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  1. I have a new Prime Scout and an older Scoutmaster on fairly decent systems. I just can't imagine another turntable sounding 3,4,5 thousand dollars (or more) better than either one that I have.
  2. Remember the guy that used to contact sellers and tell them that were selling too cheap?
  3. At least Pat is honest. There's a lot to be said for that.
  4. It had a good run either way. Try to get out to a show sometime. My girls very much enjoyed hanging out with you and would like to again.
  5. I can see Indiana not having the issues we have. In the newer tighter house around here you wouldn't believe the mold issues.....and lawsuits
  6. Not sure what the climate is in your area, but in coastal South Carolina dehumidification is very important. On "Design days" the system has the load to run longer and dehumidify the space. When you get in to the shoulder months and it's in the upper 70's/lower 80's, rainy/humid a single stage system will come on, blast it cold and satisfy the thermostat. It does this because it's oversized during these conditions. There's not enough run time to remove humidity. A 2 stage (or even better a multi stage inverter setup) allows the unit to run at a lower capacity that matches the load, thus giving longer run times and providing much better dehumidification. It's not even comparable. It's not all about your power bill, but even with longer run times you may still save some money on it.
  7. Hey I have a pair of walnut LS2's I bought new maybe 2 years ago. All original packing, paperwork, etc. $7,500 firm
  8. My wife and I are seriously considering Florida when my daughter flies the coop. I have a State Mechanical License down there that I have maintained since 1998 or so. I'm thinking small operation, just a couple of trucks. Crystal RIver area appeals to me.
  9. Just FYI, if they're not registered you still get 5 years. Registration get's you an additional 5. Most brands are like that.
  10. Hey I thought they said no way any warranty was left....
  11. A big thing with minisplits is that you cannot neglect maintenance. The way the condensate drains are designed (no other choice really) makes them very susceptible to clogging up, which leads to water running down your wall or worse inside your wall where you may not realize it until it's a really big problem. It's also really nice if you have it mounted in an area where you have access directly behind the unit. Not always possible though. They've become very popular in large buildings as well with multiple heads on a single condensing unit in what's known as VRF systems. Some of the "heads" are ducted, wall mount ductless or ceiling cassette ductless. We've done a lot of hotels, offices and multi-family applications. Like anything else a good contractor can make or break the installation.
  12. Not true. Send me the model and serial number of the unit itself (not the motor)
  13. How old is the unit? All of the Lennox, Carrier and Trane (heck even Goodman/Daikin) units we sell have 10 year parts warranty, if registered of course
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