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  1. I lived in Irmo for 7 years or so. Dutch Fork side off of Kennerly Road. I still own a couple of pair of speakers I bought from Frawley. He was a great dude, I'd go in there just to sit and chat. Did your Khorns come from him?
  2. OH crap that's close!! I already have (2) Pair but 2 more would make it that much better. Let me think on this!
  3. So much misinformation on this forum. Everybody know the plural of Heresy is Heresy's....
  4. Same here but as much as I hate to admit it, I would simply not be able to hear the difference in late production tweaks or with the AL5. I'm at the top of the mountain unfortunately and I do mean unfortunately.
  5. You might want to get the left channel away from the low sidewall air register.
  6. Ha no I'd really like to try some Cornwall IVs and that's about the only way I could do it, but I won't. Surely the OP will find some 39s somewhere.
  7. I keep threatening (myself) about selling my P37s but can't bring myself to doing it. Good luck finding a pair sir. I do think I'm getting another espresso sub when he gets that finish. Great subs.
  8. I'd say you have evolved!!!
  9. Before Covid 19 threw a wrench in the works I was going to Boca Raton once a month to work with one of our branches. Everyone told me I'd hate it down there but I'm trying to work it out so we can re-locate. I love that neck of the woods.
  10. The nice thing about the 2700 is it has a modular dac. Both McIntosh pieces I own (same dac) have usb trouble so it would be nice to be able to just send the module in (or upgrade it). The optical and coaxial inputs work perfectly but the USBs are dead. I love the sound so much I don't care, it's basically out of date anyway.
  11. I have a C2500 and know what you mean. I just couldn't take the hit
  12. I just showed Lynne this. She loves the ribs and your santoku. Shun?
  13. I have AW 650s running off of zone 2 (Denon AV 2100x) and it's perfect. Wireless control outside, does bluetooth, spotify connect, pandora etc perfectly. It's probably a few model years old but continues to work great. I got it from Accessories For Less some time ago for around $300. I do use it for TV watching as well and you can watch TV and listen to whatever outside at the same time. I'd buy it again just as a dedicated outdoor amp.
  14. Of course I browse threads and see THIS....
  15. We had one of the he add on micro blind deals that mount on a French door. Full length and isthmus of the door. Came home to it entirely shattered and it blew out 10 feet or more. Apparently this happens.
  16. from the math I'm doing I won't get one. If I had filed my 2019 taxes I might get some lunch money but since I didn't they'll go off of my 2018 return. 2018 was a pretty decent year. I'm only part Irish...
  17. That too would be amazing. I would absolutely love to have some of his gear. The phono stage he makes looks incredible as well.
  18. How about a pair of D'Agostino Relentless monoblocks. Should be the end game even for you. edit: I take back that last part......
  19. I know everywhere Cat plays has cancelled her. I'm assuming you guys shut down completely. Really sorry man. I don't know what's going to happen here. I know HVAC is still pretty critical but we rely on New Construction projects. It's getting weird. Stay in touch.
  20. @sunburnwilly of course I could cook yours a little longer if necessary, plus we could break out the good wine...
  21. Willy my girls really like you (as do I) and hope to see you again soon. You need to come to our house for dinner one night soon.
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