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  1. wstrickland1

    Klipsch grilles

    Awesome, glad you scored some.
  2. wstrickland1

    Klipsch grilles

    You're in Myrtle right? I'm in Charleston. Did you ever score any RS7's?
  3. wstrickland1

    Klipsch grilles

    Hey I'm all set for now but nice to know you might be doing thos. I have (4) original RF7s, (3) RC7s and (2) RSW15s and at some point they'll need a grill. I think you'll probably do well
  4. wstrickland1

    Chili and Klipsch

    I just showed this to Lynne. She wants your address. I'm not giving it to her...
  5. wstrickland1

    Chili and Klipsch

  6. wstrickland1

    Klipsch RF-5 black woofers

    There were some black prototype woofers in the RF7 line if I recall, maybe they had some for the 5's?
  7. wstrickland1

    KLF CENTER from KLF20 Components

    I liked it between my LaScalas, really did.
  8. wstrickland1

    Parasound / Oppo / Klipsch for sale

    obviously I kid...
  9. wstrickland1

    FS: McIntosh C22,! SOLD, SOLD, SOLD

    I had no idea there was a remote. VERY VERY VERY sweet
  10. wstrickland1

    Parasound / Oppo / Klipsch for sale

    He’s sending it to me
  11. wstrickland1

    FS: McIntosh C22,! SOLD, SOLD, SOLD

    I think this might shut him down on this topic...
  12. wstrickland1


    I have a pair just like...only beat to hell. Nice sir
  13. My feelings are hurt and this is the only post I've read on this thread. Thanks
  14. wstrickland1

    FS: McIntosh C22,! SOLD, SOLD, SOLD

    Very sweet And congrats on the C70. Did you get the amp too?
  15. wstrickland1

    What I Got Today!