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  1. If you can find an Onkyo 5509 for a good price grab it. I do 7.1 (.2 if that's really a thing) and honestly it's a fantastic machine. Since I have no interest is atmos I will run this thing until it dies. It really does sound very good. I just adjust the levels with an spl meter but I think it has the better room correction dealio that was available.
  2. by some zany reason do you still have this? I have 2 dead RSW 15 amps and want to give one of these a shot.
  3. I'm in Charleston, SC. The speaker is in St Petersburg, FL I've been meaning to go get it for darn near a year it seems. My buddy is going to start charging me rent....
  4. Not jumping the train rather trying to help. I have a single very similar to those that I probably never use. It's a +1 that would give someone 2 pair.
  5. Those are really nice. I have a pair of L19s that I love, even though they get very little use. Same tweeter I believe and it really is a good one. Glad you're not close 😀
  6. I don't need the sub but shoot me a PM if you want to sell the speakers.
  7. Looks nice. Can you stream Tidal right off of that thing?
  8. Nice. I'm in Charleston and have been working in Florida down to Boca Raton and will hopefully working across I4 to Tampa. Not sure when but I could help someone in that area possibly
  9. Nice speaker. I have a couple of them. Won't last long
  10. Maybe send out some cassettes
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