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  1. Set them up man. You're going to be very surprised. That's a damn decent sub as well.
  2. That's not a bad HT setup at all.
  3. close to true. I will tell you they're far better than a ton of stuff that's out there though so you should be able to sell them if they're in good shape. What sub is it? EP-400 maybe?
  4. Those are pretty solid speakers my man. You got a great deal
  5. Streaming Preamp DAC

    Are you using the balanced outputs? I haven't tried it as a preamp yet, just wondering if there's more gain thru the balanced.
  6. FedEx Ground to the rescue...

    How'd you know?
  7. It's 2018; what audio gear do you want to buy this year?

    I'd like to try the new Heritage headphone amp. If it works out I'm selling all my other schiit, in which case Favog I have a very nice Scoutmaster....
  8. ISO rsw15 grill

    Awesome man if you end up letting the other one go let me know.
  9. ISO rsw15 grill

    If you happen to have (2) grilles I need one as well. I bought a RSW 15 that had a grille with one peg and torn up grille cloth. I'd definitely take the other one
  10. Integrated Amp suggestions

    sign me up for the $2,200 HP amp
  11. NCAAF

    But a SEC also ran beat Michigan in their bowl game....oh I see what you did there
  12. NCAAF

    Here's another example. Total tool I tell you.
  13. Streaming Preamp DAC

    I love the Sonica but haven't used it as a preamp
  14. my Notifications Stopped!

    definitely the tiger paw