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  1. wstrickland1

    Oh stop me now!!!

  2. wstrickland1

    Oh stop me now!!!

    Could you actually get $4,300 for near perfect LaScala II's with all original paperwork, etc? I mean I wouldn't sell mine for that at this juncture but would someone pay that on the secondary market?
  3. Ha I'd say. 2 blacks and a cherry and all sorts of other stuff
  4. I'd do that. I've got black or cherry. Now shipping...I'm in South Carolina
  5. I had natural P39's and currently espresso P37s and a P312w. The natural looked a little "orangey" in my room at least. I really like the espresso. At a minimum someone pick up that P312. It really is a very nice sounding sub, awesome for music. It does an amazing job complimenting my LS2's. I'd love to find another one just to have stereo bass but honestly the way it fills in it just sounds like both LaScalas are playing. Not sure I'd really gain that much and certainly don't need the output. Someone get it.
  6. wstrickland1

    FLAC files on Marantz SR6012

    I know the Marantz SA 8004 does not support gapless playback so maybe it's a Marantz thing
  7. wstrickland1

    Mahogany KLF30 in NC on FB market pl

    They're close to me but crap man I have too much already. Must resist. Without the frontal blemish I'm no sure I would have as much self control....
  8. wstrickland1

    Denon dl103R Cartridge low hours

    If you're fairly close to Raleigh or Charlotte, check out Audio Advice. I bought a VPI Prime Scout and the Grado from them. Great service. Who knows they make take the Denon in on trade.
  9. wstrickland1

    Denon dl103R Cartridge low hours

    Not looking to trade but I have a Grado Reference Sonata II. Not sure how it will match with your system but I really like the sound I get out of it.
  10. wstrickland1

    FS - Capacitors - All new, never installed

    I also throw a cast net off my boat for shrimp. You need to get down here and do that with me. I have a nice audio system in the boat so bring some music.
  11. wstrickland1

    FS - Capacitors - All new, never installed

    yeah but we get shrimp right off the boat
  12. wstrickland1

    FS - Capacitors - All new, never installed

    Why are all the deals so far away
  13. wstrickland1

    Advice for Beginners....

    Hey now I used to drool over the Panasonic system (with Thruster speakers) that they had on the end-cap display. Bad *** it was. They also carried the "higher end" Soundesigns that I longed for.....when I was 12
  14. wstrickland1

    FS: Klipsch Heritage headphone amplifier, new in box

    Shaun I've only used some Hifiman Planars with it so far and it has plenty of drive for them. I've used a Imac and a Mac Mini via the USB input, mostly with ripped CDs and streaming Tidal. I've also used it as dac feeding my Mcintosh integrated amp with the same computers. It sounds good like that as well.
  15. wstrickland1

    FS: Klipsch Heritage headphone amplifier, new in box

    I have one. Very nice unit and looks great too.