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  1. For Sale Puff the Magic Dragon

    Are you a pothead Focker?
  2. Should there be an RB75 II ??

    I certainly don't think the way they're crossed is detrimental. I believe that's part of the magic. Just a theory though. They make a fantastic 2.0/2.1 setup.
  3. Should there be an RB75 II ??

    I have a spare pair of RC7s and set them up from time to time, sometimes with a sub and sometimes not. They are nothing short of amazing and I do believe the fact that they are 2 1/2 way gives them a little something extra
  4. X20i

    I love comply noise reduction tips
  5. Yamaha reciever

    If I didn't have so much gear I'd be all over this
  6. Yamaha reciever

  7. Yamaha reciever

    OK, I'll be the one. Good luck with your sale.
  8. RF7 II upgrade?

    Someone mentioned a Palladium sub with LS2's. I agree a horn loaded sub is ideal but I can say that the P312w does a pretty good job with those speakers. I haven't used the calibration mic yet, just set the low pass to around 70 and let it rip. I am just running a single sub.
  9. FS: Klipsch RS-7 -SALE PENDING

    I received these today. They are totally and completely mint. I bought a new pair back around 2005 and these look just as good. In fact the boxes are in better shape on these as the new ones had beat up boxes. All packing material including the plastic bag/wrapper is perfect. @AlanWinslow is an awesome seller. Buy from him with total confidence. Thanks Alan
  10. FS: Klipsch RS-7 -SALE PENDING

    How much shipped to 29420? You can send me a pm if you want or email me at wstrickland1@msn.com
  11. How do I get the highest quality from iTunes?

    Daniel Hertz (Mark Levinson) Master Class
  12. Lots of amps running, power issues?

    Maybe they're asking it wrong. I wouldn't put a 30a breaker on a 12 awg wire but most certainly would run 10 awg and a 30. That is a 30 amp circuit.
  13. Do I Need a Power Amp?

    Have you tried to disconnect everything except the speakers? I'd be curious to know if it buzzed with just the speakers hooked up and no inputs. That will at least tell you if it's the amp or a ground loop.
  14. Do I Need a Power Amp?

    They did it with every pre-amp and processor I ever had to; McIntosh C2500, various receivers and even a matching B&K Reference 50. Tried balanced cables after 8 years of living with it and bingo. It was a buzzy hum
  15. Do I Need a Power Amp?

    I have 2 B&K amps and they hum like hell unless I use balanced input/cables