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  1. wstrickland1

    P37's in Espresso $3,500

    I have a chance to obtain a pair on XRT100's and if I could sell some stuff I'd do it. They would replace my Palladiums. I'm not super motivated mainly because the whole deal is going to be a pain and I'm basically a lazy sob. I doubt I'll go the bay route so I'm throwing them up here. I don't have pics worth posting but they are Espresso P37F with all the original packaging, etc. There's also a nice Sansui 9090db that I have used for a while for $750, a Pioneer PL530 for $300 and MAYBE a P312w sub with all the original packaging, etc also in espresso. for $1,500.
  2. wstrickland1

    RSW 15 original sub speaker/driver.

    This was brutal
  3. wstrickland1

    RSW 15 original sub speaker/driver.

    Rear active, front passive. No doubt. I have 2 of these animals
  4. wstrickland1

    Oppo Hanging up Their Hat

    Well I'm glad I obtained a Sonica before they shut down. That really is a great unit and I have enjoyed it immensely. I just hope the built in Tidal feature continues to work but I have a feeling after a few updates on Tidal's end it will cease to function.
  5. wstrickland1

    Found: IPhone 5 or 6

    I have a 64 gb Iphone 6 with everything but the earbuds. It spent it's entire life in an Otterbox. I had offered it up to someone here that wanted one a while back but I completely forgot about it. Anyway I am charging it up now to make sure the battery is good. Not sure what they're worth.
  6. @scallywagger77 came to my house in Charleston SC in an older body style Explorer with his wife, a 80 lb dog, luggage from the vacation they were on plus whatever they picked up while there and took home (Chattanooga TN) (2) KLF 30's, (2) KLF 20's, (2) KLF C7's, a Custom built KLF 20 Center I built and a factory box for one of the C7's (put in after the fact when I discovered I had it). Let me tell you, if he puled that off what you're attempting is very easily doable.
  7. unfortunately I think that anyone on the list that doesn't want one to use is going to flip.
  8. I didn't make the cut I guess
  9. wstrickland1

    Epson 5020UB For Sale

    I have the same model. Still on the original bulb, probably 2500 hours or more. Still has a fantastic picture. Great deal. I paid $2500 for mine new.
  10. wstrickland1

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    I think we're good. Our neighborhood is high and dry so if you get flooded out come up here and hang out for a while. I Know my girls would love to see you.
  11. wstrickland1

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    all quiet down here in Charleston this morning. Good luck up there guys we'll be praying for your safety
  12. wstrickland1

    La Scala II SOCAL $5K OBO

    I indeed did. Shipped at that
  13. wstrickland1

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    It's been a while but I remember Hugo well. Stayed on Johns Island that night. I'm sure @sunburnwilly was staying somewhere nearby. I pray I never go through anything like that again. It seems like yesterday.
  14. wstrickland1

    Need speakers for a Klipsch p-27c

    how beautiful
  15. wstrickland1

    FS Klipsch Classic 2-RF7 3- RS7 1- RC7 1- RSW-15

    It was priced right, someone jump on these