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  1. It wouldn't be the first LaScala I hauled down there. I took @Youthman a single for his HT a few years back.... come to think of it I drove to pick up some P39s from Vero too but of course that was a purchase.
  2. For $5000 I will BRING you a pair of Walnut LaScala 2s and a LaScala LSi (one piece model). The LSi is in St Pete anyway and I really need to get it out of my buddy's spare bedroom. The 2s are (were) A Stock and have all the original packaging etc. Again this is hand delivered by me.
  3. The band played near you on Friday (Southern Roots on 17) and the covered War Pigs, but the Cake version. Either way it would have been great to revise the opening to that. I mean at a BBQ joint and all.
  4. if only we were in 3rd grade......
  5. almost apples and oranges but I run my LS2s with a Parasound JC5. 12 watts of class A and I don't use it all. I have ran it up a couple of times but can't do that very often. Still, it's solid state and it's marvelous. I do however use a tube pre-amp.
  6. Classic "edits" on the receiver ad. Seriously awesome.
  7. I thought I saw this on ebay
  8. It was only a matter of time before this was confirmed. Nice job JJ
  9. I don't have Corns but push a pair of P37s with a MAC6700. Great phono stages and dac, 200 wpc, autoformers, HD Radio etc. You could probably find one sub $4k
  10. By chance are you in Irvine?
  11. Nice to look at but ouch that vocal...
  12. I have the exact same pair and if anyone is interested, I'd sell for that price.
  13. Because I really don't know. If I had nice parts for a 2 way speaker build (RB 75 woofers and RC 7 drivers/horns) could I use this device to set that up active? Basically I'll have darn near an RB 75 I guess. Have to have cabinets built of course.
  14. LS2 with a single Palladium sub is flipping awesome, in my room that is. If you can find one it really is a great match.
  15. my 2013 Camaro SS doesn't have a CD player. I found that odd when I bought it 8 years ago but as mentioned Tidal, Spotify, etc via bluetooth is great as is a thumb drive loaded with music files. I like physical media but it's a pain in the car
  16. ooh you're way down there. I have an LSi in St Pete I need to pick up and get it out of my buddy's spare room. I'll trade you a pair of H1 (HBR) for those provided they're functional.
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