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  1. also I have 2 pair and I wouldn't sell them for $1,250
  2. Way better than the KG's, way too much $$ They imo worth that much, but It's just that they can be found for considerably less that $1,000. If a couple of hundred bucks isn't a big deal to you and they're in perfect shape, grab them. Also if they're local and there's no trip expense then it gets easier to justify. Try to talk him down to at least $1k
  3. I'm a walnut guy. Sorry man this is going to be tough for you. In a good way though.
  4. Bought a pair of II's from Frys. Incredible performers
  5. And THANK YOU for a smooth transaction! Those who missed them do not fear, I will list them for 2.5 times what I paid
  6. Nice but at the end of the day they're just Cornwalls. That's not a bad thing but really just too much money for them.
  7. Post of the thread. Maybe the week...
  8. Animals as does Wish YWH sounds splendid on my LaScalas. So does LZ 2, 3, 4, Presence (esp this one) and ITTOD. Most everything does. Maybe he needs LaScalas
  9. HA. I sold my boat last month. Daughter's getting too busy. Maybe when she doesn't need me as a roadie anymore....
  10. I have one. It has never worked worth a crap. But my Harmony remote controls it PERFECTLY, so it's the remote itself. I think this is a widespread problem...well as widespread as it can be for P312s Harmony brother
  11. If I didn't love mine so much..... Hang around I may be changing jobs
  12. https://www.turntablelab.com/products/nad-pp4-digital-phono-preamp This is a good one, but you can get by a bit cheaper if you look around. It just depends on your preference and needs.
  13. Find a used VPI, like a Scoutmaster. I say that because I did and felt like I hit a home run. In fact I was so pleased that a couple of years later I bought a new Prime Scout
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