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  1. Same here. I really could care less if the dac craps out altogether. I bought it for the beef. It is a fantastic unit for sure
  2. Did you get the MA or the MAC? I have a MAC6700 with a TM2 Tuner, paired up with P37's and a VPI Prime Scout. Love it. It is a very fine piece of gear. Congrats. Do let me know if you have trouble with the USB DAC. It worked for about a month and quit completely. Same exact deal on my C2500 (with the same DAC). Optical and Coaxial work flawlessly but USB is problematic. Audio Classics said to send it back whenever but I use them both so much AND love them so much there is no way I am A. parting with either for any length of time or B. SHIPPING either one of them. I'm fine without it. The way I see it the internal DAC will become outdated anyway but the rest of the machine will not.
  3. You can put a paper towel on the cooktop and put the pot/pan on top it. Helps if you're cooking something that might spill over.
  4. I got a deal on a Viking 30" range w/ induction cooktop. Going on a year. Love it
  5. wstrickland1


    I wonder how many molested boys were glad to see that place torch
  6. I have one. It's a fantastic watch. I've worn it every day since I received it for a gift. 2 years or so maybe? I believe I got it when they first came out.
  7. AW650's impress year after year. I put some outside when we built our pool in May of 2012 and they still sound as good as they did on day 1. They sit on the completely exposed wall in my back yard that is hammered by the South Carolina sun from about 10:30 until sunset. It is insanely brutal back there. They have also lived through the winter storm of the century where we were blasted with snow and ice for what seemed like an eternity (6" of snow..snicker). They were removed one time for a few days when we painted the house but other than that they have lived right there totally exposed. They are commercial grade in my opinion.
  8. I wish they would just for the support aspect. I have a Sonica streamer/dac and it's a very nice piece. I listen to it just about every day.
  9. Glad you found a a good one. I tried a couple of different subs with my LSII's and it just wasn't right. Like definitely a speaker playing and a sub playing no matter where I crossed things. Inserted a P312 and magic happened. I know horn loaded subs are supposed to be the right thing but this sub is invisible. I guess rooms, electronics, placement and other unknown factors come in to play.
  10. So is that around $3,500 US? I ask because I have a pair of P37s in espresso that may be leaving me. That would be nice for me if so.
  11. I went with the Okki Nokki and like what it does. Considered similar machines by VPI and Project. Okki's will spin in both directions, I think that might have been my reason for choosing but honestly I'm not sure that it matters much.
  12. I mean if you would fly to the east coast I’d almost be willing to donate my Heresys just to be part of that transaction...
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