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  1. I can beat that. I will sell a pair of mine for $3,900. I win.
  2. No unfortunately there will be no Funky Biscuit this week. I may get a Chicken fila biscuit or two though..... It's all work this time
  3. Well then you don't have to worry about Boca haha.... Congrats to both parties. Had this been the trip I was going to St Pete to get my LSi I would have snatched the 15 up! It wasn't to be. Now wth is the biscuit?
  4. You're not coming to the Boca Raton area next week by chance?
  5. But I can't pickup...
  6. If I could easily pickup I would buy today and I have zero use for them
  7. I may get a pair of the 120861 woofers from them to go with the K 67s I got from you. I'm thinking that the drivers/horns have to be very similar to the K 50.1 used in the RB 75. I am good friends with a fantastic cabinet maker so I'll just have to come up with ports and crossovers for something RB 75 ish....
  8. Free sales bump and could you please send me the info?
  9. I don't know. I wouldn't take much less for mine. They seem to maybe have a little wiggle room but they're pretty close.
  10. I have a cherry one and a black one. The cherry's amp JUST started crapping out. I'd probably buy you black one but shipping would kill the deal. I guess I'll send the amp somewhere for repair.
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