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  1. Klipsch La Scala II's for Sale

    And by people who have absolutely no intention of buying them. Sometimes it's tough watch. The cherry really is gorgeous Scott. I wish I were in the market.
  2. Klipsch La Scala II's for Sale

    Fine speakers and yes sir I hear you about the chiro visit. I bought a new pair earlier this year for an upstairs room but they never made it up there. They play just fine in the downstairs living room......
  3. Dual THTLP for sale. Miami SOLD

    Do they truly play flat down to 18? If so those would be quite an improvement over the pair of RSW 15s I have now. In my room they start falling off rapidly below 30hz. I am not able to put them in or near a corner so maybe that's the problem. I'm definitely looking to upgrade subs for HT.
  4. Klipsch RF-63’s cherry $399 Syracuse, NY

    I'm honestly glad I'm not close enough.....
  5. Good universal remote?

    I actually wish I had done that. It's all I need
  6. Good universal remote?

    I have this and never use the actual remote. I use my phone or tablet. It even had a profile for my Palladium sub. It's definitely worth the money
  7. What is the difference between the R7II and the R7III

    They should make the horn out of Australian Buloke
  8. Preamp Owners....What Are You Using?

    Man I really think going to love it and its just so easy to use. Great price too.
  9. Today I hooked up an Imac to my Sonica dac via the usb type B connection using a decent Audioquest Cinnamon cable. The Oppo does not pass MQA but will stream at 96/24 when playing Tidal Master selections. It sounds very good. It definitely defeats the simplicity of the streaming aspect but the higher resolution streaming is pretty nice. Just something else to play with I suppose.
  10. RF7II Package Pricing

    I would have thought walnut 2's were gone. I'm good tho as I already have large walnut boxes around here and we're enjoying them immensely. OP, definitely call Metro before buying anything. You won't regret it.
  11. Subwoofer recommendation for Palladium setup.

    Nice job man. These subs are pretty awesome
  12. Subwoofer recommendation for Palladium setup.

    I know this an old thread but I wanted to share my experience with the Harmony remote app and my P-312w. For kicks I checked to see if it was supported and sure enough it is. After loading the profile I checked it. Flawless, instant operation. Every time. It also eliminates the annoying (at times) touchscreen control. There'sstill the issue of not being able to see it due to the display orientation but hey at least the remote works now.
  13. RF7II Package Pricing

    Walnut RF7 2's??? Do tell...
  14. I think you'll like the sound quality. It will be tough for me to go back to Spotify