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  1. Wow I have the same unit, here in Charleston. Good luck neighbor
  2. The one with the Northstar system, not that they ever used it......
  3. He got them in a smallish/newer Jeep Cherokee. Barely fit without the boxes. He broke down 3 of the 4 boxes and left one big one with all the packing stuff in it. I was going to ship that lone box to him but best price was close to $400. He'll come back thru or I'll end up taking it when I move down there. @scallywagger77 you still are the champ with (4) big KLFs, (2) KLF c7s and that homemade KLF20 center channel thing, your luggage, a wife and an 80 lb dog in the Explorer....
  4. and if all works out it will go (again) for $400 to a member
  5. I have a single LSi in St Petersburg Fl if you can get it. I think I paid $400 or so, you can have it for that.
  6. The LS2s got gone so may as well keep up the good work. Like new, black and ready to go. No pics yet (I'm at work and got bitten by the sell-it bug) but it's flawless. Here's a link. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649921387-parasound-jc5/
  7. He indeed drove up and they're on the way to Del Boca Vista Phase II....or is is the Pines at Mar Gables. Either way they're gone!
  8. Thanks @csinsc for a great transaction.
  9. Man what part of town? I'm in Charleston and may be interested. My office is near where 526 and Dorchester Rd cross.
  10. Thanks we'll see next weekend but after talking to him on the phone I believe it's a done deal.
  11. Yes sir a nice gentleman from SW Florida is making the drive
  12. I think all this LaScala chatter conjured up a buyer. Nice work fellas
  13. @michaelwjones by chance do you have the outer dimensions of the 2 boxes handy? If not no problem, but BUMP either way.
  14. I wonder if his house is for sale? I'm moving there in a few months and need a deal. Can't wait.
  15. My LS2s are rotting on US Audio Mart but that actually makes me pretty happy
  16. I preferred the original RF7s for HT. It just has a punchier more "modern" sound to me, so much that I got rid of (3) LS across the front, cornwall sides and Heresy rears in favor of RF/RC 7 front, RF7 sides and RC or RS 7 rears (change those up occasionally). Heritage all day for 2 channel though.
  17. Great deal. I have a pair and use them often.
  18. I think there are people that truly hate each other in here. Like for real.
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