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  1. Klipsch RSW-15 vs SVS SB-16

    Well on that regard yes. I just meant you can't go out and buy a RSW. You might look elsewhere if music's your primary thing.
  2. Klipsch RSW-15 vs SVS SB-16

    I also
  3. Klipsch RSW-15 vs SVS SB-16

    R 115 SW, RSW 15 . I have both. The R 115 hits considerably harder and imo is better for Home Theater. It just goes deeper with more output. For music though I can hear the cabinet of the R 115 (mine at least) and there are no such colorations with the RSW. That being said my P312W smokes both of them At the end of the day there's not much of a reason to debate it too hard though as the RSW 15 hasn't been made for quite a while.
  4. What I Got Today!

    A nice table deserves a nice dust cover
  5. Klipsch & Mcintosh overkill?

    call these guys: Audio Classics 800-321-2834 or 607-766-3501
  6. McIntosh MA252 Tube solid state integrated

    a space like that needs a ductless split heat pump.
  7. Klipsch & Mcintosh overkill?

    also I think when buying new the amps with autoformers are on the higher end equipment. Your best bet is to call Audio Classics and talk it out with them. It would be a shame if this went the way of the 52" subwoofer thread......
  8. Klipsch & Mcintosh overkill?

    The MC is a power amp and the MA is an integrated. Also the MC 152 uses autoformers where as the MA 5200 is direct coupled. They're 2 completely different animals
  9. Klipsch & Mcintosh overkill?

    It would be far from overpowered. As I type I'm listening to a pair of P37s hooked up to a MAC6700 (200 wpc) and the meters are swinging plenty and it's at a moderate Sunday morning level with Toto, Journey, etc. Bottom line is it's not as much power as you think. If you can get a deal on the 152s do it. You can always turn them in to 300 watt monoblocks down the road if you want.
  10. McIntosh boxes delayed

    I'm sure others have similar stories, but their shipping containers are worth every cent. The MAC6700 I got yesterday had been lost, delayed, labels ripped off (prolly on the conveyor or whatever), the out box looked like total hell, signs of water exposure, corners crushed, gouges....basically everything UPS could throw at it. This is a 100 lb amp. I cracked it open and was greeted with a pristine inner box, perfect in every respect and of course inside that was a fresh and happy looking amp that is absolutely splendid. They could actually charge more
  11. What I Got Today!

  12. What I Got Today!

  13. vinyl sold locally

    did the albums sell? I know it says SOLD but then the other dialog. If it's still around I will take it.
  14. PC computer question

    Does the dac have a usb input for a PC? sorry if that's been covered, phone is small