a mac mini. Both are very good if not excellent. With the Sonica, I am running xlr out to a C2500 and with the mac mini digital out to the dac on a MAC6700. The Sonica sounds better but the gear and room are also better. It's a shame Oppo quit. That unit is awesome.
  12. I bought a pair from Fry's a few months ago for my daughter's room. Hooked up to one of the Klipsch streamer/dac/amp things and they sound quite remarkable. Great speakers
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