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  1. We had one of the he add on micro blind deals that mount on a French door. Full length and isthmus of the door. Came home to it entirely shattered and it blew out 10 feet or more. Apparently this happens.
  2. from the math I'm doing I won't get one. If I had filed my 2019 taxes I might get some lunch money but since I didn't they'll go off of my 2018 return. 2018 was a pretty decent year. I'm only part Irish...
  3. That too would be amazing. I would absolutely love to have some of his gear. The phono stage he makes looks incredible as well.
  4. How about a pair of D'Agostino Relentless monoblocks. Should be the end game even for you. edit: I take back that last part......
  5. I know everywhere Cat plays has cancelled her. I'm assuming you guys shut down completely. Really sorry man. I don't know what's going to happen here. I know HVAC is still pretty critical but we rely on New Construction projects. It's getting weird. Stay in touch.
  6. @sunburnwilly of course I could cook yours a little longer if necessary, plus we could break out the good wine...
  7. Willy my girls really like you (as do I) and hope to see you again soon. You need to come to our house for dinner one night soon.
  8. I assume you don't need HDMI. I have a B&K Reference 50 w/ remote and probably the original manual I'd sell for $300 plus shipping. It's one of those pieces I haven't wanted to part with because it has great sounding dacs and is a fantastic 2-channel unit in general but I just don't see it ever getting used.
  9. The L19/4301b are really nice sounding. I've actually owned both and they are pretty much the same, but the 4301b looks way cooler than the L19
  10. I use that same amp daily!! It is a great one.
  11. Oh no it's for work. I come down here once a month. My wife said it's been pretty nasty in Charleston.
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