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  1. They're really good subs. Hopefully it's something minor
  2. I've had a Summit S 670 (propane)since spring of 2012. It's sat outside with only the Weber cover for protection (I'm on the 3rd one). It's about 15' from a saltwater pool. I have only needed a couple of burners but Weber sent them for free. I was skeptical that Weber would be a little "K-Martish" but it has exceeded my expectations.
  3. I told the lady that and she charged me an extra dollar......
  4. You boys are making me hungry. Also, shame on all of you for influencing those of us (me) who are highly influencable. As soon as I sell my LaScalas for $4,500 I'm buying a 36" Hybrid Deluxe with (4) balloon tires.
  5. Ok I'll bump it up to $5,250. That should be more in line.
  6. I still have a pair in walnut, original boxes for the low low price of $4,500 Plus shipping
  7. I was skeptical for a long time, then took the plunge. Have the mower, blower, stick edger and string trimmer. Bye bye gas equipment, at least for my yard.
  8. That's down near Brunswick. I'll get it to my house, you come here and get it.
  9. and the L1 Model II w/ a B2 Bass Module, or TWO of those. Pretty formidable for live sound. And my daughter's probably made over $100k with an L1 Compact. Crazy good little solo acoustic setup.
  10. Damn I hope I don't get tossed like I did in the banana forum....
  11. and quantity. The kettle has it's limitations in terms of that. It's not going to feed an army, especially if you're cooking indirect/smoking.
  12. That's my go-to for sure. It came with the 2 charcoal trays that I set up on either side and cook chicken, pork, ribs etc indirect. A small smoke box provides the smoke. Flawless
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