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  1. Oh it's such a hot mess I don't think it's possible
  2. This is not great photography but it does have a couple of pair of Klipsch speakers
  3. But if you're in Abu Dhabi that's just not that far...
  4. Yes it is Ceptor. I really love my RF7 v1 setup. Someone buy these things!
  5. There's your deal CJ. Those speakers are very nice. Jump on those quickly.
  6. I guess I need to be asking $5k for my 2s....
  7. Man I hope we don't get anything like that this year. I am at the doorstep of actually producing fruit on a couple of my banana plants and a decent winter will ensure that it will happen. So far so good I can tell you that!! Tony what side of Cola are you? I lived in Irmo from 2000 to 2006
  8. That RC 7 is tempting, and I'm less than 125 miles from you....
  9. Totally understand. They're over mine as well hence the sale....
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